Series 9 Issue #19 - The Mechanical Maniacs VS Gamma's Disciples

Long ago, in a bank in Downtown Monsteropolis ...

Cyberman: Cyber Virus! There, guys! Now the silent alarm will never go off.

Gemman: Excellent work, Cyberman. With these funds Master Wily can fund his schemes of world domination! He will be forever grateful to us!

Clawman: You'd think he'd have built a Goldman by now, wouldn't you?


Gemman: SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH!!! Wily is perfect!

(Gemman staggers back as he's hit with a Shadow Blade.)

Gemman: GAH!! WHO DRAES!?

Shadowman: We dare!

Ninjaman: It's them! Wily's always wanted us to take them down.

Clawman: Excellent. I've always wanted to get my claws into that Shadowman creep.

Geminiman: It's time to meet your makers.

Omegaman: DARK SIX! ATTACK!!

Cyberman: Cyber Virus!

Geminiman: Gemini Shield!

Shadowman: Shadow Blade!

Ninjaman: Ninja Star!

Clawman: Raging Claw!

Needlegal: Uff!

Shadowman: Gak!

Gemman: Gem Boulder!

Cyberman: They're stronger than us.

Gemman: That is because the Weapons haven't attacked.

Omegaman: Indeed, but we are done charging now.

Topman: Oh, crap!

Ultimateman: Ultimate Light!

Sparkman: GAHHH!!!

Omegaman: Omega Blast!

Sparkman: Spark Charge!

Geminiman: Charged Gemini Shield!

(The Weapons' blasts are deflected off Geminiman's shield and into the Dark Six!)

Gemman: GAH!

Ultimateman: NO!

Clawman: We still have our secret weapons! The way we've been spreading our crime wave. ATTACK, MY MINIONS! THE TIME HAS COME TO REVEAL YOURSELVES!

Needlegal: Everyone, be ready for anything! We - eh?

Woody: Time to wrap this up, guys.

Buzz: To infinity and beyond!

(The toys all jump Needlegal.)

Chucky: We're gonna have ourselves a party.

Woody: Aw, man, you're so creepy.

Chucky: You're one to talk.

Chip Hazard: Get it together, men! Eradicate our enemies!

Buzz: I hate to do it, but we must. As the Dark Six's toys!

Clawman: Mwah hah hah hah hah! Wily's Smart Darts have given us an army! And even more are on their way!!

(Hardman and Needlegal easily squash the renegade toys flat.)


(It was a quick battle after that.)

Officer bot: Thank goodness for you, sirs. But which Mega Man 3 team are you?

Shadowman: You can tell the world that Gamma's Disciples just cleaned up the town, gramps. Come on, guys! We'll go back to the base and celebrate our victory!

Magnetman: What should we do with the Dark Six?

Shadowman: Bring 'em along! They'll love our commune.

Hardman: Great idea! The leader will show them the light of Gamma.

Officer bot: Wait, what?

Geminiman: Don't worry, officer. We'll be fine.

Officer bot: I'm not sure I can let you do that.

Sparkman: Don't worry, we're officially sanctioned rehabilitators. The Dark Six will finally see the light!

Ninjaman: (Dazed) What?

(And so Gamma's Disciples take the Dark Six to their commune located on the outskirts of the city a level below the surface. The building is well maintained with a steady crew of workers and their leader greets them at the gate.)

Mr. Holzenbein: Welcome back, Disciples!

Gamma's Disciples: Hello, leader!

Mr. Holzenbein: I see we have more brothers to welcome into our fold! Come, my new friends. We'll get you all set up.

Cyberman: Uh ...

Ultimateman: I'm not sure how to react to all this.

Cheerbot: Greetings, new friends! We'll fix you right up!

Sexyman: Come, my friends. There are no judgments here.

(The ladies usher the Dark Six away while the Disciples follow Holzenbein.)

Hardman: I'm kinda worried about letting those bad guys into our commune, Leader.

Mr. Holzenbein: "Bad guys"? Haven't I told you before? There is no "bad", but shades of gray, my large friend,.

Hardman: Y-yes, of course!

Needlegal: And how is our wayward friend, Leader?

Mr. Holzenbein: *sigh* He still refuses to see Gamma's light, my child. But he will. It's only a matter of time ...

(Elsewhere, the Dark Six are led into a dark area of the compound...)

Gemman: I'm getting a bad feeling about this, guys.

Cyberman: They seem nice enough, Gem. You've gotta be more trusting!

(The Dark Six are hit with a bright light and they fall to their knees. They are then held down by cables emanating from a large machine.)

Quint: Oh, look. Guests.

(The Dark Six blink away stars as their eyes adjust. They can see two other robots besides themselves similarly restrained.)

Clawman: Who the hell are you losers supposed to be? You're Quint, right?

Quint: The one and only! (Well, maybe not 'the only' come to think of it.)

Shadowman: And you can call me ... *sigh* just call me Ninjaman.

Clawman: WHAT!?

Cyberman: LIAR!

Shadowman: What? What did I say?


Shadowman: What!? (Wait, there really was a Ninjaman this whole time? I thought I misheard that when I met you guys before, but there really was?)

Cyberman: Not cool.

Clawman: I can't believe you just called yourself that. Don't you have any respect for the names of your fellow robots?

Gemman: You're just like that Airman lookalike that goes around calling himself Waveman.

Shadowman: SHUT UP! Look, we're getting outta here and, as much as I can't believe I'm stooping to this, it makes sense for us to work together.

Omegaman: It makes sense for you to SHUT YOUR TRAP!

Ultimateman: Yes! Shut your trap!

Ninjaman: Shut your name stealing trap!

Clawman: Shut your trap, jerks!

Cyberman: Shut it!

Shadowman: Well, fine then!

(As if on cue, another Magnetman sneaks into the enclosed space...)

Magnetman: Alright, you go ahead and be stubborn.

(Magnetman undoes the restraints on Shadowman and Quint as the Dark Six watch on in shock.)

Quint: My thanks, Jonathan.

Magnetman: No prob.

Ninjaman: Hey, wait! Free us too!

Shadowman: No, you wanted to be stubborn, so be stubborn.

Ninjaman: But - !

Shadowman: And you have a stupid name too.

Cyberman: JERK!

(Shadowman, Magnetman, and Quint are off as the Dark Six stare daggers at them and struggle with their restraints. Suddenly, there's an ear-piercing noise and the Dark Six's struggles grow more urgent.)

Magnetman: We're really just leaving them there?

Shadowman: Oh, they'll be fine. They live on to bother Torch and company. They deserve each other! And I can't believe there's actually a Ninjaman! Actually, I've been meaning to ask. First Hard Chika and now Jonathan ... how are you getting those old armors back, Quint? They were passed on and built over.

Quint: Time travel.

Magnetman: And it feels good to have it back. I can't believe you gave the armor to the guy who jumped me!

Shadowman: Mesmerman got to me. I really thought you had just up and disappeared like some of our other ... members ...

(Shadowman eyes Quint suspiciously and Quint looks just a little nervous.)

Shadowman: You know, I can't believe I'm even here helping you.

Quint: Yes, yes, you've been saying that all day. And I'm sorry! I had no idea you'd be blamed for Megaman's disappearance! It is sorted and ... maybe Megaman will return one day -

Shadowman: "Maybe!"

Quint: Let's just clear up whatever anomaly I found in this point in time.

Shadowman: And investigate just how that creep Holzenbein brainwashed my team.

(Elsewhere, Mr. Holzenbein gets a back rub by Needlegal as the other Disciples make chakra cleansing products and magnetic bracelets ...)

Needlegal: How are you finding your massage, sir?

Mr. Holzenbein: Excellent, my sweet. How are those healing crystals coming, Magnet?

Magnetman: Excellent, sir!

Mr. Holzenbein: And Snakeman, your tenacity for infiltrating electronics has been quite useful. Our commune has attained even more wealth thanks to your schemes.

Snakeman: Thank you, sir! But, tell me ... why are we even doing this? As you have said, money is the root of man's evils.

Shadowman: And we sincerely thank you for relieving us all of this evil!

Topman: And our old lives.

Hardman: It's like ... a great weight's been lifted. I know I have no way of knowing, but it feels like I've never been this happy.

Sparkman: I know exactly how you feel, good buddy.

Magnetman: Sometimes you have to wash out the filth, right sir?

Mr. Holzenbein: Quite right.

Snakeman: Um, but ... well ... I have a question.

(The Disciples gasp.)


Mr. Holzenbein: Oh?

Snakeman: It's just that ... you've done us all a lot of good by removing the vile corruption of money, so ... why exactly are we ... taking ... more ... ?

Shadowman: Snake! I'm surprised at you! How can you question the master!?

Mr. Holzenbein: Hah hah hah! It's okay. It's like this: Money truly is the root of all evil, which I have removed from your lives. However, the world itself is evil! And to survive and thrive in it, we must use its own means, which means our commune requires currency. To shield you all from its corruption, only I will expose myself to its influence.

Snakeman: *gasp*!

Geminiman: You're so brave!

Sparkman: But if you're corrupted -

Mr. Holzenbein: Don't worry about me. As your dear leader, it's my place to risk myself in this way. Just as you risk yourselves by spreading Gamma's enlightenment as his Disciples. And I think soon our new friends, the Dark Six will be fighting right by your side!

Needlegal: And Ninjaman and Quint?

Mr. Holzenbein: ... I hope they soon allow Gamma into their hearts.

Cheerbot: (Bursting into the manufacturing facility) Sir! Sir!!

Mr. Holzenbein: Cheerbot! What are you doing here? The orgy isn't for another few hours yet and you have cooking to do with others of your caste.

Cheerbot: I know, sir, but Ninjaman and Quint have escaped!

Mr. Holzenbein: What!? Disciples, in your past life you brought these outsiders to our commune. I'm afraid they've become a threat to everyone here.

Needlegal: You can't mean - !

Mr. Holzenbein: I'm afraid they have forsaken Gamma. It may be that they yet serve his eternal nemesis, the Yellow Devil instead.

Needlegal: NO!

Mr. Holzenbein: It's time to seek them out and end them.

Sparkman: But ... I feel -

Mr. Holzenbein: OBEY MY COMMANDS!

The Disciples: YES, SIR!

Shadowman: Come on, team. We can't let Gamma or our dear leader down!

Mr. Holzenbein: Cheerbot, gather your caste mates. It seems like we'll have to move the orgy up in our schedule if we're to get anything done at all.

Cheerbot: Oh. Uh ... great.

(The Disciples race towards the location of the present day Shadowman and the time traveling Quint...)

Shadowman: They're still inside the forbidden barn!

Topman: RUDE! Even we aren't allowed into the forbidden barn.

Hardman: Actually, I'm pretty sure we were when we first came to the commune.

Shadowman: Yeah, everyone gets to commune with Gamma at the start. Actually, they're pretty lucky to be able to stay in there for so long, but we aren't allowed back in there and ... Hh. You know, I think we may have a problem here. How do we stop those guys if we can't get into that place?

(And inside ...)

Quint: I think people are gathering outside.

Magnetman: Whatever we're looking for is behind this wall. It's pretty much the last place we have to look.

Shadowman: Great! So we're drawing a crowd and we still can't get through this danged door. I'm sure Gamma's in there.

Magnetman: If it's Gamma at all. I mean it's not like we know for sure. Everyone's just hooked up to cables. For all we know, Gamma is just a massive lie concocted by Mr. Holzenbein to gain his followers.

Shadowman: We just have to wait things out. Our backup plan should be falling into place any minute now.

Quint: "Backup plan?" You didn't discuss any "backup plan" with me!

Magnetman: It's not like you've been very forthright yourself.

Quint: Oi! You're supposed to be on my side here.

Magnetman: You haven't been known for your forethought. I mean, giving Juno all those chances - !

Quint: I - I had my reasons! And you can't deny that I handled that well in the end.

Magnetman: Yeah, I can't deny that. I think at the end he was even a little sorry. And considering what he did, it's just as well.

Shadowman: Eh?

Magnetman: It's a long story, man.

Shadowman: Okay, I think I see what we have here. It's one of "those" walls. You know the type. The ones that need "breaker" type weapons.

Quint: Oh, riiiiiiight.

Magnetman: So what we need is a Hard Knuckle or Crash Bombs or something?

Shadowman: Exactly!


Shadowman: So, uh ... does anyone have any Hard Knuckles or Crash Bombs handy?

Quint: Obviously not.

Magnetman: Well, shit!

Shadowman: Hey, wait. Do you hear that?

Shadowman: It's around here, I know it.

Needleman: It had better be! I'm getting pissed off.

(Clattering sounds are heard as something goes wrong.)

Geminiman: Watch it, Anton!

Hardman: Nnnnnnhhhhhhh...

Magnetman: Who's that!?

Shadowman: Our backup plan.

(Unexpectedly, another Mega Man 3 team rounds the corner.)

Sparkman: What the heck!?

Shadowman: Aw great, another group of lookalikes! Exactly how many of these are gonna pop up?

Topman: Can we handle this with a little more maturity than you did the last time?*

(*Series 5 How the Mechanical Maniacs Met Everyone.)

Shadowman: Whatever.

Shadowman: No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. We're not rivals. This is Polarisman. And I'm Ninjaman!

Shadowman: *pfft* Figures. "Ninjaman." What kind of name is that?

Shadowman: I'm the one who tipped you guys off about this joint, how about you cut the crap?

Quint: You called them!?

Magnetman: Hey, I really dig your take on the Magnet look, buddy!

Magnetman: Hey, thanks!

Shadowman: Don't encourage them, Magnet. We have enough trouble with imitators already!

Hardman: Nnnnnnhhhhhhh...

Topman: I'm inclined to agree.

Quint: May I have a word with you for a second, "Ninjaman"?

Shadowman: No, you may not.

Quint: This plan of yours is entirely too risky!

Shadowman: Oh, whatever.

Shadowman: "Ninjaman" ... where have I heard that name before? And your look ... have we met somewhere before? You seem so familiar ...

Topman: We've gotta hurry this up, guys. Snake can't keep those guys busy for long!


Snakeman: I don't see how you can possibly claim that -

Snakeman: Look, why don't we just invite my friend to settle this? You know, Iceman? Of the Sinister Six? I'm sure he'll have some words for another Mega Man 3 team opening up. It's actually becoming a bit of a problem.


Sparkman: Right, right. So, Gamma's right behind this wall, right? Hardy, if you please?

(With a grunt, the ever silent Hardman pounds through the resilient wall.)

Topman: At least! No more menial labor! Gamma is ours and so is THE WORLD!

Magnetman: What?

Shadowman: It was a different time.

Shadowman: Stop, trespassers!

(The Mechs whirl around to see the Disciples have entered the forbidden barn.)

Sparkman: What have you done with Snakeman!?

Snakeman: Nothing. Flameman and Iceman came around and pestered him for money and he kinda ran off screaming.

Shadowman: Aw, Ice was here and we missed him?

Topman: Focus on why we're here, Shadow. Gamma rightfully belongs to us! The real Mega Man 3 team!

Shadowman: Oh HOH! On that again, are you?

Shadowman: I thought we settled this already, Starman.*

(*Waaaay back in Series 5's retro tale How the Mechanical Maniacs Met Everyone.)

Shadowman: Don't call me that! When I'm like this, I'm Shadowman! Ten times the Shadowman than your lazy ass can be.

Shadowman: Them's fightin' words! If I'm so lazy how come I can hit you with the TOP SPIN!?

(Shadowman unbelievably Top Spins his rival and the two groups break into chaos.)

Shadowman: And eat a Rolling Cutter! And a Metal Blade! HAH!

Shadowman: Damn it, you're supposed to be Shadowman!!

Quint: What in the world was that!?

Shadowman: Holograms and ... look, it was a different time.

Shadowman: You CHEAT!

Topman: (Easily dodging Hardman's attacks) Something about this is nagging at me.

Needlegal: I know what you mean...

Needleman: It's because you copycats are losing! Like the rejected copies you are!!

E8 Geminiman: All of you are rejected copies!!!

(From out of nowhere, E8 Geminiman, E8 Protoman, E8 Shadowman, and E8 Rush attack everyone in sight.)

Magnetman: Okay, what the HELL is the deal here!?

Shadowman: It's those Elite Eight jerks again.

E8 Gemini: We're not the Elite Eight anymore.

E8 Proto: Although we are 1ee+.

E8 Gemini: You're looking at the first Mega Man 3 team! The Xtreme Team, bitches!!

XT Proto: Fuck right you *******!

XT Rush: Whoa! You really wanna use a word like that?

XT Gemini: Fuck yeah I do!

XT Shadow: It's time to quit while you're ahead and leave the team stuff to the real deal.

(The XT dive into the brawl and fight anyone within reach.)

Quint: Is this part of your plan too?

Shadowman: Uh ...

Shadowman: God damn it! Why does everyone have to rip off my look!?

Topman: You're not the only one being ripped off, Shadow.

Shadowman: Well, I'm the only one that matters.

Shadowman: Gah! The ego on you.

Geminiman: Oh crap, I'm starting to remember this.*

(*Lennon was the first XT Shadowman.)

Hardman: What're you talking about? Ga-Gamma cleansed us of our past ... right?

Snakeman: I ... I think ... I think we might have been brainwashed.

Needlegal: But sometimes you gotta wash out the - aw crud, we were brainwashed!

Needleman: I'll do something to yer brain, you cheap knockoff.

Geminiman: (Quietly) We have to get outta here. We can't risk altering our own past.

Topman: I think I ...

Magnetman: What are you babbling about!?

Geminiman: (Whispering) We're the Mechanical Maniacs.

Magnetman: What? I'm in the middle of fighting a copy of Rush and keeping another Magnetman at bay, you're gonna have to speak up.

Geminiman: (Whispering) We're the Mechanical Maniacs.

Magnetman: What!?



Shadowman: WHAT!?

Magnetman: Did you really have to shout that at the top of your lungs?

Shadowman: Hey!

XT Gemini: HAH!

Needleman: SHUT UP! (hits XT Gemini with Needles)

Shadowman: Oh, I cannot believe this! First you say you're a Mega Man 3 team and now you say you're another Mechanical Maniacs!? You name-stealing copycats are going down!

Shadowman: Wait! We never said that. What are you guys doing?

(A door booms open and an angry Mr. Holzenbein enters the building.)

Mr. Holzenbein: What is going on here!?

Shadowman: SIR!

Magnetman: That guy ... he brainwashed us!

Shadowman: *gasp*!

Geminiman: I'll bet there isn't really a Gamma after at all!

The old Mechs: *gasp*!

Shadowman: Nooo, Gemini! If you talk like that you'll get sent to the Yellow Devil!

Mr. Holzenbein: Oh? So my precious disciples have decided to abandon me? After I showed you the truth of Gamma!?

Geminiman: THERE IS NO GAMMA!?

Geminiman: There isn't?

Magnetman: Did we just waste our time here?

XT Gemini: All you bitches are a waste of time. Suck my donkey balls!

Shadowman: NO!! We're going to beat these copies to a PULP!! EVEN IF THERE IS NO GAMMA!!

Mr. Holzenbein: Oh, so that's what you think!? You think I'm lying!? Even after all the truths I showed you!? Even after all the orgies!?

Needlegal: Yeah, we didn't take part in those.

Sparkman: Well ... you guys may not have, but ...

Mr. Holzenbein: UNLEASH THE GAMMA!!!!

(The wall before the Mechs erupts as a giant fist attacks the entire group, including Mr. Holzenbein!)

Mr. Holzenbein: GYAAAHHHH!!!

Geminiman: Oh crap, there really is a Gamma here!


XT Gemini: AW, crap!

XT Proto: Shit just got real.

XT Gemini: Time to beat feet, ******!

XT Shadow: Really!? But, we can fight here and -

XT Gemini: Fuck it!

XT Rush: But - !

XT Proto: Fuck it! Let's go back to base and get wasted!


Gamma: (Blasting the fleeing Xtreme Team) Good riddance! Now all of you, BOW BEFORE ME!

(Cables shoot up from the ground and both teams beat them back.)

Shadowman: This is getting dicey.

Gamma: Embrace the cables and your destiny as my disciples.

Topman: No thanks!

Shadowman: Gamma! What the Hell!?

Topman: Uh, I propose a temporary truce.

Shadowman: Agreed!

Shadowman: Deal!

Topman: Just try to go easy on him.

Shadowman: Of course we will! He's our savior!

Sparkman: We're gonna have a talk about that later.

(The Shadowmen attack with blades, cutting down cables left and right while the Snakemen and Topman attack with snakes and spins. The rest of the Mechs hold Gamma at bay and - )

Magnetman: This is going surprisingly well.

Geminiman: I thought Gamma was supposed to be tough.

Topman: He is! With Gamma we can rule the world!

Shadowman: *sigh* Is that really still the plan?

Hardman: I hate to break it to you, but this thing's just the upper half of the body.

Shadowman: What!?

Hardman: And it looks like it's hollow!

(Sure enough, after multiple attacks, Gamma's hollow interior is revealed .)

Gamma: GAHH!! Stop! I'll give you one more chance to surrender and become my loyal disciples.

Hardman: Thanks but no thanks, you big bag of hot air.

Hardman: Nnnnnnhhhhhhh...

(The two Hardmen fire their Knuckles at Gamma's torso, shattering it into pieces.)

Topman: So much for finding Gamma.

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out alright...

Sparkman: Oh no you don't!

Shadowman: You're not stealing that too!

Needlegal: Uh, but didn't we learn something too?

Needleman: The nerve on you!

Shadowman: Now that we've finished with that fake Gamma, we're gonna finish with you.

Shadowman: Damn it, Gamma or no Gamma, I'm not just going to give up! Disciples! Get ready!

Magnetman: (Whispering) What's the call here?

Sparkman: (Whispering) We have tons more experience, we can take 'em ... but ...

Shadowman: (Whispering) This may be our toughest battle yet. Guys ... we've gotta take a dive.

(Afterwards, the Mechs are taken home to the present time...)

Magnetman: That was humiliating.

Hardman: No kidding.

Geminiman: Can we make a promise never to wear knockoff Robot Master armor again? I find it very disturbing that it had a back door program bypassing all our firewalls and anti-virus software.

Sparkman: I'm gonna go with a big "yes" to that.

Quint: And how about being more careful when traveling in the past? Contacting your past selves was dangerous!

Shadowman: Yeah, yeah.

(The Mechs exit Quint's Time Skimmer.)

Magnetman: Well, guys, it's been real. Don't be strangers!

Magnetman: Yeah, uh, you might wanna look after yourself when on this adventure with Quint.

Magnetman: Oh, I will.

Needlegal: And you! You'll clear things up for us, won't you?

Quint: Well ... we'll see. I really didn't expect you to be blamed for Megaman's death. There may not be anything I can do about it.

Geminiman: I'm not worried. We've dealt with worse.

Magnetman: How very optimistic of you.

(With a final farewell, Quint and the Magnetman of the past depart.)

Hardman: Another adventure ends and once more we get nothing outta it. You'd think I'd have learned something about this by now.

Sparkman: At least we still have each other.

Shadowman: And the money I invested while in the past.

Needlegal: What!?

Shadowman: Oh yeah! Screw Quint and his time travel rules. We should be rolling in dough by now.

(Shadowman searches his pockets.)

Shadowman: Uh ...

Geminiman: Well?

Shadowman: I, uh ... I can't find my wallet or phone. And ... all the account information was on that.

Geminiman: What!?

Needlegal: Nobody panic. Shadow, did you leave it on Quint's Time Skimmer? When was the last time you actually saw it?


Shadowman: Oh, shit. I'm just remembering ...

(Back in the past.)

Magnetman: You stole Ninjaman's wallet?

Topman: How low can you go?

Shadowman: Hey, I'm a ninja, remember? It's kinda my thing. Lessee what we have here ... AHAH! Look at this fake ID. He was set to steal my identity! "Ninjaman" ... like Hell! With a crappy name like that I can almost forgive him for wanting to be me. Almost. Well, once I hack into this thing, the stealing tables will be turned. You are in for a nasty surprise the nest time you check your account balances, my name-stealing friend.

(And, in the present.)

Geminiman: What did you do with the money?

Shadowman: I - I - I ... blew it on comics and DVDs.

Topman: Weak.

Shadowman: And I blew it all up when I had to blow up our base!!

Topman: Super weak.

Shadowman: DAMN IT! This is all because there were so many stupid copies of me running around!

Snakeman: One of which was you calling yourself "Ninjaman."

Shadowman: GAH! That's right! Dammit dammit DAMMIT!!! Every time! EVERY GOD DAMNED TIME!! Why can't time travel ever pay off!?

Sparkman: But why didn't he remember stealing it when he invested his money?

Hardman: I guess it's because he changed his own timeline by calling on the original Mechs to help us fight the Disciples and it's only now catching up with him.

Sparkman: And another thing, why did we even go back in time? We never found what we were looking for!

Needlegal: This is Quint we're talking about, remember?

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out alright...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Magnetman: I am engrossed in what we could have possibly learned from this venture.

Needlegal: We learned that having doubles is a real pain. Starman should have just been happy with being the best Starman he could be instead of trying to be Shadowman. And it can get really confusing having so many people calling themselves the same thing.

Magnetman: I'll say! And - waitaminute. Shadowman was Starman this whole time!? The same Starman that hangs out with the Ascendant Androids!?

Needlegal: No, this was a different guy.

Shadowman: And Geminiman was also Shadowman for a short time there.

Magnetman: Damn it, this is exactly the problem! It's too confusing! So, not only were there three Shadowmen running around (not counting "Ninjaman" here), but they're just paper cups! Replaced before you know it by someone else with the same damned name.

Shadowman: Says Magnetman number four.

Magnetman: Oh, sure. Throw that back in my face.

Topman: Well until Magnetman comes to terms with our complicated history, we are ..... The Mechanical Maniacs!












(Years ago, after the battle, a figure emerges from the broken form of the false Gamma ...)

Mesmerman: Well. Well well well. It seems as if I have company in my excellent adventure through time. Well, that's alright. Quint and any helpers he brings around won't be enough to stop me. Hee hee hee!

Ninjaman: He-hello? Is anyone there?

Mesmerman: Eh?

(Mesmerman walks over towards a mostly buried part of the building.)

Cyberman: We're ready to accept Gamma into our hearts.

Gemman: Just let us outta here!

Mesmerman: ...

Ultimateman: Hello!? HELLO!?

Omegaman: Please!

Clawman: Stop it! This is just pathetic!

(Mesmerman walks slowly away chuckling to himself as the Dark Six wallow in the closed off part of the building.)

The End


Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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