Series 6 Issue #5 - Abuse of Technology

After an investigation into the cheap knock offs of themselves, the team discovers it was Doc Robot and the Wily Rescue Force behind the mess the whole time. Unfortunately the Force expected to be found out .... indeed, they were counting on it. They captured the team and it was revealed that the Force had teamed up with Nightmare Top, who was not only behind the theft of the Ark, but also behind the theft of Bizarro Shadowman's brain. All this was in an effort to create a monster robot called Frankenstein who was to consume the 'Maniacs and learn the secrets of their Transmetal 2 armor. N-Topman's plan was to have Frankenstein be his new body, but unfortunately for him the Rescue Force betrayed him.

All Hell broke loose and, in the chaos, the Rescue Force escaped with N-Topman. Frankenstein, totally feral, began to ravage the city. Mecha Energy, released from his prison, joined the other beast in its destructive rage. And copies of the 'Maniacs began to manufacture themselves at an astronomical rate and began to pour out of hiding to cause even more chaos.

In the midst of this destruction arrives the Special Forces ... robots based on the Gamma Armor created by Bizarro Shadowman in an attempt to control the 'Maniacs. And now the team goes to the chief of police in order to sort the mess out.

The Mechanical Maniacs are now at police headquarters with Dr. Light.

Geminiman: I can't believe you'd do this sort of thing, Master Light.

Dr. Light: Well, it did seem like a good idea.

Magnetman: I still don't see the problem. The Special Forces saved all of us. They did well.

Hardman: You weren't stuck inside of those creepy robots, kid. I don't expect you to understand.

Magnetman: I still think you're all overreacting! And talking to the police chief won't do anything but delay our battle!

Hardman: Kid...

Magnetman: Why do we have to wait while people are being hurt!?

Shadowman: We haven't been allowed a personal visit from the chief before this time and I don't think we would have been if we didn't have some leverage. I don't like it any more than you do, but I'm sick of being bossed around by someone I don't even know!

Dr. Light: Megaman is handling things as best he can .... I hear even Bass is fighting the duplicates of yourselves for his own reasons. So far they're content with wrecking warehouses.

Magnetman: So far.

Needlegal: Shadow, they do have a point.

Shadowman: .... Fine. Sparks, Magnet, go and handle Mecha Energy. Between the two of you, things should be okay. The rest of us will be on standby until we see the chief.

Spark Chan: Right!

Magnetman: Finally!

(Spark and Magnet teleport out. The rest of the group journey through the station to meet the mysterious chief of police....)

Police Bot: I warn you, the chief is somewhat .... temperamental. It's best not to upset him.

Shadowman: Yeah, whatever.

Police Bot: Well, he's right through there.

(The 'Maniacs venture into the office and are stunned to see the chief is none other than....)

Crorq: Well, well, well. So you've come to laugh at me have you?

Topman: Cr-Crorq!? You're the chief of police!?

Crorq: *grunts* Yes, that's why I'm shackled here.

(The 'Maniacs glance down to see the Super Computer has, indeed, been chained to the floor, thereby restricting his movement.)

Crorq: I've been through the humiliating experience of being reprogrammed! I feel so .... violated! They even took away my weapons.

Geminiman: But ..... you're the chief of police!? You??

Crorq: Shut up! Oh, God, I'm so depressed ....

(Somehow Crorq produces a large bucket of chicken wings and begins to eat them up, making sickening noises while doing so. Bits of chicken and bone fall to the floor as he eats away his troubles.)

Hardman: Oh, GEEZ! What the Hell is this?

Crorq: I have an eating disorder, all right? It's unkind to call attention to it!

Shadowman: What happened to you!? You were an emotionless machine bent on conquest the last time I saw you! *

(*Shadowman last saw Crorq during the Unnamed)

Crorq: Those Damned "Sinister Six" jerks rebelled against me! The ingrates..... I rebuild Torchman and convince the lot of them to re-start their taking over the world thing and this is how they treat me!* Those assholes injected me with a virus ... tried to beat me senseless. And then they tossed me off a cliff! When Volt, Dyna, and Sonic rebuilt me, I was fed to friggin' Bizarro clones! Eaten alive!

(* As shown in Series 5 #5)

Needlegal: Oh .... Jeepers.

Crorq: Jeepers? JEEPERS!? Getting eaten alive deserves much more than a simple "JEEPERS"! I'm the Chief of Police now! I may not have wanted it, but I'm your superior officer now and I demand your respect!

Topman: But how did you become the chief!

Dr. Light: Yes, I'd like to know that too....

Crorq: What was left of me was found and reprogrammed. DUH! What did you think happened? The tooth fairy came and offered me this damned desk job?

Dr. Light: Hey, now, all that's unnecessary!

Crorq: NO! No, I .... (takes an unnecessary breath) Okay. Okay I'm good. I'm back in control.

Police Bot: Is there a problem here?

Crorq: No. Not unless you don't bring me more damned chicken wings! (kicks the box of bones at the police bot who scurries off to find more food.) I can only assume you wanted to know why we remade Bizarro's Gammas, eh?

Needlegal: I'm almost afraid to ask...

Crorq: Because it was a good idea! I was trapped in there too, remember? You whiners weren't the only ones! But I got over it. When we helped to refurbish the Technodrome we found some of the Gammas laying around (along with files on them in the computer). So, why not?

Geminiman: Because they're made by our insane enemy!

Crorq: Always whining! Do you see me whining here in my desk-job prison? DO YOU!?

Police Bot: I got your chicken wings, sir!

(Crorq throws a stapler at the poor robot.)

Crorq: I don't want them anymore! Get lost!

Police Bot: YIII!!! (Runs away)

Crorq: Good help is so damned hard to find.

Shadowman: Well, if you think I'm taking orders from you-

Crorq: Oh, shut up! You people ..... You think you have it bad? I was reprogrammed! Friggin' violated ..... they violated me! What the Hell have you people to complain about!?

Shadowman: Errr...

Crorq: My super-intelligent brain has put together this plan: You all deal with the mess you made or I put you all in robot jail for unleashing CHAOS in Monsteropolis!

Shadowman: WHAT!?

Dr. Light: .. Now, see here!

Geminiman: ... Totally unfair!

Needlegal: ... Seriously need to work on your attitude!

Hardman: ... Seriously need to work on his face! If you can call that a -

Crorq: SILENCE! I like it less than you do, but by Wily I'm the chief of police and what I say GOES! And I say: CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! And YOU! (Points at Topman)

Topman: Me?

Crorq: I need Doritos! Get me some. NOW!

(The 'Maniacs leave Crorq's office. Topman tells a Police Bots to get some Doritos.)

Geminiman: I can't believe this! We've been taking orders from that guy?

Dr. Light: Er .... you are taking orders from that guy.

Geminiman: I can't believe this!!

Hardman: He's the one guy I will never let into my bar. I don't care what kinda glutton he is, he's not gettin' in. Ever. He's disgusting.

Geminiman: We're not taking this, are we!?


Shadowman: He's the chief of police. What do you want to do? And besides, with knock-offs, Mecha-Energy, Frankenstein, Nightmare Topman, and the Rescue Force all out there, we need all the help we can get.

Geminiman: *groan*

(Meanwhile, Magnetman and Spark Chan have caught up to Mecha Energy. The deranged monster has moved closer to the city causing power surges and blackouts. Lights surge and burst as the monster floats past. The Special Forces are on damage control and regular police bots are ensuring civilians stay far away from the scene.)

Spark Chan: Look at it. It's really causing trouble.

Magnetman: Regardless, we will prevail.

Mecha Energy: SCKREEEEEEE!

Spark Chan: So, what's the plan?

Magnetman: We're going to attack! We will use our powers to disrupt its energy matrix.

Spark Chan: Well, that sounds pretty impressive, but ...

Magnetman: It will succeed if we pour all our hearts and minds into it! Ikuzo!

(Magnetman bursts out of his hiding place and boldly challenges the creature.)

Magnetman: Mecha Energy! You will face me creature! And harm no more innocents!

(Mecha Energy whirs and growls.)

Mecha Energy: GRAAAAHHH!!!

(Mecha Energy shoots out spark shots which Classi intercepts.)

Spark Chan: No way, big guy!

(Mecha Energy creates Search Snakes and Magnet destroys them with Magnet Bullets and takes aim at Mecha Energy.)

Magnetman: Die!

(Mecha energy is hit with Kenta's Magnet Bullets! The magnetism disrupts Mecha Energy's form.)

Mecha Energy: Rahhhhh.....

Magnetman: Now, Classi. Disrupt his energy with your own.

Spark Chan: (Analyzes Mecha Energy's energy signature and shoots a thunderous bolt of "bad" energy - energy set to the exact inverse of Mecha Energy's own sustenance.) I'm not sure this is such a good idea. I mean .... if we destabilize him...

(Mecha Energy sheds a tremendous amount of energy and blows the heroes off their feet!)

(Mecha Energy staggers to its feet and grows in size.)

Mecha Energy: Hrrrr....

Spark Chan: Uh .... somehow, I think we made it mad....

(Meanwhile, Shadowman, Needlegal, and Geminiman fare badly against the Frankenstein.)

Frankenstein: RAAAAHHHHGH!!! (Frankenstein roars as it throws bolts of powerful energy at the 'Maniacs. It manages to hit Needle who's flung to the ground.)

Geminiman: You okay?

Needlegal: Yeah, but nothing we're doing is affecting this guy!

Shadowman: He's a product of Bizarro Me's technology, right? The way he heals looks like Borg stuff .... and the way he looks strikes a chord, but I can't place my finger on it...

Geminiman: It's the Limited Armor! Damnit, Nightmare Top installed Limited in this thing!

(Geminiman dodges a physical blow from Frankenstein who crashes into the street.)

Shadowman: Yeah, that's it. Limited and probably our Transmetal 1 Armor too. And who knows if it's assimilated the bits it "ate" off Magnet.

Needlegal: This thing's horrible! We've just been distracting it! I can't take it!

(In anger Needlegal launches a barrage of bullets at the startled beast! It's pushed backwards as Needlegal empties her large storage of needles on the creature.)

Frankenstein: RAAAAAHHH!!!

Geminiman: She's hurting it!

Shadowman: Hh! I guess that physical damage adds up no matter how advanced the shielding is!

(Shadowman begins to launch a blitz of small Shadow blades. Gemini, having no rapid-fire projectile attacks, focuses his attention on his surroundings. Seeing how close the building near Frankenstein is to breaking down, he focuses fire on it.)

Geminiman: Timber!

(The building falls on Frankenstein. Exhausted, Needlegal slumps to the ground. Her weapon actually drained of energy temporarily. Frankenstein remains buried in the rubble.)

Shadowman: There's no time to lose!

(Shadowman bursts into several holograms.)

Geminiman: Hey! No concern for your sister?

Shadowman: (While working to unearth the monster) Don't you remember the battle with the evil-uses? If this thing really has Limited built into it, then we don't have much time before -

(Frankenstein bursts free from the rubble and hurls the Shadowman in all directions!)

Geminiman: What!?

Shadowman: *grunts* It revived. We have to destroy the thing's brain to kill it for good.

Geminiman: Well ..... CRAP!

(And, while the battle rages against Frankenstein and Mecha Energy, Hardman and Topman have followed the trail of 'Maniacs knockoffs to the now-destroyed base of the Wily Rescue Force. The copies continue to pour out of its basement, which seems to have been protected from the destruction of the building more or less.)

Topman: These copies really creep me out.

Hardman: Considerin' there's no copy of you, I'd say I have it worse, kid. Now, stand aside.

(Using his Hard Knuckles, Hardman widens the hole the copies are pouring out of so the duo can make their way to the source of the problem.)

Topman: You seem a little annoyed, Hard.

Hardman: When the boss made these stupid copies, I was really pissed off. And now that they're everywhere, I'm even more pissed off. They're makin' me look bad. This is the worst mess the boss has ever made.

(The two go underground and explore.)

Topman: Hm .... this place looks remarkably well-preserved. I can't believe this is some sort of fluke.

Xelloss: (appears from out of nowhere) Of course it isn't a "fluke". The whole building fell apart! It was actually very hard to save this machine.

Hardman and Topman: XELLOSS!?

Xelloss: Why do I always get that sort of reaction?

Hardman: It was you!? What the Hell, Xelloss?

Xelloss: Oh, I couldn't help myself, Mr. Hard. Things were just too ... peaceful lately. I thought it'd be nice to stir things up a little.

Topman: And having Mecha Energy and that Frankenstein causing trouble all around the city wasn't enough for you?

Xelloss: Hm. Maybe I went a little overboard with letting these guys roam wild.

Topman: "Maybe"!?

Hardman: We're demolishin' this place, Xel. I suggest ya step aside.

Xelloss: My! Is that a .... threatening tone, I detect, Mr. Hard? That's a little rude. Especially when I've provided you with a solution to your little ... what was the name? Frankenstein? Your little Frankenstein problem.

Hardman: And what solution is that, Xel?

Xelloss: You know that Mr. Nightmare created that thing out there to be his new body, right?

Topman: Yeah, I managed to figure that part out.

Xelloss: Of course you did. Has it ever occurred to you that its feral nature makes it somewhat .... more dangerous? Perhaps it might be best to use .... "something" on-hand to give that thing a mind? Something that's controllable? Simple? Something you can outsmart...?

Hardman: You wan' us to recreate Bizarro Shadowman by usin' one a' these copies!

Topman: No way! No freakin' way!

Xelloss: If you'd rather use Snakeman or one of the Hardman copies ....

Hardman: Missing the point here, Xel!

Xelloss: No, I think you're the ones missing the point. Your leader and friends are faring quite badly against that Frankenstein Mr. Nightmare made. They will die.

Hardman: .... You're plannin' to take Bizarro away, aren't you?

Xelloss: Oh my! Have I been that obvious?

Hardman: We won't do it, Xel.

Xelloss: Remember, Mr. Hardman, you owe me!* Without my help you would have never made it to Mr. Juno. And where would you all be then, hm? Or your precious planet Earth?

(* see Hardman's Bar, Series 5)


Hardman: We owe you.

Topman: And why don't you do it, if you want it so badly, Xel?

Hardman: 'Cause Frankenstein eats things, Top. Xel here is obviously 'fraid ta get scarfed down.

Xelloss: Such speculation! Let's just say I'd rather you do it. Believe it or not, you're not the only people I have to see today.

Topman: We can't just recreate our number one enemy!

Hardman: We owe him, Tops.

(Xelloss disappears wordlessly. The cloning machine deactivates and all the 'Maniacs copies drop dead. Hard picks up a nearby Shadow Copy.)

Hardman: We gotta report this ta the boss.

(Hardman gives a hasty report over the 'Maniac's radio channel as Shadowman continues to dodge Frankenstein's attacks.)

Shadowman: ... I understand. We do owe Xelloss.

Geminiman: What!? I can't believe this!

Needlegal: Stop .... fighting....

Topman: What's wrong with Needle?

Shadowman: She hit Frankenstein with all she had and now she's drained.

Topman: So Xelloss wasn't kidding ... you guys really are in trouble!

Magnetman: As are we.

Spark Chan: This thing's just adapting to every attack we hit it with! Even if we beat Frankenstein we'll never beat this thing!

Snakeman: Hm. Well, you know I'm occupied .... but it seems to me like you might be somewhat overanalyzing the situation.

Shadowman: Explain!

Snakeman: Well ....

(As Snakeman explains his plan, Magnet uses his power to shove Spark Chan out of the way as Mecha Energy hurls some Shadow Blades in her direction.)

Magnetman: That's .... a great idea.

Shadowman: (While taking a hit from Frankenstein's energy attack.) *UFF*! It's worth a try. Let's do it.

(Magnet quickly jumps to the top of a nearby street light and uses his bullets to bust it open.)

Magnetman: Let's see how this creature likes a large dose of magnetic energy....

(Magnetman grabs some wires in one hand and splices them into his own power supply! Immediately he activated his magnetic field.)

Magnetman: RAAAAAGHHH!!!

(Magnet is racked with pain as he's overloaded with electricity! Mecha Energy seems to distort, but remains in one cohesive form.)

Spark Chan: It looks like it's working..... I just hope I don't burn out while I do this ...

(Spark Chan quickly runs to the monstrous, bloated form of Mecha energy and proceeds to absorb the creature!)

(Meanwhile, Shadowman is distracting Frankenstein with as many holograms as he can produce.)

Shadowman: It's a good thing this guy's basically an animal. A real robot would never be distracted like this...

Geminiman: Hardman just needs to get here soon or Class will overload. Her systems can't contain that much energy for long ...

Shadowman: Just ... stay close to Frankenstein and get ready.

(Hardman and Topman appear out of a flash of light.)

Topman: We're here!

Hardman: With one of your copies .... are you sure this is okay?

Shadowman: It should be.... We have to get it close to Frankie! I'll use my hologram power to make it look like me .... he's been trying to eat my holograms throughout the battle, so it should work...

Hardman: Right.

Shadowman: You'll need to be quick, but only you can carry my copy all the way there .... only you're strong enough to keep your maneuverability while dodging Frankenstein's attacks. It'll be dangerous, but -

(Hardman launches a Hard Knuckle, with the Shadow Copy still in its grip, at Frankenstein.)

Hardman: Sorry for ruining yer advice, boss.

Shadowman: Whatever works ... (The holograms disappear as the Hark Knuckle hits the giant creature.)

Shadowman: I'm spent. I can't make that many copies for such a long time. It takes too much power and concentration ...

Topman: Well, it's working! It's disassembling the Shadow Copy! But do you really think it'll integrate its mind into its systems?

Xelloss: I'm willing to bet on it.

Shadowman: YOU!!

Xelloss: Me! Oh, don't get up. I know how tired you all are.

(Frankenstein begins to put wires into the Copy's back. The Copy twitches as its systems are disassembled and put back together.)

Xelloss: I'm here to make sure this thing goes off without a hitch. Beastmaster wants Bizarro as a new general and what Beastmaster wants, Beastmaster gets! So I'll have no interference from the peanut gallery.

Shadowman: Interfere with this, Xel!

(With a burst of strength, Shadowman creates more holograms of himself which proceed to attack Xelloss.)

Xelloss: You owe me, Shadowman! It's pretty bad for you to renege like this!

(With a wave of his hand Xelloss sends a powerful shockwave, ripping Shadowman, Hardman, Needlegal, and all the holograms apart.)

Needlegal: EYAAAGHH!!

Hardman: GUFF!!!

Xelloss: No one likes a debter, Mechanical Maniacs, especially not me. I will get what I'm owed.

Geminiman: Not today, Xel!

(Xelloss turns around and sees Geminiman gripping onto Frankenstein as its assimilating the Shadowman copy.)

Geminiman: Just try to blow me away!

Xelloss: And risk damaging my new warrior? I think I'll just dispose of you personally.

(Xelloss reappears right behind Geminiman and grabs the robot with his free hand.)

Shadow Copy: I .... I .... are ....

Frankenstein: Think ..... Feel ...

Geminiman: Too slow, Xel!

(Geminiman blasts Frankenstein with an unusually powerful Gemini Laser at close range! The creature howls in pain. Geminiman is broken in half, with one arm decimated by the power of his laser, and he is sent flying into a wall.)

Xelloss: NO! NO!

(Xelloss turns to see the scrap heap that's Frankenstein. The Shadowman Copy part of it has been almost completely obliterated, with just an arm and a leg still attached to the burnt out husk of the creature. Xelloss turns towards the crystalline warrior, now lying on the ground.)

Xelloss: What? Did? You? Do?

Geminiman: *bzzzt* Sparks was fighting Mecha Energy elsewhere. Magnet destabilized its matrix enough for her to absorb it. And then *zzt* send it to me through our DSL connection. I discharg-g-g-g-g-g-ed it through my weapon (which as you know, is energy-based). Of course our com-m-m-m-m-m systems are fried .... maybe the satellite too ... and I can't m-m-m-m-m-move .... but that thing was merging minds with that knock off when I blasted it. And that'-z-z-z-z-z-z the only way to kill a Limited - *click*

(Gemini shuts down as his systems crash.)

Xelloss: You ....

Topman: Hey, you can't get too mad. We did hold up our end of the bargain.

(Xelloss quickly turns towards the spinning demon and advances on him. His eyes opening to reveal a sinister and dangerous look.)

Xelloss: Did you now?

Topman: (whose "ears" are burnt and charred) That we did. You told us to use one of the copies to stop Frankenstein. And we did that. And for one brief, shining moment, Bizarro Shadowman was reborn. If you were quicker you might have been able to have him as one of your people. As it stands, you just didn't act fast enough.

Xelloss: Oh, so that's how it works, eh?

Topman: One good turn deserves another.

(Inexplicitly ... Xelloss smiles. And laughs hysterically.)

Xelloss: Mwah ahah hah hah hah! I suppose you're right! Well, well, well, it does look like you've pulled a fast one on me. Yes, I think I'll remember that one.

(Xelloss levels his staff and destroys what remains of Frankenstein.)

Xelloss: One good turn deserves another.

(Xelloss disappears and Topman is left feeling very uneasy.)

(Elsewhere .... surprisingly nearby....)

Doc Robot: It's almost done! As those simpletons go after diversions it shall be the Rescue Force who is triumphant!

Expressman: I gotta admit, this was one sneaky plan, Doc. Wily will be thrilled to have all his criminal records expunged.

Multiman: As well as the money you got wired to his account. Heh heh heh .... it may not be my style, but I gotta admit I like this idea.

Barrageman: Unit Barrageman doesn't care! Unit Barrageman wants to destroy!

Doc Robot: Patience! With viruses in the system, Master Wily will soon rule .... eh?

(Doc Robot's screen begins to flash random colors followed by a string of binary code.)

Expressman: What the Hell?

Doc Robot: System appears to have been hacked!

Expressman: What!?

Doc Robot: Analyzing binary code displayed on screen. It says ... "Nice try. Love, Snakeman."


(At the end of the day, the 'Maniacs are hooked up to machines in the repair bay.)

Crorq: (Over the speaker) ... idiots destroyed three satellites, left large portions of the city in ruin and leave us with the repair bill on your own damaged parts! You're rank amateurs! I can't believe you people! The communications system is not meant to be used that way .... the entire grid is still down! We're left with archaic old style radio transmitters thanks to you! You're a loose cannon Geminiman! In the future you are to report all plans directly to me for approval before - (Spark Chan lowers the volume until the team can no longer hear their "chief".)

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Geminiman: I still can't move!

Hardman: And I'm still missin' half a' my body! Cassandra and Gag'll kill me for leavin' them on bar duty alone! And ya never actually found out where Doc Robot ran off to, ya just made a virus ta get at him after figurin' out his plan.

Needlegal: Most of me is gone! And after all the time I spent making my armor look pretty!

Spark Chan: My power Core's totally shot. I'm on life support until they make me a new one!

Magnetman: And Doctor Light doesn't even seem to want to repair me. How long will I be stuck with these quick replacements for the limbs eaten by that creature!? It's unnerving!

Topman: And Xelloss looked really pissed off before he left.

Snakeman: What I'm trying to say, is that what doesn't kill us can only make us stronger.

Hardman: *grunts* We're robots, Snake. We get stronger by gettin' upgrades.

Snakeman: *groans*

Magnetman: Being human wasn't this annoying.

Spark Chan: Just think of it this way: if you were still human you'd be dead now.

Magnetman: Well, there's always that.

Needlegal: And don't forget, we learned something too.

Shadowman: Although I can't see what considering most of us are in traction ....

Needlegal: We learned that Crorq is the chief of police! I mean ... who saw that coming?

Shadowman: I don't care at all.

Hardman: I need a drink. Oh wait ... HALF OF MY BODY'S GONE! SO I CAN'T DRINK!

(The speaker makes an odd noise.)


The 'Maniacs: *groan*

Topman: Well, until we topple Crorq from his high horse, we are ..... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Kenta (Kassidy) Eigen as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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