Series 7 Issue #11 - Remnant Part 2


The day following the mysterious destruction of RPD HQ, another announcement is made. The Mechanical Maniacs are in the audience this time...

The Mayor: ...And it is with great sadness that I report both Crorq and Gaderham are presumed dead under the rubble.

Geminiman: I, for one, shall never shed a tear for Crorq.

Snakeman: But Gaderham?

Geminiman: Yes, him I'll miss.

The Mayor: But at a time like this we cannot afford to leave the RPD without direction. We must look towards the future, and I can think of no one better to lead us into that future than the leader of the heroes of Monsteropolis...the one and only Torchman!

The Maniacs: What!?

Torchman: I ... YES! YES! Oh, I've waited and waited for this moment! And now that it's here I cannot...I...OH! YES! My moment! My - !

(Torchman begins to convulse.)

Blademan: Uhhh...

Sharkman: D-dood.

Torchman: All. Dreams. Have come to pass! Justice is served! I - I lived in a junk yard and now I - I - TRIUMPH! FOR I AM TORCHMAN!

(Torchman collapses.)

The Mayor: What the hell happened to him?

Bitman: I think he got so excited he popped a microchip.

The Mayor: Oh. Well, he can't be Chief of Police if he's gonna freak out like that. Oilman, you're up.

Oilman: ME!?

Rest of the Six: Him!?

The Maniacs: Why??

The Mayor: As Second-in-Command of the Sinister Six I think you're the most qualified. Judging from Torchman's...behavior, maybe you're really the brains behind the outfit anyway. I'll leave it in your capable hands, Oilman.

(Oilman beams with pride.)

Bitman: He's Second-in-Command?

Blademan: We have a Second-in-Command!?

Oilman: I won't let you down, Mr. Mayor! Citizens of Monsteropolis I won't let any of you down!

(The wails of the Mechanical Maniacs are lost in the crowd's roar of approval.)


(A short time later, the Sinister Six convene in Oilman's impromptu office, located in the RPD's underground facility.)

Blademan: Woah! And it's all yours now!?

Oilman: I know. All mine.

Sharkman: Dood! You're like...the king of the city! Or something. The king!

Oilman: Yeah, that's right. (Puffs up his chest) I'm a pretty important guy right now.

Sharkman: Hey, you - you're majesty - I was just thinkin' and wonderin'...since you're the king, you can give us all a little somethin'.

Oilman: A "little something"?

Sharkman: Dood! All the weed! Those pigs just burn it! I can burn it too! You gotta let me burn that shit up.

Blademan: Sharkie you're a genius!

Oilman: You're an imbecile. I'm not going to jeopardize my position just so you can get high.

Sharkman: But - Torchman said he'd -

Oilman: I'm not Torchman. We stick to the plan. I'm not going to let you two screw it up by doing something stupid!

Torchman: The plan? The plan's still on?

Oilman: Yes, the plan's still on!

Torchman: I just don't see the point of it anymore.

Oilman: Why? Because you don't get to be Chief of Police? No, the plan's still on, Torchman.

Torchman: It's not really that good.

Bitman: The plan is excellent. Our best ever.

Blademan: Our only ever!

Oilman: Stop. Sulking. The plan's still on.

Torchman: I just...okay. Whatever.

Sharkman: Shhh! Here they come!

(Sharkman tries to suppress his giggling as the Mechanical Maniacs enter the room.)

Shadowman: Oilman. Congratulations on your big promotion.

Oilman: Oh, this? Just a natural consequence of all our hard work finally paying off.

Sharkman: Dood! He's, like, king of the city! It's so tight, I'm gonna -

Hardman: Yeah, it's fan-flippin'-tastic.

Spark Chan: Torchie doesn't look too happy about it, though.

Torchman: ...

Topman: What, nothing? Really?

Torchman: Whatever.

Snakeman: Wow, not being the Chief really took the wind out of your sails. I've never seen you like this.

Oilman: Enough about Torchman and his shitty attitude. I didn't call you Mechs in here to chit-chat with Torchman.

Spark Chan: Hey, it's okay. I know we've had some history in the past, but that was 15 years ago. During all this time you've been doing your very best as members of the robot police department to protect the people of Monsteropolis. And that's good. I think you guys have something to be proud of. We've just came back, even if we're not technically members of the RPD anymore, so we understand the situation. You guys have seniority. And that's okay.

Oilman: Spark...

Spark Chan: No, no, let me finish. I just wanted to say that, even though we may not really get along, we're ready to work with you. After all, if we can work with Crorq we can work with -

Oilman: You're all fired. Effective immediately.

Spark Chan: Wh-wait, what?

Blademan: *snicker!*

Snakeman: You can't fire us!

Oilman: I just did.

Spark Chan: But why!? We're ready to work with you!

Oilman: Look, this whole "free-lancing" thing you had going on was all Gaderham's idea, and after Brain Bot's disastrous tenure as chief we just don't have enough in the budget to support a "rag tag team of heroes". So I'm letting you go.

Topman: What!? This isn't fair!

Bitman: Isn't fair? What isn't fair is that people just toss us aside because -

Oilman: This isn't a conversation. I want you people out. Goodbye. Try to keep the door from hitting you on your way out.

Magnetman: (Clenching his fists) I should -

Shadowman: No, no. It's fine. We're leaving. Oilman, you can take your new job and shove it!

Oilman: I'll do just that as you pack your bags and get out of here. You have until the end of tomorrow to vacate the Technodrome.

Sharkman: ROTFL, this is tight!

Hardman: What wuz that first word you said? What's a rotful?

Shadowman: Vacate the Technodrome? That's our base!

Oilman: No, it used to be your base. It was confiscated years ago and officially became RPD property when Crorq declared you all to be outlaws and that, as enemy robots, you were not entitled to own weaponized buildings like the Technodrome.

Shadowman: WHAT!?

Oilman: Heh, I gather nobody told you of this?

Bitman: Heh heh heh.

Shadowman: You can't just take away the Technodrome because we're outlaws! It's our property!

Oilman: Uh, did you think the RPD just fixed it up because Gaderham's your "bestest buddy?" No, you're morons if you thought that. It became an RPD resource the minute you became outlaws. And it was never given back to you. Gaderham pulled some strings and let you use it like you owned it, don't. The RPD does. I do.

Sharkman: Dood! I call Shadow's room!

Blademan: And I'll get that babe Needle's room!

Needlegal: You really creep me out, you know that?

Topman: You - you can't just evict us! We have rights! Even if you do own the Technodrome we have a few months to find a new place and get our stuff together.

Bitman: Hate to break it to you chuckles, but the RPD needs a new base since the old one collapsed.

Oilman: Right. As an emergency measure the Technodrome is our base effective tomorrow. Supplies are being moved in as we speak, so you'll all have to get out quickly or your junk will just be thrown out to make room.

Snakeman: You have no right - !

Oilman: GET OUT!

Magnetman: You...are we going to let this loser talk to us like that?

Topman: We've taken enough crap from this job.

Oilman: Hm? Are you lot sure this is how you want to go out?

Geminiman: Guys, he's the Chief of Police. We can't just attack the Chief of Police. We'd immediately become public enemy number one. Again. We just had our status as wanted robot officially lifted.

Oilman: Thank you, Geminiman, I knew you were the smart one.

Geminiman: Even though he's a total asshole.

Needlegal: Look, this is fine. We lost the Technodrome? Well, we lost it before. We're not on the RPD payroll? We spent years not being on the RPD payroll! You know what? Let's do what we did the last time we lost the Technodrome - a worldwide road trip! We'll travel all around the world and not have to deal with this jerk at any time.

Hardman: Dat's good thinkin'.

Bitman: Oh, wow. They sure showed us.

Waveman: Awwww, I'll miss 'em.

Bitman: Damn it, Waveman.


(The Maniacs leave and get to the Technodrome. They take a stroll down its large corridors for what feels like the last time...)

Topman: So long feels like we just arrived here.

Magnetman: You guys have had this base since forever, haven't you?

Geminiman: Actually, this is the second Technodrome. The first we bought after briefly striking it rich. That was destroyed when we beat Unicron and saved the entire world.* This base was actually made by one of our old enemies, Bizarro Shadowman as he suffered some kind of nervous breakdown.**

(*Series 2, Galvatron Returns Part 3 ** Series 5, the Unnamed)

Magnetman: What? You're telling me that this entire time we've been living in a base made by one of your old enemies!?

Topman: We actually told you right from the start.

Magnetman: What, 15 years ago? I can barely remember any of that! This sounds like a HUGE mistake.

Geminiman: Bizarro's long dead.

Magnetman: It just seems so stupid.

Geminiman: He's dead, Magnet! As a doornail. Besides, the original Technodrome was previously owned by an evil, megalomaniacal brain from another dimension, so it's not like you would be better off.

Spark Chan: You never told me you defeated Unicron.

Topman: It was before your time.

Snakeman: Or me.

Topman: Yours too!

Geminiman: Look, it was before half the team's time.

Magnetman: I'm not sure I believe you. Mesmerman must have messed with your heads big time.

Geminiman: Look, we had a lot of crazy adventures, okay?

Shadowman: If you find that hard to believe, I don't suppose you'll believe that we fought a giant poop monster?

Snakeman: What!?

Hardman: No. Way.

(The Maniacs reminisce about their adventures as they pack away their belongings Soon they go to their energy chambers to recharge for the night.)


(Topman is awoken by loud rumblings. The entire room is shaking.)

Topman: What's going on? Snake? Shadow?

(Topman looks around and finds himself alone.)

Topman: (Thinking) Damn, everyone's gone. What's going on here?

(Topman skates towards the control room where he find himself surrounded by...)

Topman: Foot Ninja!? What the heck are you guys doing here?

Foot Ninja: ...

Topman: Right, the strong silent type. Well, none of you seem that tough to me.)

(With great speed Topman subdues his assailants. More try to come, but he knocks those away with the powerful spinning kicks he's become known for.)

Topman: What is going on here?

(Topman checks the computer.)

Topman: Someone's turned on the old security system!? AHH!

(Topman beats off a horde of Mousers that come out of nowhere to attack. Topman spins in place and scatters the small robots away.)

Topman: Whatever! I'll use my security override to stop the manufacturing and cancel these third-rate robot master wannabes!

(Topman inputs his command, struggling with Foot Ninja all the while.)

Foot Ninja: Topman, what do you think you're doing!?

Topman: Wait, did you - ?

(Topman is then knocked aside with a powerful blow to the head.)

Topman: (While on the floor) Ow, what the...Hardman?

Hardman: Finally! Lil' buddy whadya think yer doin'!?

Topman: I - where are the Foot Ninja?

Shadowman: There's only one ninja here. And his head is killing him!

Topman: The Technodrome's not shaking any - oh wait, there it is!

(The Technodrome really begins shaking this time and the Mechanical Maniacs are thrown to the floor as their mobile base begins to move.)


To be continued ...


Classi Cal as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Hadrian Howell as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Kenta (Kassidy) Eigen as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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