Series 9 Issue #25 - Encore Part 1

Early in the day a mysterious figure sneaks into the Six's vault ...

???: Wakey wakey. I know you're in there.

(The figure attaches his tentacles onto someone's armour.)

???: You're not due for a comeback until a little later, but I can't help myself. I always want to eat my cookies before they're fully baked.

Narrator: Megalopolis lies in ruins. The bustling city, home to many both human and robot, is now a wasteland. Rubble fills the streets, buildings are decimated and the hospitals are filled past capacity. War, as it has been said many a time, is a horrible thing. Megalopolis, no... the world is lucky to have survived this dark cloud of pain and suffering, for the master behind it all was Red, a proto-doppelganger of the prankster known as Iceman. Red had come to collect his toll for the millenia of hate, the centuries of suffering and the years of abandonment he believed he suffered at the hands of his father, Dr. Thomas Light. Driven insane by being sent back in time eons and having to live onward to the current era, Red has survived by devouring the essences of those around him. Eating souls gave him power, and he has consumed a multitude of souls. Red was a god and he would not be denied his sacrifices.

Of course, with Darkness comes its foil, its mirror, Light. Red was no exception, Robot Masters rose up to face him, including the majestic Mechanical Maniacs led by Gauntlet (known as Shadowman), the wondrous Wily's Warriors captained by Starnik (known as Quickman), the righteous Robotic Raiders formed by Captain Sparky (known as Searchman), and even the tremendous Tech Tyrants joined forces pushed forward into battle by Naop (known as Astroman). Leading the charge ahead of them all was the stupendous Sinister Six. Many others joined the battle, Robot Masters without teams amassed into a gigantic militia to face the clone army of Neo Dragoons, the brainwashed son of X-Force leader Ben, also called Magma Dragoon.

War cannot come without battles, and battles there were. Furious skirmishes throughout the city raged on for what seemed eternity. Finally: salvation at the hands of an Eskimo. Iceman sacrificed himself to end Red's terror, but at a price.

His own life.

His was not the only casualty. Many fell. First and most notably was the X-Force. The heroes of an alternate 21XX had their entire timeline wiped from multiversal existence. Also falling were the great ones known as Pixel Boy, Quickie, Zero X Ice, Zero X Gold, Phantom, Erik (also known as Windman), Fanewgie, Entity, Cano, Gigaman, Fushidane, Kwik Man, and Lysekoid.

Now their friends must face life without them as they rebuild their city and the world. However things are never as peaceful as one hopes them to be...

Wily's Secret Lab, which is also in ruins, its roof having caved in.

Bass: (Pushing a large piece of roof out of his way as he enters the main lab) Wily?!? Wily, are you alright? ...Are you alive?? (mutters) ... with my luck...

Wily: (Muffled, from under a pile of rubble) Over here, Bass!!

Bass: (Moves more roof pieces around, calling out again to pinpoint his creator's location) Doc?? Say again... I can barely hear you!

Wily: (screams) EEEEOW!!

Bass: Doc!! You're alright. What happened? ...Were you hurt in the cave-in? Did I injure you moving the wreckage around?

Wily: (Jerking his arm, tears in his eyes) No, you fool. You're standing... on... my... foot!!

Bass: (Takes a step back) Sorry about that, Doc... At least you're alive.

Wily: (Limply holding his hand, casts a glare at Bass when he snickers) Yes... I see you survived as well. After I get my hand inspected in the medical lab, we will begin the salvaging process. I want to know what happened to those twin Eskimos after the explosion, so visual records of their battle are a priority.

Bass: (Hiding snickers, bows his head) Yes Master... will you need assistance to the medical lab?

Wily: Yes, we have no idea how badly the base has been damaged, I might need you to move rubble.

Bass: (Salutes, moving his buster arm over his chest) of course Master... (Mutters)... what am I, Gutsman?

Wily: What?

Bass: Nothing, just running a diagnostic.

(Wily grumbles/growls as he stands from the rubble and walks out of the main lab to the medical lab)

Bass: Any speculation on the outcome of the battle?

Wily: When last I checked my spy's scanners, the energy levels of the two were nearing off-chart. Oddly, their energy's spectral readings were from the opposite ends of our known energy spectrum.

Bass: (Raising a quizzical eyebrow) ... known energy spectrum?

Wily: (Nods as he continues) Yes, our known energy spectrum. Some of the energy readings were inconclusive, unreadable ... past the edges of the spectral analyzer I was scanning them with.

Bass: (Shocked look) But... I helped you assemble that machine. It's the most powerful analyzer ever built, and this energy...

Wily: Yes, the energy outputs of the two Eskimos at the height of their battle was reading past both edges of the extreme... also... I must reanalyze the readings, some of the energy patterns don't make sense...

Bass: (Moves some rubble out of the way) ... we better take the stairs...

Wily: (Nods) Indeed.

Bass: (Thinking) Wily's worried... he obviously doesn't like the readings he received... but why? I doubt he'd tell me, anal retentive, paranoid psycho he is... so I'll have to snoop when I get some free time...

Wily: (Walking down the stairs) Come, Bass ... we have much to do, the Sinister Six and the other teams, as well as the various Light Androbots will be in upheaval... 'mourning' for the losses of their comrades. Now will be our time to strike.

Bass: As you command, Master

At the S6's Mansion ...

Narrator: The mansion of the Sinister Six is normally one of pranks, laughs, and running from IRA, the walking flamethrower... Now however, it is silent. A heavy, sad silence hangs over the home as the teammates of Iceman each deal with the death of their friend the best way they know how.

Andon: Come on, Tim, you can't leave now. You're the leader. If you leave, then we'll fall apart and then where will Megalopolis be? We're the city's guardians...

Tim: (Glaring at Andon, tears misting his eyes) I don't care. Not anymore, I can't stand losing friends... We lost Edward and I almost quit. Red is dead, Iceman too. I'm finished, done with the hero biz for good. The team can go to hell for all I care!

Andon: (Shocked) You... you don't really mean that?

Tim: Oh yeah, I do. We fight and fight, get injured and for what? To lose Iceman to another damned Eskimo, this one with a jones for world decimation! No more. I'm quiting the team. It's over, Andon. The dream, the hopes, it's over.

Andon: But... Ice... Gary's memorial service is today, aren't you at least going to pay respect to him?

Tim: Respect to what? An empty stasis pod? His body was vapourized, Andon. There was nothing to recover.

Andon: Maybe... maybe it'll help, I dunno. You're the leader Tim, you can't abandon us.

Tim: Jason already has. He walked out, saying he quit, haven't seen him since. I haven't seen Scott, and IRA is out getting drunk. We've already abandoned the team.

Andon: You don't think I want to just curl up into a little ball too? We lost a friend, Tim. We can't even bury him properly because we couldn't even find enough of him to afford scraping it up with a spatula. His memory, however, still lives in all of us, and I'll be damned if I let him die in vain.

Tim: (Sighs) Andon... I... Alright... fine. Just, let me get some sleep.

Andon: (Nods) Yeah, some sleep would be nice.

(Both Elecman and Gutsman go to their separate room, detransforming into their human forms and slipping into their beds for a rest. However dreamless or restless it might be, it was something.)

Scott: (Coming out of the kitchen) Guys? Weird, I thought I heard Tim and Andon arguing... wonder what Gary did n--... (Sullenly goes back into the kitchen) ... Gary didn't do anything, almost forgot he was dead. (Checks the timer on the oven) 15 minutes... I guess that'll do, I mean... at least I'm doing something to help Megalopolis since Jason left and IRA's out.

(The door to the kitchen opens and Scott, turning his head to see who, notices IRA step in. The master of fire staggers, one robotic eye surrounded with a raised purple bruise and his armour full of dents.)

Scott: IRA?? What the hell happened to you?

IRA: (Grumbles as he goes to the fridge and grabs a beer.)

Scott: ... IRA?

IRA: (Tosses the now finished beer bottle into the recycle bin and belches, with the accompanying small fireball.) Nothing... I gots nothing.

Scott: Where've you been?

IRA: Out *hiccups* taking care of some business. Someone knows where Gary is, but no one will tell me

Scott: Gary's dead... .

IRA: (Angrily) LIAR... Gary's *hic* not dead... its just another prank, he'll pop out any minute... he's not... (Goes completely limp, falling to the floor with a thud.)

Scott: IRA?

IRA: (Passed out on the floor) X_X *hic*

Scott: ... The good times really are over, aren't they?

(A strange sound is heard as a mysterious red box materializes right inside the Six's kitchen.)

Scott: What in the world?

IRA: (Rouses himself briefly) whu ... ?

(The door of the box opens and out steps a strange figure.)

Magnetman: Rise an' shine, gents. This is the first day of the rest of your lives!

(Elsewhere... )

Jason: (wandering the streets of Megalopolis aimlessly) *sigh* It's all falling apart without Gary.

(Jason's heart skips a beat as a hooded figure carrying a mallet leaps up, takes the Rolling Cutter right off his head, and run off.)

Jason: GARY!?

(Jason gives chase to the mysterious figure.)

Jason: Hey! Wait up!

(The figure jumps on crates and winds up running along the rooftops. Jason follows in hot pursuit.)

Jason: Give back my scissors!

???: Make me!

Jason: Oh, I'll make ya!

(Jason is hopping mad and hops closer to the mysterious figure.)

Jason: Almost there - YEOW!

(Jason dodges a mallet to the head.)

Jason: This is ... !

Back at the Sinister Six base, a rousing battle has just finished.

Magnetman: So are we done with our prerequisite battle or what?

Scott: (Rubs his head) I guess...

Tim: *humph* If we were at our peak we'd have clobbered you.

Magnetman: No doubt.

Tim: Who materializes inside someone's kitchen!?

Quint: Yes, um, sorry about that. My settings were a little off. I actually didn't mean to materialize inside the mansion at all.

Tim: Well, no hard feelings I guess, Quint ... and, uh, Cowboyman.

Magnetman: I'm not "Cowboyman." The name's Magnetman. Sheriff Magnetman.

Andon: "Magnetman"!?

Magnetman: Of Gamma's Disciples.

Scott: Oh, one of the knockoff teams.

Magnetman: Says the Bomberman ripoff.

Scott: HEY! I am NOTHING like Bomberman! We are, like, two different guys!

Andon: Listen, friend, maybe you don't know but the Mechanical Maniacs are our best friends. I don't think anyone appreciates imitators and - look, you want to be your own person, don't you?

(Hardman crashes out of the mysterious red box - the Time Skimmer.)

Needlegal: Damn it, you're gonna break something!

Hardman: No! I won't just sit tight!

(Hardman immediately hugs Andon.)

Hardman: ANDON!!!

Andon: Okay. This is something that's happening.

Hardman: (Hugging Tim next) TIM!!!

Tim: Okay, we have a hugger on our hands.

(Magnetman uses his power to pry Hardman off.)

Magnetman: Okay, buddy, time to go back in the box.

Hardman: No!! This is the good 'ol days!

(The other "Disciples" get out of the box and bring Hardman back in line.)

Magnetman: Geez.

IRA: That guy ... is a little too friendly.

Magnetman: Yeah, he's a character.

Tim: Guys, I'd really appreciate knowing exactly what you're doing in our kitchen.

Quint: Sinister Six, this is a critical juncture for your team.

Andon: Yes, you could say that.

Magnetman: Basically -

(Hardman bursts from the Time Skimmer.)


(Hardman is shoved back into the box by Magnetman.)

Scott: That things's a clown car!

Andon: Is your entire team in there? Why don't they come out, are they shy?

Magnetman: (Rubs his eyes) Yes. They're ... very shy.

Quint: Don't mind us.

Tim: You're in our kitchen!

(Jason barges into the kitchen with a mysterious someone in tow.)

Jason: GUYS! I've got - what in the world!?

Scott: Just ignore the big red box in our kitchen and Cowboyman.

Magnetman: I'm Magnetman.

Tim: Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

Jason: Anyway, our problems are solved! We have ourselves a full SIX members of the team again! I give you our new Iceman ... Nana!

Nana: What's up?


Jason: She's perfect!

IRA: Like hell she is!

(Nana bites IRA's head.)


(Hardman bursts from the Time Skimmer.)


(Magnetman shoves Hardman back into the Skimmer.)

Magnetman: Get back in there and calm down you silly fool.

Jason: What in the ... ?

Tim: Gamma's Disciples, apparently.

Jason: Holy moley, will these knockoff teams ever stop?

(Elsewhere, in Megalopolis... )

Bass: (Mumble grumble) Stupid Wily, sending me on a wild goose chase after that stupid energy signature ... As if trying to find some impossible-to-find footage isn't hard enough ...

(Bass is knocked upside the head.)

Bass: AGH! You JERK!

Iceman: Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin', eh?

Bass: I know that voice...

(There's a brief flash of blue and Bass is encased in ice.)

Bass: !!

Iceman: Looking for trouble? You found it.

Back at Sinister Six mansion, Tim finally has enough of his uninvited house guests ...

Tim: Alright, time to go already.

Andon: This is ridiculous! You're in our kitchen.

Hardman: Yeah, it's so great. This kitchen. The sink is like it was and the fridge has those pictures ... I remember when -

Magnetman: Okay, guy, back in the box.

Hardman: NO! No! This is my - OW, watch it with the magnets - this is my time! MY TIME!

(Tim grabs and lifts the Time Skimmer after Hardman is shoved inside.)

Tim: Yeah, time to go!

(Snakeman leaps out of the box.)


Snakeman: The readouts are going crazy! It's happening. He's on the move.

Quint: Right! Alright, Sixers, you don't feel as if you're relevant? Time to move out and see what you can still do!

Nana: My first adventure as part of the Sinister Six? I can't wait!

(The Six and Gamma's Disciples take the Time Skimmer to inner Megalopolis where strange things are afoot.)

Andon: It was bigger on the inside!?

Scott: It really is a clown car! I've never been in one before and now I know how they do it.

Tim: It comes complete with clowns too.

Shadowman: (Whispering) We have to be really careful here, guys.

Geminiman: (Whispering) I know! Our armour may have changed, but our voices haven't so much.

Magnetman: (Whispering) Just let me do all the talking. I'll just say you're shy.

Hardman: This is the best! You guys are the best!

Shadowman: Damn it, Hard!

Tim: Erm, yeah. Sure, bud.

Geminiman: The floor's been coated in ice ... I wonder ...

(Geminiman is kicked by an ice skating Eskimo.)

Needlegal: What?

(The group is surrounded by Eskimos with ice skates.)

Eskimo ice-skating karate killer: We are the Eskimo ice-skating karate killers!

Snakeman: Seriously!?

Eskimo ice-skating karate killer: Seriously! We will show you that we're qualified to join the Sinister Six over any other ice themed Eskimo!

Jason: The position has been filled!

Nana: Yeah, by me!

Eskimo ice-skating karate killer: Something easily rectified!

(The ice skating killers attack the group with high flying kicks, using their skates as blades.)

Andon: You realize we're the ones you'd be working with, right!?

Sparkman: Yeah, I don't think so!

(Sparkman unleashes a torrent of sparks, easily subduing the group of Eskimos.)

Jason: WHOA! These guys didn't stand a chance.

Andon: I'm a little disappointed we didn't have time to have any quips.

(Andon is encased in ice.)

Captain Cold: No need for disappointment when you have your new Iceman - Captain Cold!

Nana: Noooo!

Jason: Captain Cold, eh? I still think Nana's a better fit ...

Captain Cold: I'll just have to prove myself then!

(Captain Cold starts by freezing IRA in place and knocking Magnetman aside.)

Magnetman: Why you ...

IRA: (Melting the ice) That's cold, but not as cold as Gary's Ice Slasher was.

Popo: He shoulda gave him a good whack. But he lacks a mallet, making him an Eskimo wannabe.

Nana: Popo! No fair! I said I wanted to be the new Iceman!

Jason: I'm sorry, Popo, but the position has been filled.

Popo: I'm just here to watch the craziness. I'm cheering you on, Nana!

Iceman CN: D-don't forget me!

(The Captain N version of Iceman freezes IRA in place too.)

IRA: *

Iceman CN: Unlike these imitations, I actually AM Iceman! I - I'm cool! Cold even! I'd be great!

(Hardman knocks the Cap N Iceman away with a Hard Knuckle.)

Hardman: YOU!? You're an insult to Gary's memory!

Quint: We have to ignore these distractions. Our true goal is ahead.

Shadowman: Right! Gamma's - GAH!

(Shadowman is accosted by an Eskimo that seems well suited to him.)

Eskimo Rush: You may be a ninja, but I am an Eskimo ninja and, therefore, much more powerful!

Jason: Having a ninja on the team would annoy the real Shadowman ... may be worth it.

(Shadowman and Eskimo Rush trade blows.)

Shadowman: You're no match for my skill!

Eskimo Rush: (While tossing snowballs) I've trained in the harshest of all conditions.

Enuk the (angry) Eskimo: Humph! It looks like I'm not the only one who's here for the tryouts.

Kenny: Mff mff mff!


(Enuk smashes Kenny.)

Jason: He killed Kenny!

IRA: That bastard!

Tim: But we have more wannabes coming.

Spelunky Eskimo: I can help! Lemme join!

Adorabeezle Winterpop: If it's a race to the finish line, I'll beat the competition!

Quint: (Atop the Sakugarne) Oi! Disciples! We have a job to do, come on!

(Gamma's Disciples extract themselves as the Six deal with the "tryouts.")

Magnetman: You gotta focus, pard.

Hardman: I guess we do have a job to do.

(A short distance away they find what they're looking for... )

Bass: *huff puff* You've certainly gotten more powerful.

Iceman: If you say so, jerkface.

Hardman: GARY!?

Iceman: Eh?

Hardman: Is it ... is it really you?

Iceman: I have no idea who you're talking about.

Bass: Who are you people!?

Needlegal: We're Gamma's Disciples!

Bass: Oh, that nobody Mega Man 3 team that pops up now and then.

Needlegal: Oh, you've ... heard of us!?

Bass: I'll crush you just like every other junk robot.

Iceman: You have fun with that.

(Iceman tries to get away, but Hardman, Shadowman, and Topman all chase after him.)

Hardman: Gary! I know ... I know I look different, but it's me!

Shadowman: Yeah, it's a version of Hardman you've never met before!

Iceman: I don't know any of you! Leave me alone!

(Iceman coats the ground in ice, causing Topman to slip and crash into a nearby building.)

Topman: Oooff!

Bass: I'm not done with you. Wily's interested in what happened to Iceman and you have answers.

Shadowman: (Knocking Bass back with a Shadow Blade) I don't think so.

(Iceman runs into the other Sinister Six, still fighting Eskimos.)

Jason: ♥Adorabeezle, you're just lovely!♥

Adorabeezle: You're quite the catch as well, sweetie!

Nana: Buuut I thought I was the cutest!

Jason: ♥You definitely are!♥


Adorabeezle: But not as icy cool as this race queen.

Jason: ♥You raced away with my heart!♥

Andon: Oi, Jason. You're just embarrassing yourself.

Scott: Yeah, tell him, Gary.

Andon: Wait, GARY!?

Iceman: ...

Andon: Is it really you?

Bass: Gary or not, he's coming with me!!

Tim: Oh get lost, you fin-headed loser!

(Tim, Andon, Scott, and Jason all unleash their attacks and send Bass fling.)

Bass: Yiiiiiiiiiiiii~!

Needlegal: Wow. Was Bass always such a wimp?

Hardman: Only when he fights the Sinister Six.

Captain Cold: Don't forget about the rest of us. You can't have our job!

Enuk the (angry) Eskimo: Yeah!

Eskimo Rush: Indeed.

Nana: No fair! First come, first served, meanies!

Eskimo ice-skating karate killer: Let's show him who's boss.

Adorabeezle: I don't see the big deal.

Iceman CN: HEY! No fair! I actually am Iceman! Really!! I have a parka and everything!

Scott: Hey!! Now I don't mind all these parka wearing showoffs running around, but I DO mind someone pretending to be our old pal.

Iceman: I'm not "pretending" to be anything.

(Hardman attacks the Cap N Iceman with his Knuckles again.)

Hardman: Quiet, you!

(Iceman uses his Ice Slasher as he fends off members of the Sinister Six with Gamma's Disciples taking on the other Eskimos.)

IRA: YOWCH! That Ice Slasher hurts almost as much as ... Gary's ...

Scott: And that mallet...

Jason: I know what happened.

Andon: You mean?

Jason: Yes.

Quint: Oh no. It could all come crashing down if they -


Scott: What!? He did!

Tim: Of course! It all makes sense.

Iceman: I didn't steal anything!

(Ice slides away as the Six attack, but can't avoid being tackled by Hardman.)

Hardman: NO! You are him, aren't you? I can tell! It's me! We're old friends.

(Iceman slips away and skates further from the chaos.)

Quint: Stop that Eskimo!

Topman: Guy, we're trying.

Geminiman: Even I can't keep up with all of them.

Hardman: Gary, you know me.

Quint: No you don't!

(Quint lands his Sakugarne on Hardman's head.)

Hardman: Owowowowowowowowowow!

Quint: Stop whatever it is you're trying to do!

(Hardman launches Quint into the air using his Hard Knuckles.)

Hardman: Come on, you know me, right?

(Iceman hits Hardman with his mallet.)

Iceman: I don't, you big galoot!

(Shadowman materializes in front of Iceman, cutting off his escape.)

Shadowman: You're not getting away!

Iceman: Lemme go!

(Iceman tries to use his mallet against Shadow, but ... )

Shadowman: (Jump-kicking Iceman from above) 'twas a hologram!

Needlegal: A hologram!? How long has it been since you've used one of those!?

Shadowman: What can I say? I'm not immune to nostalgia.

Iceman: ... that seemed ... familiar ...

(Iceman is hit by one of Scott's bombs.)

Scott: You lily-livered jerk! Give back Gary's armour!

(Iceman is surrounded by Shadowman, Hardman, and the Sinister Six.)

IRA: *hic* Impersonating our old friend!?

Iceman: I'm not impersonating anybody!?

Andon: Then why are you wearing the Transmetal Armour Gary left behind!?

Iceman: Because I left it ... wait ...


Tim: Gary ... ?

(From out of nowhere Iceman is pummelled by a figure on a Sakugarne!)

Quint?: HAH!

Iceman: AAHHH!!!

(Too quickly for anyone to react "Quint" plunges a sword through Iceman and with a burst of light, Iceman is reduced to the base form of his Transmetal armour - a blueish sphere.)

Quint?: Ah hah hah hah!

Shadowman: ICE!!

Tim: Did he just .. ?

(The figure holds the sphere within a greater energy web.)

Quint?: Ah hah hah! What fun! Seeing you run around after Iceman here. Still, all games must end.

Tim: Wait ... what did he just do?

Hardman: QUINT!?

Quint?: Hardly, my enormous acquaintance. Well, it may have been brief, but I must say adieu.

Sparkman: I don't think so!

(Sparkman attacks the energy container.)

Sparkman: I'm not letting you get away with that armour ... even if you split it apart!

Andon: Nor I! That armour belongs to the Sinister Six!

Quint?: How bothersome.

(There is a brief struggle before Quint is attacked by ... Quint!?)


Quint?: You fool! With the chronal net destabilized - !

(The energy web crackles and explodes, splitting the sphere into four pieces and sending them flying into different directions before disappearing in a blast of energy.

Quint: NO!!

Quint?: BLAST! Well, I'm not thwarted yet, you meddlesome pest.

(Quint's doppelganger teleports away.)

IRA: Gary!? Did we just see him die again!?

Andon: No.

Tim: That wasn't Gary.

Jason: It couldn't be. It was just that thief that stole the armour he left behind.

Andon: ... yes, that must be it.

IRA: But the armour was still destroyed.

Quint: No. According to my instruments, it was split into four pieces and those pieces were scattered to different points in the recent past and future.

Andon: Then ...

Geminiman: Then we can get them back! Splitting is a specialty of mine.

Hardman: Yeah, this ain't over yet!

Needlegal: Just leave it to us. You guys have a lot of important things to do.

Andon: ... yes. Indeed we do.

Hardman: Hey, don't lose heart fellas! Things will get better from here on out. Don't do anything hasty!

(Hardman hugs Andon.)

Andon: Still a hugger ... there, there.

(Shadowman emerges from the shadows with the Captain N Iceman tied up.)

Shadowman: I have this loser.

Iceman CN: (Crying ice cube tears) H-hey! I might be chilly, but that's a real cold shoulder.

Quint: Thank you. Yes, he's not quite form this time and I have to put him back where he belongs.

Tim: You better be back with that armour, Gamma's Disciples.

Geminiman: Don't worry. We will succeed! It's practically predestined.

Tim: Hoo boy. That does not make me feel better.

(The Mechs get into the Time Skimmer and fly off into the time stream.)

Nana: Wow. My first adventure as the new Iceman!

(The Six stare at Nana.)

Nana: I, uh ... I look forward to many more.

(The Six continue to stare.)

Nana: Is it because, uh ... I'm calling myself Iceman? Because I just sort of assumed we couldn't change the ... name ...


Nana: Okay, fine! I can take a hint!!

(Nana storms off.)

Scott: I guess we've got a funeral to get ready for ...

Jason: Yeah. I just ...

Tim: You wanted to get a quick fix to keep the band together, didn't you? That's why you were so quick to get Nana to join up.

Jason: Was it that obvious? But I guess there really isn't any substitute. No matter how cute the replacement is.

Scott: And too soon, man!

Andon: Gary was a true friend.

IRA: I wish I knew who that thief was.

Jason: There was something very familiar about him.

Tim: Just forget it. We have a funeral to get ready for.

Jason: The Mechs should be back from their day off.

Tim: I needed a day off from them and somehow, I don't think I got one.

(The Six return back to their base to find a smoldering wreck.)

Nightmare: Oh. Uh ... hi, guys.

Tim: MECHS!!!!!

Narrator: What's happened here? See Series 4's Time for Some R & R and Possession Part 1! But what happened with Gary and the Iceman armour? Can the Mechs fix it and time itself? Who was that other Quint? And what does this mean for our heroes? Find out in part two of our long-lost cobbled together adventure!

To be Continued...


Leon as ... ..
Raijin as ... ..
Psycho Magnet as ... ..
Ben as ... ..
    Nightmare as ... ..
Lennon as ... ..
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as ... ..
Gauntlet as ... ..


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