Series 9 Issue #22 - Invasion Part 2

Last time on the Mighty Morphin' Star Marshals: The Star Marshal Duo crashes to Earth. Injured by his battle with the Stardroids and aware of the evil Trio's presence on the planet, he enlists the aid of the Mechanical Maniacs to enforce justice as .... THE STAR MARSHALS!

The Marshals split up to engage the Stardroids in the mall, the beach, and the petting zoo. But not only are the Stardroids powerful, they are also cunning. The Stardroids located at the mall have almost succeeded in turning the Blue and Pink Star Marshals to their side.

Can their friends put a stop to them? Or are the Star Marshals doomed on their very first mission? Find out next!




(Meanwhile, at the mall...)

Magnet SM: (Overloaded with as many shopping bags as he can carry) THIS IS FANTASTIC, YOU GUYS!

Snake SM: Uh, Magnet...?

Venus: With these you'll have a whole new look.

Magnet SM: But I'm sorta afraid that the others won't really like the new me.

Mars: If they're your friends they'll understand.

Jupiter: Absolutely!

(From out of nowhere Hardman and Sparkman back flip onto the scene.)

Jupiter: What!?

Mars: There's more of them!

Snake SM: Thank goodness!

Hard SM: Don't be fooled! These guys aren't what they seem!

Spark SM: And what they seem is ... smoking hot!!

Mars: Uh ... thanks?

Magnet SM: No, guys! You've got them all wrong, they're actually really cool.

Spark SM: And ... WOW! The legs on them!

Mars: Uh ...

Hard SM: Dammit, focus! They are the Stardroids! They're up to no good.

Magnet SM: Actually, all they're up to is shopping.

Snake SM: Indeed. We were initially of the preconception that your assemblage was ill-intentioned, but upon further scrutiny I can conclude with 94% certainty that your activities pose no threat and your intentions are pure.

Mercury: Well, if you mean controlling the population through reliance on the form of energy we supply, then we are definitely pure.


Mercury: Oops.

Hard SM: See?

Mars: MERCURY! You spilled the beans so easily!

Mercury: We - well, they don't mind all that, do they?

Magnet SM: Oh no, you guys ...

Snake SM: We sort of do mind, actually. This energy you're producing has an adverse effect on the populace and will inevitably lead to chaos.

Venus: The energy is fine!

Mercury: Indeed. The phenomenon you're referring to is allayed by the control our benefactor has over those attuned with his energy.

Snake SM: I'm not sure I like the idea of your benefactor having so much control over sentient individuals. He wouldn't be Trio, would he?

Mercury: *gasp*!

Jupiter: They know about Trio.

Mars: I've been getting a strange feeling about them. I didn't want to believe it, but that aura around you .... you're powered by Duo, aren't you?

Magnet SM: You guys ...

Jupiter: Then you - you've been playing us this entire time! You're just here to destroy us, aren't you!?

Mercury: YOU! I can't believe you! You've toyed with my affections!

Snake SM: What!?

Jupiter: You're the enemy of women everywhere!

Mars: And you! Pretending to be our friend!

Jupiter: I'll put an end to all of you! Jupiter Thunder Crash!

(Jupiter shoots electricity at Magnet and he dodges.)

Magnet SM: Aw!

Mercury: Mercury Bubbles Blast!

(The room fills with mist. The Mechs, recognizing this manoeuvre, immediately run in a random direction to avoid the kick delivered by Jupiter and paper tag of Mars' that would have paralysed them.)

Snake SM: This mist can't stop me. STAR SNAKES!

(Snakeman produces blue coloured snakes that search out the Stardroids in the mist.)


Jupiter: They've got Venus!

Spark SM: I'll protect you, ladies!

(Sparkman releases an electric pulse that not only destroys the snakes, but also dispels the mist.)

Hard SM: What the hell!?

Spark SM: I'm not just gonna let you hurt these smoking hot honeys.

Jupiter: We don't need your help!

Mars: We'll show them that nothing stops the Stardroids.

(At the Ivory Tower...)

Princess: There'd better be a good reason you called me back here.

Terra: According to our surveillance my Stardroids have encountered some Star Marshals. Wherever they are, they're giving my women a run for their money.

Princess: What? "Whoever they are?" They're clearly those Gamma's Disciples bastards.

Terra: We made Gamma's Disciples and named them after an obscure nobody team, remember?

Princess: GAH! I mean the Mechanical Maniacs. Whatever! Those guys!


Terra: They can't be. Their colours don't match.

Princess: Oh, fuck me sideways, you cannot be that dense.

Terra: Well ... alright, fine! You're probably right.

Trio: It's Duo. That pig is making his move and is using the Mechs as pawns.

Crorq: Just as we're using the Stardroids, eh? (Tosses back a jelly doughnut and eats it loudly.)

Trio: Indeed. He knows I'm here. But he doesn't know where... What's his game ... ?

Crorq: (Pauses for a moment) Oh, for pity's sake. I have to take this call.

(Tornadoman appears on Crorq's monitors.)

Tornadoman: Sir! There's a situation!

Crorq: I know, the Mechs have gotten themselves a new coat of paint and are fighting teenage girls.

Tornadoman: What?

Crorq: Yes, I know, I have MAAAAAGNIFICENT powers of deduction, Tornado. Goodbye.

Tornadoman: No! It's the Wily Underground.

Crorq: What?

Tornadoman: They're blocking traffic throughout the city by organizing peaceful protests and squatting in camps they've made in the parks and are playing really bad music.


Crorq: And this is a problem ... how? Just go in there and bust heads in! How hard can it be if they're just sitting there doing nothing!? Honestly, do I have to do all the thinking for you?

Tornadoman: Uh, sir, it might surprise you, but that's actually illegal.

Crorq: How DARE you! Not only am I a member of the Galactic Council, but I'm also Chief of this world's Robot Police Force! NOTHING I SAY OR DO IS ILLEGAL!!


Tornadoman: I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that and follow standard procedure.

(Tornadoman hangs up and Crorq throws a doughnut at the wall in frustration.)

Crorq: OF ALL THE INCOMPETENCE! Being peaceful just means it's easier to shoot them!

Tar: Tornado's probably right, though. We cannot subvert their laws with complete disregard. Not yet.

(Crorq is about to throw a doughnut at Tar and he hesitates.)

Crorq: (After throwing the doughnut into his mouth instead) You're likely correct.

(At the beach...)

Bubbleman: Hey ho! Hey ho! Galactic Council's got to go!

Waveman: The Council is an autocratic regime imposed on us by the 1%!

Junkman: Hey there, ho there! Council go ... there! (Dang, that didn't work at all.)

Uranus: What are those losers babbling about? And when did they even get here!?

Neptune: They spoil the delicate beauty of this beach.

Shadow SM: Bubble and Wave? What are they doing here?

Gemini SM: Look! Some of the other Warriors are here too!

Heatman: Ah, the beach. So many things to do.

Woodman: I'll say! There's swimming ... sun tanning ... surfing ... you could read a book ... sandcastles ... picking up sea shells ... skipping stones ... so many choices!

Uranus: What are you people doing here?

Junkman: We're all over the city. We're going to stop you Stardroids in your tracks.

Neptune: Interesting. How exactly will you manage that?

Bubbleman: By using the light of reason!

Waveman: I know you think the Galactic Council are good guys trying to help people, but they're actually pretty corrupt. Look, I've prepared a presentation.

(Waveman teleports a large monitor beside him and opens up a PowerPoint presentation.)

Waveman: These graphs show the decline in available energy vs. the increase in productivity ...

(And at the petting zoo...)

Crystalgirl: How could you want to hurt such sweet animals?

Napalmman: You must be one heartless son of a gun.

Needle SM: You tell 'em, guys!

Pluto, Saturn: ...

Gravityman: You must switch your diet to a more environmentally friendly and ecologically ethical source of fuel. Biomass is wasteful and inefficient.

Crystalgirl: Plus, you must come to know that animals are friends, not food!

Napalmman: The lady is completely on point.

Napalmman, Gravityman, Crystalgirl: Friends, not food! Friends, not food!

Pluto: Holy shit, it's like we're trapped in a cheesy after school special.

Needle SM: There's nothing cheesy about showing love for animals and nature.

Top SM: You tell 'em, Needle!

Napalmman: We only have one precious planet Earth. If we don't protect and respect it then we won't have anything at all.


Pluto: You're freaking Napalmman!

Saturn: And we're not even from Earth! What do we care about Earth or any of its animals?

Pluto: Except how to eat them, of course.

Needle SM: As aliens, you are guests on our planet and you must show respect!

Pluto: And you're still talking. As if we care. Deadly Scream!

(A loud screech emits form Pluto's staff and she laughs as her enemies (and Saturn) cover their ears in pain.)

Saturn: What the crap, Pluto!?

Pluto: Hee hee hee! (Pluto gleefully tears into Needle and Top as Saturn glares angrily at her.)

(Elsewhere, in downtown Monsteropolis...)

Concreteman: I can't believe Crorq.

Tornadoman: I agree, we can't just gun these people down. But ...

Multiman: Freedom for Wilybots!

Multiman: End the discrimination!

Magmaman: Yeah, we remember when Wily outfitted you with plutonium and sent you to level the city.*

(*During Series 6's Business of War)

Multiman: GAH!

Multiman: We were under orders!

Multiman: We had no choice but to obey Wily.

Multiman: (Although, I guess we might have done it anyway.)

Police Bot: Sir? What are your orders?

Tornadoman: Erm ... ah ...

Concreteman: The Multimen are disrupting traffic and daily life! But ... they've been peaceful...

Tornadoman: What's a justice-loving robot to do!?

(The Ivory Tower...)

Princess: I can't believe this! Our monitors show those lazy good-for-nothing robot police just standing there while the Wilybots do bullshit protests!

Crorq: Well ... they haven't been violent, so Tar is right. There's not a lot we can do.

Princess: Did you forget how they've been raiding us for years? Stealing supplies and Energen? Uh, don't you think that warrants a take down?

Crorq: (While noisily eating a jelly filled doughnut) Apparently my men don't quite share that sentiment. They feel uneasy about attacking Wilybots unless they're actively doing something wrong.

Princess: BRAINLESS!

Crorq: It's not like I disagree. A nonviolent target makes it easier to chew them up and spit them out.

Trio: This has Duo's oversized fingerprints all over it. He must have rallied the Wily Underground to his cause somehow...

Tar: This is an affront! Monsteropolis and this entire planet are OURS!

Trio: Yes.

Crorq: I have more good news for you. It seems we have incoming!

(The Ivory Tower rocks as it's hit with explosions.)

Trio: WHAT!?

Luna: Trio!

Trio: LUNA!?

Terra: Oh great. First the Star Marshals and now these losers.

(Elsewhere, the RPD confronts the invading Constellation Droids.)

Police Bot: Open fire!

Police Bot: But they haven't even done anything.

SWAT Bot: It just makes them easier to hit.

Sagittarius: Agents of evil, I will bring peace to this planet!

(The Constellation Droid fires an arrow and the officer bots are destroyed in gouts of flame.)


Oilman: Why? Why do we suddenly care about parks!?

Sharkman: I'unno, lol.

Aries: You people.

Bitman: It's a ... sheep?

(Aries ignores the Six's odd glances and destroys nearby Police Bots with gouts of flame.)

Aries: I sense you're on our side. Join us in liberating the city!

Torchman: Or at the very least this park! I see you are mighty indeed and you are right to recognize us as the true heroes we are. We will destroy the oppressive regime of Monsteropolis and rule the day OURSELVES!

Blademan: Yeah! Waste those cops! For justice!!

Sharkman: Justice, lol!

Aries: Uh, maybe you're not on our side?

(Elsewhere ...)

Doc Robot: Master! The Wily Underground has organized peaceful protests ... are you watching? Come out!


Expressman: You're just driving everyone away! Are you stuck in a loop or something!?


Doc Robot: Master, we're doing this for you!!


Scorpio: Maybe I'll just leave this area alone...

Expressman: This is a disaster!

(Elsewhere ...)

Taurus: Fight with me against these evil oppressors!

Bass: Finally! Someone's speaking my language!

W. Waltz: So razor!

Piano: So lame, you mean. (Hangs back)

(Bass and Taurus attack the RPD forces in the area.)

Blizzardman: YEOW! So much fer being peaceful, eh?

Knightman: This knave is Bass. I believe this is as peaceful as he gets.

(The beach...)

Aquarius: Stardroids! We've found you.

Bubbleman: He's ... so cooooooool!

Neptune: Constellation Droids? Pathetic.

Uranus: Although I wouldn't mind seeing Taurus.

Neptune: You're making me jealous. How mean.

Shadow SM: Constellation Droids? Here!?

Gemini SM: What's going on?

Pisces: Relax, green Star Marshal. We're also friends of Duo. He's helped our planet before and now we're here to pay back the favour.

Gemini SM: All right!

Uranus: Sickening.

Gemini SM: Thanks, guys, but we don't need your help! I'll show you what Star Marshals are made of! Sick-YAHHHH!!!!!

(Geminiman charges at Neptune and they trade blows. From out of nowhere music starts playing.)

♬Goooooo greeeeeeeen maaaaaarrrrr-shallllll GO!
Goooooo greeeeeeeen maaaaaarrrrr-shallllll GO!
Neptune's gunna get you, tonight!
Don't let Trioooo put a stop to your miiiiiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhhtttttttt~!
Goooooo greeeeeeeen maaaaaarrrrr-shallllll GO!
GO! Green! Mar! Shal! GO!

Shadow SM: Maannn, why does he get his own song?

(Neptune manages to score a hit and Green Marshal goes flying.)

Gemini SM: EEEEaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Aquarius: The Stardroids are strong, but we can stop them if we work together.

Pisces: Right! All together now! Hydro Cannon!

Aquarius: Storm Surge!

Bubbleman: So cool!!

Gemini SM: Star Laser!

Shadow SM: Star Blade!

Neptune: D-darling ...!

Uranus: I can't ...

Neptune, Uranus: YEAAAAAH!!!

(The Stardroids are destroyed in a gigantic explosion.)

Bubbleman: That was amazing! You were awesome, Aquarius!!

Aquarius: Uh, thanks...

Bubbleman: Did you see that, Wave?

Waveman: Yes, I did.

Shadow SM: I just wonder how the others are doing.

(The petting zoo ...)

Pluto: A goat and a lion, eh? Well, I like goats and I've never eaten lion before.

Capricorn: Really? *humph*

Leo: This one's mine, Capricorn. She pisses me off.

Pluto: Woooo, feisty!

Needle SM: Backup, eh? Glad you're here to help us out.

Capricorn: Indeed, lady. We will dispose of these villains.

Top SM: We'll ALL dispose of these jerks.

Needle SM: Yeah, we'll show you what Earth robots are made of!

Leo: HAH, I like your spirit. Very well. ATTACK!!!

(Leo immediately sends a gust of wind at Pluto, sending her flying._

Pluto: Yiiiiiiiiiiiii~!

(Needlegal follows up with a burst of her Needle Cannon.)

Saturn: Ohnoyoudon't!

(Saturn parries Capricorn's fiery sword and follows up with a swipe of her glaive.)

Capricorn: Gahh!

(Saturn then whirls her glaive around her, countering Topman's Top Spin.)

Top SM: She's good!

Capricorn: Both at once!

(Capricorn attacks with his sword while Topman throws Top Bombs at her, but Saturn block it all with her glaive.)

Saturn: Useless!! The power I've been gifted can consume an entire WORLD! AH HAH HAH HAH HAH HA-


(Saturn whirls in time to see Pluto torn apart by Needlegal's needles.)

Saturn: Well ... she wasn't even a planet any more anyway.

(Saturn is then hit with a high-powered kick delivered by Topman.)

Top SM: And you're not even a problem anymore!

Saturn: You - !

Capricorn: And me!!

(Capricorn delivers the final blow and Saturn is destroyed.)

(The mall ...)

Virgo: Don't worry, Star Marshals, we're here to help.

Mars: The Constellation Droids!?

Venus: How tacky.

Gemini: You're tacky! And completely unimaginative.

Spark SM: I ... I'm so confused right now. How do I react to ... her? Him?

Hard SM: Uh oh, the Justice Energy must be getting to you.

Spark SM: Oh, shoot! Wait, did I say "shoot"!? I mean "darn"! I mean "crud"! FUDGE! My swears! I've lost my swears!

Hard SM: HAH! Oh well, at least you still got your perversion, right?

Spark SM: ...

Hard SM: Oh no.

Spark SM: I'm looking at those girls and all I can think of is holding hands and kissing and ... MARRIAGE!


Magnet SM: Like, will you guys please get a grip? We have a situation here.

Cancer: You're outnumbered, Stardroids.

Libra: Submit to the inevitable or face our judgement.

Mars: Lousy second rate robots who challenge our superiority, BEWARE!

Jupiter: Evil robots who feign friendship, BEWARE!

Venus: And all you fashion victims, BEWARE!

Mars: For love and passion, a sailor suited pretty soldier, Mars!

Mercury: For love and intellect, a sailor suited pretty soldier, Mercury!

Venus: Agent of love and beauty, the pretty sailor suited soldier, Venus!

Jupiter: Agent of love and courage, the pretty sailor suited soldier, Jupiter!

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury: And we'll all punish you!

Spark SM: I - I know there's something I should say in this situation, but I just can't think of it!

Gemini: Oh, wow. They're totally different in every way, aren't they?

Virgo: Focus, please. MAELSTROM!

(The Stardroid Scouts dig in their heels and resist Virgo's attack.)

Mars: We won't fall without a fight. PHOTON MISSILE!

(Mars shoots several missiles at the group who all dodge.)

Jupiter: You're not getting away! Electric Shock!

Virgo: Aieee!!!

Cancer: I'll stop you! I'll tear you to shreds! I'll ... WHAT!?

(Hardman tries to stifle his laughter.)

Hard SM: I just .... I can't ... you look so ridiculous.


(Cancer is hit with an electric attack by Jupiter.)

Jupiter: Seriously! Even these Earthlings can see how pathetic you are!

Cancer: S-sticks and stones ...

Snakeman: Keep it together, you guys!

Mercury: You broke my heart! Shine Aqua Illusion!

(A mist surrounds the Mechs and Constellation Droids, freezing them.)

Virgo: Ack!

Libra: Face my judgement! U.V. Ray!

(Libra shoots a massive blast at the Stardroid Scouts and they all falter.)

Venus: I won't let you... Bubble Bomb!

Cancer: You besmirch the name of all crabs by siding with evil!!

Spark SM: Wait, she's a crab? Does that mean ... did you two ever go out?

Cancer: What!?

Venus: Just because we're both crab-based space robots!?

Spark SM: I mean, I just sorta assumed you'd want to ...

Cancer: I can't believe you!

Magnet SM: Now, while they're distracted! STAR MISSILES!



Virgo: Maelstrom!

Libra: U.V. Ray!

Gemini: Twin Laser!

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury: YEEEAHHHH!!!!

(The last of the Stardroid Scouts are destroyed by the Mechs' and Constellation Droids' attacks.)

Snake SM: *huff puff* That was ... far more troublesome than initially supposed.

Shadow SM: (Over the communicator) We're done over here. How about you guys?

Snake SM: Our mission has been accomplished successfully.

Top SM: We beat the Stardroids, but the animals ...

Leo: A hard day's work means a hearty snack!

Capricorn: Indeed!

(The group hears a clapping sound. They look up and Terra's on an upper level, sitting on some debris. He jumps down when they notice him.)

Spark SM: You guys better get down here. Terra's just arrived.

Terra: Oh yes. Call your little friends. After all, we know how good of a job you can do when you're all on your own. I guess that's the power of "justice energy" HAH!

(The rest of the Mechs arrive with the Constellation Droids they've met with in tow.)

Shadow SM: It's over, Terra! On the authority of the Star Marshals, I'm placing you under arrest!

Terra: You mean the authority of an invading alien on a ruling body of a sovereign government?

Shadow SM: Erm, em...

Terra: Because if you haven't noticed, you're actually in the wrong here.

Magnet SM: Stop trying to confuse us.

Terra: *humph* I hope you're happy with yourselves. Because you've achieved nothing. While you've been here messing around with my Stardroids, Trio and Princess have been dealing with Luna, Apollo, and Duo. And guess what? It's time to take things up a notch. CRORQ! HIT IT!


Terra: Crorq?

Crorq: (Over the communicator) Give me a minute!

Terra: Seriously!?

Crorq: (Munching on a caramel-filled chocolate bar) I don't know why you thought the timing would work out.

Terra: Every single one of our number can command power at a whim, so why not me!? You told me it would be ready half an hour ago and now I just look stupid ordering something that just wasn't ready yet! And now they're just staring at me as if I'm crazy and -

Crorq: Alright, it's done! Activating the Dark Energy reactors!

(The ground shakes as multiple reactors start up at once.)

Spark SM: What was that!?

Terra: As I said, it's time to take things up a notch. Duo's not the only one who was pumping his little clique with his brand of special energy. Our own benefactor, Trio had the same idea. Only with the entirety of Monsteropolis!

(Terra pulsates with glowing purple energy.)

Terra: And all our forces are plugged in.

Spark SM: Oh ... shoot.


Tornadoman: Peaceful protests ... does it annoy anyone else that we can't do anything?

Splash Woman: I don't know, Tornado. They seem to be getting unruly to me.

Tornadoman: I think you just might be right, Splash. Sentinels ... "DEFEND YOURSELVES!"

(The Sterling Sentinels attack the peacefully protesting Multimen!)

Multiman: What!?

Multiman: But ... we're being peaceful!

Magmaman: Peacefully GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!

(All around the city, Police Bots and RPD agents attack the Wily Underground and the Constellation Droids.)

Officer Bot: Alien scum!


Taurus: We're trying to help you people.

Bass: You should be supporting us!

SWAT Bot: You have the right to remain silent ... SO SHUT UP!


Duo: You've infected the citizens of this city with Evil Energy!? It could destroy their minds!

Trio: Hypocrite. I sense that you did the same to the so-called "Wily Underground." I was just better at it. In the end it's all the same.

Duo: It's not the same at all! You know how debilitating long-term exposure to Evil Energy -

(Trio blasts Duo with a concentrated amount of Evil Energy.)


Apollo: Duo!

Trio: Enough of your sanctimonious preaching!

(Princess throws Luna into Apollo with a cry and follows up with her own blast of Evil Energy.)

Apollo, Luna: GYAHHH!!

Princess: Yak, yak, yak. That's all you robots want to do. Well, I for one LIKE this new Dark Energy Trio gave us. I don't give a shit how bad it is for me!

(Back at the mall...)

Terra: Your friends are being taken apart. Both the Wily Underground and the Constellation Droids.

Gemini: If Apollo's in trouble ...

Libra: We can't just abandon the Star Marshals.

Shadow SM: Go! We can take it form here!

Virgo: Thank you.

(The Constellation Droids leave.)

Terra: You should have let them stay.

(Terra unleashes several Spark Chasers. Empowered by Evil Energy they hit every one of the Mechanical Maniacs.)

Top SM: GAH!!

Terra: Do you think I don't know who you are, "Star Marshals"? I wonder if Duo would have given you his precious "Justice Energy" if he knew you were Monsteropolis' most wanted?

Gemini SM: If being a criminal means we fight evil dirt bags like you, then I'll gladly join the dark side. SICK-YEAHHH!!!!

(Gemini and Terra trade blows and Gemini's theme song plays from somewhere in the background.)

♬Goooooo greeeeeeeen maaaaaarrrrr-shallllll GO!
Goooooo greeeeeeeen maaaaaarrrrr-shallllll GO!
Terra's gonna get you, tonight!
Don't let Trioooo put a stop to your miiiiiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhhtttttttt~!
Goooooo greeeeeeeen maaaaaarrrrr-shallllll GO!
GO! Green! Mar! Shal! GO!

Magnet SM: Where is that music coming from?

(Geminiman is swatted aside and Topman tries spinning into Terra to no avail.)

Terra: (After kicking Topman out of the way) It's useless!

(One-by-one the Mechs attack, and one-by-one they fall before the might of the evilly empowered Terra.)

Hard SM: We can't win ... he's just too strong.

Spark SM: We need more power.

Snake SM: Of course! That's it! More power!

Magnet SM: Snake, you have an idea?

Snake SM: I sure do. Distract Terra while I get to work.

Shadow SM: You heard him, team. Let's give Snake all the time he needs!

(Shadowman warps behind Terra through his own shadow, but Terra reacts quickly and swipes him away. Spark readies a colossal Spark Shot which stuns Terra in place.)

Spark SM: Everybody, NOW!

(Geminiman fires a laser at him, Magnet uses his Magnet Bullets, Topman throws his bombs, but Terra merely catches Shadowman's blade and throws it back at the ninja.)

Shadow SM: GAHH!!!

Terra: All useless!

Spark SM: Are you kidding? You should look at your hair, man.

Terra: My ... hair?

(Terra's hair has been partially sheared by Shadowman's blade and frayed by Topman's bombs).

Top SM: Uh oh, I think you cheesed -

(Terra launches at Spark and punches the surprised robot repeatedly.)

Terra: My hair is PERFECT! DO YOU HEAR ME!?! You with your stupid complicated armour. Like anyone wants such a ridiculously complicated piece of crap as armour. And YOU!

Gemini SM: I didn't say anything.

(Terra launches at Gemini and fires Spark Chasers at his crystalline armour, cracking it in several places.)

Terra: Not so shiny any more, are you!? Nothing makes you special now!

Terra: AND YOU!

(Terra launches himself at Needlegal and starts swinging. Needlegal tries dodging, but gets hit more often than not.)

Terra: Think you're pretty don't you!? Well, you're NOT!

Needle SM: What is your damage!?

Snake SM: How's this for some damage?

(One of Snakeman's snakes places a Blue Star Marshal branded remote device on Terra.)

Terra: What? Did you - did you seriously take the time to paint this blue and put a sticker on it and everything!?

Snake SM: Blue Star Marshal Blue Remote Power Coupler Power Up!!

Terra: What in the flying fu -

(A large beam of energy envelops Terra and blasts through the roof of the mall.)


Spark SM: Snake ... what did you do?

Snake SM: You gave me the idea. All we needed was more power. So I retrofitted one of our mobile remote battery units and attached it to Terra, funnelling all the power of Duo's Justice Energy reactor straight into him.

Shadow SM: That's brilliant!

Snake SM: Unfortunately, I don't think the reactor will make it. This far exceeds its specified parameters.

Hard SM: That's ... less brilliant.

Terra: (Blackened and smoldering) Ra Moon ... I .... I'll take whatever help I can get at this point. I'll even let you turn me into a teenage girl! Just don't ... let ... me ...

Ra Moon: (Back at the Ivory Tower) Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ~


(Terra explodes.)

Needle SM: We did it!


Snake SM: We may have won the battle, but ... it's getting awfully quiet out there.

(The Mechs stop and listen as the sounds of battle start to fade.)

Magnet SM: I'm getting a bad feeling about this, you guys.

(At the Ivory Tower...)

Trio: (Landing hard through a large hole in the upper floors) *huff huff*

Tar: Trio! You've been damaged.

Trio: Yes. Even with several Dark Energy plants granting me their power, Duo and Apollo both are daunting.

Princess: (Landing beside him) But we kicked their asses. What a workout! I'm gonna eat me a kitten.

(Princess saunters away happily.)

Tar: Yes, a celebratory baby will do nicely.

(Tar walks off, licking his chops.)


Tar: Didn't I? Heh heh heh.

Crorq: I did the most of all of you! Co-ordinating the attacks against the Underground AND the Constellation Droids! Managing the power transfer to ALL of the troops! I. AM. MAAAAAAAAGFNIFICENT!!

Mr. Holzenbein: (Running into the room) Terra? Are you back? I've spent this entire time "meditating" over the issue and I've been a fool! All this time I've blinded myself to the possibilities! All those wasted years ... but you're right! Your beauty holds no equal among anyone on Earth! Terra?

(Crorq hits Mr. Holzenbein with a timbit.)

Crorq: You're too late. The Mechs destroyed him.

Mr. Holzenbein: Wh-what? But .. ! Ra Moon! Surely you - !


Ra Moon: Ra Thor! What have I told you about SHOUTING!?


Mr. Holzenbein: Ra Moon, Terra!

Ra Moon: Is gone. You missed your shot. Come, Ra Thor. If I must stay awake I will watch my stories.


Mr. Holzenbein: So ... after all that ... Terra.

(Later, in the Wily Underground...)

Snakeman: Yep, the reactor's toast.

Sparkman: That's why you should let me handle the technical stuff. You've ruined it!!

Snakeman: Hey!! I'm technical!

Sparkman: You're a hacker. It's a completely different skill set.

Magnetman: Good riddance!

(Magnet violently throws his Energy Element to the ground and storms off.)

Magnetman: Maybe now that this cursed generator's blown, Walkman can fix me up a proper drink.

Needlegal: Mags?

Magnetman: DON'T WAIT UP!

(Magnetman quickly leaves the generator room.)

Hardman: What was that about?

Snakeman: Oh, um ... hum. Well, I guess things turned out all right.

Sparkman: Well, we're out a power generator. And I'm not into letting those Energy Elements mess with my head any time soon.

Geminiman: And Duo's gone. Reports are saying he and the Constallation Droids have been fought off. There's cheering in the streets and the Galactic Council's more popular than ever because they've fought off an alien invasion and solved the worldwide energy crisis.

Topman: It wasn't so bad. Sure we got a little cheesy, but wanting to dance all the time isn't too far off from how I normally am.

Snakeman: Yeah, and the Stardroids have been obliterated! Come on, guys, that's a huge load off our shoulders.

Shadowman: And from the sounds of it, Ra Moon is too damned lazy to just revive them. Thank God for small favours, I guess. The situation with the Council isn't far off from where it was when we started this mess. So I guess Snake's right, all in all it turned out okay.

Needlegal: And we learned something too....

Sparkman: Yeah, leave the techie stuff to me, Snake.

Snakeman: It worked okay!

Needlegal: We learned that sometimes girl power really is just better. I mean look at what happened here. The Stardroids were more powerful than ever before and why? Girl power. Terra was a cinch and why? Because he was afraid to tap into his inner femininity.

Snakeman: Yeah, be sure to tell Magnet that when he gets back.

Needlegal: I will!

Topman: Well, until we all sign up for a makeover we are ... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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