Series 9 Issue #22 - Invasion Part 1

In the outer reaches of the Solar System, on on the planet dwarf planet Pluto ...


Mercury: He's too strong.


(Duo uppercuts Uranus, sending him flying into the facility the Stardroids seem to be protecting. Worker robots have scattered about and the facility itself is on fire and heavily damaged.)

Saturn: He's already taken us apart .... we should retreat and -

Mars: And what? Do you think Terra will accept failure!?

Jupiter: This is almost nostalgic.

Duo: You would find it nostalgic, villain. For the love of justice I will bring you low once more!

Jupiter: Oh, you still talk like that? Cute.

Venus: Together!

(Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all attack Duo at the same time.)


Uranus: Get ready, Pluto.

Pluto: Yeah, yeah.

(Duo explodes from the middle of the barrage, straight through Venus, past Neptune, and into Uranus)

Neptune: I'm ready once he - WHOA!

Uranus: UGH!

Saturn: Throw him into my ring!

Duo: I know who you work for ... and I know what you're doing. For the love of justice I will stop you!

(With a final roar Duo explodes with Justice Energy sending the Stardroids flying.)

Duo: Huff ... uff ... I've finally - GAHHH!!!

(Duo is struck from behind by Pluto as he unleashes a furious slash of blades.)

Pluto: You'll pay for that, you pretentious bastarRRRRGGH!

(Duo blasts through Pluto and lifts into the air unsteadily.)

Duo: All this fighting ... I ... need assistance. Rock. I know you'll help me. Trio ... I'm coming.

(Duo flies off. Saturn arises after a struggle.)

Saturn: Shit. Everyone else is totalled. Neither Terra nor Ra Moon gives a care about any of us, but ...

(Days later, it's a typical day at Walkman's ... Juice Bar?)

Shadowman: Alright, class. I want you to follow along with me!

(Shadowman does some straightforward punches and his class follows along.)

Doc Robot, Expressman, Multiman: HAI!


Barrageman: Unit Barrageman is not having what is known as "fun."

Shadowman: Don't let your lack of hands bother you. It's all about spirit. Now lemme see ya try.

(Elsewhere, Snakeman is working on a large contraption with Sparkman.)

Walkman: Uh, guys? Are you sure this is the best place for that?

Snakeman: Indubitably, Walkman. Our trans-dimensional portal is sufficiently within the boundries of expected parameters.

Walkman: ... huh?

Needlegal: He means it's safe.

Walkman: Oh.

Punk: Aw, come on! Safe? Are you kidding me?

Reggae: Yeah! Are you kidding me?

Snakeman: Oh, uh, hello Punk. Reggae.

Reggae: Hey, babe.

Punk: Yeah, hello. Look, this gizmo is about as safe as Reggae running around with scissors. It shouldn't be here.

Reggae: Yeah! This is as safe as me running around with Cutsman! And you know that guy's up to no good. The look in his eyes -

Punk: Reggae! FOCUS!

Magnetman: Geez, you guys, why don't you leave poor Snakeman alone?

Punk: No! Look, we heard about what you guys wanted to do.

Reggae: Yeah! We heard about it!

Punk: You wanna open a portal to that nightmare universe General Cutman came from.

Reggae: Yeah! That nutball clone of Cutman who kinda DESTROYED THE WORLD (or tried to).

Needlegal: We know what happened. We were there.

Magnetman: Unlike you two.

Reggae: "Munmike moo moo!"

Punk: This just seems like a stupid idea. Who knows what'll come through?

Reggae: Yeah!

Punk: Instead of opening a portal there, why not open a portal to a world where Reggae and me run the Galactic Council? That'd be a world worth visiting!

Reggae: Yeah! A world worth visiting!

Punk: A perfect world where we're in charge and everything is more awesome than ever.

Magnetman: That would make the world better? Like, yeah right.

Sparkman: Look, guys, I just gotta get in contact with what's left of my team over there. At least to tell them I'm alright. Anyway, just about all the General's forces were wiped out. The worst of them bit the dust when I came over here. *

(*In Trials and Tribulations)

Snakeman: And besides, this portal is perfectly safe.

Punk: Like fun it is! We're not letting you flip that switch.

Reggae: Yeah! We're not letting you flip that switch!

Sparkman: Suck it, losers.

(Punk lunges at Spark, but Magnet holds them back with his magnetism. Spark activates the portal.)

Sparkman: It's working! It's working!

Punk: Be prepared for anything! Mutated bats! Nightmare cockroaches!

Reggae: What!?

Punk: You never know what General Cutman made over there.

Snakeman: Oh no! The Heisenberg Compensators are overloading the faux-flux capacitor! I'm attempting to reroute power, but ...

(Wind picks up and the entire bar momentarily erupts into chaos as the portal short-circuits and ...)

Snakeman: Impact the terrain!

Punk: What!?

(The machine explodes sending Punk right into a conveniently placed food tray full of pastries.)

Needlegal: He means "hit the deck."

Snakeman: Indeed.

Punk: Uhhhhhh...

Walkman: My cakes and pies! Oh, man!

Topman: At least it was a soft landing.

Sparkman: Yeah, but the latest portal was an utter failure.

Snakeman: Don't lose hope. I'm sure we'll elucidate the dilemma.


Needlegal: He means we'll clear the problem.

Sparkman: Yeah, I figured.

Hardman: Okay, am I the only one?

Needlegal: The only one?

Hardman: Do any you seriously not notice how different things have gotten here lately?

(The Mechs look around the bar in confusion.)

Bass: You know, I love this place. It's can be real chill, you know?

W. Waltz: It's so razor.

Piano: You know what we should do?

Bass: What's that?

Piano: We should totally help remodel this joint. I could paint a killer mural.

Bass: Hey, yeah! And I could supply some rockin' music from my collection!

W. Waltz: You are so hot when you're generous.

Bass: I'm no better than anyone else. Come on. Let's grab Punk, Reggae, Metal, and Blade. They'll love to help out Walkman. It'll be so cool.

W. Waltz: Blade's busy cleaning up the local park with his friends. You know, I never thought I'd say this, but those guys are actually pretty razor. So passionate. So into what they're doing.

Bass: Well, shucks. I think we can pry Metal from his pals for Walkman. But guys, let's keep this a secret. I want it to be a surprise.

Magnetman: So, like, Bass and his crew are into helping out. I'm glad they've finally cleaned up their act.

Hardman: And, them ... ?

Napalmman: What a sweet day to be alive! Ever since this bar went alcohol-free, things have been much better.

Gravityman: I'll say! You know, I've had the most stimulating conversation with Torchman the other day ... and I never once felt like tearing him limb from limb.

Napalmman: Heck, that's great, Grav!

Crystalgirl: And I think, um ... I think I may actually be getting a crush.

Starman: Ohhhhh, tell us who!

Crystalgirl: Well .... omg, this is so embarrassing! I just can't!

Starman: Oh! We'll make a day of it. We'll go shopping and get your nails done!

Napalmman: You know, I'm happy for ya, Crys. It seems like out team's really turned a page. And by golly, it warms my heart!

Magnetman: So? It's sweet that Crystal has a crush. I kinda want to help her out.

Hardman: Seriously!? You guys aren't seeing any of this?

Sparkman: Now that you mention it, things have gotten a little ... cheesy around here ...

Geminiman: I think it's nice that everyone's more positive.

Snakeman: It's likely that the recent supplementation of Justice Energy permeating the Underground is producing a positive effect on the local population.

Magnetman: What?

Needlegal: Snake is saying that Justice Energy is making people act nicer.

Snakeman: Precicely.

Sparkman: Yeah, that's exactly why I haven't touched the stuff.

Hardman: Me neither.

(Meanwhile, the Galactic Council convene at their base, a literal Ivory Tower. There, Terra gazes upon that state of his team. They're laying on the ground, mostly in broken pieces, with Saturn as the lone survivor.)

Tar: I thought your people were supposed to be strong, Terra. This is pathetic!

Saturn: What!?

Tar: Let us Lion Men handle Duo. We will tear him limb from limb and devour him, leaving nothing to waste!

Saturn: You .... delusional ... IDIOT! Duo's a robot and you - you're just some kind of mutation!

Tar: The Lion Men are the most advanced lifeform on the planet! We -

Terra: Are no match for Duo. I was afraid of this. He could ruin everything. Revised body or not, it seems he's regained any power he lost when he had to be rebuilt.*

(*in Mega Man 8)

Saturn: But he had to drain much of his reserves to stop us. We can still get him!

Trio: "We?"

Saturn: We Stardroids! Trio, you know us! You know we can obliterate Duo and any opposition.

Trio: You were strong ... once ...

Saturn: Ra Moon! Revive us!

Ra Moon: ...

Saturn: Ra Moon?


Ra Moon: Ra Thor! Your shouting has awoken me from my nap.


Ra Moon: *sigh* Saturn, what's your problem?

Saturn: The Stardroids - your personal guards have been slaughtered!!!

Ra Moon: Mmm.

Saturn: What?

Ra Moon: I just don't see why I should care.

Saturn: Why you should ... !? Terra, reason with him!

Terra: I hate to say it, Saturn, but if you people were weak enough to get taken apart like this, then I don't see why you should be revived.

Saturn: What!?

Terra: The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again. If you've failed ...

Saturn: But .. ! But .. ! Don't you care about us at all!?

Terra: You know how it is, Saturn. The weak are culled.

Saturn: Then make us strong! Ra Moon! We were your humble servants!

Ra Moon: That was thousands of years ago.

Saturn: Ra Moon, I implore you!

Ra Moon: ...

Saturn: You must!


(With a flash of electricity Ra Moon uses his might to remake the Stardroids into new, more powerful forms...)

Saturn: !?

Mercury: Wait ... what?

Mars: What's happened to us?

Terra: What have you done to my team!?

Ra Moon: I've made them better.


Mr. Holzenbein: I'll say!

Trio: I thought you didn't care about your teammates at all.

Terra: I don't care if they fall in battle, but I do care about them being disgraced! This reflects poorly on me!

Pluto: It reflects poorly on you? I don't see how.

Neptune: I feel so much ... yummier.

Uranus: Hmmm ... you look it too.

Jupiter: Yeah, nuts to that. We're better than ever!

Mr. Holzenbein: Quite so! You're all charming. Especially you, dear Uranus. Your new form is quite intriguing.

Uranus: Uh, thanks.

Mr. Holzenbein: Jupiter! The picture of athletic grace!

Jupiter: Uh ...

Mr. Holzenbein: Venus! At last the outside reflects the true beauty within!

Venus: I know, right?

Mr. Holzenbein: And Pluto ... you wild child. I wonder how wild you can really be.

Pluto: Eh!? WHAT!?

Mr. Holzenbein: But, don't be jealous, my sweet Terra. I love them all, but none can hold a candle to your beauty! That wild, perfect hair! That perfect skin! Such charm! Such grace!

Terra: Erm ...

Mr. Holzenbein: Terra, I would forsake all these beauties for you! Your touch electrifies me! You gaze rouses me!

Neptune: Is he ... ?

Uranus: How vulgar.

Terra: Uh ... This human emotion is ... uh ...

Mr. Holzenbein: This human emotion is passion! There is no greater treasure in the entire world!!

Venus: Hey, wait! Is he confessing!?

Mars: H-Holzenbein and Terra!?

Venus: OH, WOW!

Terra: Wait a minute here! You know I'm an alien, right? It just ... wouldn't work out.

Mr. Holzenbein: Your beauty transcends planets and cultures! Our bodies can translate whatever puny words do not.

Jupiter: He's really going for it!!

Terra: What!? I'm a robot!

Mr. Holzenbein: Heh. I've been with robots before. And monsters. And various inanimate objects. And ... other things. But none possess your will! Your passion! Your fire!

Terra: !!

(Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all huddle together.)

Mercury: Terra's moved!

Venus: What do we call this shipping? Holzenerra!? Terrabein!?

Mercury: It - it depends on who is dominant. Holzenerra doesn't sound quite right, but obviously he has initiated this encounter, so logically ...

Jupiter: Screw logic! It has to be Terrabein! Terra's our leader, after all!

Terra: I've never had such feelings expressed to me before. You ... you really and truly feel strongly for me, don't you?

Mr. Holzenbein: With all my heart! You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And I've sampled women of every sort.


Terra: Uh. You know I'm a man, right?


Mr. Holzenbein: What!?

Terra: I'm a man. Not a woman.


Mr. Holzenbein: Wait, you mean ... no! You didn't! You didn't .... get a sex change, did you?

Terra: No, I've been a man this entire time.

Mr. Holzenbein: *shattered* YOU TRICKED ME!

Terra: WHAT!?

Mr. Holzenbein: Wait, we can still salvage this! Ra Moon! You must change Terra as you did the others!

Ra Moon: No.

Terra: Hey, I don't want to be a woman!

Mr. Holzenbein: I can't believe you tricked me like that!

Terra: You tricked yourself, you idiot! I can't believe you. What happened to all that rubbish about my beauty!?

Mr. Holzenbein: YOUR BEAUTY IS A LIE!!!

(Mr. Holzenbein flees the room in tears.)


Terra: Earthlings!

Crorq: (After pitching the remainder of a buttery bag of popcorn into his mouth) Hey, don't lump us robots in with the likes of him.

Tar: Or us Lion Men!

Mercury: I guess Terrabein's a bust.

Mars: It's probably for the best. He was creepy.

Venus: I, uh, I kinda think he's sexy.

Mars: EW!

Trio: Was that really the best use of your power?

Ra Moon: zzzzzzz


Ra Moon: Uhh? Whu? Damn it, Ra Thor.


Trio: *ahem* The disruption was both unfortunate and baffling, but we have urgent matters to discuss. Stardroids! You have been afforded a new lease on life to serve our cause.

Saturn: Thanks to me nagging our old boss.

Trio: Nevertheless -

Saturn: Nevertheless, I think we should enjoy our new lease on life.

Pluto: Great idea, Saturn!

Mars: Yeah!

Venus: I have the sudden urge to check out the mall ... for the first time ever. Who's with me?

Mars, Jupiter: YEAH!

Mercury: Actually, I think I'll research the full extent of our transformation -

Venus: You're coming too!

Trio: Wait a minute here!

Neptune: The mall isn't really for me. What do you think of a carefree stroll along the beach?

Uranus: That sounds almost as lovely as you.

Neptune: Oh, my.

Trio: You have responsibilities!

Venus: Shopping! Food! The arcade! Let's invade the mall!

Mars, Jupiter: YEAH!

(Venus, Mars, and Jupiter run off, dragging Mercury behind them.)

Neptune: They sure have become a rambunctious bunch.

Uranus: Kids.

(Neptune and Uranus walk out arm in arm.)

Trio: OBEY ME! Saturn, Pluto, follow -

Tar: They're gone.

Crorq: AH HAH HAH HAH! Did you make them this way on purpose, Ra Moon, or was it a happy accident?

Princess: Who knows and who cares? The Stardroid Scouts had the right idea. If you geezers need some asses kicked, gimme a call, otherwise I'm outta here.

Ra Moon: As am I. This meeting interrupts my slumber. Ra Thor? Take me away from here.


(Ra Thor picks up Ra Moon and they all leave the meeting with Crorq snickering the entire time.)

Trio: Exactly when did I lose control of the situation?

(Meanwhile, in the Wily Underground, the Mechs continue to be as goodie-goodie as possible, still at Walkman's Juice Bar ...)

Sharkman: RAAAARRRRR!!!

Snakeman: WAAHHHHH!!!

(Snakeman flips out and trips over a table as Sharkman laughs hysterically.)

Sharkman: lol! It's true! You really are afraid of fish!

Needlegal: It's not funny, Shark.

Sharkman: Sure it is! Eeee hee hee hee hee!

(Sharkman laughs so hard that he trips over a chair and falls onto a nearby table, spilling juice all over Punk.)

Punk: HEY!

Sharkman: Uh, sorry Punk.

Geminiman: Looks like those guys got their ... just desserts. Heh heh heh.

Hardman: *groans*

(Suddenly the Mech's signal watches ring out. The Mechs look around the crowded room and move only slightly to the side, where it's marginally less crowded.)

Sparkman: Tell me again why we aren't using our internal radio?

Shadowman: Hush. Come in, Duo, we read you.

Duo: Mechanical Maniacs! Report in immediately. Trio has made his move.

Shadowman: Right away. Mechanical Maniacs, it looks like we're going into action.

Hardman: Oh, finally!

(And so the Mechs depart from Walkman's Juice Bar and head up a level to Duo's temporary base.)

Duo: Greetings, Mechanical Maniacs.

Snakeman: Salutations, Duo.

Topman: You look better, my man. How're you feeling?

Duo: Repairs are going smoothly. Thank you, Topman.

Topman: Are you sure it's cool we have the Energy Elements? I'm sure their power could help you out.

Duo: My thanks for your concern, Topman, but it's not a question of power. Have I not supplied your sanctuary with a much needed energy alternative?

Snakeman: Indeed you have, Duo.

Sparkman: (Not that I trust it much.)

Duo: The power of justice replenishes itself easily within me. It is my physical form which is undergoing repairs.

Snakeman: We are honoured you have chosen us to aid you as you repair yourself.

Duo: It is I who am grateful to you, Snakeman. I had despaired when I could not locate Megaman or Protoman.

(The team gives Needle and Shadow a reproachful glare.)

Duo: Yet I remembered you and how your team stopped me when I was infected with Evil Energy* and later rescued me when I was captured by the Decepticons.** I am glad to find true heroes still exist in this world even if the rest of the world does not recognize them.

(*Series 4: Power Failure **Series 4: Possession Part 3)

Geminiman: What's the problem, Duo?

Duo: My old enemies, the Stardroids have returned. And it seems they have received a power boost from their overlord - the nefarious Ra Moon!

Geminiman: Less "nefarious" and more "narcoleptic". He isn't into doing much of anything these days.

Duo: Be that as it may I detect vast power emanating from the Stardroids. Be on your guard.

Shadowman: Alright, guys ... IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!







Gemini SM, Top SM, Magnet SM, Snake SM, Needle SM, Shadow SM: STAR MARSHAL POWER!!!

Duo: Star Marshals, you must split up to encounter each group of Stardroids. Magnet and Snake, go to the mall and face the Stardroids there! Shadow and Gemini, face the Stardroids at the beach! Top and Needle, you will face the Stardroids located at the petting zoo.

Magnet SM: My mission's at the mall? Killer!

Needle SM: And we're at a petting zoo? What?

Duo: I don't know what's going on either, Star Marshals, but with the Energy Elements only you have the power to confront the Stardroids. It's up to you to take out Trio's evil minions and bring peace to this planet.

Top SM: We won't let you down, Duo!

Shadow SM: Alright, team, let's go and make Duo proud!

Gemini SM, Top SM, Magnet SM, Snake SM, Needle SM: RIGHT!

Hardman: *sigh* Yeah, we'll just ... hang back here in case you need us.

Sparkman: Have fun.

(The honorary Star Marshals teleport away to face their foes!)

(Shadow and Gemini arrive at the beach.)

Shadow SM: Alright, be on the lookout for trouble!

Gemini SM: Trouble? It looks really peaceful here.

(Indeed it does, as the sparsely populated beach features nobody doing anything out of the ordinary.)

Shadow SM: That's true. Hh. I wonder what's going on.

Police bot: Hey! Who are you!?

Gemini SM: We're the ...

Gemini SM, Shadow SM: STAR MARSHALS!

Police bot: You look ... really familiar.

Gemini SM: Well, uh, we're not. This is our first time out anywhere.

Police bot: Well, there's no telling who you are, coloured that way.

Shadow SM: Officer, there's a disturbance in the area. You have to clear out all the civilians!

Police bot: Eh?

Shadow SM: Evil alien robots have invaded the area. There's no telling what they're up to!

Gemini SM: Um, Shadow? Take a look over there.

Shadow SM: What the heck is going on?

Gemini SM: Let's go and investigate!


Police bot: Wait, did you just call him "Shadow"?

Gemini SM: Don't be ridiculous.

(The Star Marshals dash off to find Uranus and Neptune ... lying in the sun.)

Shadow SM: ... Uranus? Neptune?

Uranus: Oh, great. It looks like our date's over.

(And, at the mall ...)

Snake SM: Are you observing what I'm observing?

Magnet SM: Uh, if you mean that the Stardroids just got an extreme makeover, I totally do. And I am totally jealous. They look fantastic!

Mars: Why thank you, you look fantastic yourself!

Magnet SM: Why, thanks!

Venus: Do we know you? You two look familiar.

Snake SM: We're the ...


Jupiter: You are?

Magnet SM: We're, like, new.

Snake SM: And we're present to facilitate the cessation of your nefarious machinations!


Venus: Huh?

Mercury: He means he wants to stop our "evil plans".

Mars: Shopping's an "evil plan"?

Magnet SM: Uh, maybe if you're shopping in bad taste?

Snake SM: So, you're ... not here for evil?

Jupiter: Only if evil means getting great deals. Why not join us?

Magnet SM: Oh my God! This is gonna be the best! But aren't you, like, bothered by being turned into teenage girls?

Jupiter: No way!

Mars: We're killin' it.

Magnet SM: (Actually for some reason being a teenage girl doesn't sound so bad to me right now either.)

Jupiter: What was that?


Mercury: Ra Moon has looked into our souls and gave us what we all secretly wanted.

Venus: Ra Moon is the best and flawless!

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter: RA MOON IS TOTALLY AWSOME!

Magnet SM: I guess that answers that.

Snake SM: Golly. Regardless of the technical evaluation of one's ultimate emotional condition, I would unconditionally object to the unconscionable reorinetation of my own psyche.

Venus: Huh?

Mercury: He means he wouldn't want Ra Moon to invade his mind. Have ... have I ever mentioned how refreshing it is to find someone with an impressive vocabulary?

Venus: Why not? We're better than ever!

Magnet SM: I'm actually, like, a little jealous ... WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?

Jupiter: *squee*! Makeover time!

(Venus and Jupiter take Magnet away as Snakeman looks on is disbelief.)

Mercury: I, um, wouldn't mind it if you would accompany us. I do admire a man with intelligence.

Snake SM: G-golly.

(At the petting zoo...)

Kid: It's terrible!!

Another kid: It's just awful!

Someone: Someone has to stop them!

Needle SM: What's going on?

Top SM: Needle, look!

Pluto: Come here you scrumptious bunnies! You're all going in my tunny!

Saturn: Hee hee hee! It's so fun watching you play.

Pluto: Fun and nutritious.

Needle SM: Hey! Stop harassing those poor animals!

Pluto: And who the heck're you!?

Top SM: We're the Mighty Morphin' Star Marshals!

Saturn: The "Star Marshals"? Exactly who appointed you?

Pluto: One guess.

Saturn: It must have been Duo. Oh, my.

Top SM: That's right. Ready to give up yet?

Pluto: (grins)

(In a flash, Pluto dashes at Top, sending the robot spinning (and not in a good way). Saturn follows up with a high kick at Needle.)

Needle SM: They're fast, but not faster than my STAR NEEDLES!

(Needlegal shoots her yellow-tinted Needles at Pluto, who deftly dodges.)


(Topman does his signature move, albeit with a black blur now. Saturn dodges.)

Saturn: Your moves are as stale as the Mechs you stole them from - HEY WAIT JUST A MINUTE! THAT'S YOU!!

Top SM: Uh, no it's not!

Saturn: It most certainly is. Not that it matters. Just try to resist the power of my Black Hole!

(Saturn removes her ring and activates her Black Hole, drawing Topman closer. Top surprises the Stardroid by dashing forward.)

Saturn: What!?

(Topman uses his momentum to jump behind and delivers a spinning kick to the unprepared Stardroid.)

Saturn: GAH!

(Needlegal scores hits as Pluto misses an attack.)

Pluto: Grrr.

Needle SM: We're still in the game.

(Meanwhile, at the beach...)

Uranus: World Shaking!

(A large burst of power is shot at Shadowman and he has to dodge quickly.)

Shadow SM: GAHH!

Neptune: Deep Submerge!

(A large gout of water shoots towards Geminiman.)


Shadow SM: Uh, they're a little more difficult than they initially seemed.

Uranus: It's best not to judge by appearances.

(Uranus pounds Shadowman aside.)

Gemini SM: Speaking of appearances, whoever did your extreme makeover forgot to fix your face.

Neptune: Wh-what!?

Gemini SM: I mean, have you looked in the mirror? Your body may be beautiful, but your face is as ugly as ever.

Neptune: How dare you!? Didn't anyone teach you that a woman's true beauty lies in her inner self!?

(Neptune sprays Salt Water at Geminiman and the robot easily dodges. Neptune is unprepared for a shot from behind by one of Geminiman's clones.)

Neptune: GAHH!

Uranus: NEPTUNE!

(Uranus is hit with multiple Shadow Blades.)

Shadow SM: It's a mistake to take your eyes off me, ugly.

Uranus: Again with body shaming. How uncouth.

(And, at the mall ...)

Magnet SM: OMG SHOES!!!

Venus: I know, right!

Snake SM: I believe this is the most disquieting engagement to which I have ever been party.

Mercury: Why don't we let them be? You and I seem to have much in rapport.

(Mercury looks at Snakeman coyly.)

Snake SM: Erm ... ahhh ... I don't ... I mean ...

Mercury: *giggles*

Jupiter: Hey, guys! It looks like Mercury finally has a boyfriend!

Mars, Venus, Magnet SM: Oooooooo!

Mercury, Snake SM: *blushes deeply*

(As the fights progress, Duo looks on with Spark and Hard on his viewing globe.)

Hardman: What. Are. They. Doing?

Sparkman: I dunno, Duo kept cutting to the other battles. But it looks like ... they're making friends!

Duo: I was afraid of this. The Stardroids are clever and manipulative. It is evil's way to seduce and coerce.

Sparkman: Is it just me or do they look a little... I mean, this looks like a VHS recording, but it kinda looks like they've changed into really -

Duo: Yes. They have been made more evil than ever.

Sparkman: Not what I was gonna say.

Duo: Sparkman! Hardman! It is clear your friends need your help.

Hardman: Hey, wait! They might snap out of it.

Duo: We cannot take that chance. I have prepared two more Energy Elements for the both of you.

Hardman: Aw man, I do not want to wind up like Magnet.

Sparkman: (On the other hand, Snake was getting chummy with one of them.) Don't stress out about it, Hard. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team.

Hardman: Alright, if we have to do this, let's do it right! I want to be the Purple Platypus Star Marshal.

Sparkman: Huh?

Hardman: You heard that right. My giant robot will be the Platyzord -

Duo: There are no giant robots, I keep reminding you all of that.

Hardman: Well ... my weapon should be a didgeridoo and -

Duo: I have already made your Energy Element. (Why weren't you interested in this before?)

Hardman: So ... not purple and not a platypus?




Will the addition of the White and Gold Star Marshals be enough to thwart the evil Star Droids? Will Snakeman go on a date with Mercury? Find out on the next exciting adventure of the Mighty Morphin' Star Marshals!

To Be Continued ...


Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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