Series 5 Issue #8 - On The Very Same Day .....

It's a fine day. The sun is shining, the grass is green. Wily is in jail, Bizarro is behind a dumpster. All seems well, except....

Snakeman: It seems we need money to survive.

The 'Maniacs: Hh.

Snakeman: Aren't you guys ..... sorta famous?

Hardman: Ah ...... nah, man. We learned that the hard way. *

(*see Series 4 #13)

Snakeman: Well, okay. Okay. But ...... how did you guys survive before? I mean ...... you really had to have paid money at SOME point!

Needlegal: Actually, that makes for an interesting story!

Geminiman: The old Warehouse was abandoned and we (or rather "they" since I wasn't here then) squatted. And then Hardman got a big cash reward from the Mayor.*

(*Series 1 Solo 2)

Snakeman: Yes, I know that already.

Geminiman: Well, in addition that all that, Jacob* was not only a great wrestler, but an excellent financial strategist!

(* Jacob was the 'Maniac's first Snakeman)

Snakeman: Jacob? Really?

Geminiman: Yes.

Snakeman: I woulda never figured.

Geminiman: Well he was. And, by moving our old base the Technodrome all the time (it has huge tank treads you know) we were able to avoid our taxes.

Shadowman: Plus we paid in counterfeit money allot too. Don't forget that.

Geminiman: Yes.

Snakeman: But ........ if that's the case, how'd you lose it all!?


Needlegal: Reckless and frivolous spending.

Shadowman: Gambling debts and tax evasion fees.

Geminiman: Bail money.

Topman: Power usage. Reprogramming Gamma. Avoiding THE MAN!!!!


Snakeman: *sigh* So how are we supposed to live without money?

Magnetman: We live BANDIT STYLE! No rules to hold us down! Living as we please! Taking what we want and -

Sparkman: Oh no! That's IMMORAL! I won't do it!

Magnetman: Aw, Hell! Then what do YOU wanna do?

Sparkman: Wait.

Magnetman: Wait?

Sparkman: Yes! If we wait surely the money will come to US!

Snakeman: That's not -

Shadowman: That's a GREAT PLAN! I'm all for it!

Snakeman: But ..... the bills will not pay themselves!

Shadowman: Oh, tut tut. Never you mind about those pesky bills. I will handle that!

*Gauntlet disappears!*

Snakeman: ........ Somehow I don't think he will.

Hardman: So, whadya guys think? I'm stumped!

Topman: Don't worry! I have a plan...

(A few hours later.....)

Topman: LEMONAID! Get yer ice cool lemonade!

Sparkman: Sure to cure what ails ya!

Snakeman: This is a stupid idea. I feel ridiculous.

Sparkman: Quiet. You'll scare off the customers.

Snakeman: Customers? WHAT COSTOMERS!?

Sparkman: With that sort of attitude, no one will come to our stand.

Snakeman: Now, see here....

(Snakeman gets up and begins pacing.)

Snakeman: We're at a little wooden stand in some suburb. We may as well stay at home!

Geminiman: I dunno, Raj. I tried this once before. It gave me a bit of spending money.

Snakeman: Yeah, I tried it too. When I was TEN! People buy these things from little kids, not robot masters! And, don't call me "Raj"!

Xelloss: Oh .... do lighten up, Raj!

Snakeman: AHH!! Xelloss! Where did you come from?

Xelloss: I was paying 'ol Gauntlet a visit. But he was in a bad mood and was quite rude to me so I left to see what you were up to.

Sparkman: Gauntlet was mean to you? But that's not like him!

Geminiman: Uhhhhh....

Topman: Hmmmmmm....

Snakeman: *scratches head*

Needlegal: You really don't know him very well, do you?

Xelloss: Oh, nevermind that. He just needs a nap. So, what is it you're up to? Running a lemonade stand?

Topman: That's right! Would you like a sip, Xel?

Xelloss: Why, I don't mind if I do!

(Xelloss pays one dollar and takes a cup of freshly squeezed lemonade He takes a sip as Topman watches anxiously.)

Topman: Well? How is it?

Xelloss: Oh, I'm afraid this really doesn't cut it for me.

Topman: AW!

Sparkman: But we tried so hard!

Xelloss: Don't worry, I can help you! All this needs is a little sugar! After all, it's the sugar people love, not the lemons! Everyone knows that!

(Xelloss adds sugar as Topman looks on anxiously.)

Xelloss: No ..... now I think I added too much. Well, I'll just add some water and some lemonade mix here...

Needlegal: Xelloss! This is ALL-NATURAL lemonade!

Xelloss: Oh, don't worry! No one will know!

(Xelloss sips the lemonade after adding the artificial lemonade)

Xelloss: No, no, no ..... this will simply not do at all. Give me a minute here.

Geminiman: Xelloss ..... what are you doing.

Xelloss: Oh, come now, Mr. Gemini. Don't you trust me?

Geminiman: No, actually.

Xelloss: Oh? And after all we've been through? I'm hurt!


(*Series 3 #24)

Xelloss: But that really wasn't MY fault! I was just following lord Beastmaster's orders.

Geminiman: Even so -

Xelloss: WELL, the lemonade is all done! I think you'll find it quite superior to your initial batch.

(The 'Maniacs taste the lemonade)

Magnetman: There's something strange about this batch of lemonade...

Hardman: HE SPIKED IT! Alright!

Needlegal: He spiked the lemonade! Xelloss!

(The team looks around, but Xel has already disappeared.)

Lan: Excuse me?


Magnetman: Yes?

Lan: Can I have some lemonade for me and my friends?

Needlegal: Sorry, kid, but -

(Snakeman claps Needle's mouth shut with his hand.)

Snakeman: You got any parents near here, kid?

Lan: What? Why?

Snakeman: You know pay for you of course!

Lan: Um ..... no. It's just me, Dex, Yai, and Mayl. But we all have plenty of money.

Snakeman: FABULOUS! Well, then, we have plenty of lemonade! tie needle up, guys! We're still good!

(And so, a few hours later, the 'Maniacs return to their base...)

Geminiman: Well, the lemonade plan worked out well I think.

Needlegal: You should all feel ashamed of yourselves.

Snakeman: And where have you been all day?

Shadowman: I have a plan to make more money.

Sparkman: Is it true you were mean to poor Xelloss?

Xelloss: He was very mean.

Shadowman: You'll live.

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Magnetman: I guess...

Xelloss: Wait! Don't quit now!

Needlegal: Why not?

Xelloss: Because, after all that you actually lost money! Don't you wanna make some instead?

Snakeman: Wait .... lost money? How do you figure? After those "alterations" you shamelessly made to our lemonade -

Xelloss: But remember, it was you who sold the lemonade -

Snakeman: We made quite a few bucks! How could we have lost money?

Xelloss: Well, I'm no mathematician, but add the cost of lemons with the cost of Lemon flavoring, with the cost of sugar with the cost of vodka and you'll have to agree -


Xelloss: Damn, me?? I don't think any of that was my fault.

Magnetman: It was very much your fault!

Xelloss: *ahem* well, there's no use to dwell on it. At any rate, I have a suggestion ....... that is if you aren't adverse to doing real work!

(The following day ......)

Snakeman: Hello, and welcome to Mc. Donalds. May I take your order?

Hardman: This ain't so bad.

(Magnetman walks by with a mop in hand)

Magnetman: Speak for yourself.

Needlegal: I dunno. I really like this cooking!

(Needle flips a paddie into the air with the greatest of ease!)

Xelloss: Hello, there.

Snakeman: What do you want, Xelloss?

Xelloss: Oh, where's that customer service Mc. Donalds is famous for?

Snakeman: What do you want, Xelloss?

Xelloss: A medium coke and some fries!

Snakeman: Will that be all?

Xelloss: Oh, yes, that will be quite enough, But I'd like it without spit.

Snakeman: Well, "sir" .... you can have your coke or you can choose not to drink spit. You can't have both.

Xelloss: Hmmm. I think I'll go to Harvey's.

Snakeman: You do that.

Xelloss: Oh, by the way ....... there seems to be an angry mob here to see you. Later!

(Xelloss disappears!)

Snakeman: Wh-what?

A mom: You're the people! You're those horrible people that gave alcohol to all those children!

Sparkman: Uh-oh.

Geminiman: Ummmmm no. That was the X -

A mom: DON'T LIE!

A dad: I say We kill them all!

Snakeman: Now hold on here! That wasn't us! Everyone knows we have all SORTS of doppelgangers running around! It's one of THEM!

A mom: GET THEM!

(The 'Maniacs run out of Mc Donalds with the angry mob chasing after them!)

Needlegal: I told you that was a bad idea!

Snakeman: Shut up! We need to run!

Hardman: Awww ...I liked Mc Donalds.

(The 'Maniacs round a corner and meet up with angry parents at every turn! Finally, desperate, the 'Maniacs resort to their final strategy...)

Magnetman: Guys, I think it;s time for ...... Strategy C.

Sparkman: No! Not ..... strategy C.

Needlegal: I'm afraid Magnet is correct. Let's just do it and get it over with,

(Promptly the MM3 team falls to their knees before the crowd.)

Magnetman: We're sorry!

Snakeman: We'll never do it again!

Geminiman: I was that other MM3 team's fault! Honest! It wasn't US!

A mom: We don't believe you!

Another mom: Wait! LOOK!

(The crowd watches as several odd copies of the MM3 team run by towards the ark.)


A mom: Oh. I guess it was a different team.

The 'Maniacs: *blink*

A dad: Hm. Well........ uh ...... sorry.


The 'Maniacs: *blink*

(The crowd disperses.)

The 'Maniacs: *blink*

(And so, the Mechanical Maniacs return home ......)

Waveman: I can't get it off!

Torchman: Of all the immature..

Shadowman: Ah, glad to see you made it out in one piece!

Bitman: YOU! Pirates - ATTACK!

Shadowman: Sorry to tell you this, but those pirates weren't made to last. They fell to pieces the moment they tried to do anything too extreme - like attack me!

Blademan: Ahhh, but it's still SIX against ONE! You can't hope to beat all of us!

Behind them: *AHEM*

(The PC team turn around to see the Mechanical Maniacs in formation behind them.)


Oilman: Do you think we can take them? I think we can take them!

Torchman: Yeah!

Blademan: ...... uh ......


(The PC team retreats!)

Oilman: What!?

Torchman: COWARDS! Get back here! *turns to the 'Maniacs* You haven't seen the last of us!

(The PC team run out of sight.)

Snakeman: Do we wanna know?

Shadowman: No.

Geminiman: What's with all the broken pieces of us lying around?

Shadowman: You don't wanna know.

Topman: Anything we DO wanna know?

Shadowman: Yes. I made a few thousand dollars!

Snakeman: WHAT!? YOU!? Mr. No-work? Mr. counterfeit money machine?

Shadowman: That can still work. I still think the counterfeit money thing could work.

Needlegal: Do you wanna know what we were up to?


Shadowman: No.

Needlegal: But it was really exciting!

Shadowman: I know. But while I was hiding up in the rafters I got some itching powder on me. Now I gotta take a shower to get it all off. Later.

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Magnetman: I guess...

Needlegal: And we learned something today too...

Magnetman: When?

Needlegal: We learned that Shadowman really isn't all that smart. And sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men fail miserably.

Sparkman: Wait ...... Shadowman earned money ...... but we, the responsible and honest bots earned nothing at all.

Snakeman: Don't remind me.

Topman: So until we're caught by dozens of angry dark warriors, we are ..... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Musashiden Razz as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Jonathan S. as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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