Series 7 Issue #2 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!?
Part 2


It's robot rebellion and nobody's safe! Least of all Mega Man. This time the super powerful cyborg takes on a horde of metal maniacs who've had it with being obedient! And they use every android-annihilator ever invented to make you believe it!

Mega Man goes berserk, blasting through a galaxy of mining stations in search of energy crystals. But it takes more than guts to battle the phenomenal robot masters who control these worlds. It's a wrenching job, the worst - and best - that Mega Man's faced so far!


Topman sang a jaunty tune as he spun around his room on his roller skates.

Topman: (Singing happily) You spin me right around, baby, right around...

Topman: (thought) For some reason I'm happy. I can't say why. Maybe it's that I finally have some control over me life. Maybe it's because all those guys who said I was built as a children's entertainer are all dead. Or maybe because I'm proving just how successful an experiment I really am! Oh, who am I kidding? It's probably due mostly to Breakman's reprogramming.

The green robot had to bow to Breakman's leadership skills, even if he disliked the jerk for beating him senseless. Such a mixed-up group like theirs needed some strong-willed leadership to run it all. And, maybe it was the reprogramming talking, but he had to respect someone who could just come in and make the plan happen.

Topman heard an alert. It was Megaman.

Topman: (thought) So I'm the first… Great! Megaman must consider me to be the most threatening robot to take me on before any of the others. (Topman beamed with pride.)

The renegade robot amused himself by looking at his monitors. Megaman was pretty good, he was really going at it. Those Pickle Bulls and frogs didn't have a chance.

Topman remembered his old life. He started out as a speed barrier experiment. To get past the speed of sound. Maybe even the speed of light! What could be possible then? Time travel maybe? Topman couldn't time travel and he couldn't go at the speed of light, but he could go pretty damned fast. Why did some of them say he was made to entertain children? He had a brilliant design...

Topman: (thought): Of course most of that speed is put into me going ‘round and ‘round. But this propels me and makes me impervious to damn-near anything. And I have pretty good control over where I go. I'm a friggin' engineering miracle!

Unfortunately some scientists and maintenance robots liked to tease him. Said his design was ugly. Ridiculous. They said that having a top on his head and wheels on his feet made him goofy.

Topman: (thought) Well...who's goofy now?

Topman laughed at the fallen scientists and continued to skate in circles as he waited for Megaman. What he did not see was his companion. And...his animal.


Captain N: That Topman took this place apart...

Megaman: No kidding. That's why we gotta get this psycho. He's pretty dangerous.

Megaman shot at some robots the lab was using. There seemed to be all sorts of traps and pitfalls in the building. Megaman supposed that it was because Topman had changed the layout somewhat to make things harder for him. Of course the mining worlds had ignored his requests when he asked for things like spikes and ladders to be left out of building planning.

Megaman: (thought) What is it with people and making ladders and spikes everywhere?

Megaman traveled through Top Land with the leader of the N Team, Kevin aka Captain N. They had to make their way carefully in this mining colony (why an experimental lab was even on a mining colony had Megaman baffled). They were not quite sure of their way around. Thankfully, Megaman's trusty dog Rush had their backs and could guide them on their way. Megaman was getting quite fond of his new companion. And Dr. Light said he could get even better! But some people just had to be the best at everything...

Captain N: I'm telling you, Megaman, the baddest dog in Video Land is Duke.

Megaman: No way, Captain N, my dog-droid Rush is the new Mega Mutt.

Rush: There they go again. Arf.

???: Mrrrrrroooooowwwww....

In a flash a large gray cat appeared right in front of the two travelers' path. It looked down on them menacingly and seemed to be hungry ...

Captain N: *gasp!*

Megaman: Uh oh! I hope that giant kitty doesn't think we're Mega Mice!

The large cat spat out a giant ball of yarn. Captain N didn't wait for Megaman to react and drew his zapper out and took care of the balls of yarn as they came careening towards them. It blew into many smaller balls that kept both captain N and Megaman busy

Captain N: This is no time to play ball!

Megaman: (thought) Yeah, that's a good one, Captain N.

Just then Duke pushed Rush out of the way, knocking him down and set himself up before the gigantic metal cat.

Duke: (Barks loudly and angrily at the cat.)

Something, perhaps the Zero Virus, caused a short within the cat's brain and Duke loomed larger than life. For some reason the cat couldn't face this dog ... any dog! And so, despite all logic, the cat turned tail and ran. Meanwhile, Captain N finished off the last of the small balls of yarn.

Captain N: I got more balls than you did, Megaman! I guess you could say I scored a home run!

Megaman: (I didn't know this was a competition.) Looks like our flight's leaving.

Recovering from Duke's trampling, Rush crouched down and was preparing to take off. It wasn't quite a jet, but Captain N had managed to hack something into Rush's software. Megaman got the vague impression that it was something akin to cheating ...

Both Captain N and Megaman mounted the not-quite-Rush-jet.

Megaman: Let's -

Captain N: Follow that dog!

The pair quickly sped through Top Land. Megaman had to keep his temper in check. Kevin meant well, Megaman knew that. His competitive streak was one of the reasons he was the game master. Yet, did he really have to be so ...

Captain N: And Wily's Hot Dogs? No contest, Duke is better. Robots can't really compare to Duke. Look how he intimidated that cat. Rush couldn't have done that.

Megaman: I'm pretty sure he -

Captain N: Look out!

Megaman was annoyed, but sure enough, he steered Rush right out of a deadly Top's way. Captain N expertly leveled his zapper against the Tops coming at them and shot them down, one by one. He really was very good.

Megaman: I think we lost them, Captain N.

Captain N: No, look there. Good 'ol Duke's got Topman cornered.

Megaman groaned. Captain N really didn't need this to boost his ego. There he was, green as grass. Topman was spinning around as he tried to avoid the rabid-looking Duke.

Duke: (Growling and barking like a mad dog.)

Topman: Get - get out of here! Your slobbering is disgusting! I don't even want to touch you. I can't believe they let some ... animal in here. I could catch swine flu or something! I -

Megaman smiled and readied his Arm Cannon.

Megaman: I'll hit him with my punch line!

Megaman shot plasma shots at Topman, but they had no effect! Topman veered at the group and they were thrown off the makeshift Rush Jet.

Topman: Finally a nice sanitary robot to fight! I don't -

Without waiting for Topman to stop talking (which was so like him) Captain N fired a super powerful shot from his zapper right into Topman's stomach. The robot's simulated breath was blown right out of him and he fell backwards.

Topman: Hey! OW! I - I'm orange! I got knocked so hard I turned orange!

Megaman: And now I'll -

Captain N took one more quick shot and blew Topman into pieces. Megaman rolled his eyes. He just had to be the best, didn't he? Megaman stooped down and picked up the Robot Master's weapon.

Megaman: (thought) Whatever. In the end, I guess it's all right.

Captain N: (Upon spotting the Energy Crystal Topman was guarding within the room). All right! We got Topman's Energy Tank for the peace robot!

Megaman: Actually, Energy Tanks are something else completely.

Captain N: (Stooping to give Duke a pet). You're the hero of this trip, fella. For sniffing out Topman.

With a smile of satisfaction Captain N moved to the "Energy Tank" and grabbed it.

Megaman: Wait a mega minute! We wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the Rush Rocket!

Captain N: Duke chased that cat away!

Megaman: Yeah, well not without Rush's help he didn't.

Rush and Duke looked on is dismay as Megaman and Captain N childishly played tug-of-way with the Energy Crystal.


Shadowman traveled to his location via his personal mini submarine. It was ironic that this mining station was filled with fire and lava, yet its main infiltration point was actually a small, cool, man-made reservoir which made Shadowman's sub most useful.

Shadowman: (thought) I really have to thank Breakman the next time I see him. It might have been a painful lesson, but the new purpose he gave to me (and the other Humanoids for that matter) is much more fulfilling than working for the Robot Institute. And I have to give myself a small pat on the back for this mission. I actually haven't even stolen the Energy Crystal yet. Megaman is on his way and the scientists evacuated because of false reports that I sent out. Megaman will actually be helping me do my job by distracting all the robots here as I steal that element.

The ninja frowned as he saw Megaman and...someone else arrive.

Shadowman: (thought) Who's that with him? And what are they talking about?

Captain N and Megaman beamed down into the mining facility and blasted a New Shotman out of their way. Captain N blew the smoke off of his blaster with satisfaction as they continued on their way.

Captain N: I think it was my shot that did that guy in, Megaman.

Megaman: Yeah, you're on fire today, Captain N.

Captain N: Don't I know it!

Duke: Woof!

The pair continued on their way until they jumped down a lone shaft and wound up at a dead end. It was dark, with only the fires of molten lava to light their way and the two were feeling unease at their surroundings.

Captain N: A dead end? In Mega Land?

Megaman: Yeah, this is mega strange. Maybe we took a wrong turn?

???: The only wrong turn you took was bringing some human here with you.

From out of nowhere, a whistle echoed in the room. The two turned as a bright red light caught their attention. It quickly disappeared and they saw a red robot leaning against the wall.

Megaman: Who -

Captain N: Who are you?

Breakman: You can call me Breakman. (Breakman pointed his Arm Cannon straight at Megaman) defend yourself, Megaman! Defeat me and I'll allow you to pass.

Captain N: All right, tough guy, we'll both take you on!

Breakman: This has nothing to do with you.

Breakman shot Captain N right in the chest, knocking him back. His Power Pad blinked as his energy lowered and Megaman felt guilty at the slight sense of satisfaction that he felt seeing his friendly rival gunned down.

Megaman: (thought) Well, Captain N is being a real mega pest today.

The Blue Bomber's attention snapped back to reality as Breakman collided with him, knocking him to the floor.

Breakman: You'll have to do better than that, Megaman.

The blue robot grit his teeth and began to shoot at his opponent. It began to go poorly as Breakman's movements were hard to dodge normally. Again and again Megaman collided with his foe as he tried to get his own weapons through. Megaman was beginning to feel like he wasn't going to survive until he remembered his own new moves.

Megaman: (thought) Of course! I've just has new servo-motors installed; I can slide right under this joker!

Megaman slid past a surprised looking Breakman and pelted him with plasma shots. Breakman spun around and prepared to attack his blue adversary when he was suddenly hit from behind by a powerful attack. Breakman fell to the ground panting.

Captain N: Got you!

Kevin took aim again, but Breakman fled in a flash of red light. At the same time an explosion rocked the ground. Captain N looked at it with satisfaction.

Captain N: Teamwork, Megaman. That's what did it. And look! That "Breakman" actually opened things up for us after all. Let's go!

Shadowman turned off his monitor. He had broken through the station's defenses and it was time for stealth. shadowman's vehicle teleported away in a flash of light and Shadowman snuck into the compound. He quickly found a control panel and hacked into the database. In his mind's eye a large map spread before the ninja and told him exactly were to go. It also told him that Megaman and his friend were quickly on their way there. Shadowman wasted no time and immediately made his way to where the Energy Crystal was kept.

Shadowman: (thought) Breakman couldn't have actually been trying against Megaman. What was his game? And Captain N's here ... why is that guy sticking his nose into this? It has nothing to do with him!

Shadowman drove Shadow blades into Walking Bombs and made his way deeper into the facility. He was running out of time and he knew it. Luckily, Megaman never checked for the easier route. The one taken by maintenance robots. He always went in the obvious way, no matter the obstacle.

Shadowman: (thought) Good, predictable Mega. And here I am.

Indeed, in record time Shadowman had found the element. He had a good ten minutes before Megaman came through the garage-like door.

Captain N: Surrender peacefully ... Ninjaman!

Shadowman: It's Shadowman. You've kept me waiting, Mega -

Captain N: Shadowman? What's so shadowy about you?

Shadowman: I'm a ninja and use shadows for cover.

Captain N: I think Ninjaman would be a better name.

Shadowman: Ninjaman is another guy on another job. I'm Shadowman.

Captain N: Can't you both be Ninjaman?

Shadowman: Can't we both be...? Megaman, where the hell did you dig this guy up?

Captain N: Hey!

Megaman: He's right, Captain N. There can't be two Ninjamans. That'd just be mega confusing.

Captain N: But aren't there two Oilmen?

Megaman: And there was a scandal! People lost their mega jobs!

Captain N: I just don't see the big deal. You just look more like a Ninjaman to me and I thought ...

Shadowman: And now you're saying my name doesn't fit the theme!? You're one cocky...!

Megaman: Captain N, I can't believe how rude you're being. What's next? Are you going to question my name?

Captain N: No! Well ...

Megaman: You are!

Shadowman: Oh, you are just begging for this!

Shadowman leapt savagely at Captain N, but his trusty dog Duke intercepted the robot...much to the dog's regret. The dog was knocked aside as Shadowman landed.

Captain N: DUKE!

Shadowman: Prepare yourself!

Shadowman readied a Shadow Blade and instantly tossed three at the game master. Captain N destroyed them all with his zapper, but the ninja robot slid into Megaman and drove him into the ground.

Shadowman: You'll both have to try harder than that or none of you will leave here alive. And that includes your dog.

Captain N: Hey!

Megaman: That's going mega far!

Shadowman: I have a job to do and that's killing the both of you. You brought your dog in here, so that means he dies too.

Megaman gritted his teeth in anger.

Megaman: (thought) I'd hate it if someone hurt Rush... and Duke's just an ordinary dog. I won't let him get hurt!

Despite Megaman's thought Shadowman's speed was giving him the upper hand. Megaman thought he might have been wrong to choose this world, but Captain N had insisted...and he was usually right. Which meant that Top Spin...

Megaman readied his new weapon and took aim. Shadowman was busy fighting Captain N, so he didn't notice as Megaman took aim and fired.

Megaman: !?

Shadowman: (Instantly recognizing the danger) You just missed your chance, Megaman.

Shadowman slid towards Megaman and Megaman jumped. In desperation Megaman tried once more and...

Shadowman: !!!!

In a flash of light Shadowman was blown into pieces. The Top Spin was greatly drained, but the ninja robot had been defeated.

Captain N: So that was Top Spin, eh?

Megaman: I defeated Shadowman! Mega fantastic!

Megaman stooped to take Shadowman's weapon and attach it to his end effector (as Kevin checked on his dog, who had not been seriously injured). This time he tested it out and fired and single Shadow Blade. Megaman nodded in approval. It felt close to the old Metal Blade, but ... not quite as good. Megaman was about to leave until he spotted a beacon. Picking it up he used it and in a flash Shadowman's submarine appeared before him.

Captain N: Check it out, Duke! It's a submarine.

Megaman: It sure is, Captain N. Now I can show you the kind of tricks my dog can do. Here, boy!

Rush teleported in from out of nowhere. Megaman gave him an appreciative pet and ordered Rush to scan the machine. Rush did and then transformed into an approximation of the vehicle.

Captain N: Whoa!

Megaman: Rush has a version of my own Weapon Copy System called the Transportation Copy system. Now Rush can turn into a Rush Marine.

Captain N: That's a neat trick, but I think Duke's playing dead trick beats it. But, I'm sure that submarine will come in handy. And I'll take Shadowman's submarine so I can follow along.

Megaman: That's two down ... and six more to go.

Captain N: And I think Sparkman should be our next target. The metal Shadow Blade is sure to short circuit that guy.

Breakman looked on in the shadows. Megaman had won by sheer luck that time. Next time, however...


Sparkman watched happily as his Electric Kins turned any stray workers into charcoal. Very few people know this, but the Electric Kin was Sparkman's invention. It was true and he was proud of it, their attacks were developed from his own Spark Shocks. Of course the humans took all the credit. The human also made fun of his lack of hands...they liked to put him into broom closets and push him down stairs. Nobody knew how lonely it was being handicapped. Of course Breakman gave him new end effectors, ones which could switch from electrodes into hands.

Sparkman: (thought) I wish I could remember how I built those things without any hands. So much is confusing since I met Breakman.

Sparkman frowned.

Sparkman: One thing that's not confusing, though, is that those two scrapped Shadowman and Topman. My friends.

The silvery robot watched the view screen as Megaman and Captain N made their way through his power plant. Destroying his precious Electric Kins. It made Sparkman angry. Very, very angry.

Megaman: I swear they're Energy Tanks and not Energy Crystals. I don't know why they renamed them, but they did. Just get the mega over it.

Captain N: I just think things should be consistent! If they called them Energy Crystals in the last game -

Megaman: You know, this is more than a game to me. This is my life!

Captain N: Aw, Megaman, I didn't mean it that way. we're good friends.

Megaman: Thanks, Captain N!

Captain N: I just wish Duke was here, but this place isn't really made for dogs in mind.

The two continued on, until they finally reached the silver-clad Spark Man.

Sparkman: You two! I'm gonna get you!

Captain N: You're gonna get us? How? With your chopsticks?

Sparkman: Wh-what!? My what!?

Captain N: How can you get anything without hands? You couldn't even pick up a penny.

Sparkman: (Changing his electrodes into hands) See! See! I finally have hands! It was part of my upgrade. I finally have - !

Captain N and Megaman unleash a fury of laser beams and Shadow Blades surprising the silver right off of Sparkman. In shock the robot quickly fell to the floor.

Sparkman: But ... wait! My hands ... my precious hands ...

Megaman: Poor fellah. They really shouldn't make robots disabled. Not on purpose. It's cruel.

Megaman finished off Sparkman with a shot from his Arm Cannon. With that robot reduced to scrap the two choose their next robot. Kevin, displaying more familiarity than he should, suggested Magnetman next and Megaman did not see fit to disagree.


Magnetman watched his monitor as Megaman and his unwanted friend battled Breakman.

Magnetman: (thought) Why's the boss just jumping around like that? He's just making Megaman better at that damn slide of his! And he's using none of the weapons he got from us. Did he just throw them away? Even my mighty Magnet Missile?

Magnetic Fly: Phone for you, sir.

Magnetman: Hm? (picks up the phone)

Snakeman: Wassaaaaaaapp!?

Magnetman: Snakeman? Is that you?

Snakeman: Wassaaaaaap!?

Magnetman: What? Stop that. What is that even supposed to be?

Snakeman: It's cool.

Magnetman: It's annoying!

Snakeman: Some day it'll be cool.

Magnetman: No it won't be. Look, I gotta get going. Megaman's here and I'm missing his fight with the boss.

Snakeman: Oh, Breakman's there too?

Magnetman: Yeah, he set up one of those trap doors so he could meet Megaman. You know though, that's a good strategy. To just...not have a way into the main control room.

Snakeman: Is he winning?

Magnetman: (Checking his view screen, seeing the fight has already ended and Megaman is nowhere to be seen.) Damn, the fight's over! You made me miss it!

Snakeman: Sorry, dude.

Magnetman: Look, I gotta go and get ready. Megaman's gonna be here any minute now.

Snakeman: You sure? Maybe Breakman got the guy,

Magnetman: You think...? (Checking the view screen carefully.) No. No, the floor Breakman set up is gone, so Megaman probably beat him. Probably blew it us using his dogdroid....maybe it turned into a drill or something. But I really gotta go and get ready...

Snakeman: Maybe Breakman broke it for him.

Magnetman: Maybe...? That's just stupid. He gave us our orders and they were clear. We keep this peacekeeping robot under wraps by guarding the Energy Crystals and cause trouble for Earth at the same time by cutting it off from its fuel. Why in the world would he help Megaman by blowing out the floor that's keeping him from progressing?

Snakeman: It's just a thought.

Magnetman: It's a stupid thought. I mean -

The red and white robot was cut off as he was hit with several Spark Shots and zapper blasts.

Magnetman: AGH! You bastards! I wasn't ready! I didn't even do my dance! My pre-battle dance moves!

Magnetman screamed again as Megaman and Captain N didn't let up. In short order he was destroyed.

Megaman: I can't believe we caught him on the mega, a mega regular phone that is, not a "megaphone". All the robots in the Second Great Mining War were ready to go. This guy?

Captain N: Yeah, it's pretty unprofessional. So let's see ... I got Topman and Shadowman. And we both got Sparkman and Magnetman.

Megaman: What?

Captain N: Come on, Megaman, let's get to the next level. My "gut" tells me Hardman's stage is next on our hit list.

Megaman: Whatever, Captain N.

Megaman easily spots the Energy Crystal Magnetman was guarding and both he and Captain N make their way to Hardman's world.

Snakeman: He - hello? Magnetman...?


Hardman grunted happily as he crushed the last human's skull into the ground. All humans in the area were now secure... in the only way this new, monstrous Hardman understood. He had vague recollections of the past that seemed to suggest that he might have felt badly about his actions had he retained his full memories, but Hardman was now devoid of such a complicated emotion. All there was now was his boss' orders and those were clear: secure the energy crystal. Secure the area. Defeat Megaman. Hardman had tried to make the humans stay in one place, but they didn't want to. Now they were still. And Hardman was satisfied.

Hardman's internal radio came online and Breakman reported in.

Breakman: Hardman? Is the area secure?

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Breakman: ... right. I forgot how damaged you were. Megaman is headed your way, so you had better get in place.

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

Hardman lumbered into position and waited. His memories seemed to suggest he might have once found waiting peaceful, but that Hardman was gone now, replaced by a near-mindless shell. Now the quiet didn't do anything for him. But he still had no problem waiting. Perhaps he was better at it now than he ever was before.

In an indeterminable time later the doors to his room opened.

Duke: *whimper*

Captain N: What's wrong, boy?

Megaman: Captain N, look out!

Kevin only had time to look upwards and Hardman crashed into him. The points on Captain N's game pad went down as his life points were depleted.

Megaman: (While equipping the Magnet missiles) You'd better leave this to me. Hardman doesn't seem to be fooling around and your energy's running low.

Captain N: Oh ... I guess you're right, Megaman.

Hardman's Hard Knuckles crashed into Megaman and sent him flying. But Megaman's Missiles were proving effective and Hardman was quickly losing energy. Megaman staggered backwards as Hardman let out a triumphant roar.

Hardman: nnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!

And, suddenly, Hardman froze in place.

Megaman: ... what...?

Megaman himself found it hard to move. Still he had the Missiles equipped...

Captain N: Megaman, now!

Megaman fired his Magnet Missiles in quick succession as Hardman was frozen in place. If Hardman was capable of thought, he might have been glad that his monstrous existence was ending.

In short order Hardman was vanquished and the odd paralysis let go of Megaman. He turned to Kevin.

Megaman: Captain N, what happened there? I felt mega frozen!

Captain N: I didn't know if it'd work, but I managed to make my game pad work as a second player. I was then able to freeze you two thanks to a super secret move. So I think we can say that this one's a tie too. Heh, it looks like my time in the real world keeps on giving me an edge on you, Mega. That and my subscription to Nintendo Power.

Megaman:...Right. What's "Nintendo Power"?

Captain N: But now my power's totally drained!

Megaman: Then maybe you should go back to Dr. Light's and get a recharge.

Captain N: But then you'll be all alone against the rest of the Robot Masters and Breakman! I can't let you face those guys alone, Mega. You'll never make it!

Megaman: I'll be fine, Captain N. I do this sort of thing all the time. You recharge. (Please just go away.)


The green robot laughed as Megaman was hit by Big Snakey's fireball. He just couldn't help but feel glee as the little robot struggled so in his serpentine labyrinth.

Snakeman: (thought) Of course ... he'll be here very, very soon. Maybe I should give Needle a call to pass the time ... nah. No, that's how Magnet bought it. The poor sap just wasn't paying enough attention to what was going on around him and got himself scrapped. Well, not me! Not me.

Snakeman thought back on his past. First as a forest ranger and then as a land reconnaissance robot when he was moved to his new home on a mining world. It was a dreary existence and his companions were all lower-level robots with little in the way of personality. That was, that is, until Breakman showed him the light. He then killed most of his human "superiors" and became the robot master of the area. And yet he still only had low-level robots for company...

Snakeman: The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess....

Snakeman: (thought) Maybe once I finish this guy off, Breakman will let me throw a party! And then I can invite all the guys! Yeah! Except...Megaman and Captain N just blew most of them away ...

At that moment Megaman finally managed to get to Snakeman's lair and the robot master smiled excitedly.

Megaman: Sizzling circuits, they really hit the nail on the head when they came up with you, didn't they?

Snakeman: Shaddap, you Smurf reject! I'm gonna rip you apart!

Snakeman wasted no time in sending a series of his Search Snakes in Megaman's general direction. Megaman jumped and countered with a Hard Knuckle, but Snakeman deftly avoided the slow-moving projectile.

Snakeman: You'll have to do better than that to beat me! (Snakeman pounded on Megaman and shoved the smaller robot to the floor. Megaman gave a start as several more Search Snakes ripped into him.

Megaman: (thought) One of these weapons had better work....

The Blue Bomber tossed a Shadowblade at the green robot, surprising him. But Snakeman ran out of range and countered with more Search Snakes. Megaman switched to Magnet Missiles, which targeted and destroyed the snakes, but not Snakeman himself, and soon enough he was on him again.

Snakeman: You may have beaten all the rest, but you'll never beat me, Megaman. I'm the last robot you'll ever see!

Megaman: Just tell that to my trusty Hard Knuckle!

Megaman surprised Snakeman by launching his weapon at close range, knocking the robot back. and followed up with a Top Spin to finish the robot master off.


The porcupine-like robot Needleman had anticipated this battle for a long, long time.

Needleman: Your sparks are useless against me, Megaman!

Megaman: Damn it!

Megaman was already feeling low on energy, but he knew he couldn't let himself be beaten yet. The entire galaxy was counting on him! And, according to his information, there was only one more humanoid after this one on a rampage. Quickly he switched his end effector with the Search Snake, which Needleman avoided effortlessly while pelting Megaman with even more needles.

Needleman: This is gonna be a pretty short fight, isn't it? (Needleman sprayed needles as he laughed, seemingly unable to control it.)

Megaman: (thought) I wonder how this guy used to be before the virus got to him...

The spiked robot drew close and chuckled.

Needleman: Look at you. You're just about done! Just a few more hits and you're history! (With satisfaction Needleman reigned in and fired the large mace from his head into Megaman.)

Needleman: Wait, what!?

Megaman rocketed forward with renewed energy firing his Arm Cannon at the renegade robot.

Megaman: Luckily, I found an Energy Crystal ... Tank (whatever) earlier. How high and mighty are you now?

Needleman didn't need to check. He might have been winning a moment ago, but Megaman had scored some easy hits early on. And now Megaman was destroying him with his pea shooter.

Needleman: It isn't fair! I don't get to use Energy Tanks!

Needleman's cry of rage was cut off as Megaman finally silenced the robot.

Megaman: That just leaves one more. It's nice that these guys all come in sets of eight. And look at that...this guy had a Jet Sled.

Megaman spotted Needleman's special transportation as well as the Energy Crystal. It seemed Needleman had tried to destroy both of them, but Megaman caught him before he could finish the job. Megaman called on Rush.

Megaman: Care to learn a new trick, boy?

Rush: You bet! Arf. Arf.

Megaman: I'll bet old Duke can't fly. And that's one dog Captain N can't hack to make it so, can he?

Rush: No he can't. Arf. Arf.

Megaman: Yeah, this'll show him!

Rush: I wish you'd leave me out of it. Arf. Arf.


Megaman teleported into the strange world ruled by Geminiman. Its surface glittered with crystals. In the sky he could see maybe this was more like a moon? He couldn't really say for sure. Megaman and Rush made their way past Bomber Penguins and Nitros and finally reached a large metal podium. As he approached it, a familiar whistle announced the incoming teleportation of another robot...

Megaman: Breakman!

Breakman: Finally ditched your luggage, Megaman?

Megaman: Are you here to fight, Breakman?

Breakman: Fight? Actually I've come to congratulate you for making it this far. Dr. Light really outdid himself when he made you, didn't he?

Megaman: I guess...

Breakman: This won't end here, Megaman. You still have a long way to go.

Breakman's helmet shined and transformed into a version similar to that of a Sniper Joe.

Breakman: We're going to have one last showdown! So don't you dare die yet. I'll be waiting for you.

With that Breakman teleported away in a flash of red light and the bewildered Megaman watched on as the podium was destroyed, clearing a way for his entrance. Elsewhere another bewildered robot watched on...

Geminiman: What the hell was that!? Breakman didn't even try to stop him!

Geminiman: Something tells me that guy is on his own side.

Geminiman: Tell me about it! It's like he's just training Megaman to use that annoying slide better. Why did he just leave?!

Geminiman: There, there, Gemini. You'll always have me.

Geminiman: Thank you, my friend.

Geminiman: No, thank you!

The reflective robot remained deep in thought after dispelling his doppelganger. Breakman had betrayed them. It was obvious. But why had they been gathered in the first place if he was just going to let Megaman through without a fight? And he appeared to be the very last one left...why did Breakman just leave!?

Geminiman watched the monitors. Megaman was progressing through his subterranean lair quickly. The Penguin Makers were hardly slowing him down thanks to that damnable dogdroid of his! He used Rush Jet to just fly over them, as if they weren't even there. And then Rush Marine just skimmed through the underground lake...Megaman had almost reached Geminiman.

Geminiman: Well, we'll just have to throttle him then won't we?

At that moment Megaman burst through his shutters.

Megaman: Geminiman, give up now and I won't turn you into mega mush!

Geminiman: We don't think so, Megaman!

Before Megaman's amazed eyes Geminiman split into two and one of them came at him! They collided painfully and Megaman was thrown by the crystalline robot. He barely had time to get his bearings before the other one pounded into him. He could hear both of them laughing...but they wouldn't for long! Megaman equipped Needle Cannon and began to shoot at the maniac.

Megaman: (thought) Sizzling circuits! The Needle Cannon isn't having much of an effect on Geminiman...

Rush: Megaman! My databanks tell me Geminiman is afraid of snakes! Arf!

Geminiman shot the dog in anger.

Geminiman: Stay out of this, mutt!

Megaman: Hey! You can't do that to my dog!

Megaman shot at Geminiman with the Search Snakes and one of them instantly disappeared while the other shot him from behind with the Gemini Laser.

Geminiman: You might know my weakness thanks to that dog, but I'll still pulverize you.

Megaman dodged the next Gemini Laser and fired more snakes. Geminiman grunted as they tore into him, but Megaman also fell to the ground as he was hit by the Gemini Laser...from behind!

Geminiman: My attacks come from all sides, Mega Dweeb! useless!

Megaman dodged another laser, only to be hit from behind once more.

Megaman: (thought) Still, even if his laser keeps hitting me, my snakes are much faster.

Megaman and Geminiman traded blows and just before Geminiman was hit with Megaman's last snake, he exploded into pieces.

Megaman: Mega...what?

Captain N: Good going, Duke. You sniffed out Geminiman too! And just in looks like Megaman's about to fall over.

Megaman:! I had him!

Captain N: I believe you, Megaman. But it's never wrong to have a little help from your friends.

Megaman: No, I really had him! One of my Search Snakes was about to hit him!

Captain N: Of course it was, Megaman. You're tops at these games.

Megaman: But I am!

Captain N: Of course you are. You shouldn't feel bad at needing some help sometimes, Mega.

Megaman: Arrrrrgh!

Captain N: And now, thanks to Duke, we finally have the last of the elements. Now Drs. Light and Wily can finish their work on Gamma.

And so, Megaman and Captain N returned to Dr. Light's Lab. Dr. Light happily accepted the last of the elements and installed it within Gamma. It seemed that this particular element had been pre-made elsewhere for there was little to be done.

Dr. Light: Thank you, N-team. All we need now is the control device Dr. Wily built for the robot.

Megaman: Dr. Light, are you sure you can trust that mega rat?

Dr. Light: (With confidence) There's good in everybody, Megaman. You just have to look for it.

Captain N: (Laughs smugly) Hah hah hah. Yeah, well...Wily does wear a clean lab coat.


Dr. Wily and Doc Robot were watching the exchange on Dr. Wily's monitor. Geminiman (wasn't he just destroyed?) was dimly aware of if seeing it all in a dream.

Dr. Wily: Heh heh heh...and now I'm gonna clean up on Video Land.

Geminiman: (thought) Wasn't Wily working with Light all this time? What's going on .. ?

The mad scientist walked to his device. It was much smaller than Geminiman would have suspected. He held it with anticipation gleaming in his eyes

Dr. Wily: Right after my control device turns that "peace" robot deliciously evil. But first, we have to get Captain Nitwit and Mega Mite outta the way! heh heh heh ...

Dr. Wily's monitor continued to follow Captain N and Megaman as they headed towards a portal.

Dr. Wily: And I know just the bait to trap them with...those doggies!

Geminiman: (thought) I...must be in Dr. Wily's laboratory!

Doc Robot: Master! It looks like the Humanoids are awakening!

Dr. Wily: looks like you're right, Doc Robot! I think it's time they learn who their real boss is.

Geminiman screamed as he felt his mind being rewritten. He felt new instructions being programmed into him.

Dr. Wily: And, while I work on restoring these losers, prepare your counterpart, Doc Robot. While reprogramming these Humanoids will be a snap, Gamma will take some time to steal and complete.

Doc Robot: Right, Master!

Breakman:...and what about me, Wily? Where do I fit in this plan?

Dr. Wily: All in due time, Protoman. You'll face your brother very, very soon.


Meanwhile, Captain N and Megaman went to California Games World where Dr. Wily once made them face off against the Robot Masters from the Second Great Mining War in a game of football. This time, however, they were there only for rest and relaxation on the beach of this world...

Captain N: Come on, Duke, go, go!

Megaman: You got him, Rush, mega go go go!

Duke and Rush were in a surf-off, somehow. They were neck-and-neck as their owners cheered them on. Their eyes widened as a large wave appeared, putting their rivalry into question. Duke gracefully slid to shore while Rush clumsily slipped from the board and into the water. Thankfully he washed onto the shore unharmed.

Captain N and MM both run to their dogs.

Captain N: Way to go, Duke, you won paws-down.

Megaman: That's okay, boy. You'll beat his tail off in the frisbee free-for all.

At that moment, Megaman got a call from Dr. Light on his helmet. Hesitantly Megaman answered it.

Dr. Light: Calling Mega Man! Calling Mega Man! Come in, Megaman!

Megaman: I can hear you, Dr. Light. You don't need to say that every time I answer the phone.

Dr. Light: (Totally ignoring the previous remark) Megaman, the Galactic Council has just contacted me. There's trouble on the mining worlds again. I need you and Captain N to deal with that as Dr. Wily and I finish the peace robot.

Megaman: We're on our way, Dr. Light!

Dr. Light: This is Dr. Light. Over and out!

Megaman: Honestly, you don't need to say that, I can tell when you hang up.

To be continued ...

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Jacob as .....

Anton as .....

Nobody as .....
dead mug
C.J. as .....

Gizmo as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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