Series 5 Issue#10 - Evil Execution, The Evil Eight EXE Part One

It's been a long time since the Mechanical Maniacs had dealt with the Evil Eight. Ever since the True Chimeraman incident neither Wily nor the Evil Eight were seen in Megalopolis but now the doctor has returned and come up with a new scheme.

Wily: Finally! I have devised a plan that will rid us of those Mechanical Maniacs!

Chimeraman: And how is this plan so much better than previous ones that had all ended up in failure old man?

Wily: Quiet Chimeraman! You're lucky I had you rebuilt after your previous rebellion.

Omniman: What is your plan my lord?

Wily: I'm glad you asked Omniman. You see it has come to my attention that the Mechanical Maniacs are now in possession of the Ark.

Artilleryman: Yes, the first base of the Autobots and with it Teletran One the greatest supercomputer known to man.

Wily: Exactly! With that they have an advantage against all us villains as it can detect disturbances around the world.

Spinman: Damn those Maniacs! Thinking they're so great with their flashy new base while we're stuck in this stupid fortress!

Wily: Hey! I worked hard on building this fortress!

Chimeraman: That's amazing considering it blows up every year. I'm surprised that you even bother with them.

Wily: Don't make me deactivate you! Anyway, the Maniacs have an advantage because of Teletran One but if we can tamper with the computer we could destroy the entire base from the inside!

Omniman: A brilliant plan!

Artilleryman: I couldn't have thought of a better one myself.

Warman: Sweet! Explosions!

Clawman: You're a genius!

Chimeraman: The plan sucks, old man!

Wily: Silence! You will not bad-mouth my plan!

Cleaveman: But how can we destroy the computer?

Wily: That's easy. I have designed Navi forms for all of you so you can jack into Teletran One. From my knowledge only a few of the Mechanical Maniacs can use a Navi form so you will outnumber them completely.

Meanwhile over at the Ark, the Mechanical Maniacs enjoy yet another day without money.

Shadowman: We're broke.

Needlegal: Tell me something I don't know.

Snakeman: What happened to all that money from the piracy scam you did?

Needlegal: Our little genius over there lost it all gambling!

Geminiman: Hey, I was on a roll. How was I supposed to know I'd lose the next round?

Needlegal: You're supposed to quit while you're ahead!

Sparkman: Hey everyone! What a nice bright and sunny day it is.

Topman: Shut up Sparkman.

Snakeman: What got him all worked up?

Needlegal: Does it really matter? He's always on some sort of high.

Sparkman: Guess what?

Shadowman: Do we want to?

Sparkman: It was just announced that new Navi forms have been produced for us robot masters! Now we can all have Navi forms instead of just Shadowman and Topman.

Snakeman: Hey I had one!

Geminiman: Of course we had to delete it when the Life Virus infected you.

Needlegal: Where's Magnet and Hard?

Topman: Hardman got drunk and passed out when he learned that he didn't get a Navi form. So Magnetman is at the bar trying to calm him down.

Sparkman: Anger and alcohol makes a bad combination

Geminiman: Heh, so Hardman didn't get a form. Guess he wasn't that great a robot master to have one.

Topman: Well then you're not going to like this.

Geminiman: What? I didn't get a Navi form either?

Topman shakes his head and Geminiman soon becomes will of anger.


Shadowman: Whoa Calm down, Gem.

Geminiman: Calm down? I have the most creative design out of all you and I don't get a new form?

Snakeman: Hey! I'm the first robot master to be based on an animal. I reckon that's pretty creative.

Topman: Yeah and I'm a spinning top. Just what are you supposed to be anyway?

Geminiman storms out of the room and fires a hole in the wall out of anger.

Shadowman: Talk about anger problems

Sparkman: What he needs is happiness.

Topman: Why don't you shut up about the whole happiness?

Sparkman: This is just upsetting my whole aura.

Magnetman: Yeah and we wouldn't want to ruin your aura.

Needlegal: So you're back. Where's the drunk?

Hardman: Why I have no Navi form?

Hardman walks through a wall and collapses.

Hardman: Ow! Pain!

Snakeman: Great, another hole in the wall.

Magnetman: Where's Gem?

Needlegal: In his room getting all pissy about not having a Navi form.

Magnetman: Him too? Guess I can't blame him.

Shadowman: Yeah, all of us can achieve a new and advanced form but both he and Hard get left behind.

Snakeman: Come to think of it. How do we get our new forms?

Sparkman: According to this article, you just have to download it off the net.

Magnetman: Then what are we waiting for? Let's try it out!

The Mechanical Maniacs log on to the net but suddenly all the power goes out.

Hardman: Who turned off the lights?

Shadowman: Great. Did someone forget to pay the power bill?

Needlegal: No, I could have sworn I paid it.

Shadowman: Then why didn't Teletran One responding?

Just then, Geminiman walks back into the dark room.

Geminiman: Hey, what's going on? The lights just went out.

Topman: We don't know.

Magnetman: It looks like the whole system isn't responding to anything.

All of the lights turn back on and on the screen Omniman EXE appears.

Omniman EXE: Hello Mechanical Maniacs.

Shadowman: Omniman?

Omniman EXE: What? Can't recognise me?

Sparkman: You look different, new haircut?

Magnetman: Robots don't need haircuts.

Hardman: Maybe it's the whole aura thing around him.

Omniman EXE: It's my new Navi form.

Geminiman: What.

Omniman EXE: The Evil Eight underwent a few changes. Thanks to Dr Wily we now have all new advanced Navi forms.

Geminiman: This is unbelievable! They get a Navi form before I do!

Hardman: Cheer up man! Have a beer.

Geminiman takes the beer and throws it at Hardman's face.

Hardman: Hey! That was a good beer.

Omniman EXE: Will you be quiet. I am trying to explain the evil plot here.

Shadowman: What are you up to?

Omniman EXE: It's simple really. You have in your possession one of the most sophisticated supercomputers on this planet. This gives you an advantage over our lord. So we are here to destroy it from the inside.

Shadowman: Not if we have any say in this.

Shadowman and Topman jack into Teletran One while everyone else watches.

Omniman EXE: You think well but we outnumber you 4 to 1. I think I will allow you to watch your ally's progress so you can watch them die!

Omniman EXE ends his transmission and the remaining Maniacs discuss the situation.

Needlegal: What can we do?

Snakeman: Nothing we really can do. Without a Navi form we can't enter the system and help them.

Geminiman: Not true. We could use a Pulse Transmission System.

Magnetman: A Pulse what?

Hardman: Heh, what a funny name.

Geminiman: Pulse Transmission System. It turns a person's body into data and can transmit them into the net.

Snakeman: Well that's fine and all. But where can we find one?

Geminiman: Well actually. We happen to have some in the Ark.

Geminiman pushes a button and a row of seats is revealed.

Needlegal: How did you find these?

Geminiman: Actually I purchased these a while a go. I've wanted to explore the net myself for some time.

Snakeman: So even if you didn't get a Navi form you could still explore it.

Geminiman: Don't remind me.

Needlegal: So we'll be able to help them using these?

Geminiman: Yes. But if we are disconnected or destroyed our data will be lost inside the net or to put it in simpler terms we'll die.

Snakeman: Well it's better than standing here.

Magnetman: So let's go.

Sparkman: But shouldn't someone stay behind to check on our progress.

Geminiman: I can do that.

Needlegal: Why you?

Geminiman: Well I reckon our best bet is to sneak pass the Evil Eight and find our Navi form then download it. Once you do that I'll upload it into Teletran One, that way you will automatically change forms and it will act as an extra life.

Needlegal: And since you have no Navi form you have no purpose to go in.

Sparkman: What about Hardman?

Hardman: Watching is boring. I want to fight!

Sparkman: Sounds risky though.

Snakeman: Still, you get safety in numbers.

Geminiman: Then I guess it's decided.

So the Mechanical Maniacs hook themselves up to the Pulse Transmission System and log into the net.

Geminiman: Good luck.

Meanwhile in the net, the Evil Eight await the Mechanical Maniacs.

Omniman EXE: It's a shame. I was hoping for a bit of a challenge.

Warman EXE: Relax just because only 2 of the Mechanical Maniacs are going to fight us doesn't mean that it won't be fun.

Artilleryman EXE: Omniman, My scanners just detected the rest of the Mechanical Maniacs logging into the net.

Omniman EXE: What? But they haven't obtained their Navi form yet. We had made sure of it.

Artilleryman EXE: It seems they are using a Pulse Transmission System.

Chimeraman EXE: They are making it too easy for us. If we delete them now they won't come back.

Cleaveman EXE: But if they go download their new forms we're doomed!

Omniman EXE: Then make sure they don't get them.

Artilleryman EXE: I might be able to locate the point they logged into and disable the connection. This will automatically destroy them all.

Omniman EXE: Then make it so.

The Evil Eight EXE goes their separate ways while Shadowman EXE and Gutsman EXE search for them.

Shadowman EXE: I can't find them anywhere.

Gutsman EXE: Perhaps we should split up and find them.

Geminiman: Message to Shadowman and Topman, this is your operator. I am standing by and ready to help.

Shadowman EXE: Gem, what are you doing?

Geminiman: I'm informing you that the rest of the team are on the net and searching for their Navi forms.

Gutsman EXE: How?

Geminiman: With the help of a Pulse Transmission System. I purchased a set of them with some of the money we had left.

Shadowman EXE: So what else?

Geminiman: It is vital that you protect the rest. If they get deleted they'll be gone permanently. I'm sending you a map of where to find them. It will be easier if you split up.

Shadowman EXE: Ok, fine. I'll take the northern route while Gutsman EXE will take the southern route.

Shadowman EXE and Gutsman EXE split up and go to find the rest of the Maniacs until…

Geminiman: Hold up, I'm getting a strange reading here.

Clawman EXE and Spinman EXE appear in front of Shadowman EXE and Gutsman EXE respectively.

Clawman EXE: Hello Shadowman, So nice of you to come here and meet your doom.

Shadowman EXE: Should have expected to see you here. Waited until we were separated to strike?

Clawman EXE: It wasn't so much a dirty tactic as it was to see if your skills are up to par with mine.

Shadowman EXE: Then let us begin.

Shadowman EXE and Clawman EXE run off on separate paths parallel to each other and focus on their opponent's moves looking for a time to strike, then at a blink of an eye, Clawman EXE jumps across and cuts through Shadowman EXE.

Shadowman EXE: How did that happen?

Clawman EXE: Too fast for you? See if you can catch it again?

Prepared for another attack Shadowman EXE pulls out the Muramasa and slashes at Clawman EXE but the blade broke, Clawman EXE had already made his move.

Shadowman EXE: It can't be…

Shadowman EXE collapses and fades away.

Spinman EXE: No longer the fast type eh, Topman. I guess being the strong giant makes things easier.

Gutsman EXE: Just means I can squash you like a bug Spinman.

Gutsman EXE creates a shockwave but Spinman EXE runs around it and begins throwing spinning discs at Gutsman EXE at a rapid rate.

Spinman EXE: No it just means I can read your moves a lot easier.

Gutsman EXE: Then read this!

Gutsman EXE punches Spinman EXE into distance.

Gutsman EXE: That takes care of him.

Suddenly a giant disc flies past and decapitates Gutsman EXE.

Spinman EXE: Actually that gets rid of you.

Geminiman: Shadowman! Topman! Can you read me? I'm picking up your signal. Hello? Answer me!

What has happened to Shadowman and Topman? Have they really been deleted? Find out on the next epilogue of The Mechanical Maniacs!

To be continued…


Musashiden Razz as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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