Series 5 Issue#12 - The Work That Copies Other Genres

Sick and tired of doing nothing for a living, 8 robots gather in the Ark. These robots breaking laws in search for money now hunt bounties to save the world… But not for free.

Xelloss: Why if it isn't the Mechanical Maniacs. How have you been since we last met.

Shadowman: Give it up Xelloss, we're here to capture you and collect your bounty.

Needlegal: Yeah, 30 million is well worth capturing you for all the trouble you've caused us.

Xelloss: You'd capture me and give me to the police for 30 million? I'm shocked. I thought we were friends.

Topman: You ripped us off and took our money! I'd call you more of a bastard!

Hardman: Bastard! Bastard! He took all our money!

Xelloss: Well if that's how you feel I guess I'm just going to have say Ta-Ta!

Xelloss disappears in a puff of smoke.

Shadowman: Damn, he got away!

Xelloss appears elsewhere in the city.

Xelloss: That gets rid of them.

Geminiman walks up behind Xelloss and points his arm cannon at him.

Geminiman: Not entirely Xelloss.

Xelloss: Mister Geminiman, how nice of you to follow me here. May I ask how you managed to track me down so quickly?

Geminiman: Well I guess you could say now that's… A SECRET!

Unknown to the two figures, a mysterious theme plays in the background.

Xelloss: Stealing my lines again.

Geminiman: Oh shut up Xelloss, you've caused us enough trouble already.

Out of nowhere a mysterious figure wearing a red trench coat wielding the Soul Reaver flies into the scene and stands between the two holding his sword at Geminiman's neck.

Geminiman: Odin?

Odin: I see that my name has spread to your world, but it doesn't matter I have you now Xelloss.

Geminiman: What, Me? You think I'm Xelloss?

Odin: Dressing up as a robot master was a good idea but it won't fool me.

Geminiman: Damn it! I'm not Xelloss! It's me Lennon! That's Xelloss over there!

Odin: You expect me to believe that Xelloss is that priest over there when you are the one using the trademark line. Everyone knows that Xelloss says ‘Now that's a secret!' Besides, you look too powerful to be that weakling.

Xelloss: He's quite right. Well thank you for your help Mister Odin.

Odin: Lionheart, My name is Odin Lionheart.

Xelloss: Ok, Mister Lionheart. I thank you and I will be leaving you now.

Xelloss walks away while Odin still blocks Geminiman's path.

Geminiman: Damn it Odin! You're letting him get away!

Geminiman pushes Odin out of the way and chases after Xelloss.

Odin: Trying to escape eh?

Odin slams his sword into the ground causing pillars of rubble to rise from the ground throwing Geminiman onto the ground. Xelloss now a safe distances away from the two turns towards them.

Xelloss: I think I should part with a gift. Farewell.

Xelloss casts a magic spell that blows up the area Geminiman and Odin are in.

Odin: Ha! My armor is immune to such spells Xelloss.

Geminiman: Xelloss is the priest! How could have I cast that spell if you hit me with one of your own.

Odin: You make a good point but my gut instinct tells me you're lying.

Geminiman's communicator goes off and Shadowman contacts him.

Shadowman: I take it by that explosion that you lost Xelloss. Return to the Ark and we'll discuss another plan.

Odin: Ah, you are a rival bounty hunter. Well I bid you farewell.

Odin takes flight once more and leaves the scene while Geminiman walks back to the Ark.

Shadowman: What happened to you?

Geminiman: That damn god moder interfered with the whole plan.

Snakeman: Just because your plan failed, like all your other ones doesn't mean you should blame it on some god moder.

Needlegal: Besides you're a god moder yourself.

Geminiman: This guy is different. Odin Lionheart, his god moding skills are disgrace to all that is god moding.

Shadowman: Odin Lionheart? Isn't he part of the Technological Tyrants? Why would he be a bounty hunter?

Sparkman: I've got the answer!

The Maniacs look at Sparkman who is researching on the net.

Sparkman: Odin Lionheart, member of the Tech Tyrants, he spends the rest of his time bounty hunting for a living. He is a self-proclaimed genius and a master of many styles of fighting. It is said that his true abilities exceed that of his robot master form.

Needlegal: Doesn't that sound familiar.

Geminiman: See, it was his fault Xelloss got away. Not mine.

Topman: Doesn't matter. We got a new bounty or should I say bounties.

Hardman: Look! Look! It's someone we know!

Snakeman: The Evil Eight.

Topman: Apparently they've been robbing every bank in Monsteropolis and some in Megalopolis.

Shadowman: Well after I stole all of Wily's money it's not surprising.

Magnetman: What's the price on them?

Topman: Ten thousand for each member. The price is doubled if we get all of them.

Shadowman: All right, we'll capture them first since Xelloss poses quite some difficulty.

Sparkman: There's a pattern as well. They seem to hit each bank from order to most money to least.

Geminiman: So what branch is next?

Topman: According to the pattern the Central Megalopolis Bank.

Shadowman: Then let's go!

Hardman: Go! Go! Catch those Evil Eight!

Sparkman: Hardman you stay behind. You've drunken too much and it'll ruin the mission. And as usual I'll stay here and look for more bounties.

The Mechanical Maniacs head off to the Central Megalopolis Bank and stand around within the building waiting for the Evil Eight to make their move.

Shadowman: Are you sure they are going to be here?

Topman: Of course I doubt they'll break the pattern.

As if on cue the Evil Eight arrive and break down the door to the bank.

Golemman: Golem smash stupid door!

Omniman: In the name of our lord Wily we are robbing you of your money!

Chimeraman: Way to make a scene Omniman.

Artilleryman: Why didn't we just hack into the system and steal the money through the net.

Clawman: Because this way we can make a name for ourselves.

Warman: Besides this way I get to shoot stuff!

Shadowman: If it isn't the Evil Eight.

Cleaveman: It's Shadowman! The Mechanical Maniacs are here! Run!

Cleaveman tries to make a run for it but it stopped by a shot by Magnetman.

Magnetman: Don't move. I wouldn't want to hurt you and ruin our precious bounty.

Snakeman: Damn it Magnetman! You just gave away the fact we can't hurt them.

Omniman: That however doesn't apply to us.

Shadowman: That's why we came prepared. Release the net, Gem!

After a long pause, nothing happens.

Shadowman: Gem?

The Electro-net that Geminiman was supposed to drop falls but Geminiman is inside it.

Needlegal: What the hell happened?

A familiar theme plays in the background and Odin Lionheart appears once again!

Odin: Trying to catch everyone inside that net so you can steal the bank's money? I would have expected more from the Evil Eight.

Geminiman: Goddamn it Odin! You got the wrong person again! I'm Lennon! From the Mechanical Maniacs!

Odin: Ha! The Mechanical Maniacs died long ago fighting Extant and Ultimecia*.

*End of Series 3.

Needlegal: Ok who are you and where have you been?

Odin: Don't worry madam, I, Odin Lionheart am here to save you.

Geminiman: Needlegal, could you tell him that we're still alive and that we were only in a parallel…

Odin: Silence! Don't speak to the young lady like that!

Needlegal: Hey, I can take care of myself! But yeah, I don't like your tone.

Omniman: Excuse me.

Snakeman: Look, You got the wrong guys. The Evil Eight are the ones…

Odin: You're not important enough to talk to me.

Snakeman: Hey! What's your problem?

Odin: Didn't you hear me? You're not important.

Omniman: If you would just listen…

Shadowman: Odin! Haven't you heard about what happened? While you were in the Robotic Raiders we were in a parallel universe where we…

Omniman: I can't stand being ignored! If we can't have the money then no one will!

Warman and Artilleryman fires their weapons and cause explosions allowing them to escape.

Magnetman: They're getting away!

Odin: Don't worry my lady, you're in safe hands.

Odin grabs Needlegal and flies away.

Shadowman: Hey that's my sister!

Geminiman: Told you he was annoying.

Topman: After the Evil Eight! We must collect that bounty!

The Mechanical Maniacs chase after the Evil Eight who jump in an old car and drive off.

Shadowman: Don't worry I'll go after them in the Shinobi Master!

Shadowman hops in his car and drives after them.

Odin: So they're trying to chase after me? We'll see about that.

Odin casts a magic spell and causes pillars of rock to shoot up in front of Shadowman making him swerve all over the road.

Shadowman: Damn it you're attacking the wrong guy! And give me back my sister!

Cleaveman: Hurry up! He's gaining on us!

Spinman: Hey! This car is too slow with all of us inside!

Suddenly, the ground explodes from underneath the Evil Eight and sends their car flying into the horizon. Meanwhile Shadowman and Odin continue throwing attacks at one and other until Shadowman crashes into a rock pillar.

Odin: Maybe he should watch where he's driving.

Shadowman: Damn it!

Magnetman: Well there goes our bounty.

The Maniacs walk back to the Ark in defeat once more.

Sparkman: So how was it? Did you catch the mean bad guys?

Hardman: I take it by the looks on their faces that they lost them.

Snakeman: I'm understanding why nobody does bounty hunting these days.

Topman: Because they don't want Odin ruining the day and stealing the bounty.

Geminiman: Still, once the goal has been set we can't change it. Besides, we still have Xelloss out there and with a good plan we can catch him while his guard is down.

Magnetman: Yeah for you maybe, I'm cashing in my chips on this one.

Elsewhere, Odin is still flying with Needlegal in his arms.

Odin: Don't worry miss, I'll keep you drop you safely at your home.

Needlegal: Look I appreciate you rescuing me. But you didn't have to make such a scene. Don't you have another team to worry about?

Odin: I do but once the goal is set it cannot be changed. Besides it's only Wily's robots and they pose no trouble to me at all. I've equipped myself with all the necessary items to render their abilities useless. Now that Xelloss is a tricky one, But I'll outsmart him and catch him off guard. I guess it's just my natural talent.

Needlegal: Right. Yeah could you drop me off here? I'll walk the rest of the way.

So Odin drops Needlegal off and flies off once again while she walked back to the Ark.

Shadowman: So you're back?

Needlegal: Yeah, thankfully.

Magnetman: So how was your knight in shining armor?

Needlegal: Horrible, He's thinks of himself as all powerful and sounds too much like someone else I know *glares at Geminiman*

Geminiman: Hey! How can you compare me with worthless garbage like him?

Needlegal: See what I mean.

Geminiman: Hey I admit I used to be like that. But I've changed.

Topman: Hence why you're the technical genius capable of defeating Artilleryman EXE by yourself without a Navi form who also mastered the skills of robotics from Dr Light, designed and created your own custom abilities, took on the Evil Eight by yourself and won and even came back to life.

Geminiman: Hey I lost most of that stuff and was incapable of recreating them therefore all those things you said are invalid except for the first. I'm just gifted that's all.

Snakeman: You're right. They are similar.

Hardman: Similar! Similar! They are so similar!

Hardman dances around then goes outside.

Snakeman: Really, we could sell him to the circus.

Sparkman: Well I found a new lead.

Shadowman: Who is it now?

Sparkman: Xelloss again.

Shadowman: Forget it. Odin's after him so there's no way I'm going after him again. Revenge is sweet but sometimes enough is enough.

Needlegal: Definitely.

Topman: Count me out of this.

Snakeman: What about you Gem?

Geminiman: Do you really have to ask?

Sparkman: Ok, it's said he's going to appear in the center of town at midday tomorrow.

Topman: Wait, how do you know this?

Sparkman: He posted a message on the net. Telling all those who want to catch him meet him in the center of town at midday.

Topman: Sounds simple enough.

Leaving the rest of the Maniacs behind, Geminiman goes to the center of town and arrives at midday.

Xelloss: So you came. I'm surprised you didn't think it was a trap. Or did you try to outsmart…

Geminiman: Quiet!

A familiar theme plays but it turns out to be a random on the street whistling.

Geminiman: Ok go on.

Xelloss: Really Mister Geminiman, you seem awfully worked up.

Geminiman: Be quiet.

A familiar theme plays in the background and then swooping from the skies, Odin Lionheart flies in once again.

Odin: You again? Why do you keep showing up and ruin everything?

Geminiman: Hey! I could say the same to you!

Xelloss: Now gentleman, If would be quiet…

Odin: It's time we ended this!

Geminiman: Hey that's my line!

Xelloss: I was going to say…

Odin: Will you be quiet! Just who the hell are you anyway?

Xelloss: You do not realize whom you're messing with! I am Xelloss! I have destroyed legions of gold dragons and you two are nothing compared to me so would you shut up and stop interrupting me!

Omniman: Now we've got you Xelloss!

Artilleryman: With your bounty we'll be able to regain the money stolen by the Mechanical Maniacs.

Warman: But first we need to eliminate the competition.

Warman fires a blast at Odin and Geminiman. But both block the attack.

Geminiman: If we're going to get Xelloss we have to get them first!

Odin: Agreed.

Both Odin and Geminiman jump in and attack the Evil Eight but before Geminiman can even fire his laser, Odin cuts all of them in two with his Soul Reaver.

Geminiman: You can't do that! That's god-moding!

Odin: How is that? I took the Soul Reaver therefore it's mine so really it's power is my power and my power is absolute.

Geminiman: But the Soul Reaver isn't even a Megaman weapon!

Odin: And Xelloss is a Megaman character?

Geminiman: Characters don't matter. The fact remains that you're weapons are too powerful to use in this world.

Odin: I wouldn't think so. Just because they're too powerful doesn't mean I shouldn't use them. It makes things easier to do.

Geminiman: That's not the point! If you make things too easy it gets boring and soon no villain is going to bother trying to attack and we'd be out of a job.

Odin: But wouldn't that be a good thing. We're heroes, we're supposed to stop evil from showing up. Besides I do have a weakness, water burns through me like acid which is why I have this water ring to protect me from it.

Geminiman: You're impossible. Hey wait. Where's Xelloss?

Back at the Ark, the Mechanical Maniacs talk with Xelloss who arrived during the battle against the Evil Eight.

Xelloss: And that's the whole story.

Shadowman: So let me get this straight. You put that bounty on yourself as a test to see if we could catch you and if we did we'd get no money what so ever.

Needlegal: So this is another one of your pranks?

Xelloss: Yes, it didn't exactly go the way I planned though.

Odin's theme plays in the background and he dives into the scene with Soul Reaver in his hand pointing towards Shadowman while Geminiman walks in.

Odin: Ha! I've got you now Xelloss!

Xelloss: Mister Lionheart. The bounty was a prank. There is no money so go away.

Odin: Yeah I know. I'm just making the Mechanical Maniac's lives miserable.

Snakeman: Wait so you knew all this time…

Odin: What did I say about you not being important enough to speak to me?

Sparkman: So that's Odin Lionheart. He doesn't seem that bad.

Geminiman: Oh you've seen nothing.

Hardman: Nothing! Nothing! I've basically done nothing this entire week!

Snakeman: Hmm, I guess everything turned out…

Odin: There you go again. How many times must I say this? You're not important enough to say anything.

Needlegal: He's trying to say the ending lines. It's what he's supposed to do.

Shadowman: Aren't you supposed to say the moral of the story?

Odin: Well I learnt that god-moding may not be right but it still gets the job done so it's fine really.

Needlegal: Hey that's no a good moral at all!

Odin: Well until Xelloss really does have a bounty on him I am Odin Lionheart!

Topman: I'm supposed to say the last line!

Odin: Well you just did.

A Tribute to Cowboy Bebop.

See You Space Cowboy... I mean Mechanical Maniacs.


Musashiden Razz as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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