"We're Not in Kansas Anymore."

Series 4

After Megaman 3, the eight Robot Masters Shadowman, Sparkman, Geminiman, Snakeman, Topman, Hardman, Needlegal, and Magnetman decided to become superheroes more out of boredom than anything else. They called their team the Mechanical Maniacs!

A titanic battle with the planet-eating monster Transformer Unicron produced a transwarp explosion which created special Transmetal Armor for the team! With this new armor, the Mechanical Maniacs were more powerful than ever!

However, their base was destroyed. This being the case, the Mechanical Maniacs went on the road for a new home, and a name outside the Megaman World. They had many adventures against old enemies and many, many new ones. Most odd, however, was the enemy known as Quint. A hopeless loser, he recruited several allies for unknown reasons.

It turned out, he was backed by none other than Xelloss, Extant, and Ultimicia! The Mechanical Maniacs learn that their world is the center in a vast multiverse, and from their world all realities can be conquered. In a grand scheme for multi-universal domination, the forces of evil planned to use a special golden shadowblade to control raging temporal energies and divide them amongst themselves!

However, The Mechanical Maniacs, joined by Shival the first Needleman, managed to foil their scheme by destroying the shadowblade at a crucial juncture. An explosion rocked the area as the villain's base in the south pole was destroyed .... but with a cost. The only survivors of the battle seemed a de-powered Sean (Sparkman) and a wounded Shival. Were the Mechanical Maniacs dead?

In truth, the Mechanical Maniacs were not dead, as the world believed. The massive chronal explosion sent them flying into a new dimension, far from home. Wreckage of the base and their robotic enemies scattered on the landing site, the Mechanical Maniacs were the sole survivors of the battle, saved by their Transmetal armor. Unfortunately, their armor was severely damaged in the explosion leaving them to survive in their original forms in this unknown world. And, although Sean and Titanium have survived the explosion, Jacob (Snakeman) and Johnathan (Hardman) have dissappeared alltogether leaving their positions blank. Does this mean that they've died?

Determined to survive and find their way back home, the Mechanical Maniacs journey onward. What dangers does this new reality hold? Only time will tell.

Nobody as .....

Nobody as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Nobody as .....

Nightmare as .....

Lennon as .....

Nobody as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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