Series 7 Issue #7 - Eyeball

By Gauntlet (Shadowman)

15 years ago, the Sinister Six gathered in their new underground base ... located directly underneath their old base at Monsteropolis dump. They had just finished a successful, and extremely lucky attack against the Mechanical Maniacs ...

Torchman: It's time to make our next move, my friends.

Bitman: I'd rather we do that after we activate these new upgrades.

Oilman: Unfortunately they don't come with instructions. Nightmare Topman didn't exactly tell us what they are. I've been running the install disk, but ...

Waveman: Nightmare Top ripped us off. Face it, you guys, we're just -

Torchman: Don't you dare demean us, Waveman. The installation just isn't complete. But complete or no, we must continue our path to glory. We are at the cusp of greatness ... don't you feel it?

Waveman: Feel what?

Blademan: I feel it, Torch!

Sharkman: I feel it too! It's tingly!

Torchman: Yes, tingly and full of goo. The last time we faced those accursed Mechs* we managed to strike a blow for all robot kind. But it was a meaningless gesture.

(*Series 6 #3, this takes place before WANTED where a disguised General Cutman activated and improved upon Nightmare Top's upgrades.)

Blademan: It can't have been meaningless! Everyone now knows we're better than those Mechs!

Torchman: Yes, they have been given the message, but we have gained but little. This time, however .... This time we will be even more victorious than before. If that's even possible.

Sharkman: It is!

Waveman: (quietly) We're doomed.

Torchman: It requires a great deal of planning, my Sixlets.

Oilman: I am not you're "Sixlet" or anything else.

Torchman: (ignoring Oil) First we need a detailed plan of the Mech's base. And we need to contact some old ... acquaintances. I expect this plan to take quite a bit of time for it is both clever and brilliant.


It's now the present. The team has broken up and re-formed; went from low-level members of the Robot Police Force to freelance heroes secretly working for the RPD,under both Gaderham and Crorq. Now located somewhere underground on the multi-faceted land of Monsteropolis the Mechanical Maniacs are still trying to piece their lived together after years of being apart. Some more desperately than others ...

Shadowman: There's still no eyeball on the damned Technodrome!

(The Mechanical Maniacs are all observing the reconstruction of the Technodrome (now mostly complete) while Shadowman is, once again, pestering Brain Bot.)

Brain Bot: Mr. Shadowman I simply cannot -

Shadowman: Can't or won't?

Brain Bot: I -

Crorq: (Stomping his way over to the scene of the argument) What is the meaning of this? How dare you irritate my slave! He has important work to do.

Brain Bot: I am not - !

Shadowman: Nothing's more important about getting things back to normal. And a big part of that normal is reconstructing the Technodrome exactly as it used to be.

Crorq: It's been 15 years. Nobody even knows who stole it in the first place.

Needlegal: Actually we're pretty damn sure it was the Sinister Six.

Crorq: Oh? Well there has been no proof, has there?

Needlegal: ... no.

Crorq: And you've spent the last 15 years away from the Technodrome and it's eyeball, haven't you?

Needlegal: ... well ...

Shadowman: Not me!

Geminiman: Me neither. We've been time traveling, remember?

Crorq: I do not authorize this waste of time and resources by rebuilding that trinket. And that is the final word on the matter!

Spark Chan: But Gaderham -

Crorq: Is in complete agreement with me, I assure you. Come now, Brain Bot. My systems require maintenance.

Brain Bot: I keep telling you to stop eating fried chicken.


(Crorq storms off and Brain Bot trails after him...)

Geminiman: I know it was the Sinister Six who took the damn eyeball. They wrote their name on the 'drome, damn it!*

(*Series 6 Issue #6)

Topman: But they have an airtight alibi ...


It was almost a year after the Sinister Six's planning session from when they chose to act. General Cutman had managed to activate the Transmetal enhancements Nightmare Top had given the Six. They had recovered from their battle in Los Angeles and felt a renewed need to enact their plan.

It was early in the day when Geminiman and Spark Chan got called in by the chief of police, Crorq (who had just been repaired after being crashed by Snakeman). The other 'Maniacs has left town on a trip and only Gemini and Spark were left to tend to the fort.

Crorq: (over the 'Maniacs internal communications channel) Alert, Mechs! We have trouble!

Spark Chan: Geez, Crorq .... we haven't even punched in yet -

Crorq: I am your boss! Your shift starts when I say it does!

Spark Chan: We did not sign on for that.

Crorq: And I didn't sign on to have to deal with your attitude. I am super intelligent you know. That's far more intelligent than you are.

Geminiman: We are eating breakfast!

Crorq: Guess what? I don't care! That lunatic Torchman is calling you out.

Geminiman: What? Where's the rest of his henchmen?

Crorq: I don't know, but they usually travel in a pack. They really aren't good individually ... otherwise taking over this pea-brained planet would have been easy. But, mustn't dwell. I command you all to kick Torchman's ass and bring him in. Immediately!

(Crorq closes the channel.)

Geminiman: Well .... if it's an assignment like this, I almost don't mind missing out on breakfast

Spark Chan: Even I have to admit, I'm pretty annoyed at those mean people. And they're even still calling themselves the Sinister Six! Don't they have any shame at all?

Geminiman: Let's go and kick their ass.

Geminiman and Spark Chan teleport to the street where Torchman stands in front of an intersection. Cars are honking their horns at the villain. The team looks up and sees that Torchman has blown out the traffic lights for several city blocks.

Spark Chan: Torchman you little jerk.

Torchman: And hail to thee, Mechs! I see you have received my challenge.

Spark Chan: We're gonna kick your ass, Torchman!

Torchman: And yet I do not see the rest of the Mechs among you. Could it be that you have begun to truly fear me?

Geminiman: Hardly. The others are on vacation. Right now you're dealing with us.

Torchman: I see. Well, then. I challenge you, Geminiman, as the current leader of the Mechanical Maniacs to a one on one duel as Cybertron law dictates.

Geminiman: Wait, what?

Torchman: Cybertron law states that leaders of two opposing factions may do battle with one and other to decide the outcome of a war. Geminiman, our war has raged for years with great cost on both sides. I demand you accept my challenge. The winner will rule Monsteropolis while the loser will be banished into deep space! Forever! Shadowman might be the true leader of the Mechs, but as he is indisposed it falls to you, Gemini.

Geminiman: First off, I don't think Cybertron law applies to us. And secondly, I don't think either of us really has a "faction". Especially not you. Thirdly ... "deep space"?

Torchman: Are you afraid to oppose me in a fair, one-on-one fight?

Geminiman: Alright, Torch. I came here to deal with your insanity and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Spark Chan: You can do it, Gem! I believe in you.

(From atop a building)

Sharkman: Kill him!

Blademan: Do it!

Oilman: You'd better not mess this up, Torch.

Waveman: Yeah, yeah .... go Torch. (whatever).

Spark Chan: Looks like the others are staying at a pretty safe distance. I'm surprised they didn't decide to gang up on just the two of us.

Torchman: We do not need our numbers to lay you low, Mechs. Now, Geminiman ... prepare yourself!

(Torchman launches several fireballs at the crystalline robot who dodges and retorts with a Gemini Lazer.)

Geminiman: Hardly a worthy attack.

(Torchman leaps high into the air, twisting around as to avoid the lazer and it's recoil. He retorts with several of his own blasts, one Gemini manages to dodge and the other knocking him backwards.)

Oilman: Not bad, Torchman but watch out! This one won't play by the rules.

(Torch presses his advantage and chases Geminiman by continuously throwing fireballs his way. Geminiman manages to score a hit with his Gemini Lazer as it rebounds. As Torchman is hit from behind Geminiman splits into two.)

Torchman: What dishonor is this!? This is a one - on - one battle!

Geminiman: I'm Geminiman! This is how I fight,. Deal with it.

(Torchman's eyes narrow as he continues to shoot fireballs at Geminiman.)

Geminiman: It'll take more than random fireballs to ... what in the world!?

(Flames erupt around the three robots and the Sinister Six cheer from the rooftop.)

Oilman: That's the ticket!

Waveman: Hey, he might actually win this one.

Bitman: Yeah, laying down Oilman's stuff before the battle was a great idea, I gotta hand it to ya. But it ain't over yet.

Spark Chan: Gemini! Hang in there! Don't let that guy get you down.

(Blademan clasps Classi's mouth shut.)

Blademan: Go get 'im - YEAHH!

(Blademan is on the floor surrounded by an electric field.)

Bitman: Serves you right.

Oilman: Wait, I thought you were some sort of pacifist! What is this violence?

Spark Chan: My Spark Shots can stun people without really hurting them. It's very non-violent.

(Geminiman was once again on the defence as the wall of flames distracted him enough for Torchman to destroy the double.)

Torchman: So you see, Mech, your cowardly disregard for the rules of combat will not avail you this day.

Geminiman: Damn it all ...

(Geminiman tried shooting his lazer. Torchman dodged and the flames ate up the rebound giving Torchman's faster Torch Arm the advantage. Geminiman was beginning to feel the heat as his crystalline surfaces seemed to melt.)

Torchman: (His long jacket now on fire) And now it is your doom, Mech.

Shortly, the fires died out and a furious Gemini was embraced by Spark Chan.

Spark Chan: Oh, hunny! Are you alright!?

Geminiman: (weakly) I'll live. Thank you for your concern, my lady.

Torchman: It's a pity Shadowman was not here to represent you, Mechs. Unlike Geminiman, he is not vulnerable to heat based attacks. You were doomed from the start. And now I think it is time for you to honor our bargain.

Spark Chan: What bargain!?

(The rest of the Sinister Six leap down from the building snickering.)

Blademan: It's time for you to head off into deep space. Monsteropolis is now ours!

Spark Chan: What!?

Bitman: Good goin', Torch!

Spark Chan: Just stop right there! We aren't going anywhere! You ... you idiots don't actually think we'd travel to deep space, do you!? And how would we even do that? We don't own a space ship! So the jokes on all of you people! Especially not for some nonsense "Cybertronian law"! We're not even Transformers!


Oilman: (while seeming to smile) Looks like another brilliant plan of yours is done for, eh Torch?

Torchman: Oh, yes it does. Well, you're quite right, Spark Chan. I had hoped you Mechs had the honor to stick by your deals, but you are quite right. We can't force you to do the right thing.

Spark Chan: Oh, screw you.

Torchman: Farewell, Mechs.

Blademan: Yeah, see ya. No hard feelings! Heh heh.

(The Sinister Six teleport out.)

Geminiman: They ... seemed to take that really well, don't you think?

Spark Chan: Who cares? Let's just get you back home and fixed up.

(The 'Maniacs teleport back home only to find ...)

Geminiman: Those jerks stole the eyeball from the top of the Technodrome!

Spark Chan: And they spray painted graffiti on the Technodrome wall! I hate those people!


Shadowman: I wanted to go and get them, but then there was that business with the war and shortly after that the team broke up. But it had to be those losers. It had to be!

Hardman: Yeah, it was prob'ly them. But what c'n we do? They were there when we were fighting. And it's been 15 years ...

Magnetman: All this obsession with that eyeball ... you need to let it go. It was 15 years ago!

Shadowman: Not to me!

Magnetman: Okay, fine, not to you, but it was to everyone else. I think the Technodrome looks fine with out it.

Shadowman: No. So much has changed. Wily's gone, Cossack's gone, Protoman's disappeared, Megaman's retired, Light's working on some new secret project, and even most of our villains and fellow Robot Masters have disappeared. Well, I want our home to be the same. I want that eyeball, God damn it! And I'll move Heaven and Earth to get it!

Hardman: Geez, boss, I never knew it meant that much t'ya.

Shadowman: Well it does.

Hardman: Well, then, ... I think I know where to start.

(Since the Sinister Six are now cops, their address was easily accessible to the Mechanical Maniacs. The team gets it and then teleports to the Sinister's Six's base on Webpage street.)

Snakeman: Hey, Torchie. Show yourselves! We know you're not on patrol at RPD HQ, we know yer not at any bar and we're dead certain you're home. Now we can either do this thing the easy way or the hard way.

Spark Chan: Maybe they're not home?

Shadowman: I hacked into their transponders. They're home. They're just too chicken to come at us.

Topman: You know, they are on the RPD now, maybe this isn't such a good idea...

Shadowman: Fire when ready, Hard.

Hardman: Firin'!

(Hardman fires a both his Hard Knuckles at the Six's heavily armored door. Amazingly it takes this hit. Alarms blare out and concealed guns, including one particularly nasty one, are pointed at the 'Mechs.)

Needlegal: Aw, damn it.

(The guns fire and the Mechs scatter.)

Torchman: (over a loudspeaker) FOOLS! You dare to assault your fellow officers!?

Topman: Screw you, Torchman!

(Hardman fires a Knuckle at the big gun and it comes crashing down. The Sinister Six are heard over the loudspeaker just as the Robot Police come.)

Police Bot: Freeze! You're under arrest!

Hardman: What!? They were shooting at us!

Police Bot: The surveillance shows you attacking them first, big guy. I'm sorry, but you have to go.

Hardman: But ... aw, damn it.

Police Bot: And the rest of you too.

Topman: You're tapped into the footage, aren't you!? You know we've done nothing wrong!

Police Bot: Nothing wrong!? By who's definition? This is a planned assault. You will all come with us.

Special Forces Unit: Do not resist!

Oilman: (Stepping out of the compound) That will not be necessary, my fellow police robots. Charges will not be pressed.

Police Bot: Are you sure?

Special Forces Unit: We are prepared for force.

Oilman: Oh, yes. Don't worry, I think they've all been taught a lesson here. As to who's in what place.

Shadowman: You jerks. I recognize this place now. It's the spot of our original base!

Oilman: Why yes, it is. And we have your old jobs and your old status and transmetal armor ... why it's like we have ... your mojo. Heh heh heh.

Geminiman: Shadow, the circuitry of that lazer...

Oilman: I think it's time to leave now. Fellahs? Make sure they play nice.

Special Forces Unit: Time to go, guys.

The Special Forces Unit leads the 'Maniacs into his armored car and they speed off, with Oilman chuckling as they leave. The Mechanical Maniacs, however, have no plans to say die. Under the cover of night they return to the Sinister Six's new base.

Geminiman: (Observing the broken gun, still on the ground from their previous fight) I recognize the tech. It's definitely from the eyeball.

Shadowman: Those bastards. They gutted our eyeball. They gutted it!

Magnetman: I still think that you should just let this go.

Shadowman: Not gonna happen, Magnet.

Sharkman: Hey! Who goes there!?

(The Mechs whirl about to see Sharkman and Blademan rounding a corner.)

Blademan: This had better be good, Mechs.

Snakeman: Look, guys, we know you're the ones who stole the eyeball off the Technodrome all those years ago.

Blademan: We ain't sayin' shit, Mech.

Sharkman: Yeah! So scram! Or we'll have ya arrested. Hee hee hee!

Snakeman: Yeah, that's what we thought you'd say. Bring 'im out, guys!

(Spark Chan and Topman lead out a large creature...)

Spark Chan: Oh, I feel so bad about this ...

Topman: Just think of it as an animal.

Spark Chan: That doesn't help, Top!

Blademan: Izzat ...

Sharkman: Large Weed!?

Large Weed: (gagged and bound) *mmmmmmmph*!

Sharkman: It is! It's a Large Weed!

Snakeman: And it can be all yours ... for a price.

Blademan: ...

Sharkman: Dood, it's Large Weed! Dood!

Blademan: ... well ... it was 15 years ago ...

Hardman: Spill it!

Blademan: Alright. Sure. But one word to anyone else and we deny everything.

Shadowman: We don't care about busting you, we just want our eyeball back!

Needlegal: For some reason ...

Shadowman: Quiet.

Sharkman: See, Torch had this wild idea! Steal something close to you and use it to steal yer mojo! It was brilliant!

Hardman: Our mojo? You think you stole our mojo!?

Blademan: Well, we're cops now, aren't we? We're crashing at the old address you used, don't we?

Hardman: How'd that come from stealing our mojo? 'at's nonsense!

Sharkman: Whatever! Gimme th' Large Weed!

Large Weed: (gagged and bound) *mmmmmmmph*!

Snakeman: Not just yet. It couldn't have been you personally. You were fighting Geminiman at the time of the robbery. You had help. So spill it, guys.

Sharkman: Damn, that was smart.

Blademan: No way, pigs! We don't rat out our own.

Needlegal: You're cops now and we're only secretly working for the RPD, geniuses! That makes you guys the pigs. Now spill it.

Sharkman: Blade, they have a Large Weed! You know how high we can get with that!?

Blademan: No! Bros before -

Sharkman: It wuz -

(And, suddenly, Sharkman and Blademan are hit from above with large projectiles that impale them to the ground, cutting off their testimony!)

Topman: What the hell!?

Large Weed: (suddenly freed from his bonds) I'm free! Free! Oh, the humanity!

Spark Chan: Oh, we wouldn't have really let them smoke you.

Shadowman: Where'd that guy go!?

Snakeman: We lost him! And Shark and Blade are both too damaged to speak further. It could be weeks until they're repaired and who knows if they'll talk then.

Hardman: (grabbing the broken gun from off the ground) Let's plan later, the lights are comin' on and we can't afford to stick around.

(The team agrees and teleports off. In the following days, they stick close to the case and monitor the progress...)

Needlegal: So far, nothing. They were actually hit by a pretty standard type of weapon from all appearances, but the forensics guys couldn't give us any kind of a match.

Geminiman: Well, I've run some tests and that gun is definitely from the technodrome's eyeball. The circuitry matches what we have on record. It's actually in good shape, these guns were made to last.

Topman: We're still at square one without any other leads, though. I doubt the other Sinister Six guys will want to tell us who stole our eyeball.

Snakeman: Yeah, but you know ... there's not many who could have stolen it. Think about it. At the time of the theft, the Sinister Six weren't exactly on the best of terms with the other Robot Masters. The Wily Rescue Force used to look down on them and they didn't even join Wily's side when General Cutman's insane war took hold. I doubt they'd have asked them for help.

Magnetman: Yeah, that's true. And at the time, Megaman Teams were at an all-time high. We were even on good terms with some of the ones that worked for Wily! I can't see any of the teams helping the Sinister Six out.

Hardman: So where does that leave us? Do you think someone framed the Sinister Six?

Snakeman: No. No, Oilman and even Shark and Blade made it clear they had help.

Hardman: So .. Xellos?

Shadowman: ... he'd do it just to piss us off.

Snakeman: Maybe, but why would he help the Sinister Six do it? Why not take credit for it himself? And it doesn't fit in with the attack, which was obviously made to silence Shark and Blade before they spilled the beans. Ggiven the commonness of the attack, I'd have to say it was one of the Evil Eight.

Geminiman: The Evil Eight!?

Snakeman: I can't actually think of anyone else the Sinister Six could possibly ask help from. They're on bad terms with everyone!

Topman: But they're dead now, aren't they? And the rest went underground.

Snakeman: But not all of them. Off the top of my head, I can think of one whose made a name for himself after the War and during the last 15 years. Once we talk to that one, we can track down the rest ... and find our missing eyeball!

(And so, the Mechs go to their friendly boss, Gaderham, and convince him they need to go to the Caribbean. There they arrive at a lavish mansion...)

Hardman: Geez, he really did good for himself.

Spark Chan: I'll say. The rest of us have barely scrapped by! What's the deal?

Needlegal: When we were criminals we did alright. With the whole counterfeit money machine and the random scams.

Shadowman: Good times, good times.

Artilleryman: I'd say so. 'ello, gents! Been a while. A long while! How ya holdin' up?

Topman: Artilleryman!

Artilleryman: Still shouting people's names right back at 'em, eh?

Shadowman: Mind if we come in?

Artilleryman: Uh ... yeah. Kinda do. I might not be obsessed with you like some people, but I still don't want you in my house. Especially the freight train over there.

Hardman: Hey!

Artilleryman: I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Shadowman: Enough of this. We know you're the one who stole our eyeball!

Artilleryman: You're ... what?

Shadowman: Our eyeball!

Artilleryman: ... you all look like you have yer eyes to me. And I don't want 'em anyway!

Topman: From the Technodrome.


Artilleryman: Ohhhhhh yeah! Heh. Torchman's crazy plan. Wait, did you just figure out it was us? Like ... just now?

Shadowman: ...

Needlegal: Kinda.

Shadowman: Give us back our eyeball!

Artilleryman: Geez, that was 15 years ago! I can't believe you still care about that stupid thing.

Magnetman: Neither can I.

Shadowman: If you don't care about it you won't be opposed to giving it back, then.

Artilleryman: I don't have it! Well, not all of it. We kinda split it between ourselves.

Snakeman: The Sinister Six did have just the ray gun part.

Artilleryman: And I have the spying part. It came with some of the superstructure.

Shadowman: We'll take that, then.

Artilleryman: No, you can't have it. It's mine.

Shadowman: You just said you didn't want it!

Artilleryman: I didn't until you said you wanted it. Now it's the most predacious thing I own. So there.

Shadowman: That's it. 'Maniacs ATTACK!

Topman: We can't just attack him! Remember what happened back at Monsteropolis?

Hardman: Yeah, boss. Seriously.

Artilleryman: Of course ... there are other ways ...

Back at the Technodrome ...

Geminiman: So we now have two thirds of the eye. Assuming the final part, the outer casing, is still in one piece.

Shadowman: I can't believe we paid him for the thing. And information! Back in the day we would just beat it outta him.

Snakeman: It's been 15 years! We're all too old for that crap.

Shadowman: Bah!

Crorq: What are you INFIDELS doing!?

(Crorq stomps into the Mech's garage.)

Shadowman: We're piecing together our eyeball! And uncovering a deep conspiracy dating back 15 years.

Topman: More like a practical joke you can't seem to get over ...

Shadowman: SILENCE!

Crorq: Have you actually done your job during this time at all? You're not being paid to find some useless eyeball! You're certainly not being paid to socialize with mercenaries like Artilleryman! And you damn well aren't being paid -

Snakeman: Here, we brought you some Columbian chicken wings.

Crorq: Colombian chicken? Oh my ... I don't believe I ever had Columbian chicken wings.

(Crorq grabs the box of chicken and begins eating it nosily while walking away from the Mechs.)

Snakeman: Okay, that bought us some time, but we need to find the last part of our eyeball and quick!

Shadowman: I can already feel my mojo returning. I'm sure we'll find it.

Magnetman: You don't seriously believe they used the eyeball to steal your mojo, do you?

Hardman: Arty said that the last parts are with Golem and Omni. But like most of Wily's old army they've gone deep underground. Still, he's given us a number we can reach 'em at.

Shadowman: At long last we'll get out eyeball back ... and revenge!

Needlegal: Aw, no, not more revenge!

Magnetman: It's been 15 years. How can you still be so mad about it?

Shadowman: I've perfected the fine art of holding a grudge. Ask me some time about how I got revenge on the X-Force for their surprise ambush on us.*

(*Sinister Six: Year of the Fox; Series 3 Issue #21)

Needlegal: Oh, wow, that was ages ago.

Shadowman: I remember it fondly.

(Before the 'Maniacs discuss Shadowman's obsessive tenancies further the complex is rocked by a large crash.)

Spark Chan: What in Video Land was that!?

(The 'Maniacs push through a crowd of mobilized special ops units as they reach the upper level. Hardman uses his Knuckles to burst through the rubble of the upper complex.)

Topman: (grabbing Brain Bot) What happened!?

Brain Bot: This large ocular-like object teleported out of nowhere and crashed into our base! We were caught completely off guard!

Topman: "Ocular-like ..."?

Geminiman: Hey, it's the rest of our eyeball!

Omniman: (From across the street) That's right, Mechs! I heard you've been looking for it, so I've returned it to you!

Topman: Omni!? Golem!? What happened to you guys!?

Omniman: The war of course! We had to be completely rebuilt after our bodies were decimated.

Golemman: Golem better than ever!

Snakeman: Of course! Omni's Drill Lance was the weapon that knocked out Shark and Blade.

Golemman: That's right. Heh heh heh.

Omniman: At first we didn't want to be found. We wanted to bide our time. Then I really thought about this cursed thing. After we got our portion of your eyeball from the Sinister Six we have had nothing but bad luck! "Steal the Mechs mojo" indeed! That idiot Torchman didn't know what he was talking about. Not only did the Evil Eight break up, but most of us were killed! Wily was killed! So here's your damned eyeball back and I hope you choke on it!

Geminiman: We had nothing to do with Wily's death! That was General Cutman. None of anything you mention was actually our fault.

Omniman: A pox on thee, Mechs! A POX!

Golemman: Bastards!

Crorq: What are you people talking for!? Don't let those INFIDELS get away! ATTACK! ATTACK!!!!! (Crorq lets off a wild shot with his cannon, missing the targets.)

(The cops open fire just as Omniman and Golemman leave. Crorq is left chocking on his chicken and the rest of the force searches the rubble for survivors.)

Crorq: Brain Bot, you IDIOT! I thought this place couldn't be teleported into by unauthorized personnel!

Brain Bot: They actually teleported the eye in just above our anti-teleportation field, so it technically worked ...

Crorq: I should use you as an anti-teleportation shield! (Crorq throws the last of his chicken at Brain Bot who feebly shields himself with his arms.)

Geminiman: So there's Omni and Golem. They kinda look worse for wear.

Topman: I guess the years have not been kind. They seemed really bitter about it.

Shadowman: Oh, who cares about that? Don't you see? We finally have our eyeball! After we fully fix it, anyway, but we finally have all the parts to do it. Things are starting to come together.

Hardman: I thought thing were get'n t'gether when we joined back up.

Shadowman: Well, sure, okay. yeah. You're right. But still! After long last our base will be whole.

Hardman: Yeah, yeah, I'm glad we 'ave the eye back too. 'though not as much as you 're.

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Magnetman: I think we all learned to let some things go. Shadowman kept thinking about losing that eyeball and it made him miserable. And both Omniman and Golemman can't let go of all they lost. I think we should all learn to put the past behind us and move on.

Needlegal: What, are you kidding me? We got the eyeball back! If anything we learned that you should never let go of your goals! If you stick to them, you just might get what you were after.

Magnetman: What!? So if we stick to our goals you're saying that they might crash into the building we're living in!?

Needlegal: Something like that!

Geminiman: You know, now that we have it back I'm feeling a lot better too. It's like a weight has been lifted.

Spark Chan: Actually I feel like I have my mojo back too!

Magnetman: You can't use a giant mechanical eyeball to steal someone's mojo! It doesn't work like that! We should also have learned that all these things they thought stealing our mojo did was either luck, skill, bad luck, or both! Is anybody listening to me? Anybody at all?

Shadowman: Hey, I think they've been using this thing for target practice! Aw, it'll take a long time to get all these dings out.

Hardman: 'at's a no.

Topman: Well, until Galvatron comes back to make this really like the good 'ol days, we are ..... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Kenta (Kassidy) Eigen as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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