Kin and Tonic

     Before joining up with the Mechs, most people would remember me as Bombman of the Sinister Six, and before that, the villainous General Cutman. I had a reputation for creating an AU, along with Ben, to display a more serious tone for the S6. Fast forward to 2007, and when I was recruited for the Magnetman position in secret, I had an idea or two about how to re-introduce myself.

The result was this- Kin and Tonic. It acts an origin for both of the Kassidy brothers, and was my first first-person perspective work, as it began as a side-project Hardman and I started long before I even was considered for my new role. It was abandoned early on, but I decided to use what we had written and adapt it for this purpose. Hardman wrote a small part of the first chapter in his perspective, which gives us a pretty good, non-objective look at Rich Kassidy.

This actually turned out to be one of my favorite works, despite its short length. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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