Series 7 Issue #1 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!?
Part 1



To: K. Watson, Commander General
From: S. Schwartz, Ministry of Interplanetary Defense
Date: 02 January 2043
Subject: The Third Great Mining War Begins!
Classification: Security Level 9A

Following the Second Great Mining War and Dr. Wily's defeat by Mega Man, Dr. Wily was sentenced to life imprisonment on the farm colony of Agri 4. Three years later, you saw fit to recommend a pardon for him - against my wishes, as you no doubt recall. You said that the Neurotransmitter Therapy which he underwent had completely cured him, and led the Galactic Council in their vote to restore both his citizenship and his former position in Dr. Light's lab.

Ever hopeful that his former partner had bounced back from the chemical accident that caused him to go crazy, Dr. Light gave Dr. Wily an opportunity to work for the forces of good. Together they set out to build a peacekeeping robot - to ensure that the problems in the mining worlds would never be repeated. Last week, as the peacekeeping project code named "8" neared completion, the robotic work force of the fuel mining worlds rebelled.

Although it has not been proven, I firmly suspect that we are witnessing the fruits of the mercy we showed Dr. Wily and not the effects of a random virus. I believe that he has used his superb programming skills to reprogram the Institute's entire fleet of mining robots.

Course of Action

As you know, our own mineral, lumber, and oil resources were exhausted several years ago. Only Mega Man is in a position to destroy the robots in the mining worlds and recapture the fuel that's needed to assure our continued existence on Earth.

The status of most of the super robots has been confirmed - they have turned against us; the last few seem to be only a matter of time. The status of the peacekeeping robot known as Protoman, if the rumors are to be believed, is less certain. Whether he fights for us or for Wily is yet to be determined.


Topman: (thought) What is this guy's problem!?

Topman dodged blasts from an unknown robot. He didn't know what was going on. One minute he was doing speed experiments and the next the lab was assaulted by this red robotic jerk!

Topman was the latest in robotic design. He was made to break speed limits and he took great pride in that! He was clad in green armour with a top for a head. His attacks included lifting his top and shooting it at his opponents. It could split into three and home in on their last position. Not that it did much good. The red jerk that was picking on him dodged easily.

Topman: “At least talk to me, damn it!”

The robot just smirked. He smirked! Cocky, isn't he?

Topman took a few hits from a standard arm cannon attack. He was getting kinda frustrated. This guy just showed up, snuck past all the defenses, and before Topman knew it he was in a fight for his life. But Topman wasn't going to be done in without giving it his all!

Topman: (thought) It's time to use the Top Spin! Hit that red sucker at "top" speed! hah hah! Top!

The red robot smirked and fired his Arm Cannon at Topman. Little did he know.

The high speed caused by Topman's attack easily deflected Red's shots. Red looked surprised for a moment. But that was all he had because Topman knocked him off his feet!

Topman: Hah hah hah! Didn't expect THAT did you, you big red jerk! I'll bet you're sorry now, ain'tcha?

(Topman's glee was cut short by several blasts to the chest. )

???: Not really. No.

Topman: Grrrr .... (thought) This guy is gonna pay. One more Top Spin'll spin this guy right into outer space!

Topman spun into his opponent, but this time he was ready. He jumped into the air to avoid Topman's attack and, when Topman stopped, he blasted the remaining energy out of him.

To his great surprise Topman was still alive, but the red robot wasn't through yet. He slowly walked up to the fallen target and opened a panel on the back of his head, much to his horror.

Topman: What are you gonna do!?

???: Just a little...personality adjustment.

Topman: But...But you can't do that! I...I like how I am.

???: (smile)'re the only one.


Shadowman: (thought) This just isn't right. Robots don't do that. Not to each other.

The ninja robot looked on from the shadows seeing everything. The fight was very one-sided. Whoever this red guy was...he was good.

Shadowman simulated a sigh. (Why did humans program that into them? Did it make them feel safer?)

Shadowman: (thought)“Zero Virus”...Fufufu. So this is how it spread. The officials will be glad to hear about it. When Gassman first ran amok it was assumed to be an isolated incident. But then Devilman, Hexlaser, Musashiden Razz...Heck even my sister model, it just didn't add up. The discovery of this virus has the government panicked, so here I am, investigating.

Since “Psycho Magnet” (what kind of name is that anyway?) was based off Shadow's designs, he was able to hack into her memory remotely. Taking great care to erect protective firewalls, Shadowman dove into her history files. There he found the battle this red robot had with Psycho.

Shadowman: (thought) This guy's sneaky. It was mainly luck that led me to Topman. Topman's world was where “Psycho” was; it stood to reason she just got in "Red's" way. If it weren't, I might have just missed him. Hey...Did that red guy just look up?

???: You can come down from there, Shadowman. I want to fight you too.

Shadowman: Hrmph.

Shadowman leapt down.

Shadowman: What gave me away?.

???: I hacked your sister model, so I figured you might show. I've been keeping an eye out for you. Actually, it was you I wanted after this loser so this is pretty convenient for me.

Shadowman smirked.

Shadowman: (thought) Of course.

Shadowman: Well, don't get too cocky. ‘Psycho' might be my ‘little sister' but my design was too difficult to replicate fully. Not to brag, but I'm pretty tough.

The red robot smiled like he knew something Shadowman didn't. Bah. Who did he think he was dealing with?

Shadowman: So, just between you and me...Who the hell are you?


???: (thought) They aren't much to look at, but they'll do.

The first acquired was Magnetman. His original purpose was scrap metal processing. He had a real boastful attitude though and that unnerved the mysterious red robot entirely. He wore red and black armour and had a ridiculous magnet right at the top of his head.

Hardman was the next in line. He had a slow look about him, but Red saw it hid some intelligence. Unfortunately their battle had some unfortunate...side effects for Hardman. Well, he'd serve his purpose regardless.

Topman and Shadowman were also present. Neither were much of a challenge for the red robot in combat. He didn't think his doppelganger would be able to stand against either of them, though.

A robot named Sparkman was also there. He harnessed great amounts of electricity and was bound to give Megaman a run for his money. Sparkman was oddly built, hardly humanoid at all. He didn't even have hands, but two electrical conductors. Red wondered about the practicality of such a robot, but Sparkman wasn't needed to pick things up, so who cares?

Finally "Red" walked in with the last few members of this strike force. Snakeman, clad in green snake-like armour. Geminiman, clad in blue crystals. And Needleman who was built with a hulking body and two high-powered cannons on either arm.

Geminiman: Who're these jokers? It's bad enough I have to work with Serpentor and the headless wonder, but what's with these other guys?

Snakeman: Excuse me?

Needleman: Headless wonder!?

Geminiman: All I'm saying is that I'm all the army you need.

???: We need all of you.

Shadowman: Bah. I don't see why. I can just sneak in from behind and nail him with one of my Shadow Blades.

???: (sneering) He's better than that, Shadowman.

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

???: (thought) Still very damaged from our battle, I guess. Must have accidentally fried his brain circuits. Still, he'll do ...

Snakeman: (Eyes shining with anticipation) Shadowman's suggestion is nice, but I'd rather be the one to sneak up and tackle him from behind; get him in a hold he'd never break out of and squeeze the life outta the kid.

Needleman: Hah hah hah! Yeah, right. So you can get shot with that buster of his up close and personal, eh? The best plan is to just overwhelm him with attacks! That's all there is to it.

???: Enough! I've had enough of this pointless bickering. There's already a plan in place and your part has been laid out. The plan is very simple, now listen closely because I'm only going to say it once.

Magnetman: And what do we even call you?

???: Just call me Breakman.

Magnetman: "Breakman"? Like the dance moves?

The other robots snickered.

Breakman: I broke all of you, didn't I?

The Robot Masters quieted and focused on Breakman.

Breakman: This task is to be considered top secret. As far as anyone is concerned you're just infected with the Zero Virus like all the other robots recently. I'm calling this thing "Operation: Mechanical Maniacs."


Megaman dodged blade-like projectiles. What were these anyway? They appeared to be some sort of ninja-themed weapon.

???: Die, Megaman!

Megaman: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Megaman: (thought) Who is this lady? I can't even remember. So many robots are going crazy.

Megaman used Rush to vault into the air and fire more shots at his opponent.

Megaman, hero of Mega City, the multi-faceted city of Monsteropolis, Tokio, and a dozen other places. Megaman, once a simple tool-using robot known simply as Rock. He led a peaceful life with his sister Roll. He was the first of a new generation of robots with an advanced AI unit which enabled him to think, feel, and make his own decisions. Although he often wondered what kind of limitations were on that sort of thing.

Megaman's peaceful life was shattered forever when Dr. Light's assistant Dr. Wily went mad and turned his brothers – Cutman, Gutsman, Fireman, Elecman, Bombman, and Iceman against humanity in a mad bid for power. To stop them Rock volunteered to undergo a complete reformatting and overhaul into a fighting robot. From then on he was known as “Rockman” in Asia and “Megaman” in most English speaking countries. He had a simple Arm Cannon which was powered by a mix of plasma and solar energy. But it was his variable weapons system which made him unique. Originally for emulating various tools he would need as Dr. Light's lab assistant it now served to emulate various weapons used against him in battle.

It really came in handy. Dr. Wily tried time and time again to take over the world. But that's all changed now...

Dr. Wily finally came to his senses and returned to work as Dr. Light's lab assistant.

With a few more well-placed shots the latest berserk robot was finally disabled. Monsteropolis was safe for humans and robots once more! The blue robot simulated a sigh. He was having a tough time dealing with this new “Zero Virus” threat. All sorts of robots were going berserk. Well, at least they were low-level types so far. They didn't even have a special ability for him to copy. Megaman didn't have much time to stay preoccupied though. With perfect timing his creator came in with a call.

Dr. Light: Calling Mega Man! Calling Mega Man! Come in please!

Megaman: Yes, I read you Dr.Light.

Dr. Light: Mega Man, we need you! We're down to the wire on our peace-keeping project. We've got to get those last energy crystals or we can't finish it.

Megaman: Any word on their locations yet? We could really use that giant robot (even if your last one, Garbageman, was a real bust.)

Dr. Light: Dr. Wily is here now, too...

Megaman: Dr. Wily, hunh? Is he behaving himself? He's sane now ... right? Because if he isn't I'll totally blow him away. Believe me.

Dr. Light: Yes... he's finally found his sanity. He knows where the crystals are! They're in the mining worlds, but we can't get to 'em. The robots are running amok and they're destroying everything!

Megaman: The mining worlds? Sizzling Circuits. I always told them setting up entire mining worlds was a recipe for disaster and it looks like I was Mega right.

Dr. Light: You've got to get there, Mega Man, and get those crystals! You'll have to face some pretty mean metal. Expect the worst!

Megaman: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. They'll learn their place just like that Airman wannabe Waveman did.

Dr. Light: Is Rush there with you? Give him a bolt to chew on and tell him it's from us.

Megaman did as he was told. Rush perked up and happily gave a bark of delight at his master's kind gesture.

Dr. Light: What's that -- we must be getting static-- sounds like you said 'Woof!'.

Megaman: (thought) Must be getting senile ...

Dr. Light: Mega Man, get to those mining worlds pronto! Grab the crystals and stop whoever's in charge! He's one lunatic guy! This is Dr. Light. Over and out!

Megaman: Sigh. A robot's work is never done.


Back at Dr. Light's Lab, the two doctors worked together on the massive super robot Gamma.

Dr. Wily: Building a Super Robot to keep peace in Video Land was a brilliant idea Dr. Light!

Dr. Light: Its first act of peace was to bring the two of us together in friendship.

Dr. Wily: (thought) Right ...

Dr. Wily: I'll be back with my new control device before you can say ... "peace" ...

Dr. Wily pulled out a small metal device and opened a portal back to his lab. Once there his demeanor changed drastically.

Dr. Wily: Heh heh heh ... I can say "peace" all right. A piece of cake to steal that super robot!

Doc Robot: Master ... is it time to take over Video Land? Is it, huh? Is it?

The "lunatic guy" took the seat from his robotic doppelganger and swiveled around to face him.

Dr. Wily: Calm down, metal head! We can't do anything until Captain Ninny and Mega Moron come back from Top Land with that Energy Crystal.

Dr. Wily (and his sniveling companion) both turned their attention to the screen as it displayed the spinning world of Top Land. All was going right according to plan ...

To be continued ...

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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