SNL Part 1 - The intro

*Chronolody note: The SNL stories happen just after Mechanical Maniacs Series 3 #7*

We find Ben Ronning aka Magma Dragoon walking down a dark alley.

Ben: (thought) I gotta get to the studio before the show starts.

Suddenly Ben runs into a mysterious figure holding a strange sword.

Ben: Gemini? What are you doing here?

Lennon: Guarding the front door.

Ben: Well let me through.

Lennon: None shall pass.

Ben: What?

Lennon: None shall pass.

Ben: Look Gemini. I'm hosting Saturday Night Live tonight so you better move or else.

Lennon: Or else what?

Ben: Or else I'll roast you into a burnt crisp that's why!

Lennon: I move for no man.

Ben: Well then. Have it your way.

Ben shoots fireballs at Lennon but he appears unscathed.

Lennon: I'm wearing a fireproof uniform.

Ben: Well I'll just have to fight my way through you.

The 2 engage in a fierce battle with Ben using his fists and Lennon using a sword. Of course Ben being far stronger overpowers Lennon and cracks him in the head then pulls of his right arm.

Ben: Now let me through Gemini!

Lennon: It's nothing but a scratch.

Ben: A scratch? You're arms off!

Lennon: No they aren't.

Ben: Then what's that? *Points to Lennon's right arm*

Lennon: I've had worse!

Ben: Liar!

Lennon: Come on you pansy!

The 2 resume fighting. But the fight doesn't last long when Ben rips Lennon's other arm off.

Ben: Victory is mine!

Ben walks past Lennon until Lennon starts kicking him.

Ben: What do you think you're doing?

Lennon: What? Had enough?

Ben: Look Gemini you bastard you got no arms!

Lennon: Yes I have.

Ben: Then what's that? *Points at both Lennon's arms*

Lennon: Just a small wound, It'll heal.

Lennon keeps on kicking Ben until he gets his leg ripped off.

Lennon: Oh that's it! I'll kill you for that!

Ben: Well what are you going to do? You got no arms and one leg.

Lennon: I'm invincible! You cannot defeat me!

Ben rips Lennon's leg off and throws him into a Dumpster.

Ben: Okay then. It's a draw.

Lennon: I see! Running away! You coward! Come back and fight me like a man!

Ben: He never gives up.

Ben passes several suspicious people as he goes deeper into the dark alley until he reaches a door. He knocks on the door and his answered by a hooded figure.

Hooded Figure: You dare enter this place?

Ben: It's me MD!

Hooded Figure: Speak of the password or be gone!

Ben: Oh for crying out loud Gauntlet! Just let me in before you end up like Gemini back there! You always do this!

Gauntlet: Finally. Now let's get this show onto the road.



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