Series 9 Issue #5 - What's New is Old Part 2

The Sinister Six have travelled back in time to Series 5 for no good reason at all! Quint enlists the aid of Magnet, Spark, Hardman, and former member Hard Chika to stop them before they screw up reality! Meanwhile Leon's old Elecman armor has been found. How long before this becomes relevant!? Read on to find out more...

(On the outskirts of the Monsteropolis, the Six try to leave the era after being trounced by the Mechs...)

Oilman: I think it's the transmission.

Sharkman: Dood. Dood! This is, like, the lamest part of the trip.

Bitman: Yeah, when we tell people how we went back in time we'll leave out the part where the machine stalled.

Torchman: (Chuckles to himself.)

Oilman: Oh, you find something funny?

Torchman: Yes. Our own folly. Don't you see? Why are we running back with our tails between our legs when we are exactly where we're meant to be. Think of it! We are a turning point in history. We know who is important and what will happen. That makes us as oracles in this past realm.

Wave Woman: Oh, golly! (╹ェ╹)

Oilman: Well, you have a point there. We could open a bank account and make some choice investments. When we get back home the interest alone will make us billionaires.

Torchman: Oilman, that plan is unworthy of us. Time travel makes us as gods and you would squander it on mere monetary gain!? I had thought better of you. No, we have bigger fish to fry. Have you forgotten why we started on our quest!?

Bitman: Because we wanted to make a quick name for ourselves in the world?

Blademan: Because we were bored one day!

Sharkman: This shit's getting intense. Why are we here? Like, why are any of us here? It's so deep.

Bitman: *sigh* Wily used Crorq to reprogram us all "for evil," obviously.

Torchman: NO! We were set upon our oath by those vicious criminals in the public. Those who refused to give us the respect we deserved for being the one, true, Mega Man 3 team. We set our sights too low. We should not have tried to replace the Sinister Six. We are not and never will be those low-tech robot masters. After experiencing their powers for ourselves I think we can all agree we are far more powerful in our present state. Even if we prove ourselves to be the rightful heirs we are, it does not negate our true purpose -- to make the rabble see we are the one, true Mega Man 3 team, that Mega Man 3 PC was always the true Mega Man 3! And now we have just the way to do it.

(The Sinister Six lean in.)

Torchman: We must use this device to go further back in time than this era. Back to when things first started. We will "rescue" Stephen and William Rozner from the horror that is their life and assassinate that fraud Keiji Inafune before he steals Rozner's thunder. We will then place the Rozners in his stead. We will guide their hands in crafting our game. The true game! Not only will this propel us to new heights, but it also means that those troublesome Mechs will never have existed to begin with! The entire series will never suffer the corruption brought upon by later games. The world will gain new heights! All will be like Mega Man 3 PC!

(Torchman is shocked as a Hard Knuckle decks him.)

Hardman: (Stepping out of Quint's time machine) You're as crazy as ever!

Magnetman: I don't know who these "Rozner" or "Inafune" guys are, but you're clearly a few pancakes short of a full stack, hombre.

Torchman: Wrong. I am the only one who sees things clearly. You people will not stop us. Sinister Six, REUNITE!

(The Six raise their arms high and a burst of light shoots forth, blinding the heroes.)

Hardman: AGH!

Sparkman: Those copycats!

(Magnetman reels in pain as he's hit with Bit Cannon. Hardman leaps to the side as Sharkman tries to hit him with his boomerang.)

Sharkman: I'm so high. It looks like there's two Hards!

Hard Chika: I can't believe these guys are still around!

Sparkman: I know, right!?

(Both are further blinded as Oilman uses his weapon against them and Blademan follows up with a flurry of knives.)

Blademan: We're like the Energizer Bunny! We just keep going and going and going!

Hardman: I'm not letting you beat me. I'll beat you jokers within an inch of your lives!

(Hardman knocks Oilman and Blademan off their feet in a rage.)

Hardman: Do you creeps think you're funny? Cuz yer not!

Wave Woman: You're so scary! Scary and mean! (Wave Woman begins to cry loudly) இ_இ

Hardman: (Taken aback) Wait, what?

(Hardman is then tackled from behind by Torchman who engulfs both himself and Hardman in flames.)

Torchman: You! You will not harm her, villain!

Hardman: Ow, ow, ow. Flames don't do much damage, but they do hurt if they don't stop. (Hardman tries to reach behind to grab onto Torch) Leggo! You're really pissing me off. You know, if a certain mischievous fox were here, your stinkin' flames wouldn't help you one bit.

(Hard Chika fires off a Hard Knuckle at Blademan, but only manages to hit Wave Woman.)

Wave Woman: Owwwwieee~! You're so mean! (╥_╥)

Hard Chika: Oh! Sorry!

Blademan: You leave her alone! (Blademan hits her with several blades.)

(Blademan is knocked away by Magnetman's magnetic force.)

Magnetman: Get it together guys! Quint, just end this already!

Quint: Right! Sorry! (Quint whips out his small device.) Its time to say goodnight -

(Quint's device is destroyed by a quick-thinking Bitman.)

Quint: OI!!

Bitman: People may think we're weak, but there's no way we'd be weak enough to let ourselves get taken down by you, Quint.

Sparkman: (To himself) Damn, he's got us there, don't he? Why didn't we think of doing that?

Quint: Someone had better destroy that time machine. The longer it's held in check by my devices, the more strain it places on reality. And that's dangerous. We may attract a lot of unwanted attention. We have to end this now!

(Lightning strikes the group from nowhere.)

Quint: Oh no.

(Laughter fills the air.)

???: This place again? And you people?

Sparkman: This guy sounds familiar.

Hardman: I'll say.

Magnetman: Uh oh. Things are gonna get weird again, ain't they? It was bad enough with Buster Rod doing shit he shouldn't be able to, now we have this chucklehead to contend with.

Bitman: I always hated it when things got weird.

Sharkman: I don't remember things every getting weird. Of course, it's hard for me to remember anything at all!

(From our of nowhere a grinning Kefka appears in the skies.)

Hard Chika: Hey, it's the funny clown from that party a little while ago. He and Clownman got along famously.*

Torchman: I remember that party. (Grumbles to himself.)

Sparkman: (To himself) I remember this joker now. He was there at the last Sinister Six adventure. General Cutman drained his power to turn Gary into Iceman Red.** He was also there when ... oh no.

Hardman: It's Kefka! He tried to capture the X-Force as part of his interdimensional zoo back in the day.***

(*Series 2 Issue # 12 - It's a party in my mouth - and everyone's invited! **S6: All Good Things ***X-Force: Reploids on Display)

Kefka: You've all heard of me! And my zoo!

Hardman: He's powerless in this dimension! Kick his ass!

(With a wave of his arm, Kefka engulfs the entire group in magical lightning.)

Kefka: I don't know who told you about all that, but it's true. My powers are quite limited here. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to rely on that little monkey to do all my dirty work. But thanks to the large amount of chronal energy in the area, I have a lot of leeway. So thank you.

Blademan: You're welcome!

Wave Woman: Glad we could help. (✿◠‿◠)

Oilman: I guess we'll just take the Time Skimmer and be going now.

Kefka: Oh, no. No, no, no. I think I'll be keeping you. You and your toys. And then ... I think I'll go shopping.

(With a wave of his hand he, the Mechs, the Six, and the time machines all disappear.)

(The Mechs and the Six wake up in a large cell.)

Hard Chika: What is this? Where are we?

Hardman: Kefka's stupid zoo.

Hard Chika: But we're not animals!

Sharkman: I kinda am, lol.

Wave Woman: Ohhh, we're in chains! Oh noes! I hope a sexy vampire doesn't come here and have his way with us. ♥‿♥

Oilman: Huh? What?

Blademan: Don't worry, Wave, we'll save you from any vampires! (You don't think there really are vampires here, do you guys?)

Sharkman: Vampires!?

Quint: Alright, fellows, calm yourselves. We need to work together to get home.

Torchman: NEVER!

Magnetman: Gotta say, I share a similar sentiment.

Quint: Do you really think just leaving them here is a good idea? And you (turns to the Six) do you think we'll just let you keep that Time Skimmer? It's got to go. Not to mention that we have no idea what we'll find here.

Oilman: We have no reason to help you and every reason to ditch you losers here. (Oilman slips out of his bonds, which are now covered in oil.)

Oilman: In fact we should just rip you apart right now.

Bitman: (After effortlessly breaking his own shackles) Right.

(Both Hards break free and Magnet bursts his bonds using his own power.)

Hardman: Can't say I'm sorry to kick yer asses again.

Torchman: Hold, everyone! Oil, stand down. You have acted rashly. Very well, Quint. We shall link our strength to yours.

Oilman: Why!?

Torchman: We're strangers in a strange land. This clown person felled us all in one swoop. Like it or not, we are allies now, united in common cause. And as they have pointed out - do you really want to leave these people here in the past? They'll surely twist time to suit their own selfish purposes. Who knows what kind of damage these people will do if left unchecked? While the world may consider us villains due to the lies spewed forth by our enemies, do not forget the truth! We are the world's truest heroes. We cannot let these fools stay here and do untold damage to the time stream.

Wave Woman: Oh wow. You're right, Torch. We're lucky to have a leader like you to keep us heading in the right direction. :)

Quint: I ... what!? Just wow. Do you even remember why you came here in the first place?

Bitman: (Freeing the rest of his team) We live in the moment.

Blademan: Yeah! The past is just the past!

Sharkman: Who can even remember what happened yesterday, anyway? It's like - who cares? We do what we want!

Quint: ...And who can argue with that.

(The bots explore Kefka's domain. As they explore they're hit by several random encounters, have to split into four groups, each unlocking one switch after another to allow the other groups to pass. They collect several pieces of armor and weapons that none of the group can wear (but Blade and Shark find them endlessly fascinating). After a few hours, one group realizes they've gone too far ahead and have to backtrack in order to active a switch for another group. After several hours and a few miniboss fights the groups finally meet up with each other in a dungeon that looks a lot like the one they just left.)

Blademan: I look so sexy in this gold armor! And these weapons ... I can't even use 'em, but I like having them anyway!

Sharkman: This silk robe is so pretty. And smoking this Phoenix Down is like a high I've never felt before. I mean ... dood! Whoa.

Bitman: I don't know what gil is or why monsters spit it out when we beat 'em, but I'm sure we'll be able to hawk this for something when we get back home, right?

Hard Chika: My feet are killing me! I can't believe all the walking we had to do.

Magnetman: And we're not even done yet. I have never been this dang confused in my life all this going back and forth, up and down. What happened to straight forward tunnels with a spike or two you have to avoid!? This is just too dang tedious for a man of action like myself.

(As the bots all rally together, the Welderbot nonchalantly wanders into the dungeon.)

Welderbot: Yoohoo? Any loose, bouncy, buxom maidens here need rescuing? No need to hide! Your knight in shining armor is here to save the day!

Hardman: Who the hell is that??

Sparkman: ....!!

Quint: Oh, of all the worst timing...

Torchman: ... Do I know him from somewhere...?

Sparkman: (Whispering) Don't worry, I'll take care of this... (out loud) Why, howdy there, stranger! Can't say I've seen no loose, buxom maidens 'round yonder. But you wouldn't have happened to lay eyes on a couple, big ol' telephone booths lying 'round would you?!

Hard Chika: ... What's with the cheesy southern accent all of a sudden...?

Magnetman: Are you mocking me with that tone, mister?? 'Cuz that wouldn't be funny, even if I was in a good mood.

(Sparkman elbows Magnetman and whispers in his ear.)

Sparkman: Pipe down, pardner. Play along.

Welderbot: Who wants to know, Colonel Sanders? I recognize Hard over there, but there's two of you? And that red guy, I have no idea who he is!

Magnetman: I'm Magnetman.

Welderbot: Yeah, I thought so. I heard of you guys. You must be ...

Hardman: (Whispering) Aw, don't say it, don't say it...

Welderbot: Gamma's Disciples.

Hardman: Okay, that's not so bad.

Welderbot: But, seriously guys, two Hardmen? Whats' the deal?

Sparkman: Oh, it ain't important. But I tell you what, if you help us out, I could tell you where a nice young lady like you're looking for is locked up!

Welderbot: Yeah, I doubt it.

Sparkman: Oh, take it from me. This young lady's a mighty fine catch! And looser, too!

Welderbot: You don't say! How much looser?

Sparkman: Don't even have to take her out on three dates! She's just waiting for a fine young man like you to sweep her off her feet, and come to her rescue! Her ship can even get you outta here. All you gotta do is help us find a couple phone booths.

Welderbot: Not that I mind, but why do you care so much about some dippy phone booths? Seems like you're getting the raw end of the deal here.

Quint: ...Dippy?

Sparkman: I could tell you. But that's not nearly as interesting as what I've seen this young lady do with bananas.

Welderbot: ...First, tell me where I can find her. Then we'll talk.

Sparkman: I thought you'd never ask!

(Welderbot joins the other robot masters as Sparkman leads them through Kefka's dungeon. Torchman keeps watching the Welderbot suspiciously.)

Torchman: You can't fool me. I definitely know you from somewhere....

(Eventually, Welderbot leads them to the Time Skimmers with a pep in his step.)

Welderbot: Samus Aran! I can't believe you introduced me to Samus Aran herself! Who'd thought that poor thing was part of this fruitloop's collection! How did you know she was down here??

Magnetman: That's what I'd like to know...

Sparkman: You wouldn't believe it, but I first met her here. Let's leave it at that.

Welderbot: Say no more. Well, I held up my end of the deal. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a trapped bounty huntress whose loins hunger for the studliest welder she ever laid eyes on.

Oilman: ...I think you're seriously overestimating your chances with her. That pouty dark-haired guy she was trapped with seemed more her type.

Welderbot: Well, she's about to trade up! I know she's got high standards, but, heh, Nobody said being the best was easy!

Torchman: Wait a second!! Now, I know you!!

(Torchman inexplicably shoots Welderbot in the chest, knocking him out cold!)

Welderbot and Sparkman: AGGHHH!!!

Torchman: Everyone!! Target the Welderbot!

Blademan: What!? Why!?

Wave Woman: Yeah! What did a harmless but creepy little Welderbot ever do to you?? o_o

Oilman: ....Put him out of work as a welder, I'd imagine.

(Sparkman shocks Torchman with a spark shock and presses his electrodes to his throat.)

Sparkman: Don't. Even. Think about it.

Torchman: Go ahead! Rush to your own rescue! For all the good it'll do you!

Hardman: What's he ranting about this time...?

Hard Chika: Uh, guys? You may wanna see this...

(Hard Chika holds the Welderbot's form as it fizzles out from extensive damage and reveals ...)

Hardman: LEON?!

Torchman: (Shooting fire at Spark, freeing himself from the Mech's grip) You see?! You may hide your face behind a cheap suit, but my ears tell no lies!! Your foul voice has echoed in my brain ever since the dawn of time!! And now, all debts shall be settled before they are even owed!!

Quint: You'd be re-writing the outcome of any number of the Scissor Army's multiple incursions. Everything from General Cutman's first arrival, to your latest run-in with Captain Crashman's splinter cell.

Hardman: And it's not like nobody else would go on to be Sparkman.

Hard Chika: Ain't that the truth.

Oilman: Torch, maybe they got a point. I don't want to drop a paradox anymore than you do. I think.

Torchman: Never!! An opportunity such as this is not lightly tossed aside! This is our chance to seize our destinies and manifest our will on the tapestry of creation itself! Even if history will not remember our accomplishment, it will always live on in our-

(Suddenly, the entire structure trembles and shifts. The group looks up as lightning arcs across the upper area. Smoke billows out of the Sinister Six's Time Skimmer as Magnetman strolls out of it, whistling.)

Magnetman: Sorry, boys. Did I miss anything??

Torchman: What have you done?!

Magnetman: Oh, nothing. While you were busy, I let myself in and gave your ride a little tune-up. I think it runs better now, don't you?

Torchman: Of all the underhanded, cowardly, treacherous things you've ever done-

Magnetman: It's a real shame. I was starting to enjoy yer company, up until now. But that doesn't mean the trip back home has to be this nasty. Not unless you want it to be. So I suggest you let that hapless little welder be.

(Torchman clenches his fists and glares bitterly at Magnetman, who simply smirks and folds his arms triumphantly.)

Torchman: ...Mark my words, Mech!! Your cowardly antics will be your downfall yet!

(Torchman grudgingly leads the Sinister Six into Quint's Time Skimmer.)

Hard Chika: ...I better go in and make sure they don't trash the place.

Quint: I'll go with you. Spark, I trust you know what must be done...?

Sparkman: You don't have to tell me.

(Quint and Hard Chika enter the Time Skimmer as Leon's younger self starts regaining consciousness.)

Leon: Awwww, man... I had the best dream ever... I dreamt I was about to score with Samus herself-(notices the burn marks on his chest) Awww damn...

Magnetman: This don't look too good...

Sparkman: (Whispers to himself) I was wrong. Guess the universe couldn't handle this much awesome.

Hardman: (Props up Leon) How'd you get mixed up in all of this?!

Leon: ... Not a minute goes by when I don't ask myself the same thing. Guess it's what I deserve for springing Wily from prison...

Magnetman: YOU helped Wily escape?!

Leon: Yeah. Not long after the Mechs sent him back to the slammer, once they pried him from Bizarro's claws. Wily promised me that if I helped his WRF bail him out, he'd make me a part of his army. His boys had this nutty virus that made all the robots in the city his biggest fans and I snuck that jerk out of prison in the confusion.

Hardman: And that seemed like a good deal to you...?

Leon: Take it from me, being a guard at Monsteropolis Prison is only one step above wiping Lucifer's ass without toilet paper. I thought it was gonna be my shot at being something more... His new Metalman, or Crashman.... Not some schmuck cleaning his toilets!

(Leon coughs softly as his eyelids grow heavy.)

Leon: Agh, this deal gets worse by the minute... Shoulda known better than to let that old coot fill my head with cotton candy... I sold out mankind... And what do I got to show for it...?

Sparkman: ...More than you think, old pal...

(Sparkman unequips Elecman's armor and sets it down beside his younger self.)

Sparkman: ...Should fit you just fine. A little tight in the ass, though. But the ladies will have trouble keeping their hands off you. And once you put it on, I reckon it should patch you up.

(Leon crawls over to the armor and puts it on. As soon as he does, his injuries are healed).

Leon: ...You know something... Something about this... Feels right!

(Young Leon grins ear to ear as he gets a feel for his new armor, throwing Thunder Beams in random directions)

Leon: Aw, man! So this is what being a Greek god feels like! Like something I could get used to! This armor even feels like it was meant for me and everything!

Sparkman: I know the feeling, ol' pal. Listen, don't beat yourself up too much over Wily. He ain't worth it. Fellas like you are meant for bigger and better things. And no matter what they say, I'm sure that buxom bounty hunter below decks is your first step on one hell of a journey.

Leon: That's what I like to hear! Finally! Things are looking up for Leon James Graves!

Sparkman: Well, what are you waiting for? Give Samus the thrill of a lifetime!

Leon: I intend to!

(Leon runs off to follow his destiny, leaving the present-day Mechs by themselves.)

Sparkman: ...Anything else need wrapping up?

Hardman: (Hammering the Sinister Six's Time Skimmer into scrap) Nope. I think we're done.

(Kefka's dimension shudders and continues to fall apart at the seams.)

Sparkman: Good. Let's get out of here. This place smells like crap.

(The Mechs all enter the Time Skimmer and warp off.)

Hardman: ...That went well.

Sparkman: Could've been worse. At least none of us pulled a Marty McFly and went to third base with our mother.

All: ....

Hardman: ...I think Marty McFly only went to first base with his mother.

Sparkman: Really? That's not the version my mom showed me.

Magnetman: I still didn't care much for your phony accent, I'll tell you what.

Sparkman: How else was I supposed keep me from knowing who I was talking to?

Hard Chika: So, I guess this is goodbye, bro. Take care of yourself, Matt.

Torchman: Yes, you too Sarah (even though we won't see each other again).

Quint: Wait, wait, what!?

Hard Chika: What, what?

Hardman: You just said he was your brother.

Sparkman: And that Torchie's name is "Matt"?

Hard Chika: Okay, he prefers Kaz.

Torchman: Actually, I prefer Torchman.

Sharkman: Dood, you have a SISTER!?

Torchman: Yes!*

(*It's true! See Series 2, A Family Feud...Well kinda...)

Sharkman: How did we not know about this?

Oilman: We did. You just can't even remember what happened two minutes ago.

Bitman: Seriously, this is, like, old news.

Magnetman: Holy cow, Torchman's sister was a Mech. And Hardman, of all Mechs! The more I learn about this team's history, the more I'm glad I wasn't part of it!

Hardman: Hey now!

Magnetman: Seriously, you got killer nutcases after you, bizarre duplicates, pushy teleporting demons, insane clowns that have no business interacting with us whatsoever, and now Torchman is connected to this team by blood! I just .... I'm going to pretend I never heard about this.

Hard Chika: Yeesh, you've got some intense members on your team in the future.

Quint: Yes, well, I suppose it's time to head off.

Hard Chika: Yeah, it was nice seeing you all again.

Magnetman: This is the first time we've ever met.

Hard Chika: Take care of yourself, Kaz.

Torchman: Yes, yes, and try not to join any other Mega Man 3 team that makes you into a dog.

Quint: What!?

Magnetman: Just ... don't even try to explain that one. I don't wanna know.

(The Mechs exit Quint's time machine and it disappears.)

Sparkman: Alls well that ends well. I can't believe it was me who gave myself the Elecman armor all this time. I totally forgot what my awesome armor looked like. Whatdya think of that?

Hardman: I think the fact that our lives are all predestined depresses me. Think we'll see that Hard Chika again?

Magnetman: If we do, someone's gonna have to get shot.

Wave Woman: I hope we do. Torch's sis was cute. We need more girls on the teams. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Sharkman: Wait...Torchman has a sister!? I can't believe you never mentioned it!

Torchman: We never got along. We just sorta lost touch one day ... now I see why. Getting lost in a time travel adventure. So typical. Well, it seems this misadventure was for naught. All that time stealing the old Six's time machine, fixing it up, and for what? I ask you! We just helped one of our hated foes beget himself.

Oilman: Aaaand I also earned a couple million dollars.

All: WHAT!?

Oilman: Oh yeah, I totally invested in some stocks using my own future knowledge. Neither you nor Quint picked up on it.

Blademan: Dood! We're rich!

Hardman: What? No!!

Sparkman: They're rich!? Them?? That isn't fair!

Magnetman: I'll be damned, but that's a sneaky move. I shoulda done that myself!

Torchman: Well done, my friend! We're rich!

Oilman: "We"? Oh, no. I'm rich. You lot can pay your own way.

Torchman: Oil! There's no I in team!

Bitman: Yeah, share and share alike!

Blademan: All for one and one for all!

Wave Woman: We all gotta stick together! v(=∩_∩=)フ

Oilman: Get away form me, you moochers! I shouldn't have even told you about this! Why did I even say anything!?

Sharkman: Hey, Torch? Can you put in a good word with your sister for me?

(The Six run off after a fleeing Oilman.)

Hardman: So, no more Elecman armor for you?

Sparkman: Naw. That's in the past now. And I'd appreciate it if you guys didn't mention that Welderbot stuff or letting Wily outta jail. That's just embarrassing.

Magnetman: Yeah, alright.

Shadowman: "Yeah, alright" what!?

(Shadowman drops down from out of nowhere and the rest of the Mechs converge around the group in short order.)

Magnetman: Uh, nothing.

Snakeman: Oh, wonderful.

Topman: And I guess that would apply to the Elecman armor too, right?

Sparkman: That armor rightfully belonged to Hard and me.

Needlegal: So you just decided to steal it back? Without letting the rest of us know!?

Magnetman: That didn't cause a fuss, now did it?

Shadowman: Obviously it did!

Geminiman: We were caught up in your mess! Literally, we were forced to help clean up the damage from back when the Evil Eight and the Ascendant Androids attacked, and since you weren't around we had to cover your share of the mess.

Needlegal: Where were you guys this whole time!?

Hardman: Um, would you believe we were on a wild and wacky time travel adventure involving Quint and the old Sinister Six?

Shadowman: No.

Magnetman: Now, I can see how this looks like from your perspective, but I assure you we meant no harm at all. The fact is we'll make it up to you -

Geminiman: You'll make it up to us right now.

Needlegal: It's now up to you three to bring our craphole apartment up to snuff.

Hardman: But - but I don't wanna do that!

Sparkman: Yeah! That's a team project!

Shadowman: So? We were cleaning up the Wily Underground thanks to you causing trouble, and then you bailed! It's bad enough that yellow rustbucket Crorq put us here, now you're making it even worse!

Magnetman: But, if you'll just be reasonable ..

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Shadowman: Once these guys have made us all a proper base, I'll say so, yes.

Sparkman: But ... guys!

Needlegal: And we learned something too....

Hardman: Come on! Hear us out!

Needlegal: We learned that our new Spark, Hard, and Magnet are unreliable jerks. That's what we learned.

Sparkman: Harsh!

Magnetman: Sparkman was a Welderbot!

Sparkman: Hey!! You said you wouldn't tell!

Magnetman: How would we know that if we didn't go back to the past?

Sparkman: I am not, nor was I ever, a Welderbot! It's a dirty filthy lie!

Topman: Well, until Hard, Magnet, and Spark all prove their worth again, we are ... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End

Cast (the present):

Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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