"It all happened a long time ago."

Series 7

After Megaman 3, the eight Robot Masters Shadowman, Spark Chan, Geminiman, Snakeman, Topman, Hardman, Needlegal, and Magnetman decided to become superheroes more out of boredom than anything else. They called their team the Mechanical Maniacs! They ran out of the Technodrome which was moved to Monsteropolis and used advanced Transmetal 2 armour created for them by Dr. Light.

After fighting many battles and saving the world more than once, the Mechanical Maniacs became members of the Robot Police Force, sworn to defend Monsteropolis against those that would seek to destroy it. Unfortunately for them this included the nefarious General Cutman. The mad robot from another dimension had revealed himself to be very much alive and teamed up with the master of illusions, Mesmerman, in order to wipe out humanity and bring Elysium to the world. Thanks to the collective effort of every robot on Earth, the both of them were defeated.

That was 15 years ago.

Nobody has seen the Mechanical Maniacs for a very long time. Some think they're dead. Others think they're just retired. With Wily gone at last and Light leading Monsteropolis most members of the free world are breathing a sigh of relief in this time of peace and repair. Others, however are not so idle and the wise know that peace and quiet can only last so long.

What ever happened to the Mechanical Maniacs?


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