Going Underground

Series 9

After the death of Wily and the retirement of Mega Man and Dr. Light, the Robot Masters of Mega Man 3 joined the Robot Police Force to fight for justice as ... the Mechanical Maniacs!

The Mechs have had many adventures over the years. They've been freelance heroes, journeyed to another dimension, and fought a war that nearly tore the world apart. Orchestrated by the depraved General Cutman, the Scissor Army rampaged across the globe over 15 years ago in a quest to exterminate humanity and it took ages for the world to regain its composure.

The world became quite different than the one before the war. Most of Wily's old forces went into hiding in a place only known as the "Wily Underground" located several levels below the surface of the multi-layered city of Monsteropolis as others - those not made by Wily - have joined the Robot Police Department. This is coupled by an energy crisis that grips the world and makes surviving a precarious thing for those not privileged enough to be connected to official channels.

If that weren't enough, the reemergence of the Robot Masters has caught the attention of the Galactic Council; the until-now unseen rulers of the known galaxy. With most of the old members dead at the hands of Mesmerman, the council has remade itself with new members - Princess, Tar, Terra, Trio, Ra Moon, Mr. Holzenbein, and the corrupt Chief of Robot Police, Crorq.

Knowing Crorq's corrupt nature and seeing that he would eventually succeed in joining the powerful council, the Mechs decided to take action. As most of the team fought and defeated the resurgent Scissor Army once and for all, Snakeman, Shadowman, and Magnetman tried to take Crorq out, but were soundly defeated by the powerful Trio. After narrowly escaping imprisonment, the Mechs had their badges and status stripped by their enraged former boss and are at the top of the world's most wanted list.

Hunted and without resources the Mechs have no choice but to turn to the Wily Underground for shelter. Unfortunately everyone they know there wants them dead.


Nobody as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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