Series 9 Issue #19 - Needle and Shadow's Excellent Adventure

It's a fine morning in Monsteropolis...for everyone else. Our heroes, however, are once more pursued by the cops, and this time it's not just the Sterling Sentinels, but the entire Light family! (Well, except for Roll, of course. She has cleaning to do.)

Roll: They suck off without me!

Or Auto.

Auto: Hm ... maybe I should make a robot that turns into lunch?

Or Oilman or Timeman or ... well, a lot of them, really. But we do have the Sterling Sentinels, the Sinister Six and .... Megaman!?

Fireman: Brothers!! Lets go after those criminals!

Jewelman: I can't believe we're related!

Gutsman: Neither can I. Youse guys are a little on the ... well ...

Elecman: You're butt ugly!!

Jewelman: I AM NOT!!

Concreteman: Less bickering and more chasing.

Megaman: That's right. I have no idea what happened to you guys, and I thought Iceman was a goner.

Iceman: I went somewhere!?

Megaman: Sizzling circuits! Are you serious?

Fireman: We all did, remember?

Megaman: Dad can fix you up later. Now we have to go after those Mechanical Maniacs!

Geminiman: Aw, do you really have to? We were so close!

Topman: Yeah, you used to work at Hadrian's bar with Roll and helped keep the peace between hero and villain alike!*

(*See Series 5, Hardman's bar)

Megaman: Yeah, that was weird.

Shadowman: *sigh* It was a different time.

Galaxyman: Never mind that! If we capture the Mechs, maybe Light will talk to us again!

Megaman: Uh, I dunno. He was pretty mad you guys got used for evil again.*

(*Series 7's Life after Life)

Shadowman: We're not the bad guys here. It's Crorq and the members of the Galactic Council.

Splash Woman: Hah! A likely story.

Iceman: It is!?

Bombman: Well, I'll be.

Splash Woman: What? No. I was being sarcastic.

Cutsman: Oh boy, don't even get started with these guys and sarcasm.

Megaman: We can talk all about that right after you're disabled. I was enjoying a happy retirement with Dad and Roll, but with all of you guys going nuts it's up to me to bring you down.

Rush: RUFF!! Rrright!

Hardman: I ain't letting that bloated mass of dung Crorq decide my fate.

Magnetman: Nor am I, buddy.

Sparkman: Kid, don't you recognize me? I know we never officially met, but I'm Leon! The old Elecman!

Elecman: You're me! But I thought I was me!!

Gutsman: Another impostor!?

Fireman: But if he's you, then who're you!?

Hornetman: What!?

Tornadoman: Holy crap! You guys are really something!

Magmaman: Never mind all that. I'm taking the washout down!!

(The teams begin to battle! Despite the odds, the Mechs hold their own, mostly because the Mega Man 1 robots keep getting in the way.)

Cutsman: Let me help you, cutie!

Megaman: I'm having a harder and harder time turning a blind eye to your creepiness, Cuts.

Shadowman: Come on, Splash, call off the dogs. You know we're right.

Splash Woman: I know you're overrated opportunists. Crorq may be bad, but he's no criminal.

Gutsman: And I know I'm handsome, but I'm no fish.

Iceman: And I may be cold, but I'm still melting. Can you maybe turn it down a notch, Fire? Magma?

Bombman: Enough philosophy! I can't follow yer complicated mumbo jumbo. Bombs!!!

(Bombman blows away both Splash and Guts as he tries to aim at Magnet.)

Megaman: Sizzling Circuits, this is a mega mess.

Galaxyman: Stop! Oh, won't everyone stop?! Why are we fighting? We are not enemies!

Megaman: *Groan*

Concreteman: I'll slow that slippery ninja - Gutsman, stop hugging me!!

Gutsman: But we're friends!

(Concreteman hits Galaxyman, who's temporarily immobilized.)

Iceman: No!! I - I'll chill you out. I'm not gonna melt this time.

(Iceman fires a blast of his Ice Slasher at the team, but manages to miss and hit Magmaman, whose flames are instantly put out. Hardman follows up with an uppercut that sends Magma flying.)

Magmaman: Icccceee maaaaaaaannnnn~!

Hardman: That was worth the wait!

Topman: Less chatting, more scramming.

Tornadoman: You villains won't get away!!

(Tornado flies upwards, but Bombman grabs him.)

Tornadoman: What are you doing!?

Bombman: Don't worry, I got you! I won't let you fall into the air, bro.

Rush: Roh ruther.

Megaman: You won't get away from me so easily!

(Megaman pursues the Mechs into the streets. The Mechs scatter and Megaman pursues Needlegal and Shadowman.)

Megaman: Hey! You're not playing by the mega rules! At least one of you has to stop and fight me!

Shadowman: So you can clobber us and take our weapons?

Needlegal: Yeah, nuts to that!

Megaman: Why you - hey!

(Shadowman, Needlegal, and Megaman all turn to see a familiar shadow duck out of sight.)

Shadowman: No. Nonononono, it can't be!

Megaman: Hey!! Get back here!

Rush: Rah! Ret rack rere!

(Megaman breaks off pursuit and goes after the mysterious figure. Shadowman and Needlegal follow without hesitation, their differences momentarily set aside.)

Megaman: I knew it! It's you behind everything just like always! Give it up, Doctor Wily!!

Wily: Ack! Okay, Mega Moron, you've caught me. Congratulations.

Needlegal, Shadowman: Doctor Wily!?

Megaman: Now your betrayal makes sense. Wily's reprogrammed you again, hasn't he?

Wily: Eh? I think you may have the wrong idea here, Mega. I'm not the Wily you know...

Clockman: Indeed not, my most auspicious acquaintance!

Megaman: Clockman!?

Needlegal: Clock ... man?

Clockman: Indeed! I am Clock Theodore Logan!

Clockman: And I am Clock S Preston Esquire!

Clockman, Clockman: And together we are ... COLD STEEL! (The Clockmen mimic playing a guitar in the air, which for some reason plays music.)

Megaman: You guys seem ... different.

Clockman: I know not of what you speak, oh Mega one, for my auspicious bro and I are totally the same as we ever were.


Megaman: No, you're definitely completely different. But then every Robot Master seems to have a new personality as time goes by.

Shadowman: But what's Doctor Wily and ... MEGA MAN JUNO!?

Megaman: Megaman what now?

Juno: Indeed. Greetings, my friends. It has been a while for you, has it not?

Needlegal: "Been a while!?" It's been almost 20 years!! What happened to you!?

Juno: Shortly after our last unfortunate incident -

Needlegal: Where you tried to kill all of us.*

(*Series 5's Hardman's Bar)

Juno: Yes, that time. Well, these two just happened to find me and offered me a trip back home if I helped them in their history report.

Shadowman: ... How?

Juno: Oh, you didn't know? I am actually from the far, far future. When you are all dead, recycled, and forgotten, I survive. Isn't that nice?

Needlegal: Wait, you're from the future?

Juno: Yes.

Needlegal: Why in the world did you even come back here?

Juno: Well, there were many Mega Man homepages all closing down, so Sigma, Wily, and I had decided to team up and convert them into a "mondo-satillite" which would brainwash anyone hit with it into becoming our slaves or simply kill them. * It was Wily who contacted us and in retrospect -

(*Series 1, Dr. Wily! Hardman gets a brain! The ruins of the Man in Blue's Webpage! All this and Groovy Kat's revenge!)

Megaman: Wait, what? That's a thing that happened?

Shadowman: Uh, yeah. Heh. It was a different time.

Needlegal: Come to think of it, how did you go back in time in the first place?

Juno: Wily swiped a Time Skimmer again. I think Sigma wound up getting the one we used to get together, but we have fallen out of touch.

Wily: I stole a Time Skimmer "again"? And participated in all that? Did it work out?

Juno: Well -

Megaman: Oh yeah, you! You're coming with me, Wily!

Clockman: Now hold on a second there, Mega dude. You don't wanna do that.

Clockman: That's right. This is totally not the Wily of your time. This is Wily from the past.

Wily: And I must say, the future has been quite ... disappointing. None of my plans have succeeded? NONE of them!?

Megaman: No, Wily. All your effort was for nothing.

Rush: Rah! Ruthing! Ruff ruff!

Wily: *humph* And who are you two supposed to be? You (gestures to Shadow) look a little like Shadowman, but I don't recognize you (gestures to Needle) at all.

Megaman: Actually they're -

Shadowman: Ninjaman. I'm (groan) Ninjaman.

Needlegal: And I'm ... Spikegal. We're on a team called Gamma's Disciples. You don't know us and never will.

Wily: ... Right. Well. You two nobodies can be on your way.

Needlegal: Give us a second.

(Needle grabs the Clocks while Shadow grabs Mega and brings them to the side.)

Needlegal: What do you two think you're doing!? Bringing the Doctor Wily from the past here!? He could find out things! It could change everything!!

Clockman: But ... it didn't.

Clockman: Right on, my most excellent friend. If time broke we wouldn't have been able pick anyone up in the first place.

Shadowman: But-no. Someone might slip up and tell Wily something he shouldn't know.

Clockman: But they don't. Because we know what Wily does in the future.

Clockman: Lighten up, bro! We have this figured out.

Clockman: Now, Megaman, you are most welcome on our excellent adventure in time and space. It'll be a blast! And I think you could give us a most righteous history report.

Megaman: I think I'd better go.

Needlegal: We'd better go too.

Shadowman: Uh ... yeah.

Clockman, Clockman: EXCELLENT!! (Air guitar)

(They all get into the Clock's Time Skimmer, which although bigger on the inside is much more cramped than Quint's own machine. After dialing out on a touch pad, the Time Skimmer's off ... into the unknown! Once they arrive, they step out of the Time Skimmer and arrive in an area besieged by attack.)

Rush: RUFF! RUFF!!

(Rush trips over his own feet panicking because of shots firing nearby.)

Clockman: Whoa! This is intense!

Clockman: Indeed, my most excellent friend.

Needlegal: GET DOWN!!

(Needlegal tackles the Clockmen as an energy blast rocks the area.)

Maverick1: FOR SIGMA!!

Maverick2: FOR SIGMA AND VILE!!!


Maverick1, Maverick2: ???

Maverick2: No, no, no, that guy's done for.

Maverick3: Nuts to you! I'm a Doppler holdout!! Vile is dead and gone! Doppler will never rebuild that guy again!

Maverick2: Gahh, you're out to lunch. Vile'll be back, it's Doppler that's gone for good.

Mavrick1: You're both out to lunch. It'll always be about Sigma, how haven't you guys clued in on that yet!?

(The Mavericks are attacked by Needlegal, Shadowman, Juno, and Megaman and are dispatched easily between the four of them.)

Megaman: So needless.

(Almost immediately after, a few Maverick Hunters show up.)

Zero: Ho! That was pretty good work for a buncha newbies!

X: *sniff* So needless.

Magma Dragoon: Buck up, X. Hey ... you don't wanna spar later on, do ya?

X: No, Dragoon, I don't want to spar. You know I only fight when I absolutely have to.

Zero: Yeah, we know you do and we're all tired of hearing about it.

Megaman: X! Fancy meeting you here! Uh ... you do know me right? This isn't before we've met for you is it?

X: Of course we have! It's *sniff* good to see you. Sorry, being the only Reploid that can cry has its drawbacks.

Wily: Another Megaman? So that makes three. What about my legacy? I don't suppose there's a Quickman X or something.

Shadowman: (To Needlegal) Magma Dragoon? That brings back memories.

Needlegal: But it isn't Ben. Iceman Red destroyed the entire X-Force timeline, remember?* This is just a version of Magma Dragoon.

(*Way back in the X-Force's Episodes 23 - The Unlimited Part 2 )

Shadowman: Yeah, but ... still.

Clockman: Salutations, my good-looking robot pals.

Zero: Who in the hell are you?

X: *sniff* I just can't ...

Magma Dragoon: Oh damn it. Come on, X. This is just ...

Zero: You two go ahead. I want to investigate these suspicious looking guys.

Clockman: (Whispering) When the other dudes are out of sight, we knock him out. Got it?



Clockman: Whoa! Chill out, hair dude.

Clockman: Yeah! It's all cool.


Megaman: I'm really sorry about this, sir.

Zero: It's Zero, kid.

Megaman: I'm really sorry, Zeroman.

Zero: I'm not -

Juno: Um, are we really supposed to be here, gentlemen? I do not like the look of that planet.

(Outside, in deep space...)

Cyclonus: Master ..... Galvatron and Bizarro have failed. Optimus Prime is ready to destroy our virus ..... it's over.


Cyclonus: So what do we do now?




Cyclonus: ... My scans show we are being observed.

Clockman: BOOK IT, CLOCK!

(The Time Skimmer races ahead with both Cyclonus and Unicron in hot pursuit.)

Shadowman: We'regonnadiewe'regonnadiewe'regonnadie!

Megaman: I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!

Rush: Re roo! Re roo!

Juno: Wait! It's Unicron! Let me out, we are on good terms. Maybe I can reason with him.


Cyclonus: Let's see if they're out of phase with my lasers.

Clockman: Evasive action, my most excellent co-pilot!

Clockman: Aye aye, my most audacious co-pilot!

Zero: You ... you people are crazy!


Cyclonus: Wait .. what's that up ahead?


(The shadowy figure waves his hand and Cyclonus explodes into a ball of flame. Unicron himself is rocked by multiple explosions.)


Clockman: Whoa! Someone just aced that spaceship guy!

Zero: Just ... keep this crazy boat steady!

(Unicron is rocked by more explosions and he retaliates against the minuscule foe. The foe dodges and weaves. Unicron then convulses as his foe lands on the planet. Unicron shudders as his entire being is rent apart and consumed.)


(Unicron explodes and his energy is sucked into the smaller foe.)


Clockman, Clockman: EXCELLENT! (Air guitar)

Zero: I think ... I'm gonna throw up.

Wily: Way ahead of you.

Clockman: Bring us closer, Clock!

Clockman: Aye aye!

Shadowman: WHAT!?

Needlegal: Wait ... I think I know that guy.

(The Clocks move in and open communications.)

Clockman: Greetings, most powerful dude!

Clockman: How's it going?

Red: Who're you?


Red: I can't believe I missed my mark in the time stream. I guess I have a lot to learn about being an all-powerful god of destruction, eh?

(Everyone else in the Time Skimmer is crowded at the other end of the room.)

Needlegal: Oh, I think you're good.

Zero: (Whispering) Even if you look ridiculous.

Megaman: Why does that guy look like a red Iceman?

Shadowman: That's because he basically is.

Megaman: Then why is he a planet destroying monster!?

(Wily leans in closer, trying to be very inconspicuous.)

Shadowman: Well, you see ... after he left Light's Lab, he wound up in the Star Wars universe. There, the Iceman you know tried to influence the outcome of events since they're pure fiction in our universe. So Padme never wound up with Anakin and Palpatine ... well, suffice it to say that Red became a Jedi which makes him feel fantastic, but then Palpatine unlocks his painful memories and -


Shadowman: It was a different time! Suffice it to say that Red gained the power to eat souls and went back in time and I guess he wound up here as he popped back and forth.

Wily: That's insane!

Megaman: And if Wily says something like that you know it's insane!

Red: (Suddenly right beside them) You know, it's rude to talk about people like they're not even in the room.

(The group scatters, surprised.)

Red: How exactly do you know so much about me? Did Light finally come clean?

Clockman: You're famous, Ice dude Red!

Red: Am I?

Clockman: You most certainly are, my most nefarious acquaintance.

Red: Well ... good! To answer your questions, I was drawn to Unicron's power and your own temporal energies. You drive a gas guzzler! Did you know that?

Zero: You're not gonna ... try and destroy us all, will you?




Red: Nnaaaaahhhhhh. Eating a planet is hard work. You guys just do what you do. I'll just tag along and watch.

(The booth lands roughly in a primitive looking area.)

Clockman: Ah, what an outstanding area full of nature and stuff.

Clockman: I love nature. Hey, do you think they have a McDonalds somewhere?

Clockman: *sigh* Clock, this is olden times. McDonald's hasn't even been invented yet.

Clockman: Oh, yeah. Bummer.

Zero: Real trees! I can't believe we're in a time with real trees!

Juno: I make sure the carbons do not harm the environment too extensively in my own time. If the carbons get out of line I can just ... start over. Actually, I should get back on that when I get home. Humans are a bit like rabbits, don't you think? Every once in a while, you really do need a good cull.

Zero: Erm.

Megaman: And you're Megaman Juno?

Juno: Yes, quite right ... grandfather.

Megaman: The apple really fell far from the tree.

Juno: Don't say that. I help humans just like you do. If you do not thin the herd every so often, they will overpopulate and create nothing but problems. It is really a big-picture sort of thing.

Wily: Don't you dictate to me, you overgrown tin can!

Juno: Oh my! Such a temper. And who are you, again?

Wily: You damn well know who I am! My name rings throughout the generations!

Juno: Oh, but I surely do not. Sorry. You just look like some old comic book character to me.

Clockman: Whoa, dudes! This place is like ... all Aztecky and stuff.

Clockman: You mean, the Incas.

Wily: Actually ... this place is very familiar. Maybe it was featured in one of my National Geographics? I love those things.

(The group barely makes it over a rise when they're surrounded by locals carrying a mirror showing them an old acquaintance. ... )

Ra Moon: Greetings, intruders.

Needlegal: It's Ra Moon!

Megaman: Sizzling circuits. And it's when he was still interested in world domination, isn't it?

Ra Moon: You know of me? Surprising.

Shadowman: Uh oh. If we're where I think we are I -

(From out of nowhere, Shadowman is attacked by a very familiar face.)


(Needlegal grabs Shadowman and pulls him aside.)

Needlegal: (Whispering) That's you!

Shadowman: (Whispering) N-no it's not!

Needlegal: (Whispering) Yes it is! You were Ra Moon's lackey!?

Shadowman: (Whispering) No I wasn't! My past is a secret!

Needlegal: (Whispering) Not anymore it isn't!

Locals: Kuiper! Kuiper! Kuiper!

Wily: Yes, I have heard of this place! We're at the Lanfront Ruins in their prime! And that - that's Shadowman!

Red: Well, this is interesting. Is that the same guy I know or some other wacky version? It can't be the same guy, can it?

Shadowman: No it can't!

Kuiper Droid: Surrender!

Megaman: I really don't think so, buster!

(Megaman and Shadowman begin to fight each other.)

Shadowman: Whoa, hey! Be careful! We don't know how any of this will affect the time stream.!

Megaman: Take a good long look, "Ninjaman" because this is a sneak peek at what'll happen to you.

(The Kuiper Droid fires a powerful buster shot at Megaman.)

Megaman: Gahh! A buster!?

Kuiper Droid: Fall! FOR THE GLORY OF RA MOON!

Needlegal: (Whispering) You were exactly like Ra Thor.

Shadowman: (Whispering) What!? No I wasn't!


Shadowman: (Whispering) *sigh* Alright, maybe a little.

Needlegal: (Whispering) " A little"!?

Shadowman: (Whispering loudly) IT WAS A DIFFERENT TIME!

Needlegal: (Whispering) Wait a sec, I'm based off your designs. After they found you in the ruins in the future, I mean. Does that mean I have some nutty Ra Moon crap in me!?

Ra Moon: None of you will escape me!

Zero: I don't know what you're whispering about, but you're missing the whole fight.

Red: This is awesome! Beat that jerk up! Hah hah hah!

Rush: Rah! Ret rim! Ret rim! Rrrruff! Ruff!

Megaman: No matter what time you're in, you're so stubborn!

(Megaman finally dispatches the Kuiper Droid.)

Shadowman: GAHH! I can't believe you just did that! I - I'm not disappearing, am I? Nee-Spike! You can still see my hand, right?

Needlegal: (Whispering) Don't you remember all this happening?

Shadowman: (Whipering) It was a long time ago, dammit.

Ra Moon: I will not be put off so easily. Rise, my warrior!

(Ra Moon effortlessly repairs the Kuiper Droid.)

Ra Moon: Hah hah hah. I do not know who you are, but you are outmatched.

Megaman: Don't be so sure of that!

(Needlegal grabs Megaman and begins to drag him away.)

Needlegal: Don't! We can't interact with Ra Moon. We have no idea what effect that'll have on the future. We have to get out of here without hurting anyone.

Red: I don't mind "interacting" one or two people. Although they might mind.

(Red snarls at several locals and they back away. The others in the group don't fare as well.)

(The locals begin to throw rocks at the group.)

Juno: These primitives seem to come from a time before manners.

Clockman: I think this trip has proven truly unspectacular, Clock.

Clockman: Agreed, Clock.

(The group grudgingly retreats and Ra Moon calls out behind them.)

Ra Moon: There is no escape.

(Ra Moon delivers a debilitating EMP that destabilizes more of the time traveling heroes.)

Clockman: Bogus! Wh-what happened?

Zero: An EMP! I feel ...

Juno: Even I feel drained. What is this creature?

Red: That sucker punching ...

(Most of the group collapses.)

Shadowman: I feel fine. But if I do, then it's because -

Kuiper Droid: I see you're unaffected. Interesting. But it won't save you!

(The prior version of Shadowman starts shooting at the modern one, who dodges.)

Ra Moon: Yes, my minion! Fell these creatures for me.

Kuiper Droid: I shall, my master!

(Aghast, Needlegal retaliates against the pre-Shadowman.)

Needlegal: I do! I do have nutty Ra Moon crap in me somewhere.

Kuiper Droid: I don't know what you're talking about or why you're still standing, but you will be made to serve Ra Moon, that I promise you.

Shadowman: Shut up! You're embarrassing me!

(Shadowman and the Kuiper Droid fight. It soon becomes evident that the Kuiper Droid is completely reliant on his buster while Shadowman has a vast array of other abilities. In the end, Shadowman triumphs over his past self.)

Kuiper Droid: Who are you ... ? I must know.

Shadowman: *sigh* Just call me ... Ninjaman.

Kuiper Droid: I will have my revenge on you, Ninjaman. This, I swear. (The Kuiper Droid finally falls.)

Shadowman: Yeah, you already did. I think I'll just die from embarrassment.

Needlegal: Why didn't you tell anyone you were made by a cross between Jabba the Hutt and the Fairy Godmother!?

Shadowman: Why!? Why do you think!? It embarrasses the hell outta me!

Needlegal: "Shadow Man" isn't even your real name is it!?

Shadowman: Sure it is, I was modified. But ... originally it was just "Kuiper Droid." We were kind of like the Stardroids' Sniper Joes. We didn't really get individual names.

Needlegal: A Sniper Joe!? And you worked for the Stardroids too!?

Shadowman: See, this is exactly why it was a secret. I knew you'd act this way! I'll have you know that a space Sniper Joe is worth ten whole Robot Masters!

Ra Moon: You have felled my warrior. Yet, your own fate remains sealed for I can revive him again and again.

(Shadowman's former self rises up.)

Kuiper Droid: Master! Many thanks for the revival. Perhaps if you came down and joined me we could ... ?

Ra Moon: It is my place to watch from high atop my temple. Your place is to serve, last of the Kuiper Droids!

Kuiper Droid: YES, MY MASTER! Although ... if you could create more Kuiper Droids to assist me ...


Kuiper Droid: YES, MY MASTER!

Shadowman: You see!? Do you see why I kept this quiet!?

(Once more, the Kuiper Droid attacks Shadowman.)

Locals: Kuiper! Kuiper! Kuiper!

Needlegal: This is getting repetitive.

Shadowman: Damn it. He'll wear us down eventually.

Kuiper Droid: There is no escape, Ninjaman!

(At that moment, a Time Skimmer slams the Kuiper Droid aside. The locals scream and scatter, dropping the mirror to the ground.)

Ra Moon: More intruders!

(Form out of the Time Skimmer steps ... )

Quint: I prefer to think of myself as an uninvited guest.

Shadowman, Needlegal: Quint!?

Quint: Oh, you two again. I should have known. And do I detect an EMP? It's a good thing my Time Skimmer can create an anti-EMP field. You never know where you're going to turn up, you know. Now, it seems like I arrived just in -

(The three turn toward the sound of Clock's Time Skimmer vanishing.)

Shadowman: Did the Clocks just ... ?

Needlegal: No, they're just coming to now.

Shadowman: Then ... where's Wily?


Needlegal: Wily kidnapped Megaman!!

Shadowman: Rush is missing too.

Needlegal: Who cares about the dog! Doctor Wily just kidnapped Megaman! We have to go after him!

Quint: *ahem* Well, erm ... I wouldn't worry about it.

Shadowman: You wouldn't worry about it!?

Needlegal: Are you kidding me!?

Quint: It actually got sorted. Gets sorted. It's dealt with. Not your problem. Believe me!

Needlegal: What!? Are you sure?

(After some reassurances, Shadow and Needle get the others into his Time Skimmer, fending off attacks by the Kuiper Droid while doing so. Soon they get the Clocks, Zero, and Red home and are, themselves just outside of their apartment building in the Wily Underground.)

Juno: Home. It seems too good to be true. After our journey, I see my purpose is even more essential now than ever.

Quint: Actually, you can't go home. You're technically part of a destroyed timeline and, well, ... there's another Juno there that's replaced you.

Juno: But ... that can't be right.

Quint: I know, I know. But instead of going on some kind of rampage, why not come with me? It's been a long time since I've had a companion.

Needlegal: Hey, that's right. Where's Sarah?


Quint: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Know that she ... she was brave. She truly earned the name Hard Chika.


(Quint pushes Juno inside.)

Quint: Well, we're off then!

Juno: Well, seeing other times may prove interesting. Perhaps I can find -

(The door closes shut and the Time Skimmer disappears into the time stream.)

Shadowman: Damn. Do you think we'll ever see Juno again?

Needlegal: Quint's apparent record with "companions" would suggest no, but every time I see that guy I think it's the last time. So, sure.

(The two make their way to their floor and Topman opens the door before they've even knocked.)


Needlegal: It's kind of a long story.

Geminiman: You two left us facing the Sterling Sentinels and those weird versions of the first generation of robot masters.

Topman: Cutsman still freaks me out.

Shadowman: Quint was involved. It was this whole exhausting thing.

Hardman: Never mind that now. Did you bring Megaman back?


Needlegal: Didn't that get sorted out?

Hardman: They didn't bring him back.

Sparkman: We're doomed!

Magnetman: Fantastic! Just ... fantastic!

Needlegal: What? What's happened?

(The Mechs bring up a video of Doctor Light at a press conference. Roll and Auto are both with him looking unhappy.)

Light: I just can't believe this day has come. It's been so peaceful. Rock had become my lab assistant once again and ... it was so, so good. And then, they ...

(Dr. Light breathes out a heavy sigh and his eyes flash with a hot anger.)

Light: It's finally happened. It's the day I always feared would come, but one I never thought ... *sob*. Doctor Eggman couldn't do it! Onslaught couldn't do it! Albert, for all his plans and schemes and all his wasted years couldn't do it! But the Mechanical Maniacs have finally done it. They killed my Rock!!! There's ... nothing left! I can't even rebuild! He's gone! Just gone!!

(The Mechs turn to Shadowman and Needlegal and just glare at them.)

Needlegal: Well ... damn it.

Shadowman: Quint! He said it would be sorted! Those were HIS WORDS!

Geminiman: Obviously he didn't.

Shadowman: He screwed us!! He acted like it was all taken care of and ... and ... that bastard!

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...?

Sparkman: How do you figure?

Snakeman: We're alive, right?

Sparkman: Until Doctor Light sics his dogs on us. Everyone hates us now!

Needlegal: And we learned something too....

Magnetman: And what, pray tell, have you learned from losing the world's favorite hero.

Needlegal: We learned that Quint is a dirty stinking liar!!! He told us it wasn't our problem! I'm gonna get that guy.

Topman: Well, until Megaman turns up safe and sound we are ... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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