Series 6 Issue #7 - The Rivalry

The Evil Eight are hanging out in the E8 lounge of Skull Castle early in the morning. It's been a long time since they've seen any action and they're itching for a fight.

Warman: It's been so long since we've seen any action ..... I'm itching for a fight!

Spinman: I just hope we get to face those 'Maniacs again. I've been practicing some moves to really tear that Topman a new one!

???: Yeah, right! Haven't you guys got it? You're retired!

(The Eight whirl around! They didn't hear the door open.)

Omniman: And what do you know, Heatman? The way I see it, you and your people screw up on purpose! You shame us all!

Heatman: Feh, like I care what you people think!

Omniman: You should. We have Wily's ear, after all.

Heatman: Heh, oh really?

Omniman: Do you have something to say, shrimp!?

Cleaveman: People! We're all on the same side! There's no reason -

Heatman:(totally ignoring Cleave) Like I'd bother to settle things with people like you!

(Heatman laughs and walks out of the room.)

Clawman: That little ....

Golemman: Golem SMASH puny robot!

Chimeraman: Still ..... he makes a good point, doesn't he?

Omniman: What!? How can you say that, Chimera!?

Chimeraman: Well, Wily pretty much left us for dead in Robot Jail after that "Heroes Idol" plan of yours went south.* Artillery helped break us out and the way he tells it, Wily took some convincing on rebuilding us. Especially since we haven't had a decent track record lately...

(*Series 5, the Unnamed)

Artilleryman: True that.

Chimeraman: And we really haven't been used much since that Mesmerman incident either ... I think he blames us for being controlled by that jerk Mesmerman.*

(*Series 5, Hardman's Bar)

Golemman: Golem hate Mesmerman! Not Golem's fault!

Omniman: I'll speak with Wily. Straighten things out....

(Omniman walks down the hall, towards Wily's room. Just outside of the room, Omni overhears Wily speaking over the communicator)

Wily: Look, I'm just ..... not really feeling it today.

Doc Robot: But Master Wily! You are the most brilliant man in the world! You've got to keep at it!

Wily: Heh. Well, you sure know the right things to say.

Doc Robot: And I have yet another success to report! I have managed to acquire the rare elements used to create Bassnium! The first attempt to create a super robot may have failed, but Master can try again!

Wily: You did? Excellent work, Doc Robot! Have it shipped over!

(Wily closes communications.)

Wily: Honestly .... those guys are the best things I ever made! They never fail me .... unlike some of my other creations.

(Stricken, Omniman returns to the E8 lounge.)

Golemman: What word?

Omniman: Wily ... he favors the Rescue Force!

Clawman: What!?

Cleaveman: It cannot be! We have served Wily loyally for far longer!

Omniman: It's true!


Chimeraman: Listen, guys, we gotta do something about this.

(The following day, Gemini, Sparks, and Snake handle a tricky arrest....)

Geminiman: Secure the perpetrator, my fellow officers!

Police Bot: Uh ..... Right.

Armaggon: RAHHH! You jerks!

Spark Chan: Quiet! I don't want to hurt you, but stunning you is just pacifist enough for me.

Police Bot: There's a zipper here, sirs.

Snakeman: I thought so. Let's get a look at who this really is....

(Snakeman pulls off Armaggon's mask to reveal....)

All: *GASP!*

Snakeman: Lan Hikari! It was you all along!

Lan: And I woulda gotten away with it too .... if it weren't for you pesky adults!

Snakeman: Book 'im, boys!

Spark Chan: Oh, my.... what made such a cute kid go so wrong?

Police Bot: Apparently his record starts with a DWI. He claims he drank some spiked lemonade once.

Snakeman: Oh. *ahem* Well, he can't blame all his failings on someone else.

Police Bot: This just in! There's a robbery in progress at Cossack Labs!

Snakeman: Who's there?

Police Bot: Unknown. The cameras were shot shortly before the robbery began.

Spark Chan: I guess we can handle a little robbery by ourselves.

Snakeman: Right! Patch the location in your teleporters, guys!

(Cossack Labs, Monsteropolis division....)

Artilleryman: Quick! We have to open the damn safe!

Warman: It's really locked down tight.

Artilleryman: Damn it! Move over.

(Artillery injects a virus into the safe's computers.)

Artilleryman: This'll take a bit of time to work .... and no doubt the pigs are on their way....

(Artillery's gun is blown to bits by an unseen attack)

Artilleryman: What the HELL!?

(The lights in the room go out and Artillery and War are covered in darkness.)

Warman: We've been found out! Come out you cowards!

(Warman lets loose a volley of attacks from his various guns and launchers.)

Artilleryman: Stop that, you idiot! You're hitting me too!

Geminiman: (over internal radio) This is not honorable, Snake.

Snakeman:(over internal radio) I don't really want to waste time fighting these losers, Gem. Besides, these guys outgun us and Class has some very pacifist beliefs that don't work well in fighting people named "War" and "Artillery". Now, use your lasers to take these guys out. The multi-directional nature makes them useful while concealing your location. I was able to fit into this ungodly tight air shaft, but your shiny armor isn't exactly stealthy. So, you gotta stay well hidden. Sparks is just outside in case these guys exit the room.

(Gemini grunts an agreement and fires his lasers. They hit Warman and blow off some missiles.)

Warman: ARRGH! What the hell hit me!?

(Warman shoots in the direction the laser came from, destroying a wall, but missing Gemini completely.)

Artilleryman: Didn't you hear that sound? It was a Gemini Laser! It's those damn Mechs again!

Warman: Them!?

Artilleryman: This is a wash! We gotta get out of here!

(Artilleryman tries to use his teleporter, however ....)

Artilleryman: These guys have planned ahead. They're scrambling the field!

Warman: Then it's an all-out battle! RAWR!

(Warman launches more missiles, missing the 'Maniacs, but hitting Artillery.)

Artilleryman: You IDIOT! I planned for this remember! Hang on to me and grab the vault!

Snakeman:(over internal radio):They're up to something! It's time for an outright attack!

Geminiman: Great!

(Geminiman leaps out and smashes War with a kick.)

Geminiman: You two are under arrest!

Warman: Like Hell, little man! (Warman glows brightly)

Snakeman: What the...?

Spark Chan: (from outside) OHHHH!!

(A buzzing noise is heard as her electrical systems are scrambled.)

Artilleryman: Looks like I guessed your plan, Snake! See you in the funny papers!

(Artillery and War suffer internal explosions as they stress their teleportation systems beyond capacity and teleport themselves and the vault to Skull Castle!)

Snakeman: DAMN! They got away!

Spark Chan: (wandering into the now-lit room) Sorry, guys ..... he really hit me with something.

Geminiman: It's alright, milady. You've done your best.

Snakeman: Uh .... right. We've gotta tell G about this, I guess. But .... it's weird. Why would Wily hit the same place twice in the same week?

(At Skull Castle....)

Clawman: You guys look like Hell!

Artilleryman: They beefed up security, like I thought they would. Still, my tweaks on our teleporters worked. We got the entire damn vault!

(The door of the small room opens just then thanks to Artillery's virus).

Chimeraman: Great! This is even more than the Rescue Force snagged! Wily will definitely .... uh ....

(Inside the vault there is nothing but charred bits of metal and broken glass.)

Artilleryman: Shit! Warman, this is what happens when you aren't careful!

Warman: What!? This is because of your stupid plans not working out!

Expressman: And just what do you think you were doing in the first place?

(The Eight glare in contempt.)

Omniman: Butt out of it!

Multiman: Looks like they failed in some little plan of theirs. Like always.

Omniman: Shut up! You cowards are only successful because you avoid conflict with the Mechs while we've always had to contend with them. However, we are the superior Robot Masters in every way!

Doc Robot: Then Doc Robot suggests you put money where mouth is!

(Later that week, the 'Maniacs convene at the Technodrome....)

Magnetman: I responded to a report of some robots trying to send a virus to robot jail. Not being too good at computers, I just destroyed them all.

Spark Chan: Kenta! That's not the best way to handle things.

Magnetman: Well, it stopped things, didn't it? With there being no computer the deactivated heads didn't reactivate and none of the prisoners escaped!

Snakeman: As it turns out, the virus wasn't the only plan. I joined Magnet in fighting Clawman and Cleaveman as they made a direct assault on the jail. Same old, same old. We drove 'em off.

Shadowman: As you know, I also had to contend with unusual E8 attacks. Golemman and Multiman attacked the Technodrome directly. Luckily this place has some pretty huge guns, but it was weird...they seemed surprised to see each other and argued for a bit.

Needlegal: Yeah, you told us about that.

Shadowman: Well, Multiman managed to do the most damage and lasted a bit longer than Golemman. Even after Hardman responded to the alert, Multi seemed happy.

Hardman: 'think 'twas 'cause he outlasted Golem.

Shadowman: But that's insane. Aren't they on the same side?


Shadowman: Aw, damn it.

Crorq: What are you doing over there? You're on duty! PICK UP THE PHONE!

Shadowman: (Turns on the view screen.) What the hell, Crorq. You couldn't let it ring? You had to yell like a madman?

Needlegal: Yeah, really! You don't have to yell!

Spark Chan: We're all working together here...


Geminiman: That is no way to treat -


Geminiman: (Scowls)

Crorq: While you people have been gossiping, there's an alert coming in from downtown. Spinman and Expressman are racing down the street and have been destroying all the street signs and traffic lights in the city. STOP THEM!

Shadowman: Right. On it.

Crorq: I have the perfect strategy -

(Shadowman cuts the line and turns off the communicator.)

Shadowman: Top, you're our resident Speedy Gonzales. You're gonna race Spin and Express and try to stop them.

Topman: Great. Spinman. Again. (Top teleports off).

(Topman 'ports in to see Express and Spin zoom by. Express shoots down a high tech traffic light.)

Expressman: That's eight to four, Spinner!

(Spinman uses his spinning, bladed helmet to chop down a yield sign as the two continue to race.)

Spinman: Now it's eight to five!

Topman: (coming up from the rear) Alright jokers, fun's over! Pull over, you're both under arrest!

Spinman: Eat hat, copper! (Spinman tosses his deadly hat at Topman. Being used to this, Topman deflected the deadly attack with a thrown top bomb.)

Expressman: (Blasts another traffic light and jumps onto the hoods of oncoming traffic.) That's NINE to five!

Spinman: What?

Expressman: (Blasts the left turn lights as well as another set of traffic lights.) Twelve to five! You took your eye off the ball to deal with the Mech. That's why you Evil Eight people suck!

Spinman: You jerk!

Topman: You're both jerks, there's no need to compete over it. (Tosses two tops at the villains. Expressman blasts his away and takes a shot at a stop sign. Spinman manages to avoid the tops while hitting a different sign.)

Spinman: Hah hah! Still - HEY!

(Spinman narrowly avoids Needlegal's Needle Cannon while Expressman destroys another set of traffic lights while jumping on top of a car going in his desired direction.)

Needlegal: Tch!

(Spinman jumps over a car and the car hits another as the driver panics! Within minutes there's a pile-up and Needle turns her attention to rescuing passengers and pedestrians as Top races to stop one of the two robots.)

Topman: I can't believe this .... those guys are actually street racing! What the freaking hell is up with that?

Spinman: Hey, asshole! Those last few points don't count, that Mech was interfering!

Expressman: Whiner. (Destroys parking meters along one side. Startled back into the conflict, Spinman tries to do the same, but they are quickly out of the area with parking meters). So, that's 30 to .... what? Five? Eh heh heh heh.

Spinman: Arrrrrrhhh!

(Both robots veer out of the way as Topman launches explosive tops at the racing pair of robots.)

Topman: (thought) Rats! I just can't launch my tops like this, they're too fast! Wait ..... I know where these guys are going!

Topman: (over internal speakers) They're going to police HQ!

Shadowman: Roger!

(And so the race continues. Spinman grows more frustrated as Expressman continues to outpace him. Until finally...)

Expressman: Heads up, Spinner! There's the finish line!

Spinman: I can see that!

Hardman: An' here's where ya get off! (Hardman launches two massive Hark Knuckles at Expressman and Spinman! Spinman dodges the attack. Top, following too closely, gets a face full of Hard Knuckle!)

Topman: EAAHH!! (Top falls over, overwhelmed by the unexpected attack.)

(Expressman jumps and grabs onto the Knuckles. He uses grips built into his boots to keep his balance as the Knuckle quickly returns to its master. Defenseless, Hardman is unable to block as Expressman lets loose of volley of bullets into the 'Maniac's face.)

Expressman: Too slow, big guy! (Expressman jumps onto Hardman's shoulders as he continuously pummels Hardman with attacks.)

(Spinman however, ignores the 'Maniacs and spins up the wall of the building.)

Spinman: This is all mine, Expressman!

(Spinman destroys the sign declaring the building as Police HQ. Expressman stands, stunned, as Spinman declares his victory.)

Spinman: Well, well, well. Who's keeping his eye on the ball now?

Expressman: Bull. I still have more points than you! And besides ... I took Hardman down and all you got was Topman.

Spinman: Whiner. (Teleports away. Expressman grunts and follows him back to Skull Castle.)

(Later, at the Technodrome...)

Shadowman: What do you mean they're competing!?

Hardman: 's like Top said, boss.

Topman: Yeah, it was really weird. Expressman didn't even care that I was around.

Needlegal: Yeah, well ...the Rescue Force are the only villains we seem to have that aren't obsessed with us.

Hardman: True 'dat.

Geminiman: We have to stop these guys! Their reckless competition will injure someone.

Spark Chan: Yeah, and Crorq was calling us "infidels" all day...he says he'll fire us if we don't stop these people.

Shadowman: *hmph* I doubt he'd ever do that.

Snakeman: The main problem is where they'll strike next. I mean .... so far the targets have been pretty random.

Crorq: (over the communicator) Well, good news for you then!

Shadowman: What the - !? We didn't even answer the phone!

Crorq: After your rude dismissal I hacked into your communicator so I could yell at you without waiting for you to pick up the phone.

Spark Chan: That's awfully rude.

Crorq: SILENCE! I am the mighty Crorq! I am above manners!

Spark Chan: ...Clearly...

Crorq: I would trade wits with you, Spark Chan, but we have more pressing matters at hand. The Evil Eight have popped up in the Special Forces communications system in their EXE modes.

Snakeman: So, they're trying to take over the Special Forces?

Crorq: EXACTLY! And I order you to stop them, Mechs! Over and out!

(Crorq hangs up.)

Geminiman: (taking the helm at the computer) It looks like they're trying to breach the firewall. Man...those Special Forces guys were made out of the Gamma Armor Bizarro made. I'd hate to think what they could do with it if they ever took it over.

Shadowman: Thanks to recent technological innovations, neither we nor the Eight can just "poof" into the "Cyberworld" as if we owned the place anymore. Our bodies stay here in the real world while our minds wander around like "Navis". So the Eight's bodies have gotta be around somewhere. Geminiman, I need you to track the signal to the Eight's bodies.

Geminiman: Well, the plan is decent, so I suppose I'll follow it...

Shadowman: Gee, thanks for the favor. When you find it, I want you and Classi to sever the connection. Hardman, Topman, you're on guard duty at the Special Forces base.

Hardman: Eh? Thin' there'll be 'n attack?

Needlegal: Well, if they're competing with the Rescue Force, there just might be.

Topman: And if the Eight succeed we might need someone there immediately to deal with our new pals. Good call, Shadow...Besides, I'd rather avoid using my EXE form if at all possible.

Shadowman: The rest of us will plug in right here and fight the Evil Eight head-on. Let's go!

(Topman and Hardman teleport to the Special Forces HQ, close to police HQ itself, but somewhat separate due to the experimental nature of the division. Shadow, Needle, Magnet, and Snake jack into the Cyberworld.)

Skullman.EXE: Alright, guys, it's time to kick some loser ass.

Needlegal.EXE: What the...Raijin?

Skullman.EXE: Yeah?

Magnetman.EXE: Shouldn't you be Snakeman.exe?

Skullman.EXE: Yeah, whatever.

Shadowman.EXE: ...I thought we deleted your VI Navi form. What the hell?

Skullman.EXE: So I reconstructed the program, it wasn't too hard. It's not like it's viral any more or anything.

. . .

Skullman.EXE: Look, I miss being Skully, alright?

Needlegal.EXE: But we're the Megaman 3 team. Skullman is not a Megaman 3 character! Don't you realize how much you're clashing? You're embarrassing us!

Skullman.EXE: Yeah, and what are you gonna do about it? I overwrote my Snakeman.exe program.

Needlegal.EXE: I'll overwrite you, you pattern-breaking sack of bo-

Shadowman.EXE: Gah! We don't have time for this! We have a job to do!

Needlegal.EXE: ...hmph.

Skullman.EXE: Keh heh heh...

Shadowman.EXE: We'll delete Skullman.exe again after we deal with the Evil Eight!

Skullman.EXE: Aw...

Needlegal.EXE: Hm. You know, the first time around the Evil Eight's Navi forms were pretty tough to beat.

Skullman.EXE: Yeah, but we've been keeping up on upgrades, both physyical and digital. I doubt Wily's bothered to improve the Eight at all.

???: You aren't the only ones with upgrades.

Shadowman.EXE: Ben!? Wait, shouldn't you be Heatman at this point?

Fireman.EXE: I have access to all my forms, Mech. Past, present, and future.

Shadowman.EXE: Uh .... right. Oy, why can't you guys just use the Navi forms you're supposed to?

Skullman.EXE: You know, you're not acting at all like Ben...

Fireman.EXE: That is because I am NOT "BEN"!

Needlegal.EXE: I KNEW IT!

Magnetman.EXE: Wait, who is Ben?

(Blademan.EXE teleports in.)

Blademan.EXE: HAH! We totally fooled you geeks!

Magnetman.EXE: Who are you people?! Tell me or I'll - GAHH!

(Magnetman is washed away by a wave of water.)

Waveman.EXE: Sorry, buddy, but I didn't have much choice.

Torchman.EXE: I am TORCHMAN! You thought I was Fireman ... FOOL! Your foolishness has doomed you all.

Needlegal.EXE: What are you people doing here!?

Waveman.EXE: Oh, like we'd tell you.

Torchman.EXE: We go anywhere we choose, Mech. Regardless of property and borders, we go where we will. Such is our right.

Magnetman.EXE: YOU PEOPLE AGAIN! This time you'll pay!

Blademan.EXE: Heh heh heh, I could play all day .... (Blade laughs in a creepy way.)

Waveman.EXE: You're really becoming weird., Blade.


(Shadowman chucks three Shadow Blades at the criminals. Torchman uses his BodyBurn to intercept and incinerate each one.)

Shadowman.EXE: You blocked it!?

Torchman.EXE: I bore of this game, Mech. Our mission is accomplished, we leave now!


(Torchman jacks out.)

Waveman.EXE: Did we really?

(Waveman and Blademan both escape.)

Magnetman.EXE: COWARD!!

Skullman.EXE: That was a waste of time. Let's get on with this.

(Skullman uses his access code to open the firewall to the Special Forces' computer. Immediately he sees the inner defenses have already been breached.)

Omniman.EXE: They're here!

Chimeraman.EXE: FINALLY! I've been itchin' for a fight!

Magnetman.EXE: I will take you all on! Come and get it.

(Meanwhile, in the real world, Hardman and Topman have visited the Special Forces division.)

Hardman: So yer not feelin' a sudden urge ta...

Officer: To what?

Hardman: Ya' know.

Officer: No. What?


Hardman: Ta destroy ev'rythin' ya see?


Officer: No.

Topman: Oh, good.

Officer: But I do have a pretty bad headache.

(In the Cyberworld, the Eight are losing to the superior teamwork of the four Mechanical Maniacs members they are facing...)

Cleaveman.EXE: Just give me a clear shot .... I'll cleave him in half with my giant fists ... damn it, get out of the way Spinman!

(Spinman keeps circling Shadowman, blocking Cleaveman's attacks.)

Spinman.EXE: Leave this to me, Cleave! I have the closest thing to a Top Spin on the team! I'll be the one who gets this guy!

(Spinman runs into the ninja when he, to Spin's surprise, disappears on contact.)

Spinman.EXE: What!?

(Shadowman reappears behind Cleaveman and batters him with Shadow Blades.)

Cleaveman.EXE: ACK!

Shadowman.EXE: Sorry Spinner, but you're not my priority.

Spinman.EXE: Why you....

(Needlegal pummels Clawman with her needles, overwhelming the Navi.)

Clawman.EXE: Damn it .... I'm supposed to be the fast one here. I was meant to counter Shadowman!

Needlegal.EXE: You couldn't counter a paper bag, Claw!

Clawman.EXE: NO! You will not beat me! You won't!

Shadowman.EXE: Comin' through!

(Shadowman races past Clawman who turns to yell at the ninja.)

Clawman.EXE: Face me!

Spinman.EXE: Get out of the way, Claw! I can't control myself!

(Spinman crashes into Clawman, injuring his team mate. Clawman's claws inadvertently injure Spin as well leaving both Evil Eight members down for the count.)

Omniman.EXE: You must fight as one! AS ONE!

(Omni hurls a powerful energy bolt at Magnetman. Kenta, unused to this form, is caught off-guard and is hurled across the stage. Omni follows him, beating him senseless all the way.)

Omniman.EXE: You're pathetic! You could never beat me!

(Omniman is hit by flying arm bones, knocking him from Kenta's path. Skullman attacks him using his Skull Crush and Omniman is too stunned to avoid the attack.)

Skullman.EXE: That's why we look out for each other!

(Omniman is distracted and caught off guard as two polarized Magnetmen tackle him simultaneously from opposite sides.)

Omniman.EXE: AAAA!

Magnetman.EXE: You are done!

Chimeraman.EXE: This ..... is a little too hot to handle.

Artilleryman.EXE: When did they get so good? (Artillery rubs his head. An earlier attack left him, Golem, and Warman unconscious as their simultaneous attack knocked them both out.)

Golemman.EXE: Dunno .... This embarrasing....

Warman.EXE: This one .... (War points at Chimera) hasn't got a scratch on him! He hasn't fought at all!

Chimeraman.EXE: I've fought plenty! I'm not afraid of anything!

Warman.EXE: LIAR!

Cleaveman.EXE: We gotta regroup! This was the last challenge!

Needlegal.EXE: You and your stupid -

(Before anyone can react, the 'Maniacs are torn from cyberspace and the Eight are left alone.)


Chimeraman.EXE: Wait .... hey, we won!

Omniman.EXE: It can't be so easy...

Clawman.EXE: Hey, is the room - ?

(The Eight scream as the room explodes! Their Navi forms are destroyed as the area is overloaded with electricity.)

(In the real world, a surge of power has caused a shutdown at Special Forces Headquarters.)

Hardman: Hello? Any of ya still active?

Topman: I think they've been shut down.

Expressman: Yep.

(Topman is knocked aside as Expressman races past him.)

Doc Robot: Final Challenge is for all team members! Each will try to capture one Special Forces member for our master!

Hardman: Bring it on! I c'n take whatever y -

(Hardman is blasted away by one of Barrageman's Ion Blasts. The stunned robot master is unable to get up .... it seems a head-on assault with the Ion Blast was enough to carve a nice hole into his chassis.

Topman: Hadrian!

(Topman avoids a similar fate using his speed, unfortunately he's soon knocked out by an oncoming fist courtesy of Multiman.)

Multiman: HAH! Too easy!

Doc Robot: And now for our prize...

Shadowman: HOLD IT!

(The rest of the 'Maniacs stand in the doorway of Special Forces HQ.)

Doc Robot: Not fair! Not fair! You were all supposed to be obliterated with the Evil Eight when I overloaded the system!

Geminiman: Luckily I was monitoring the system. I got everyone out just in time.

Needlegal: You're all pincushions.

Spark Chan: You have one chance to surrender.

Omniman: NO! They are ours!

(The Evil Eight attack the Rescue Force all at once! The Rescue Force is taken by surprise and is forced into a defensive position.)

Chimeraman: We survived your dirty little trick! No thanks to leader-boy!

Omniman: None of that was my fault!

(Multiman begins to create an army. However, the enraged Evil Eight continue to tear at the Rescue Force. The Force begins to get angry.)

Expressman: I ain't taking shit from garbage like you!

(Expressman knocks Cleaveman into a wall with a speed-assisted punch.)

???: Oh, this is going nowhere. I would have expected you to have won by now. Navi Forms ... superior numbers .... I thought you were Wily's golden boys. But I must have been mistaken...

Doc Robot: Who is that?

Expressman: That voice gives me the creeps. Heh heh .... I can't wait to see who it belongs to.

Barrageman: Unit Barrageman demands enemy unit show itself!

(A nearby desk swells and morphs until a figure the Rescue Force has never seen before reveals itself to them. They stare at it in curiosity. The Evil Eight are left dumbfounded. How could he have gotten into their heads again? And when did he do it?)

Mesmerman: I am Mesmerman! Heh heh heh. No doubt you've heard of me.

Expressman: You!? You're the guy who took control of these losers!

Clawman: What!? No! We've .... we've been working for Wily....

Mesmerman: I'm afraid not, my dear Clawman. I'd love to see you guys tear into each other some more, but I really should hurry if I want the Special Forces at my beck and call, so I am afraid I must manage this situation personally.

Warman: No! I won't let you use me again!

(Mesmerman laughs and turns the villains' world upside-down! Literally! The Rescue Force and the Eight are amazed as they fall into the air! Barrageman manages to catch his team members using his powers of flight, but the Evil Eight are helpless and can't stop their ascent.)

Barrageman: Unit Mesmerman displays abnormal abilities!

Multiman: No kidding.

Doc Robot: No! We mustn't fail! We mustn't .... mustn't ....


Doc Robot: Doc Robot detects unknown virus in databanks!

Expressman: What?

Doc Robot: Prepare for updates. Doc Robot will clean himself and team mates.

Barrageman: Unit Barrageman does not understand.

Doc Robot: Doc Robot believes Nightmare Topman has infected us with a virus. We will regroup.

Expressman: What about the Evil Eight?

Doc Robot: What about them?

(Below, Mesmerman walks happily through Special Forces HQ. Looks like plans were going well.)

???: HOLD IT!

Mesmerman: Eh?

(The ground swells up and bubbles like heated, molten tar. And from it comes the force controlling the actions of the Rescue Force. Who made them choose this task as their final job....)

Mesmerman: Now this is interesting...who might you be?

N-Top: I'm Nightmare Topman, Mesmer. And the Special Forces belong to me!

Mesmerman: Oh really? I don't feel like playing with you right now, kiddo!

(Mesmerman multiplies into thirty before N-Top's eyes.)

Mesmerman: Go ahead and pick your playmates. The rest of us -

(N-Topman shoots electricity at the thirty Mesmermen. They go through each one except the real one. Mesmerman is somewhat shocked as N-Topman throws a Shadow Blade into his chest!)

Mesmerman: Hee! I wasn't expecting to encounter the impossible today!

N-Top: Nothing's impossible with me! I'm your worst nightmare!

Mesmerman: Hee hee hee, that's cute! Real cute!

(Mesmerman glows misty white as he powers up his energy. Space warps around him and he glares with his one eye.)

(Not to be outshone, N-Topman bursts into flames. His eyes become star fields and he smiles at Mesmerman.)

(The two robots fly at each other and collide in midair!)

(Nearby, the Evil Eight have awoken to witness the epic battle before their eyes.)

Chimeraman: Such power .... I'm jealous.

Clawman: Aw, yer an ass when you're powerful.

Chimeraman: Shut up! You just say that because you've never tasted real power.

Cleaveman: Aw, stick it up yer craw, Chimera.

Chimeraman: What did you say, Cleave!?

Omniman: Stop this bickering! While everyone's distracted we can take the Special Forces Officer and win the challenge!

Artilleryman: Don't you get it, Omni? We were being used! All that was just crap from Mesmerman! AGAIN!

Omniman: It doesn't matter. We can still beat the Rescue Force!

Artilleryman: The Rescue Force isn't even here now. They don't care about beating us! And even if we did beat them it wouldn't change anything!

Warman: Artillery's making a scene.

Golemman: No .... have to win....

Artilleryman: You people win your meaningless game. I'm outta here.

(Artilleryman stalks off.)

Omniman: No! Stop!

Clawman: Shut up, Omni!

Spinman: Why should we follow you anyway? I was the first leader!

Omniman: You were proven unworthy!

Spinman: You're unworthy too!

Warman: This is all your fault, Omniman!

Omniman: But .... I ....

Spinman: You're full of it, Omni.

Chimeraman: You know what? All this time I thought Wily was my path to power. But all he's done is lead me in circles. I'm gonna try joining a winning team.

(Chimeraman teleports off.)

Cleaveman: I need no team. From now on I forge my own destiny! The world will remember Cleaveman! (Cleaveman walks off).

(Omniman collapses before the remainder of his team.)

Omniman: Please .... we have to stick together!

Warman: Oh, we'll stick together, alright.

Spinman: Just without you.

Omniman: WHAT!?

Clawman: Are you with us, Golem?


Golemman: G...Golemman stay with Omni.

Clawman: Suit yourself. Come on, guys. We gotta pack.

(Claw, Spin, and War teleport back to Skull Castle.)


Golemman: What now, Omni?

Omniman: I .... I don't know.

(Meanwhile the epic battle rages on and neither combatant seems ready to quit.)

N-Top: (In exasperation) This is ridiculous!

Mesmerman: I agree. You've been annoyingly resilient, Topman Red.

N-Top: Yeah, well that does double for you, Smiles!

Mesmerman: If we keep this up much longer more nuisances will show up. Can we not.... compromise?

N-Top: A compromise!? I never compromised in my Nightmare Dimension! But ... yeah, this is getting stupid. Let's go in there and see what we can work out. I'd rather tear into my double than you.

Mesmerman: Yes, I would prefer to reap the misery of our dear friends the Mechanical Maniacs as well.

(The two entities make their way back to the Special Forces HQ only to discover...)

N-Top: They're gone! All of them!

Mesmerman:...and it seems the system is down. All the control panels have been destroyed. I can't seize my vessels if they're not wiped clean. Our plans are...


(The 'Maniacs place the last of the Special Forces in their storage area. Hardman lets out a sigh.)

Hardman: Tha' was some light show.

Shadowman: Both the Rescue Force and the Evil Eight were controlled all along. Go figure.

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Magnetman: You are filled with wisdom, Psycho-san.

Needlegal: Thank you, Kenta. We learned that teamwork is vital. The Rescue Force were a true team and that's why they won. If the Evil Eight helped each other they might not have fared so badly. Moreover, both teams were so busy competing with each other that they all forgot they were really working under the same umbrella. It's small wonder why Wily never manages to take over the world!

Spark Chan: What an uplifting lesson!

Needlegal: Thanks!

Spark Chan: Usually there's an uneasy feeling in my stomach after your morals, but this one was really good.

Needlegal: Oh...Thanks a lot...

Topman: Well, until the Evil Eight and the Rescue Force decide to play nice, we are ..... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Kenta (Kassidy) Eigen as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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