The Business of War

Silence End

Scenario D
Wily Rescue Force (Wily)
Makenshi (RPD)
Cosmic Gladiators (Cossack)

Location: Canberra, Australia
Max. Cossack Scrap Value: 7351
SA Infantry: 1124
RPD Units: 1400
Wily Bots: 418

"A month ago, Canberra was completely evacuated to adjacent cities in anticipation of the invading Scissor Army. As the capital of Australia, their attack would imminently start from there. Our prediction was correct, and in the final moments of the exodus they began their brutal assault. Luckily, we had safely gotten the last of the civilians out of the city. Or so we thought....

"Currently, there is still a chunk of SA Infantry stationed in the city, though their numbers are much lower than the original attack force, instead focusing on our defenses in other parts of Australia. With their guard down, this is our chance to regain control of the city."

"I recall Canberra being a beautiful city. If we had defended it during the invasion at least some of it would have been left intact."

"Our plan WAS to establish a defense once the city was evacuated IF we had had the time and resources, but as you can see we had neither. The Australian government made the safety of its civilians the top priority."

"That makes sense. Nevertheless, it's still a shame..."

Everywhere, buildings were either completely eradicated or set ablaze. The conflagration required the human officers to wear masks. Makenshi, along with his squad of police units, patrolled the streets in an effort to cleanse Canberra of SA presence.

The Scissor Army had taken the defensive, hiding in the debris and waiting for RPD troops to ambush. There seemed to be no end to these surprise attacks, and Makenshi was getting sick of it. So many things plagued his mind, but he was forced to stay on the alert and make his way through the streets with stealth and caution.

He was always the one who kept his true feelings to himself. Whether that meant he was strong or weak-willed, he didn't know. First, Snakeman had fallen victim to the Shutdown Code because of one of the most ruthless Watchers on the force. Then, Turboman, Burstgirl, Springman, and Cloudman, people he had fought alongside not too long ago, all killed in the same mission. Yes, they were robots that could be rebuilt, but the authorities didn't seem to have any interest in their revival.

And now, he was all alone. A large number of Scissor Joes had come out of nowhere, surrounding his squad and overwhelming it. Makenshi managed to get away by using Iormungandr's grapple function and swinging into the second floor of a decrepit building through a window. He quickly risked a glance back out to see SA Joes storming inside while a couple remained with their rifles trained on the windows. He had to move.

Makenshi turned around, and to his surprise saw in the darkness the silhouette of a little girl wearing a tattered white dress hunched in the corner. But wasn't the city supposed to be completely evacuated? What was this girl doing here, and how in the world had she survived for so long?

"Little girl, you need to get out of here! There's robots coming and they're going to.."

The girl suddenly sprang to her feet and stared at him. "You... are... a robot.. as well," she said.

"Don't worry, I'm not one of them. I'll protect you from-"

"I have... a guardian angel... He protects me..." and the girl bolted out of the room. "Wait!" Makenshi yelled, but then he heard was the sound of SA Joes storming up the stairs.... And then firing their weapons.

All of a sudden, Makenshi's feet moved on their own and he was charging out of the room to meet the infantry, but he was suddenly thrown backwards as a thunderous roar filled his ears.

Whatever had exploded, it was enough to turn the group of SA Joes to smithereens. Makenshi noticed that even more troops were coming and ran across the hall. Another explosion came out of nowhere and knocked him off his feet, sending him several yards ahead. As he got back up he continued to sprint towards a window, gaining more speed until he leapt right through it. He aimed Iormungandr at the adjacent building and pulled the trigger to grapple on to the roof...

And nothing happened.

Makenshi crashed into the ground.


Mars grunted after ripping a Scissor Joe apart, then tossed it's carcass aside. "I'm getting REAL sick of these stupid things."

"And turning on an MP3 player helps?" Jupiter commented as Mars resumed bobbing his head to the beat of some song.

"I don't have mine with me, I just have a good memory of songs I like."

Saturn shrugged. The CG's most dememted member was getting crazier by the second, which would be very bad if General Cutman didn't die very soon. "At least those explosions sounded a good distance away from us. Hopefully it's not Naplamman."

"It's not." Terra commented. "His explosives are louder. He WAS at Cossack's Citadel, remember?"

"Mako's right." Mars replied. "I know my bombs, and that wasn't ANYTHING Naplamman has."

Quinten looked around uneasily. "Don't matter who it was, but we need to keep moving unless we want whatever MADE those very painful-sounding explosions finding us."

"I dunno, it could be worth checking out." Saturn mused, rubbing his chin.

"I agree." Jupiter commented. Mars tapped their leader on the shoulder. "Yes, Renard, you can blow them up if they're SA forces."

"Whoo! Let's go!" Mars said, striding towards the sound of the explosions.

"I swear Mars is going to be the death of me." Zig sighed as he followed the rest of the CG.


The Wily Rescue Force were in a foul mood. It enraged them seeing their master under the thumb of the General, but what could they do? All these years, when Wily was in trouble, they were there to bust him out. But now? Dr. Wily had admitted defeat, and this time there was no way for them to save him.

With Multiman elsewhere in the city, Doc Robot, Barrage, and Express decided to take their anger out on a blue robot that looked like a cross between Waveman and Neptune that had suddenly crashed into the ground in front of them.

Makenshi got up and stared at his opponents and cursed silently. He was outnumbered, cornered, and had a dysfunctional spear. Then, to his relief, he saw a large puddle of gasoline pouring out of an overturned car behind him.

Doc Robot saw the RPD badge pinned on his armor and chuckled. "RPD grunt seems to have strayed from the pack. Destroying will make me feel MUCH better." Wily's doppleganger raised his weapon and Barrage and Express imitated him. Makenshi slowly reached his hand back, trying to take control of the gas puddle. Then, he threw his hand forward, but a sense of dread came over him when nothing happened. The WRF immediately reacted to Makenshi's sudden movement.




Doc Robot, Expressman, and Barrageman stood there, puzzled. All of their weapons weren't working, but why?

Then there was an explosion between them and they flew off of their feet, some of their armor charred from the heat. Once the dust cleared, they saw that the RPD robot had already disappeared, but they had no time to worry about that because they were too busy running away from more explosions.


Makenshi stood panting in the darkness of an alley. That was too close. Just where the hell were those explosions coming from?

He took a glance of the street. The Wily Rescue Force were gone. That was good. Then something caught his eye and he peeked back. He could have sworn it wasn't there before, but a black statue of an angel was erected in the middle of the road. The statue gave off an eerie aura, and Makenshi shuddered. He reckoned that the coast was clear and walked back into the street...

But then something detonated nearby and he could was blown forward, scorched by the explosion. Now he was running as fast as he could, trying to ignore the seething hot pain as more explosions stalked him. Someone had to be shooting missiles at him. He dove into a building and went through its corridors, looking desperately for a place to hide. It looked like a laboratory. He figured that the building was large enough that it couldn't be blown to pieces by the missiles. Thankfully, nothing was exploding... Yet. Just to be safe, Makenshi looked to see if anyone was following him, then scrambled underneath a stairway. There were no lights except from the windows, and the shadow cast by the stairs made him almost completely hidden. He expected a group of SA Joes running in any minute now, and he would sneak by them and be on his way....

Then, through the spaces between the steps, Makenshi almost jumped as he saw a statue in front of him. It looked exactly like the one he had seen in the middle of the road...

And then the stairs exploded, and Makenshi was running again. He looked behind him and saw to his shock that the statue was moving, slowly following him. It must be a robot... A robot that wanted to kill him for some reason. Bolting past various machines and devices, he failed to realize that he had knocked over something. He didn't hear it, but it started to beep multiple times, going faster with each succession until it finally stopped.

Then, everything went black.


"Okay, maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Mars commented after the most recent explosion. The rest of the CG were concerned now, seeing as Mars usually LIKES explosions; really big ones. However, this was short lived when the Wily Rescue Force screeched to halt not but twelve feet away. Mars grinned evily.

Saturn stepped away from the mini-Napalmman a little. "Uh oh guys, Renard's got that insideous look again...."

"TAKE COVER!" Zig shouted as he jumped behind some rubble with Jupiter, Venus, Terra, and Uranus right behind him. Saturn quickly followed suit as Mars aimed at the WRF.


"What the hell?!"


Renard glared as the WRF snickered at his expense.

"Oh, that's good to know. The gun-totin' psycho can't fire a d-GAK!"

Expressman grabbed at Mars' arm as the Stardroid began lifting him off the ground by his neck. Barrageman and Doc Robot back up in surprise.

"But I can still break you in several different places, Sir Speedy." Renard said as the rest of the CG came out from behind the rubble and tried to get Mars away from Expressman.

Five minutes and a damaged elbow axle later....

"Okay, Renard, you need to calm down. If YOU can't fire, it's a safe bet that WE can't and neither can these guys." Jupiter said, pointing at the WRF at the end of his sentence.

"Stardroid Unit is correct." Barrageman stated. "Ion Cannon is not functioning properly."

"Feh, and I really shoulda been able to dodge a move like that with my eyes closed." Expressman grumbled with his arms crossed, looking off to the side, trying to hide how embarrassed he was over being caught off-guard.

Mako groaned. "Well, if that don't take the cake."


What had happened next became a blur for Saturn. He remembered deafening explosions that had torn him apart from the rest of his team, seeing the detonations follow them as they ran, and he could have sworn Neptune had been engulfed by the flames, but he wasn't sure. Then, there was this little girl in a white dress in the middle of the road, staring at him. Everything went black from there.

Now his eyes fluttered open, and he realized he was chained to the wall. There were loud noises coming from right beside him. Five humans were ruthlessly smashing a blue robot that looked similar to Neptune with heavy rod-like objects. The men were too engrossed with their beating that they didn't notice that Saturn had awoken. He noticed that there was another man, wearing horn rimmed glasses and watching with amusement. "Quite extraordinary that the two of you had escaped my greatest creation. The Black Angel has only one mission... To exterminate all of its kind...... Robots. Consider it sheer luck that you had unwittingly set off one of my electromagnetic bombs. That brown robot over there also fell into an EMP's radius detonated by one of my men. But now, we get to enjoy the privilege of beating you abominations with our own hands!"


The five men sneered and began to swing harder upon Waveman. Makenshi was completely silent, accepting each blow, instead focusing on the information he was being given. So, there was still a group of survivors in the city, brainwashed by this man in the horn rimmed glasses, who introduced himself as Sigfried Mendolov, to hate robots with a fiery passion, and now he was in their hideout. This "Black Angel" that he had built was the statue that had been chasing him, and was also the cause of all those explosions. Makenshi reckoned that the Angel was armed with some sort of hidden rocket launcher. It was able to detect robots, most likely similar to a bugsweeper, which explained why setting off that electromagnetic bomb had saved him. Once he had been shut down, the Angel hadn't been able to sense him anymore and didn't finish him off. He had tried to contact Captain Spiegel, but they had done something that screwed up his com-system. They had also taken his spear, and it lay in the corner on the other side of the room.

And the little girl..... he had learned that she was Sigfried's daughter, Eliza. The band of humans absolutely adored her for her meekness, but unfortunately she shared their hatred of robots.

Sigfried began to walk out of the room. "Come on, can I please beat up the monsters? I want to at least spit on them!" came the voice of a young boy from the other side.

"No, no, you must ask your father first," Sigfried replied.

"But my daddy's out helping to hunt the other robots!" the boy whined.

"Well, then, you're just going to have to wait until he gets back."

"Come now, go play with the other children."

So, this is how it goes? Only days ago I was human like them. And now they call me a monster. Just look at what you've gotten yourself into, Makenshi....


Saturn couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to get the hell out of here, but he was unsure of what to do. Sure, there were only five measly humans in the room, but he didn't know if that "Black Angel" was lurking around to blow him to pieces.

"Hey, the brown robot over there is coming to. I'll go ahead and give his face a nice makeover..... Heh heh."

Okay, that's it. These men were DEAD.


Saturn had broken free from his flimsy fetters, but he hadn't done anything else. It was that RPD robot that screamed. Waveman also broke from his chains, then extended one hand palm up and clenched it into a fist. At that instant, all five men simultaneously turned into a gory crimson mess. Saturn and Waveman were soaked in their blood.


Makenshi made wheezing gasps as he looked in disbelief at the corpses before him. "Oh my god.... What have I done?!"

He hadn't noticed Saturn until the Gladiator had spoken. "If you're asking me, I think you were just giving them what they deserved," he said nonchalantly. "Such ignorance and stupidity... I was about to kill them myself!"

Waveman gazed in horror at the Gladiator. "No... Shut up!... They didn't deserve to be killed like that! I..... It was an accident! "

Saturn raised an eyebrow. "What's your problem?" but before Makenshi had a chance to react, someone burst into the room. It was a young man, probably in his early twenties, with a submachine gun in his hand. He saw the massacre that had taken place, and his eyes widened, stricken with terror. "Dad...... DAD!" the man cried. Then he looked up at the two robots before him, and now his eyes were filled with pure hatred. "YOU BASTARDS!"

But Makenshi couldn't hear him. This scene..... It was so painfully similar to a memory..... An awful memory, long since forgotten for so many years, now freeing itself from the darkness and flooding his mind.

His foster parents had been slumped over on top of eachother, with so many stab wounds that their blood had completely drained out of their bodies. It was all over the floor, and all over his clothes and hands. And he had been laughing. Then, he had been alerted by the sound of a door creaking open, and a little boy scurried into the room. Those eyes of his, filled with fear and confusion as he stared at the carcasses, and then at Makenshi. There had been a long pause. Then, without any reservations, he had walked slowly towards his petrified brother, casually twirling the knife in his hands....

Then he was back in the torture chamber, and he saw that Saturn had lodged a bladed ring into the man's throat. The Cosmic Gladiator cruelly twisted the ring, then tossed the body like a rag doll. The man didn't move after that. This put Makenshi out of his senses and anger welled inside him. "Why did you do that...? You had no reason to!"

"Oh, but I did," the Stardroid replied casually. "He had a gun. I was killing him out of self defense."

"Don't give me that bullshit! I know what kind of person you are! You enjoy killing people, and you're always looking for excuses to kill them!"

"Well, no, I don't always need an excuse, except that I... How should I say this... Ah, I'm quite.... fond of it."

"Oh, god," Makenshi growled. "I remember when I was as idiotic as you. I even-"

"Look, I don't really care, so you can take your little story and shove it up your ass! Besides, you're an RPD lapdog, and I'm with Cossack, so that means we're supposed to be actually fighting, not bitching to eachother!"

"Oh, you are so fucking DEAD!"

"Heh... Hypocrite!"

Makenshi dove for the corner where his Iormungandr was waiting for him. But before he could grab it he was frozen in place by Saturn who fired rapidly, aiming for the head. Once Wave was hit below the back of his neck he ducked to dodge the other shots, then collected his spear and launched the head of it. Saturn jumped over it with ease, but like most of Makenshi's opponents he didn't expect the head to bounce back towards him and was hit from behind. He was knocked forward and slide tackled Makenshi, throwing a ring in the process. A deep gash cut across Waveman's leg and he tripped. He whirled back around and prepared to launch his spear, while at the same time Saturn drew the large ring around his body, about to activate his Black Hole...

But neither of them were able to attack. They just didn't work at all. And they could only mean...

They looked around for the Black Angel, but instead they saw Eliza standing by the door. Then, she was followed by dozens of men and women- all of whom had machine guns or RPG launchers.

"Aw, hell," Makenshi muttered.


The Stardroid turned at looked at Makenshi.

"Waveman, was it?" Saturn offered. "Why don't we put our differences aside for the time being and clear the way?"

Makenshi tensed. "No— I— I don't want to kill all these innocent people," he replied hesitantly. "And how can we kill them with all our weapons deactivated, anyway?"

Several of the people prepared to shoot; most just held their weapons ready, but one or two slowly began to pull back on the trigger.

"They're gonna kill us, yet you call them innocent?" Saturn spat. "I think the only weapons I might need are my metal fists. I, for one, don't care what happens to these bitches 'n' bastards, but I at least need to get to my teammates and make sure they're still active. I don't know 'bout you… You don't have a team waiting for you, do you, Waveman?"

Makenshi seemed shocked. How could he know that? he asked himself silently. No… he must have only been guessing. At least I hope so…

Makenshi did not answer Saturn, but he stared uneasily.

Saturn rushed forward.


The next thing Makenshi saw was Saturn smashing two men's heads into a wall and being struck by several projectiles at the same time. The men collapsed on the floor and bled heavily; two other people dropped their weapons and tried to help the men up, but they appeared to be unconscious or even dead.

It had seemed as though Saturn was immune to pain, but just then he actually winced, obviously quite damaged. Oil dripped from an open wound on the Stardroid's arm, and an artificial perspiration-like substance appeared on his forehead. Nevertheless, he still looked ready to fight and kill, as he turned his head and gave at those who shot at him with a bloodthirsty stare.

But before the ringed robot could even lunge at the next victim, he was restrained… and not by any of the townsfolk, but by Makenshi, who also took all the shots fired that time.

"W… Waveman…" Saturn said slowly as more and more fluids poured from his exterior wound. Makenshi glanced at Saturn's energy gauge; it was down to only five marks out of nineteen.

"I can't believe you were actually stupid enough to go after this many people without any weapons or backup," Makenshi reproached. "From what I heard, you weren't ANYTHING like this in St. Petersburg— logical, rational, remorseful— and all that's been thrown out! What's gotten into you since then?"

Saturn looked weak. His artificial exterior was trying to cover the wound, but it wasn't doing so quickly enough, and he was continuing to lose fluids. The Pseudo-Human wearily lowered his head and softly spoke a single, unusual word.



Mars grunted as he stood up, looking around and spotting Venus, Terra, and Jupiter also stammering to their feet.

"Dude, what the hell hit us?"

Terra shrugged. "Search me. All i remember is following you as you ran while shouting 'STOP FOR NOTHING!' again."

"Uh, guys, where'd Saturn and the others get to?!" Venus said nervously. A pile of rubble near by shook slightly, then part of one of Neptune's feet became visible.

Mars sighed with relief, then walked over to help Zig out of the rubble. He grabbed at the foot and tugged a little.

The leg popped out, completely severed from its body.

Renard's eyes went wide while his pupils shrank and Venus put her hand over her mouth as Mako and Jeremy staired in dis-bileif. Mars dropped the limb and stammered backwards. Mako nervously looked at Jupiter, who looked back. Mars and Neptune, dispite the fact Neptune can kill Mars quickly, had always been on good terms and with Renard as unstable as he was following the attack on Cossack's Citadel, there was no telling how bad he was loosing what little remained of his sanity.


The Cosmic Gladiators searched for and gathered the rest of Neptune's remains. It reminded them so much of looking for scrap, they way they had to plow throw all the rubble. But this "scrap" was their friend, and the thought bewailed them. Finally, they found his head. Despite being severed and scorched, much of Zig's face was still intact. His eyes were still open, giving a cold, blank stare. It was as if he wasn't even aware that he was dead, nor did he seem to care. Terra, Jupiter, and Venus looked away, covering their eyes and trembling while Mars collapsed onto his knees and let out an agonized cry.

A group of men, all carrying weapons, began to make their way across the street behind them, but upon seeing the robots they shrank back into the corner.

"Wh-What is that infernal noise they're making? It's giving me the creeps," one of the men said.

"Wait.... I think they're crying..." another realized, spying the remains of one of the robots' comrades.

"But that's impossible!" a third scoffed. "Robots are just scraps of metal and wires."

The men turned to their leader, Dr. Sigfried, for an explanation. After a pause, he calmly replied, "All robots have are artificial intelligence, which allows them to mimic human emotions in order to trick us into thinking they're like us. But on the inside, they're all just cold, heartless monsters that need to be exterminated."

And in an instant all of their doubts were cleared. Nodding to each other, they burst into the street and fired upon the robots.

"Hahaha! Eat lead, ya buckets of slime!"

The robots, with the pieces of their comrade in hand, dove for the alleys. A red robot stayed behind and fired back, yelling something with anger in its voice, and a brown, feminine-looking robot had to pull him back to join his comrades. The men gave chase, but by the time they made it to the alleys the robots were gone.

"Damn, they got away," the first man spat.

"Not to worry, there are still those green robots in the city that need to be purged. I'm sure we'll come across them in no time," Sigfried said, but something in his pocket beeped, and he took out a strange device and gazed at its screen. Then he hastily put the device away and said, "We are to return to the base at once! Something has happened. I just hope my dear Eliza is alright..."

"I'm sure she's fine. That little angel always knows how to get out of trouble," a man assured. "The others, though..."


The walls of the torture chamber crumbled from the impact of an explosion. The humans gasped in surprise and ceased their fire on Makenshi and Saturn, who were both considerately weak from damage.

"The Black Angel....." Saturn muttered.

"No," Makenshi corrected. "The Black Angel's launcher is silenced. I heard the sound of the rocket being fired that time."

Something plopped in through the hall in the wall and a foggy gas began to fill the room. The humans staggered from their positions, dropped their weapons, and fell to the ground, unconscious. Makenshi and Saturn were unaffected by the sleeping gas, of course, and SF units stormed inside.

"Renegade allied with Dr. Cossack found. Orders call for immediate execution."

"E-Execution?!" Makenshi cried. "But-"

"No, it's fine," Saturn said. He had a nervous yet smug look on his face. "Go on, hit me with your best shot," he said to the SF units. The RPD bots raised their arms to fire.


"Electromagnetic anomaly detected. All robotic weapons are disabled in its field," an SF unit analyzed.

"That's what I thought," Saturn said.

"But what the hell is causing it? The Black Angel?" Makenshi wondered.

"No, if the Black Angel were here we'd all be dead by now. The answer is actually pretty obvious, wouldn't you say?" Saturn replied, and he pointed at someone behind the SF units. It was Eliza, still standing amongst the unconscious humans, staring at them blankly.

Waveman was still confused, but the SF units were now moving in on Saturn, using their own brute strength as weapons. Using the last of his strength, he slid between them and, taking out a blade ring, charging towards Eliza....


Saturn immediately stopped in his tracks, then after a few moments, collapsed. Eliza lowered her outstretched arm and smiled.

"My angel is here now."


The Black Angel floated through the hole in the wall and made a slow waving motion with its hand. This time, Makenshi saw the rocket for a split second before it hit one of the Special Forces units, severely damaging it. The other units suffered the same treatment. At that moment, four familiar foes peeked in. Upon seeing the Angel, their artificial hearts skipped a beat and they immediately pulled out. But it was too late. The Black Angel had taken notice of them and began chasing the Wily Rescue Force.

Good, Makenshi thought. With them keeping that thing occupied, he could deal with Eliza. The girl was still standing there, glaring coldly at him. Then, she lifted her arm in front of her...

But Makenshi was prepared. He instinctively strafed to the left before the hidden gun went off and circled around the girl. He raised his Iormungandr and prepared to smash it into Eliza's skull, but she whirled around with inhuman speed and looked at him, her face filled with innocence, causing him to hesitate.

The Black Angel had returned, either having finished off the WRF or given up on chasing them. Eliza smiled, her arm level with Makenshi's heart and fired. Waveman dodged in the nick of time and thrust his spear towards her, causing her to jump back towards the Angel. The girl and the statue-like robot were now side-by-side. However, neither of them moved. Makenshi wondered why they weren't finishing him, off, but then he noticed that he was right next to the pile of unconscious humans.

Just then, Sigfried walked in from the other side of the room. His gaze fell upon the SF units. "My, my, I see the RPD pigs have intruded upon our territory. Eliza, are you alright?" The girl nodded. "Don't worry, my dear, the Black Angel should be taking care of that blue demon."

"Not likely," Makenshi replied, gesturing to the people that were sprawled at his feet. "The Black Angel is programmed to destroy robots, but it can't do it while putting the lives of humans at risk. The Black Angel has a rocket launcher, and I'm sure Eliza realizes she's too far away for her bullets to penetrate my armor, which means it has a probability of ricocheting right into one of these people."

The doctor raised an eyebrow, astounded at how correct the robot's deduction was. "Fine then, my men will take care of you. They should be here any second now..."

But before they did come, Saturn suddenly sprang up and grabbed a human, charging towards Eliza and the Black Angel while using the man as a shield. Unable to decide what to do, they simply stood there as Saturn closed in on them. Then, once he was right in front of Eliza, he dropped the person, revealing a bladed ring in his hand. He slashed horizontally with all his might....

Even though Makenshi knew the truth, he grimaced at the sight of the little girl's beheading. Rather than blood, oil and sparks spilled out. Then, he realized that this was his chance. Grasping Iormungandr tightly, he charged towards the Black Angel and released the spear head at point blank. The Angel flew off its feet and into the street. Before it could get back up, Waveman threw one arm into the air, concentrating all of his power. There was a rumbling noise from beneath the earth, and a geyser of sewer water erupted behind the Black Angel. The water pillar came to a stop, but the water that was still in midair morphed into dozens of blades pointing downward. Makenshi, his arm still raised in the air, threw it down, and the blades fell, impaling the Black Angel like a pincushion. By the time the blades turned back into normal water, the Angel was lifeless.

Makenshi strode back into the chamber. He noticed that Saturn had made his getaway. The unconscious humans were starting to stir, and Sigfried stood there, completely shocked at what he had just seen.

"RPD reinforcements are no doubt on their way to collect all of you," Makenshi stated. "So, correct me if I'm wrong. You've led all of these people to believe that robots are monsters that deserve to be destroyed. Second, I've heard that your precious Eliza was quite a favorite among your posse." He picked up Eliza's severed head, with circuits hanging out and still crackling. A large group of humans clambered into the room while the ones on the floor had all awoken just in time to see Makenshi rip off Eliza's face, revealing her titanium skull and red optical receptors, with sparks flying everywhere. The humans gasped, and Makenshi, set the head down. "Have fun explaining that to them," and he simply walked out.


"There was some resistance, but we managed to safely get all of the survivors out of here, and they're on their way to the other cities," Spiegel explained. "That man, Sigfried.... He persuaded them all to stay behind during the initial evacuation, preaching to them that the RPD couldn't be trusted and they should stay in their home town. He taught them of how robots were sins against nature, and yet he toyed with their emotions with that robot daughter of his. God only knows what that horrible man was thinking..."

"Horrible man, huh... You know, the RPD sees robots as tools and nothing more, while Sigfried saw that all robots were a plague on the earth that needed to be completely obliterated. However, I'd say the difference ends there," Makenshi replied.

Captain Spiegel sighed. Then, lowering his voice, he murmured, "I suppose so...."


"Saturn! Thank goodness your okay!" Venus cried.

"Yeah...." Saturn said, staggering from his wounds. He then noticed the pieces of Neptune in their arms. He looked down. "Let's just get out of here, okay?"

The Cosmic Gladiators made their way out of the city. They noticed that there was a complete absence of Scissor Joes, and instead they had to sneak their way past RPD bots. Saturn noticed that his teammates were troubled by something.

"Humans... They attacked us... They called us monsters, demons..." Jupiter said.

"What's new....?" Saturn sighed.

"No, they actually tried to kill us. They had so much hate in their words..." Renard muttered. "Sometimes I just wonder if all of this fighting is worth it. Are we saving humans, only for them to spit on us and wish for us to die? What's the point of that?!"

"Mars, keep your voice down before we get caught...." Venus warned.

The rest of the team moved on in silence. They were supposed to have secured the city in Cossack's name, but they had failed. Along with that they lost one of their teammates, and now they were beginning to question just what they were supposed to be fighting for. Humanity? Justice? Freedom?

Was it all even worth it?




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