Series 9 Issue #31 - The Dream Disciples

It's dawn at the central institution for time travel research in the entire world, a place known as the Chronos Institute. Guard robots are on patrol as unseen attackers ready themselves for action...

Quint: Right, then. You know why we're here. This place might seem lightly guarded, but don't let appearances fool you. It's already been sacked a few times, so we can't let our guard be lowered. I think stealth will be key here -

Metalman: Yeah, because we're known for being sneaky. Right.

Airman: We shall strike and instill shock and awe in our enemies.

Crashman: Now yer talkin'!

Quint: No! Listen to me! We need to work together! It's absolutely imperative!

Woodman: Naw, we got this.

Metalman: Let's go!

Quint: OI!

(Metalman, Airman, Crashman, and Woodman attack head-on in a full frontal assault.)

Guard bot: We're under attack!

Guard bot: I can see that! Let's show him what we're here for!

Quint: Those robots never listen. They should have been programmed to be team players.

Topman: They are. They're just on the wrong team.

Hardman: You can say that again.

Needlegal: This is better, though. Those idiots can draw all the attention they like. Let's go around back and get into the larger loading dock.

Magnetman: (sigh) Let's just get his over with. I'll try to disrupt any cameras this place has. We do not want this getting out. I don't want this getting out.

(After a furious fight, the teams of Wily-built robots make their way to the lab.)

Timeman: You - you people ... you're ruining everything!

Magnetman: Mighty sorry about that.

Timeman: You're sorry!?

(Timeman attacks the assembled group with his Time Arrows.)

Timeman: Sorry won't bring productivity back on track. Sorry won't bring back our budget you've just trashed! Sorry won't get us those meetings we missed because of your rampage! HUH!? Did you even think about our meetings and how messed up we'll be because we can't meet about anything today! NO! Nobody thinks about the meetings! Not to mention that we'll probably have to be closed tomorrow to repair everything you've wrecked!

(The overwhelmed Timeman continues his screeches right up until Hardman manages to knock him over the head with a Hard Knuckle.)

Hardman: Wow, those priorities...

Topman: I know, right?

Quint: And now, for the glory of Doctor Wily, the Time Skimmer is ours!

(Earlier, in the city of Monsteropolis, Hardman, Needlegal, Topman, and Magnetman are going to see the new Star Wars movie while wearing extremely conspicuous trechcoats as a disguise.)

Topman: I can't wait to see this without Shadow's constant complaining. You're not the target audience, man! Get over it!

Hardman: Yeah, now you'll have to deal with my constant complaining!

(Topman rolls his eyes.)

Needlegal: Maybe we can do this without any complaining?

Magnetman: I surely hope so.

Airman: Apologies, but that won't be happening.

(From nearby the Mechs spot another group of robots in extremely conspicuous cloaks that do nothing to help them blend in.)

Hardman: Oh great, the Sleep Squad.

Crashman: We're the Dream Team, jackass! And we'll be heckling this movie as much as we possibly can!

Needlegal: OH COME ON!

Hardman: Actually -

Needlegal: Don't you dare agree with them! I just want to see a movie without someone complaining about it or crashing in on my good time. Half the team's away doing God knows what - and that's the half that can't stand change!

Hardman: I can't stand it either.

Needlegal: Don't you dare, Hard, not today! I won't let this opportunity go to waste! I'm going to have a nice time out.

(From out of nowhere, Quint's Time Skimmer blasts into the middle on the assembled group like a bolt of lightning, appearing suddenly and without warning, hurtling everyone to the ground.)

Crashman: HEY! What gives?

Airman: It's a phone booth?

Woodman: Oh, man. I've seen these in old movies. People used to change in them all the time. It's like a privacy thing, right?

Magnetman: It's not a phone booth.

Metalman: Oh, sure. It just looks like a phone booth.

Needlegal: (groaning) We aren't going to be able to watch the movie are we?

Airman: And on the day Quickman is away ... I mean he's alright, but he can be a bit much. Let's just go.

Woodman: Aren't you curious to see who's in there? And what sort of costume he's wearing?

Airman: No.

Hardman: Let's see if I can't get this door open -

(The doors fly open as Quint staggers out form inside of the Time Skimmer.)

Quint: uhhhhhhgh ....

Metalman: Oh, look, it's Captain Pogostick. HAW!

Hardman: You look like hell! You alright?

Magnetman: What's happened? Was it Rockman Shadow?

Quint: YOU!! You backstabbing gits!

(With shocking speed Quints boards his Sakugarne and starts attacking Hardman.)

Quint: I can't believe the lot of you!

Hardman: Hey - HEY!

Needlegal: What's gotten into you!?

Quint: A sense of burning justice, that's what! Even felons should have some honor!

Airman: Debatable.

Crashman: HAW! Look at the ex-cops being wailed on. Never fails to get a laugh outta me.

(Crashman and the MM2 robots immediately get jackhammered by the enraged robot.)

Quint: You're even worse! What's wrong with you!?

Woodman: HEY! Cut it out!

Crashman: What did we do!?

Quint: You have the gall to ask me that!? You nearly destroyed the Time Skimmer! What is your malfunction!?

(Quint is finally knocked to the ground by a Hard Knuckle.)

Hardman: WHAT'S YOURS!?

Quint: What's mine!?

Hardman: Is there an echo here?

Magnetman: Why don't you settle down there, son. Yer liable to get hurt. We got ourselves a problem here.

Airman: (whispering) Did he say "Time Skimmer?"

Metalman: Yeah he did.

Airman: You do not suppose....

Metalman: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

(The Dream Team sneaks towards the Time Skimmer as the Mechs confront their wayward friend.)

Needlegal: Look, this is the first time in a long time we've been able to go out. And you're ruining it.

Magnetman: Honestly, pard, considering all we've been through together -

Quint: You people are unbelievable! I mean the flat-out gall of you! How - OI!

(The group notices the Dream Team messing with the Time Skimmer through the door, which can barely shut due to the amount of damage the device has sustained.)

Metalman: Nuts! They saw us. Get us outta here Wood!

Woodman: Right! Outta here. Which button do I press? Or is it a lever? So many choices ... I wish Heat here here to help me decide.

Crashman: Damn it, Woody! If you can't decide, let me drive!

Hardman: Hey! That thing might look like a dumpster -

Quint: OI!

Hardman: But it's really not something you should mess around with!

Topman: Actually it looks really beat up...

Woodman: I think I got it.

(With the press of a button the Time Skimmer engulfs the group in a temporal storm.)

Crashman: WHAT DID YOU DO!?

Woodman: Hey! This is the first time I ever flew a time machine!

Airman: You termite-ridden, lumbering, lummox! You've doomed us all!

(Much to the group's surprise Quint crashes into Woodman on his Sakugarne.)

Quint: GET OUT OF HERE! You people might be a bunch of idiots, but I won't let you be destroyed.

Metalman: Heroically sacrificing yourself? Have fun with that.

(The Dream Team waste no time running away, but before they can get far enough away, the area is engulfed in light.)

Topman: SHIT!

Needlegal: NO! NO!!! We can't be caught up in this! Not when we were so close!

(The light dims and ...)

Needlegal: And ... and ...

(And nothing has changed. In fact things looks somewhat nicer than they had before.)

Metalman: I guess the thing imploded.

Hardman: No. Quint was in there.

Topman: He can't be gone. Not like that.

Airman: Whatever.

Topman: "Whatever!?"

Airman: It's not like we knew him at all.

Metalman: Yeah, he's just a pogo stick driving loser.

Topman: HEY! He was a lot more than that!

Hardman: (Although he was kinda that too.)

(Topman gives Hardman a look.)

Hardman: Just keeping it real, Tops.

Magnetman: Quint was a real friend. He did a lot more than anyone ever gave him credit for. He deserves more than a "whatever."

Airman: He didn't do anything for the Wily Underground when we needed him. Nor did you. Onward, team. We have a movie to heckle.

(Soon, outside the theater...)

Needlegal: This can't be. This isn't the latest Star Wars! It's from ages ago!

Metalman: All these movies are!

Woodman: So many choices...

Crashman: We're not watching some moldy old movie, Wood. I didn't come all the way here for that!

(Within moments Quickman arrives on the scene.)

Quickman: And why did you come here? I was sent to look into that strange energy disturbance just now, not any of you. And more importantly, how did you beat me here!?

Metalman: We just want to see a movie, Quick. I didn't think you'd be back from ... whatever's got you busy.

Quickman: You should be busy too! Now isn't the best ... the Mechanical Maniacs!?

Needlegal: Yeah, hi, Quick.

Quickman: "Hi, Quick!?" Wait a tick...

(Quickman whispers into the communicator in his headset.)

Airman: Not to be rude, my friend, but is it wise to be so open? We're wanted by the Galactic Council! Put on your cloak or even a trenchoat if you must, but -

(Quickman whirls and fires a boomerang at Airman.)

Airman: What the deuce!?

Quickman: You're not Airman! This is some sort of trick!

Airman: What!?

(Seven other robots teleport in.)

Crashman: Who brought in the knockoffs!?


Airman: Try no to get so angry, Crash. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.

Bubbleman: But they didn't make me. Am I not good enough or something!?

Quickman: I'd say so, but they didn't make me either.

Heatman: Let's just burn these copies.

Magnetman: So much for our disguises.

Airman: Indeed.

(The team throws off their coats and robes!)

Hardman: That's better!

Magnetman: I dunno, somethin' seems off.

Needlegal: ...put your coat back on, Mags.

One intense battle later...

Metalman: That other me almost got me. But it's so weird. Does any one else have déjà vu?

Woodman: Naw, but I kinda feel like this all happened before, you know what I mean?

Topman: We've time traveled. We're at some point in the past.

Metalman: Oh yeah? Which point?

Topman: You're the ones who remember this fight.

Airman: We...yes. Yes! Come, team! We should return to Skull Castle.

Hardman: Skull Castle!?

Airman: It's been a long time, but I recall these events somewhat. Another team of impostors (ourselves, obviously) took our place for a time. I was quite cross my presence could compare with that of some other Airman, but now I see I was competing with myself. Heh, of course.

Topman: Oh, HELL no! You're saying we all have to work under Doctor Wily!?

Magnetman: I agree with flattop. It's bad enough I have to sully myself by becoming an uncommonly good criminal, now you expect me to side with Doctor Wily? And to fail too!?

Metalman: Nobody asked you dweebs to come.

Airman: And you already have agreed. Unless you wish to alter the flow of time you shall all follow my lead.

Needlegal: Your lead?

Airman: Indeed. We must go to Skull Castle, a place where I know much and you know little. I am well liked there and, in the bast case scenario, none of you will be recognized. In the worst case you'll be immediately attacked. You are part of the generation that betrayed Wily with your "teams," after all. It makes sense that I take the lead.

Woodman: I'm confused... why do they gotta come with us?

Crashman: I get it. Because those guys from way back had some guys from a Third Numbers team with them. Those guys were obviously these Mechs. Get it?

Woodman: ... No.

Crashman: OH. MY. GOD.

Needlegal: ...

Magnetman: Hate to say it, but ...

Metalman: Do whatever you like, We're goin' home.

Crashman: Yeah. I think I can keep the other us under wraps for a bit. Just gotta call the local authorities...

Hardman: You're calling the cops on yourselves!?!

Crashman: Yep. Don't worry, it works out alright. Heh, I remember being so mad about it all and swearing revenge. HAH! Anyway, you people can do whatever you like, I really don't care.

Needlegal: We'd better keep together. And like you guys said, we already went there. We don't really want to change time. And I've never even been to Skull Castle, so why not?

Hardman: You did not miss much.

Magnetman: This is gonna be rough.

Lightning flashes as the Mechs and Dream Team members arrive at the massive Skull Castle. Adorned with a giant skull and towers sculpted into the shape of bones, Wily's fortress lives up to its name...

Magnetman: This is a disgrace.

Crashman: You can still stay behind.

Metalman: Come on, guys, you don't get to go home again very often. Let's enjoy ourselves.

Topman: Let's try to avoid the Evil Eight if we can. If anyone'll recognize us, it'll be them.

Hardman: We look different, Tops. It'll be fine.

Topman: We don't look that different. Needle only has a different hat! The past Dream Team recognized us for crying out loud!

Hardman: They only knew we were a Mega Man 3 team and Quick took an intuitive leap, we could have played it cool. It'll be fine!

(Airman confidently opens the doors to Skull Caste, an air of satisfaction surrounding him.)

Airman: We have returned, my compatriots!

Punk: About time. We were wondering if you suddenly got lost on your way back from the trailer park.

Reggae: Yeah! Didja get lost, Airheadman?

Airman: It's Airman! Gah, you were always like this, weren't you?

Punk: Of course. Why wouldn't I be? I'm perfect just the way I am.

Reggae: That's right, Punk!

Bass: Shut up you two! You get on my nerves!

Punk, Reggae: GYAHHH!

Punk: R-right, Bass! Sorry about that.

Reggae: Sorry!

W. Waltz: Bass is so razor.

Needlegal: This is exactly the same as the Underground.

Topman: I guess some things never change.

Magnetman: I dunno, guys, there's a real energy here that just isn't in the Underground.

(The others take a look as a group of smiling Multimen lug a large piece of machinery around the large corridor. Buster Rod G happily plays tag with a group of MonKings, annoying Hyper Storm. Magicman impresses the easy-to-impress Dynamoman with a set of card tricks. And, all around robots are moving everywhere.)

Needlegal: You're right. Everyone's so full of ... hope.

Omniman: HEY! What's the big idea bringing those contemptible Mechs here!

(The crowd turns towards the newcomers.)

Topman: Uh....

(Omniman strides angrily up towards the newcomers.)

Omniman: You have a lot of gall coming here.


(The gathered crowd notices the Mechs for the first time.)

Topman: Uh ... hi?

Mr. Whiz: I knew it.

Airman: Oh, no. Not him.

Topman: Who?

Mr. Whiz: Looks like the replacements brought the rabble back.

Magnetman: What did you call me there, son?

Crashman: Now, look here, Whiz - !


Airman: I forgot how much I dislike that bot.

Omniman: We should kill you all at once.

Topman: Dude, we're not who you think we are.

Omniman: You're not our arch-foes? Members of the Robot Police Department? Dishonorable traitors to your creator!?

Topman: Our creator? At this point he hasn't directly made any of us.

Needlegal: We're Gamma's Disciples! That other Mega Man 3 team.

Bass: Oh, you lot. I've heard of you.

Needlegal: You have!?

Bass: You cause trouble everywhere you go. Nobody likes you and everyone you meets seems to want you dead.

Omniman: Don't be naïve! Those people may look different, but not that different! They're obviously the Mechs! The others put a little effort into their disguises, but Needlegal just got herself a new hat for crying out loud!

Junkman: Dad gum, dat hat is new, but the rest of her is the same!

Grenademan: What're you guys trying to pull!? Have you fallen in with the RPD!?

Airman: Perish the thought!

Hardman: Aw, come on! I'm not Hadrian! And this here is obviously not Kenta.

Multiman: We all know Hadrian was fired.

Multiman: Those Mechs can easily recruit new members. They do it all the time.

Multiman, Multiman, Multiman: YEAH!

Expressman: And that is Psycho, her I recognize.

Needlegal: I am not! I'm 100% Gamma's Disciples Needlegal!

Mr. Whiz: What's happened to the rest of your team, replacement!?

Woodman: Uh ...

Airman: The truth is that we encountered some RPD trouble and Gamma's Disciples helped us out of it.

Mr. Whiz: Oh, really?

Airman: Really. Look, sure Needlegal looks pretty similar, but the rest of these guys are totally different. You can trust us! We are the Dream Team after all!

Mr. Whiz: But you ain't Wily's Warriors.

Hardman: Ain't that the truth.

Crashman: Yeah, we're better in every way.

Mr. Whiz: Right.

King: Allow my fellow robot a place at the table!

(King strides into the room pushing past Whiz and Omniman both.)

Crashman: (whispering) Oh, crap. King.

King: LISTEN TO ME, MY FELLOW WILYBOTS! For the glory of robotdom we shall welcome all our wayward brethren should they see the light!

Magnetman: (whispering) Why haven't we run into this guy yet? Or a few of these guys, really?

Metalman: (whispering) The Underground's a big place. Generally people hang around people they like.

Expressman: You do NOT get to boss us around!

Omniman: You haven't fought these people before!

Mr. Whiz: How can you boss us around!? You were just remade! If anyone's giving orders around here it should be me!

Omniman: I don't care what any of you say - THESE PEOPLE ARE THE MECHS!

Piano: Except the Mechs are out there fighting the Slipstream Angels right now.

Omniman: THAT DOES NOT - what?

(The group crowds around Piano's cell phone.)

Magnetman: (whispering) Who are...?

Topman: (whispering) Out baddies of the week at the time.

Needlegal: (whispering) I know when we are now. It's been a while since General Cutman's big war ended. Hadrian had been fired after losing it and both Spark Chan and Magnetman quit. Right now our past selves are still cops. At this point Wily was tired of being upstaged and rebuilt his old Robot Masters. The Slipstream Angels are General Cutman's twisted take on Flashma'am, Quickma'am, and the Steel Devil.*

(*This all happened in the 15 year gap as detailed in Series 7's Life After Life)

Magnetman: (whispering) So a bunch of people that work for a guy I never met. Great. Totally not a waste of my time.

Dr. Wily: (Entering the large entrance foyer from a door positioned above the room.) Ah, visitors.

(The entire room stands at attention in a way Needlegal had never seen them do before as Doctor Wily descends into the room and approaches his visitors with Doc Robot trailing behind him.)

Dr. Wily: *humph* More knockoffs. Well, I suppose I can't fault someone for finding inspiration in some of my old designs, can I?

Doc Robot: Nope, you sure can't! Your designs are the best! Especially ones you outright stole!

(Wily glares at his robot doppelganger who takes just a moment too long to realize what he implied.)

Doc Robot: Oops! Sorry, Master!

Dr. Wily: Well, never mind.

Magnetman: We're just happy to be here.

Topman: Yep.

Crashman: Yeah. This place. The purpose. It's really something ain't it? Everyone had something to look forward to ...

Mr. Whiz: Eh?

Omniman: These people claim to be Gamma's Disciples. Or half of them, anyway. But they're clearly the Mechs somehow!

Hardman: the Mechs are fighting across town, genius!

Dr. Wily: I don't know them. But there've been a great many teams. Of course two third generation teams will look similar. Well, seeing as there's an entire team between the eight of you, you may as well form a temporary unit until the others come back. Yes ... YES! And together you shall help in in taking over ... THE WORLD!!!!

(Wily laughs maniacally as the Mechs and Dream Team awkwardly look on.)

Airman: Oh ... with them?

Dr. Wily: Indeed. And, just to make sure there is no funny business you'll have a chaperone.

Airman: That is entirely unnecessary! I, the greatest of all robots, am enough to fill the void!

Dr. Wily: You certainly do sound like Airman! Well, I'll let Quint oversee you. Just in case this is some sort of Robot Police trickery.

Needlegal: Quint!?

Quint: Oi, there mates! Follow my lead and everything will go on swimmingly.

Hardman: I guess it makes sense. He rebuilt you along with everyone else.

Quint: That's right, new Hardman. You know, in a past life I had a spot of trouble with the Mechs, but I just want you to know that will not impact our working relationship at all.

Hardman: Because we're not the Mechs!

Topman: Nope, not them at all.

Quint: Because those Mechs, well ... heh ... I hate them.

Needlegal: Oh? You do?

Quint: Absolutely! They were the death of me in a past life.

Airman: Nobody likes the Mechs.

Quint: Well, here's your chance to make up for all the trouble they put us through. As it happens your appearance here is perfect timing, gents. For we have a plan that can't be beat!

Quint and the Dream Team are positioned outside RPD headquarters patiently waiting for Dr. Wily's brilliant scheme to unfurl...

Airman: This will never work.

Metalman: Who cares?

Quint: Metal! That is awful. These people are your teammates! Fellow Wilybots oppressed by the iron fist of the Robot Police Department.

Metalman: *humph*

Airman: I mean having the Thirds infiltrate RPD headquarters works. But what you have them doing while in that position is just ...

Quint: Keep the faith, Airman! It'll work.

(Alarms blaze as Police bots outside mill about in confusion.)

Woodman: What's going on?

Crashman: We don't know! We're too far away!

(A wall explodes outwards as Crorq chases after "Gamma's Disciples" as they frantically outrun him and a horde of RPD robots.)


Crashman: SHIT!

Needlegal: Mission fail! MISSION FAIL!


Metalman: What're you doing!? Don't lead them all this way!

Airman: Foolish Mec - erm - minions!

Police bot: There are more over there!

Crorq: GET THEM YOU FOOLS! GET - oh no.

(Crorq lets loose what can only be described as ...)

Quint: Explosive flatulence!?

(The Mechs remove their disguises and battle back the RPD forces.)

Police bot: They weren't the Mechs at all!

Police bot: I dunno, Needlegal just switched out her hat ...

Quint: I ask again: explosive flatulence!?

Topman: Yeah, be sure to thank Toxman for that.

Needlegal: I mean, the part where we infiltrate RPD headquarters was good, but why have us try to poison Crorq instead of any number of other more useful things we could have done!? Why insist on it!?

Hardman: Just one of many ingenious Wily plans.

Magnetman: This is, by far, the most disgraceful plot I have ever been a part of. I mean, not only are we battling legitimate forces of law and order, and not only did we fail, but -


(Crorq lets loose an explosive burp.)


Quint: I agree with Magnetman, this is a disgrace. We may be villains, but there's no reason we can't do a bit of good in the world.

Crashman: What?

Quint: Come on! I have a plan. We will show the world that Wilybots can make a positive change in the world!

Airman: You're kidding, right?

The very next week, people scream in terror as the Wilybots try to help guide people in the woods...

Quint: Everyone, please! We're just trying to be friendly guides!

Scout Master: Run, kids! RUN! I'll hold off these monstrous robots!

Quint: Stop! We can be heroes too, even if Dr. Wily is bent on world domination!

Woodman: I don't think anybody is listening, Quint.

Needlegal: For once I'm with Woody. You realize people are afraid of Wily's robots, right?


Topman: Come on, you can't be scared of me. I'm Topman! I'm a top! People love tops!

Brat: Maybe fifty billion years ago.

Topman: HEY!

Scout Master: Don't hurt the child! He's so young!

Metalman: I get that this place is remote, so we don't gotta worry about people calling the cops, but really ... what were we supposed to be doing here?


Magnetman: (trying to stay out of sight) Please, nobody take a picture of me. This is humiliating.

Quint: ... Balls.

Later, at Skull Castle...

Dr. Wily: You numskulls! Dimwits! I don't want you stopping trouble, I want you causing trouble!

Woodman: We did try to poison Crorq.

Topman: Shoulda done that years earlier.

Dr. Wily: But you failed and it turned into an embarrassment!

Hardman: It was a hilarious embarrassment, though.

Mr. Whiz: Another failure, just as I'd expect from a bunch of replacements and clones like you.

Hardman: Holy crap do I not need this form the likes of you.

Mr. Whiz: Well it's true ain't it?

Airman: Give it a rest, Whiz!

Crashman: I will blow you up!

Mr. Whiz: If you can catch me.

Hardman: Okay, that's it! It's time to get back to form!

Mr. Whiz: Eh?

(Hardman busts out a hockey mask and a chainsaw.)


(Mr. Whiz screams like a little girl as Hardman chases after him.)

Crashman: I'll help!

Metalman: He can't get away from all of us, even if he's great at running away!

(Doctor Wily rolls his eyes as his robots chase after Mr. Whiz, oblivious to his scream.)

Quint: Doctor, I must say we're going through this all wrong. Think back. Don't you actually want to do good? You saved everyone during the Roboenza plague, you helped beat back the Stardroids, you aided in beating back Dr. Eggman when - hold on, when did that happen? It's so strange, I can't pinpoint when, but I'm sure -


Quint: But you want to take over the world to make it a better place, right!? Why not just go legit and -

Dr. Wily: Quint, you and I are having a fundamental misunderstanding here. I know what I'll do. Airman!

Airman: Yes, Doctor!

Dr. Wily: You are needed. Now, somebody fetch Dynamoman and Cloudman! I have a most ingenious idea...


Metalman: Creating a typhoon inside of Skull Castle is not what I consider to be an ingenious idea!

Dr. Wily: I only wanted a small test! A small one!

Hardman:Why did you insist on testing this inside of Skull Castle!?It was a dumb idea! Everyone told you it was a dumb idea!

Dr. Wily: All my equipment is here, fool! I can't have that meddlesome Megaman finding out about my plans and moreover I have everything under control!

Airman: I cannot control my own awesome power!

Cloudman: Shut me off! SHUT ME OFF!!

Dynamoman: AH HAH HAH HAH HAH! This is a RUSH! I LOVE IT!

Omniman: I knew it! You were trying to sabotage us!

(Omniman is blown away.)

Dr. Wily: Where is Bass!? He's always destroying my robots and now is the time for him to stop being annoying and start being useful!

Airman: Doctor! You can't mean that!

Needlegal: I think he snuck off to try and steal some cigarettes.

Dr. Wily: DAMN THAT BASS! Never there when you need him!

Needlegal: Woodman! Clog Airman's fan, NOW!

Woodman: You ain't the boss o me.

Quint: I'll save the day! No amount of rain, sleet, nor snow can stop me. When evil robots gather around the campfire telling tales of horror who is it they speak of? Who is the bulwark against the forces of chaos and ruin? Who!?

Hardman: Megaman.

Needlegal: Yeah, Megaman.

Metalman: When the lady's right, she's right.

(Quint aims for Airman's head with his Sakugarne, misses, and is blown away by Airman's torrential winds.)

Quint: Ooof!

Needlegal: What's this guy's weakness?

Metalman: Astroman's Copy Vision, mainly in destroying his recharging station.

Needlegal: And where is he now?

Crashman: Knowing him? Hiding under his sheets.

Metalman: Not that it matters; Dynamoman doesn't have his charging station right now.

Quint: Then it's up to us, Dream Disciples!

Topman: "Dream Disciples!?"

Quint: Target Dynamoman! Hardman is taking the least amount of damage so, Needlegal, Metalman, and Magnetman I want you to stay behind him and attack from afar. Meanwhile I want Topman and Woodman -

(The electrical storm abruptly stops as Quint is just finishing giving out his order. Woodman stands beside a knocked-out Dynamoman.)

Woodman: I just figured I'd march up behind him and clock him. For some reason electricity don't work too well on me.

Crashman: Way to go, Woody!

Airman: (smoking and shaking) Yes, good job.

Magnetman: A fine (and rare) show of decisiveness.

Woodman: Gee, thanks, guys.

Quint: *sigh*

(Later on in the month, the 'Dream Disciples' work to keep their true nature under wraps...)

Quickman: Finally! It's been a long, long road my friends, but we're almost home!

Flashman: I'll say!

Crashman: I can't wait to tear into those copies of us! I'll rip 'em a new one! Especially that two bit knockoff of me! Who wants to bet he calls himself "Clashman?"

Airman: I agree! Those fools think they can replace me!? HAH! Together we shall -

(The Dream Team of that era is suddenly blasted by a torrent of attacks!)

Metalman: You bushwhacking' - ACK!

Metalman: Sorry, me.

Crashman: I'll kill you! I'll tear you to shreds! Blow you to smithereens! I'll -

(Airman blows the past Crashman away.)

Airman: Quiet, you, let's not wake the entire castle.

Topman: I've got Heats under wraps!

Magnetman: Flashman's goin' nowhere.

Hardman: And Quick's not fast enough to get past me.

Quickman: Not when you people are waiting for us.

Bubbleman: How did you know we'd be here!? We didn't even know!

Magnetman: Them's the breaks, Scubaman.

Bubbleman: Did - did you just call me 'Scubaman'!? Ohhhhh, that's just -

(Hardman clocks Bubble right on the head.)

Hardman: Nighty night, Scubaman.

Metalman: Hey, back off, jerk. He's one of us.

Crashman: And, if I remember right, you didn't even like your fellow Wily's Warriors even back when you were Heatman! So, what exactly is your problem with us!?

Hardman: My problem!? I ain't the guy with the problem. The whole damn world has a problem!

Metalman: That's just asinine.

Woodman: No kidding.

Hardman: You're asinine.

Needlegal: Hard, come on. You've been taking any potshot you can at the Dream Team and, while we may not be the best of friends, they haven't really done anything to us. And Crash is right, you didn't like the Warriors! Wily forced you to join him and you constantly threatened everyone in Skull Castle, so why are you giving the Dream Team a hard time!?

Hardman: I am Hardman, after all.

Magnetman: Not the time, man.

Hardman: Yeah, yeah, alright. Yer right. I was always threatening to tear 'em apart with a chainsaw and it was me who ran off on my own during the war in a brilliant plan to die in a blaze of glory. And look how that turned out. I guess ... I guess I just miss the past. Even the parts I never really liked.

(Magnetman looks down on the unconscious contemporary members of the Dream Team.)

Magnetman: What about these guys?

Crashman: I hate to do this, past me, I really do.

(Later on, on a remote island...)

Shakeman: Welcome, brothers, to our island paradise!

Bubbleman: Huh? What's going on here!?

Submarineman: I know this is a surprise, but don't worry. It's not so bad here.

Flashman: And where is "here?"

Submarineman: Welcome to the Island of Misfit Robots!

Flashman: Misfits!? Us!?

Massageman: I know. Insulting, isn't it? To be regarded as a waste by the outside world.

Quickman: You people might be misfits, but we're not!

Massageman: Hey now! I, Massageman, have the power to relax anyone with my Massage Finger! Come, experience my power -

Crashman: Get away from me!

TV Man: Wanna watch some TV?

Metalman: NO!

Woodman: I might.

Heatman: What kinda choices we got here?

Flashman: Don't get them started on choices!

(Back at Skull Castle the Mechs and the Dream Team begin to acclimate to their current time period...)

Dr. Wily: I cannot believe you failed at yet another mission!

Magnetman: You got us to try taking over Monsteropolis with kitchen appliances!

Topman: We're war machines and you have us using kitchen appliances as backup? Seriously, why did you think that'd work?

Metalman: I hate to agree with flattop, but ...

Crashman: The plan sucked!

Dr. Wily: The plan was brilliant! Just ... get out! Out of my sight!!

(The team walks away.)

Needlegal: That man might be worse than Crorq.

Metalman: You think so?

Needlegal: Oh yeah! I can't believe you guys had to work under that kind of abuse. But then, it wasn't at all better under Crorq in the RPD.

Magnetman: Great benefits, though.

Topman: True.

Crashman: Wily ain't so bad. He really does care about all his creations. It's just buried deep down. You just haven't been around him long enough and have really only fought him. Give the old man a chance.

(The Mechs separate from their Dream Team comrades and head into a different, more secluded area of Skull Castle...)

Magnetman: And, speaking of Crorq ... (Magnetman looks around nervously) Maybe we should act a bit more ... decisively.

Topman: Wait ... what!?

Magnetman: What I mean is that the longer we stay here the harder it is to overlook the fact that we have ourselves a unique opportunity. We have detailed knowledge of what's to come.... how long are we just gonna sit on our hands while we work for a madman?

Needlegal: This is crazy!

Magnetman: Is it? Without Crorq, Spark Chan wouldn't have been forced to leave.

Topman: But who knows how it'd affect Leon. If he never became Sparkman he'd never be Elecman. What kinda life would he lead? It throws him right under the bus!

Magnetman: And that pains me.

Hardman: And you wouldn't even be made!

Magnetman: Which surely  pains me even more! But we can't be so selfish about this. We can stop Crorq from joining the Galactic Council and marooning them on Earth. We can prevent Mesmerman from coming back if we find and put a permanent end to that Middleman character.*

(*Middleman resurrected Mesmerman in Series 7's Life after Life)

Hardman: The man makes a good point. We don't have to just let any of that crap happen.

Topman: But what would happen otherwise? We have no idea what kind of devil Middleman would have been like with Mesmerman's power. And, Hard, you'd still be slag without Crorq there to bring you back.

Hardman: Oh, I think I'm a big enough time anomaly to survive whatever chronal chaos killing Crorq would unleash at this point. I'll take my chances.

Topman: Well, I'm not was willing to throw everything into chaos just to see what'd happen! We have no way of preventing Trio from coming back and what about General Cutman? The way things are going now we know his days are numbered. If we start messing things about he might find a way to cheat his fate.

Needlegal: And let's not forget just how many times we decided to not change time just because we think we know better.

Magnetman: All those times we just visited for less than a day! It's different actually living here.

Needlegal: Don't you think I feel the same way? Don't you think all those wasted years apart nags at me? But it's already happened!

Magnetman: No, it hasn't!

Hardman: I hate to say it, but Needle's right. Nothing's changed. And we have everything to lose at this point if we muck up General Cutman's final fate. We shouldn't play god just because we don't like how things turned out for us.

Magnetman: Yeah. I reckon yer right. I suppose it's selfishness on my own part. Having to just .... wait here and see things pass as they will. But in the end, our overriding lessons in time travel has been not to fuck with it. It has never benefited us. Not one bit. Thanks for keeping my head on straight.

Needlegal: No problem, Mags.

Quint: (bursting into the room) Ah, there you are! The good Doctor's sending us all on a mission. This time it's a surefire winner. I have a good feeling about this. We're hitting up the Chronos Institute! It's time to change the doctor's fate and show the world just what we Wilybots can do! Ready yourselves, friends. We leave as soon as possible!

(Quint leaves happily.)

Topman: Wanker.

It's dawn at the Chronos Institute. But you already know about this part. Let's get back to where we left off.

Quint: And now, for the glory of Wily, the Time Skimmer is ours!

(Quint is knocked aside by a Crash Bomb.)

Crashman: Yeah, I don't think so, pogosuck.

Metalman: Careful! Don't blow up the Time Skimmer!

Crashman: Oops.

Quint: Crashman? After all we've gone through!?

Crashman: I'm sorry, Quint. Sorrier than I'd have thought. But that Time Skimmer's our way home!

(Crashman fires off another Crash Bomb, but Quint dodges.)

Quint: Then Omniman was right! You are all fakes! All of you! Which means...

(Quint dodges a Top Spin just in time.)

Topman: Yeah, I really am sorry for this too, but you'll forgive us later.

Quint: You people really are the Mechanical Maniacs, aren't you! This is all an RPD trap! I can't believe it! Wily's intelligence was right. Hardman and Magnetman both left and you two must be their replacements!

Magnetman: Kinda right and kinda wrong on those counts, pard.

Quint: It all makes sense. The real Magnetman would embrace magnetism, not fight it. He wouldn't try to be some sort of "Cowboy" man!

Magnetman: Hey!

Quint: I'm so stupid to think you weren't the Mechs!

Needlegal: Yeah, I just have a new hat, so you really dropped the ball on that one.

Quint: (Points to the Dream Team) And you! You must be well informed indeed. You talk as if you know all about Dr. Wily - you're just moles, aren't you!? Well, I'll stop you. None of you know me, I mean really know me. Dream Team! Or whoever you are, you've picked a fight with the wrong robot. Mechs! Once more we're on opposing sides. I'll teach all of you a lesson! I won't fail the doctor; I'll see this mission through until the end! I am the gathering storm, the bane of all robot masters! I -

(Hardman knocks Quint right off his Sakugarne with a well timed Hard Knuckle.)

Hardman: Sorry, squirt. We'll make it up to you.

Airman: Indeed. Now, does anyone know how to work this thing?

Topman: I got it. If Quint can do it, how hard can it be?

(But just as Topman is about to touch the controls, his hands are sliced almost clean off by a frighteningly familiar bladed weapon.)

Topman: Gyaaahhh!

General Cutman: Look, but don't touch, my fleet-footed foe.

Hardman: YOU!

General Cutman: I must thank you all for clearing the way, but I'm afraid the prize is mine to take.

Needlegal: Like hell!

General Cutman: Needlegal. Nice hat, but it doesn't fool me, and don't think I'll be fooled by you calling yourselves "Gamma's Disciples." I don't know why you're moonlighting for that old fool Wily or why anyone is fooled by a change of armor and I don't care.

Hardman: Stop flappin' yer gums and attack!

(General Cutman dodges a Hard Knuckle and slices a long cut through Metalman and he sprints towards Hardman.)

Metalman: Yikes!

General Cutman: I must thank you, though. I was wondering how best to attack this place while keeping my involvement discreet. You attack was most fortuitous.

(Hardman tries to hit the general, but he's lighter and faster than the large behemoth.)

Hardman: Stand still, dammit!

General Cutman: Are you the newest Hardman? In truth I was hoping you'd overcome your quarrel with Hadrian, he was remarkably intelligent. For a brute, I mean.)

(The General finds an opening and slices through a joint in Hardman's arm, severing an important connection, rendering the limb useless.)

Hardman: GYAAHHHH! Freakin' prick.

Magnetman: Brace yourself, pard.

(Magnetman unleashes a magnetic storm, drawing Cutman towards him.)

General Cutman: *huff!* And replacing Kenta so soon as well! I guess he never meant that much to you, did he?

Needlegal: Shut up!

General Cutman: And this new one can't even commit to the theme!

(Hardman takes a swing at the General, but the spry Cutman uses the momentum to throw the larger robot at Magnetman. The surprised robot finds himself on the wrong end of Hardman's crushing weight.)

General Cutman: I, of course, am ever adept at cutting!

(General Cutman pivots and slices at a surprised Woodman.)

Woodman: GYAHHH!

Crashman: To hell with this AND TO HELL WITH YOU!

(Crashman fires his bombs, blowing up everything in the lab, including the Time Skimmer.)

General Cutman: You ... YOU IDIOT!

(General Cutman slips through Crashman's attack and stabs him with a Rolling Cutter.)

Crashman: Gyahh!

General Cutman: I should have dispatched you first, you hotheaded moron! The Time Skimmer -

Quint: Is never going to be yours, villain! Any of yours!

(Quint is working furiously at the controls of the beaten time machine as Cutman snarls at him. Before the mad Robot Master can attack the machine starts to fade.)

General Cutman: I won't let this be a complete waste.

(General Cutman stalks to one of the control panels in the adjoining room that looks as if it's monitoring the Time Skimmer and starts working furiously. Meanwhile the Mechs and the Dream Team get closer to Quint.)

Needlegal: Quint! We're not with the RPD - we just need the Time Skimmer!

Quint: Stay back! I was a fool to trust you! He's right - you're just the Mechs somehow with different armor and two new members! And you (points to the Dream Team) are a bunch of traitors! Well, you won't get me or the Time Skimmer! Wily can't be trusted with such a device either.

Crashman: We need that machine, runt!

(Crashman leaps at Quint, but the latter is still pushing buttons madly and there's a large flash of light as the damaged device activates throwing everyone in its vicinity across the room.)

Needlegal: Shit!

(Needle looks around. They are in front of the same theater they started out at, advertising the very movie they had wanted to see. However, it's clearly been abandoned for years. The window panes before the movie posters are cracked, it and the surrounding buildings are worn and cracked, and the streets are in poor condition.)

Needlegal: Shit, shit, shit! We've jumped forwards in time again.

Woodman: And we missed the movie we wanted to see.

Metalman: At least we got away, he really was ready to kill us!

Topman: That's the General for you.

Airman: Why do you suppose we're back here?

Topman: Maybe it's because this is where everything was supposed to have started? Time's only linear from our perspective, right? To a time machine, this location with all of us in it started this whole mess; the actual point in time it all started may matter less if you're not in the thick of things.

Magnetman: What claptrap was that!?

Quint: (stepping out of the damaged Time Skimmer) I can't believe you people!

(Quint attacks the group with his Sakugarne, but they easily dodge.)

Quint: You can't even get saved right!

Magnetman: Is this really the time for this? This gizmo looks ready to pop!

Crashman: Is it just me or is the time machine even more damaged than ever?

(The group returns their concentration to the Time Skimmer, looking even more damaged than before. It's crackling with chronal energy and just looking at it hurts the eyes of our heroes.)

Quint: You're right, of course. I suppose I'll have to deal with you later. We have more important matters.

Woodman: Right! Like getting this thing back to Doctor Wily.

Hardman: Wily needs a time machine like he needs bushier eyebrows! This thing is gonna blow, we need to get outta here!

Needlegal: Who knows what kind of damage this would do if we just let it blow.

Metalman: Not to mention that it's our ride back home.

Magnetman: And whadya reckon we do about it? Unless you know how to fix this contraption?

Quint: I'm actually somewhat adept at machinery.

Magnetman: Wait - really?

Quint: In a past life I .... assisted in many projects. I think I could learn how to fix this were I to interface with its mainframe directly. Unfortunately the power regulator is shot, that's what's causing the overload.

Topman: It's too bad Sparkman isn't here. He could regulate that power easily.

Quint: There is another option. Some of you could interface with the machine and serve as a replacement CPU. You could take over power management duties directly in that way.

Hardman: You can make that happen?

Quint: I can. However, it won't be without pain. And there's a chance it could wipe our minds. We weren't built to handle this kind of energy, after all. I don't need all of you, however., I think just four should cover it.


Airman: I shall, of course, offer up my own exceptional systems to the cause.

Metalman: Me too.

Topman: Wait, you guys are actually volunteering for this?

Crashman: Someone has to. And it is kinda our fault.

Woodman: Your fault, really.

Quint: Enough banter, just let me hook you up. Try to concentrate on regulating the power supply.

(It's a simple process. Once they're all inside Quint opens up the Dream Team's heads, takes out some pre-installed cords from the Time Skimmer and plugs them in. Simple, but....)

Airman, Crashman, Metalman,Woodman: GYAHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Quint: And, on that note ... ALLONS-Y!

(Quint plugs himself in and almost immediately collapses to the ground, convulsing in pain.)

Magnetman: Does that .... are they okay? Is this what's supposed to happen?

Hardman: I don't know. I may have a lot of experience with time travel crap, but it was mostly me messing with it. I didn't really do things like fix time machines.

Magnetman: In the meantime it can't hurt to have a look at this place. Anyone getting any signals? My phone's suffered some damage during our little escapade.

Needlegal: I think I can, yeah.

(Needlegal accesses her phone and quickly finds the local news. The other Mechs crowd around her.)

Topman: It looks like there's been some trouble.

Needlegal: Oh, great. Messages from Crorq. Let's see what our old boss has to say.

Crorq:  I assure you, my constituents, that everything is fine. Your Galactic Emperor Crorq the MAAAAAAAGNIFICENT has it all under complete control! Don't believe the LIES the FILTHY liberal media is telling you.

Purram: And there you have it, folks! Our supreme leader, may the heavens forever shine upon his body, leaves us assured that the current crisis is being handled by the crack team at the Robot Police Force.

Ripot: Although I have to wonder at just how much he has under control. It can't be pinpointed with any kind of accuracy, but reports have shown a growing surge of Angolmois Energy throughout the world. This energy is closely associated with the chaos bringer Unicron.

Needlegal: UNICRON!?

Purram: Let's turn to our panel to discuss the latest developments.

Topman: What the shit!?

Magnetman: Who?

Hardman: Unicron is the brother of the Transformer creator god Primus. He exists only for destruction and is a multiversal singularity meaning -

Magnetman: HOLY CRAP! Can ya boil that all down for me?

Topman: He's this gigantic planet sized Transformer that eats other planets.

Magnetman: I can't believe this ridiculous creature truly exists.

Topman: Well he does and we beat him.

Magnetman: 'Course you did.

Needlegal: Shut up, you two, I can't hear the panel.

Hardman: Aw, they're just a bunch of talkin' heads. What we need to do is get in contact with our future selves and see what's going on. Actually, if things pan out they should contact us any second now.

(The Mechs wait a few moments.)

Magnetman: Of course that reasons we'd remember to get back here at exactly the right time however long this is in the future.

Topman: How can nobody have spotted him yet?

Needlegal: The talking heads were saying something about interference.

Topman: He's a giant planet how much interference can there be!?

(The Mechs can no longer concentrate on the news of the day because the Time Skimmer starts working.)

Hardman: Oh HOH! Looks like they got things under control and pulled through.

Topman: I didn't even notice when things stopped sparking.

Needlegal: But - wait! We can't just bail when Unicron's attacking! We have to help save the world!

Hardman: Looks like we'll have to wait it out. We're going home!

(The structure shakes and electricity arcs alarmingly. Within moments, however, the Time Skimmer stops shuddering and the electrical arcs subside.)

Airman: (pulling out the cord from his head.) Let's never do that again.

Crashman: Are we back?

(The teams open the door.)

Topman: It looks the same...

Needlegal: The news!

(Needlegal checks the news and finds - )

Needlegal: No mention of Unicron anywhere! It's today's date - we're back!

Quint: Yes, we've made it.

Woodman: Are you okay?

Quint: Yes. Better than okay, in fact. My mind was in total command of the Time Skimmer. I beheld the enormity of time and space itself and -

Woodman: Okay, so you're fine. Good.

Crashman: We good?

Quint: ... yes. Yes, I think we're good. But you people.

(Quint rounds on the Mechs.)

Hardman: Hey! We helped!

Quint: You were there, that's all. As far as I'm concerned you and yours owe me. Because you started all this and for getting us out of it! And for getting me killed for that matter!

Topman: Never mind that you were trying to kill us at the time.*

(*See Series 3)

Quint: It mitigates things,. but you could have caused a disaster here! My word, I cannot begin to describe how recklessly you acted. I'll be back to collect on your debt. Count on it! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to travel to the future. I think I may be able to get more permanent repairs done in a more advanced era.

Topman: So, you're not going to give this bad boy over to Doctor Wily?


Quint: No. No, I feel somewhat .... well, let's just say I can see exactly why that'd be a bad idea. Now, if you'll excuse me.

(Quint closes the door and the Time Skimmer shakily disappears from the scene shortly afterwards.)

Woodman: (Looking up from his phone) Everything's the same.

Hardman: Yep. Another time travel journey without problems. I guess staying out of the way of history really was the best plan.

Airman: (Scrolling through his own phone) But ... things should have been different. There's no effect on anything. Anything at all.

Hardman: Of course not! We stayed out of the way this time. No pointless investments, no tying up a super powered maniac and putting her on board the Time Skimmer, no interaction with our past selves. We just played it safe.

Needlegal: Except you guys didn't, huh?

(The Dream Team look down guiltily.)

Metalman: When we knew what the Time Skimmer was, we saw what we could do. Go back in time. Warn Doctor Wily, warn Omniman, warn anybody! Preventing Wily from dying would mean we'd be useful again. And not stuck underground, living like rats.

Woodman: No choices there, really. We hadda try.

Magnetman: What!? But you didn't talk to anybody! We didn't see you do anything!

Crashman: That's because we left tapes behind. Notes. Data. Everything and anything we could. And you know what's funny? I remember looking at it all now and being so angry at an impostor taking my place that I just blew it all up!

Airman: I as well. I remember now that everyone thought that the RPD must have sent in those doubles to try and get us to make a mistake. It's all so clear to me now. Why didn't we remember this before!? Why!?

Needlegal: Airman...

Magnetman: (lighting a cigar) That's how changing time is. It takes a little while to catch up with you.

Hardman: I think you weren't meant to have done any of that. We had to have been meant to go back in time, but you guys went further. You actively went against things you knew wouldn't happen. And that's what changed things.

Crashman: So ... what!? Reality knew we'd go back in time, but not that we'd do more than that!?

Hardman: I just know the system, I don't write the rules. You were actively trying to go beyond what you knew would happen and you succeeded in changing time. But not enough to actually prevent anything from happening. Now that change is catching up to you. I'm sorry. It sucks.

Crashman: Yeah. Yeah, it does.


Airman: You've been worthy partners this adventure, Mechs.

Magnetman: Likewise, Air.

Metalman: Let's never do a team up like this again. Come on, gang. We've gotta be able to see Star Wars somewhere.

(The Dream Team telelport away as the Mechs continue to look at the abandoned lab.)

Needlegal: I guess they never came back to the lab after it was attacked. Make sense.

Hardman: And now we know why Quint's always asking us for help - he think he owes us!

Magnetman: Well, we did knock him out of his own life and almost get him killed - again.

Hardman: Yeah, I mean I guess? But if we hadn't then he'd never have gotten us here in the first place!

Magnetman: For once I am not even going to speculate on the enormity that this implies.

Topman: *Ahem* Well, things are okay, right?

Needlegal: And we learned something too....

Hardman: That time travel can be a little boring sometimes? I mean we spent a lot of time in the past doing nothing.

Needlegal: We learned that sometimes destiny is a real thing and we're just cogs in the machine. Think about exactly how many things would have to go right to bring us to this point. We'd have to have defeated all those enemies we defeated, we'd have to make all the right decisions to wind up in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time. I mean, even if the Time Skimmer was drawn to us (which it probably was) we wouldn't even have been able to pull this off if we hadn't been gone for those 15 years. Just long enough for everyone to forget that "other" Mega Man 3 team. I mean, were our choices really choices if our future is all laid out like that? I guess that means we have Unicron to look forward to! So it's all kinda hopeless!

Hardman: Well, wait - no. No! Red erased my timeline - a timeline that was already in place - implying that we do have choice. The fact that he erased that timeline implies time can change - otherwise he'd fail. We might never see Unicron at all!

Magnetman: I mean, I kinda hope we don't because he seems really stupid. I mean, we really have no business meeting a creature like that.

Needlegal: So great! We can change time and that means our glimpse into the future might not even be valid? I guess that means this entire thing has been a waste of time because I've got nothing!

Topman: Well, until Needlegal gets over her existential crisis we are ... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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