Series 5 Issue #19 Making the Most of Fangirlism

After the events of the twincest incident, Geminiman sat in his room in the Ark isolating himself from the rest of the team, until one night....

Geminiman: So very bored, there must be something to do online.

The twin terror logged onto the internet and checked his inbox which was filled with email.

Geminiman: That's strange... I don't usually get this much junk mail.

Upon further inspection most of the topics seemed to reference his twincest photos that were temporarily online, a scenario he would have rather forgotten, or so he thought. With curiosity getting the best of him he clicked on one of the letters.

Fangirl Letter 1: OMG Geminiman! I loved your photos! I've made a shrine devoted entirely to you and wanted to show you!

Geminiman: Ok, that is somewhat frightening, but I must admit the girl does look cute. I wonder what the next letter is like.

Fangirl Letter 2: Geminiman you are the greatest! I never knew you had that kind of side to you! I was so disappointed that your photos were removed. Perhaps you could send some to me. All my friends think you're the greatest.

Geminiman clicked through the rest of the letters and found some various items of fandom towards his photos, some fan fiction and art was attached to some letters, and others had photos of the girls and an image of him. While the scenario seemed creepy, his ego began to increase dramatically.

Geminiman: This gives me an idea.

A few days later the Maniacs were having a day off from their part time jobs.

Needlegal: It really feels good not having to work for a day.

Magnetman: Bad days at the Autobar?

Needlegal: I swear that Harken is stealing all of my money in tips.

Magnetman: Well, I must admit she is quite the beauty.

Needlegal: And you're saying that I'm not? Actually, don't answer that question.

Snakeman: Hey, has anyone seen Gem lately?

Sparkchan: He's still feeling a bit embarrassed after the whole twincest thing.

Magnetman: I can't really blame him.

Needlegal: Now that you mention it, where is everyone else?

Snakeman: Hmm, it is everyone's day off so they're probably sleeping in.

Needlegal: But they all slack off everyday, it's unusual for them to be asleep for this long.

Snakeman: Well, let's just go and wake them up.

The four Maniacs then walk over to Topman's room and knock on the door.

Snakeman: Topman! Come on, wake up!


Snakeman: Fine, we're coming in then.

The reptilian robot opened the door to find the room empty.

Snakeman: That's strange.

Sparkchan: Well let's try Hardman's room.

The four Maniacs then walked to Hardman's room and knocked on the door.

Magnetman: Yo, Hardman! Get up from your hangover and do something productive on your day off!

Again, there was no response so they open the door and find that the room is also empty.

Snakeman: Well maybe our glorious leader will know what's going on.

The four head over to Shadowman's room and knock.

Needlegal: Bro! Are you in there?

Once again, no answer and there was no one inside upon further inspection.

Needlegal: Well, I doubt Geminiman would know but he needs to come out of his room so let's go visit him.

So finally the four end up at Geminiman's room.

Sparkchan: Hun, Are you ok? Everyone seems to have gone out so we were thinking of going into town. Do you wanna come with us, sweety?


Snakeman: Ok, I'm getting really sick of no one responding.

Magnetman: But no one was in any of their rooms.

Snakeman: Yes, but this is Geminiman, he hasn't left his room since the whole twincest incident. He has to be in this room trying to ignore us.

Needlegal: Look, we're coming in whether you want us to or not Gem.

The four open the door and are meet with bright lights and cherry blossoms floating around the room and much to their surprise the room was filled with hyperactive girls jumping around the place in hysterics, but the most prominent thing in the room were the eight figures, six of which were Geminiman, standing in the centre of the room dressed in rather extravagant outfits.

Geminiman, Topman and Shadowman: Welcome!

Needlegal: What... Is... This...?

Business Geminiman: Oh, it's just the rest of the team. Back to work people.

The one speaking was wearing glasses and he adjusted them as he turned and bowed to a girl whom blushed and walked away to a corner of the room with him. Confused, Needlegal and the rest of the team walked up to Shadowman and questioned him.

Needlegal: What's going on? Why does it look like there is a yaoi-con happening inside Geminiman's room?

The ninja turned to respond while trying to fight off some girls cling to his arm.

Shadowman: Geminiman has apparently gone completely mad with his ego. After the whole twincest incident his email inbox was filled with letters from rabid fangirls who all want a piece of him, and apparently according to some fan fiction works, Topman and me.

Snakeman: And so you're whoring yourselves for money?

Topman: Hey, we're being gentleman, we're socialising with the girls.

A rather aggressive Geminiman clone then walks up to Topman and knocks him on the head.

Aggressive Geminiman: Hey, you should stay in character; you'll attract more customers that way.

Topman begins to form sad puppy dog eyes and looks at Geminiman.

Topman: But I don't want to be here. We're only here because you dragged us here.

A weak looking Geminiman clone runs up to the aggressive looking one

Weak Geminiman: Is that all you want, customers? What about me? What about us?

The aggressive Geminiman then grabbed the weak one and embraced him while gazing into his eyes.

Aggressive Geminiman: Of course not. How could you say such a thing? No one can stop our love!

Weak Geminiman: Oh, brother...

The entire room was then filled with a deafening shriek of joy from the fangirls inside as two of the clones displayed their twincest act while over in the corner an angst-ridden Geminiman was sulking.

Angst Geminiman: Everyone loves the twincest clones, why don't they like me?

More fangirls began to swoon over the angst-ridden but darkly handsome looking clone as he sulked and elsewhere in the room a hyperactive looking Geminiman was dancing along with some of the more active looking girls.

Hyper Geminiman: Oh, all that dancing has worked up a sweat. I need to wipe myself off.

The hyper Geminiman pretends to wipe of some sweat from his forehead in slow motion as more girls swoon over him.

Hyper Geminiman: Ah, that feels better.

The remaining Geminiman which appeared to be the actual one then walked up to the rest of the team and greeted them normally.

Geminiman: Hey guys, how is it going?

Magnetman: What the hell is all this?

Geminiman: It's a host club.

Needlegal: We've somewhat gathered that. But why... how...?

Business Geminiman: I believe your brother has explained that to you.

Snakeman: Why are Shadowman and Topman here as well?

Business Geminiman: Because they have personality aspects that my other clones couldn't portray as successfully as they can. Topman is the small and cute one amongst our team, where as Shadowman has the whole dark and mysterious thing going on. With the two of them amongst my wide range of character portrayals through effective use of my cloning ability I can increase the target audience of this club and get in more cus tomers.

Snakeman: But how are you getting customers? I mean we would have noticed this large amount of girls come in the Ark.

Shadowman: That was also a reason why Geminiman asked me to help out. He wanted me to help create a secret passageway to his room so he could hold the club in secrecy. I agreed to it since I managed to convince him to split the profits 70/30.

Topman: What about me?

The little robot makes sadder puppy dog eyes and is soon showered with cheers and money from surrounding fangirls.

Aggressive Geminiman: With eyes like those he can make just as much in tips.

Weak Geminiman: Are you saying his eyes are prettier than mine?

Aggressive Geminiman: How could you think such things? I only have eyes for you.

Weak Geminiman: Brother...

Sparkchan: Geminiman... Is this what you really want?

Geminiman: Sparkchan... You know you're the one I truly care about.

Sparkchan: Then why are you going to such lengths to attract so many other girls to you?

Business Geminiman: I have to make the most of my newly found popularity, especially with the recent money problems.

Sparkchan: Then you really don't care for me at all.

Saddened and jealous, Sparkchan ran out of the room.

Angst Geminiman: No Sparkchan! I really do care about you! Please don't leave me!

The angst-ridden clone ran to catch up to Sparkchan but feeling dejected, sighed as more girls swooned around his depression.

Business Geminiman: Girls, if you are interested in scenes like that, may I interest you in obtaining this photo album I have made of all the members of the club?

Needlegal: This is getting ridiculous.

Magnetman: Wait a second, we know where Topman and Shadowman have been, but where is Hardman?

Geminiman: Out at the bar serving drinks.

Hardman: I can't handle all the fangirls at once! There's too many of them!

Meanwhile, out at their hideout, the remaining Quarter Knights are plotting their next devious scheme to gain enough energy to destroy the world's resources.

Alhazad: Interesting...

Zeikfried: What is it Alhazad?

Alhazad: I am observing the movements of the Mechanical Maniacs.

Zeikfried: Since when were we able to view their actions?

Alhazad: Well how else have we been researching them to detect their weaknesses and exploit them?

Boomerang: You haven't been doing much of a good job at that. Tricking them with money to embarrass them to death? You could have just simply tried to kill them.

Alhazad: Stupid ninja! How dare you mock my genius? Anyway, there seems to be a dispute between the one called Geminiman and the one named Sparkchan.

Zeikfried: And what is your plan?

Alhazad: Their dispute appears to be a result of Geminiman gathering a large amount of girls to swoon upon him. If I can get a hold of Sparkchan I can manipulate Geminiman into saving her leaving all those girls with so much energy to absorb.

Zeikfried: And if he doesn't rescue Sparkchan?

Alhazad: Then I guess it means I'll have a new pet to play with.

Boomerang: Have you ever considered the fact that all the other team members can come in and help in a rescue attempt. Your plan has flaws Alhazad.

Alhazad: Silence! My genius will never fail.

Boomerang: But it has! You lost Harken because of a failed plan!

Alhazad: You're no fun.

Zeikfried: Quiet the both of you! Boomerang, go kidnap Sparkchan, the plan may be flawed but it may work and we don't have anything else to do.

Boomerang: Wouldn't it just be better to make a better plan and then perform it. I mean we might actually win if we had a better plan.


Boomerang: Fine, I'll go kidnap the girl. Sometimes I wish I hadn't killed Belselk and got promoted to Quarter Knight.

Back at the Ark, The Maniacs are trying to deal with the overwhelming amount of fangirls invading.

Needlegal: Seriously, you have to do something about these fangirls Gem.

Geminiman: Why? I am making really good money here. And besides, it feels good to be loved by all these girls.

Needlegal: What about Sparkchan? You know, the one girl that you actually like among this entire army of other ones.

Geminiman: I guess you're right. Time out everyone, I have to go fix something.

All the Geminiman clones suddenly merge back into Geminiman and he then leaves the room while all the fangirls begin to mass into one heap in an attempt to follow him.

Hardman: Finally, I can rest.

Snakeman: Hey, I asked for a drink Hardman, don't you resting on me without even serving your own team mates.

Hardman: I don't get paid enough for this. Get your own damn drink.

Topman: Well now that they've all gone I've had enough of acting all cute and cuddly.

Snakeman: Hmm... I guess things turned out all right.

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Shadowman: That Geminiman is one bizarre individual if he is capable of devoting simple emotions and personality traits to each one of his clones to monopolise his own ego.

Needlegal: Close, we learned that you shouldn't boost your ego so much; I mean self-confidence is a good thing but if you go over the top you're going to hurt the others around you due to your own selfish needs.

Magnetman: But isn't that just common sense?

Needlegal: You'd think so wouldn't you?

Topman: Well until fangirls stop obsessing over yaoi. We are... the Mechanical Maniacs!

Elsewhere, Sparkchan was sitting on her own drinking some mango juice.

Sparkchan: Stupid Geminiman...

Boomerang: Trouble in paradise?

Sparkchan: You're one of the Quarter Knights!

Boomerang knocks out Sparkchan and leaves a note then teleports out with her. Shortly afterwards Geminiman walked in with his fangirls following him.

Geminiman: Sparkchan! Hmm, where is she? What's this note?

Note: I have taken your precious Sparkchan. If you wish to see her alive come to the Photosphere alone.

Something inside the twin terror snapped as he screwed up the note in his hand as his fangirls fell back a bit stunned at his sudden change in character and he teleported out.

Zed: Excellent, he's taken the bait. All I need to do is plug in this energy absorbing device and soon all the energy from these girls will be ours! Such a foolish robot!

However the fangirls panicked by the disappearance of Geminiman began to stampede and end up trampling Zed however the energy draining device was successfully plugged in without anyone noticing.

Zed: Argh! This isn't fair they have strength in numbers!

At the Photosphere, Geminiman appears and walks right in.

Geminiman: Sparkchan! Where is she? I swear if you did anything to her I will tear you apart!

Boomerang: Now, now. You shouldn't come charging in all gung-ho on your own.

The twin terror immediate fired his laser at Boomerang whom simply dodged it until it disappeared.

Boomerang: Relax, your anger should be directed to Alhazad and not me. Besides, you're no match for me.

Geminiman: We'll just see about that.

Blinded by his rage, Geminiman recklessly charges towards Boomerang and unleashes a series of kicks and laser-charged punches but all his moves are blocked and the demon ninja then knocks him out.

Boomerang: Hmph, Reckless.

To be continued


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
  Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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