Series 9 Issue #16 - Different Strokes

It's a sunny day in the rebuilt LA. A crowd gathers as dozens of robot animals are freed from a laboratory somewhere in the city.

Cutsman: Free! You're all free!

Fireman: No need to thank us.

Gutsman: It'd be nice if the critters did, though.

Fireman: Guts, they're just animals. They can't help but be rude little scumbags!

Iceman: Is ... is it hot to anyone else here?

Lady: What!?

Guy: What have you done!?

Cutsman: We've freed the animals in this cruel testing facility! Bombman, do your thing!

Bombman: I don't want you to touch my thing, Cuts!

Cutsman: What!? Ew, no! No!

Bombman: That's not going to happen with me.

Cutsman: I mean I want you to DO your -

Bombman: NO!

Cutsman: Bomb -

Bombman: NO MEANS NO!

Fireman: No means no, Cuts!

Gutsman: He said no!

Iceman: I - I think I'm melting.

Cutsman: UGH! Forget it.


Fireman: Bomb, I think it's time for you to do your thing.

Bombman: RIGHT!

(The building shudders as several explosions rip throughout the structure.)

Bombman: YEAH! Explosions! I'mma doin' it again! Let's go back inside so I can set up.

Iceman: I'm for that. I think it was cool in there somewhere.

(A shadow Blade hits the ground directly in front of Iceman. In a puff of smoke, none other than Shadowman appears.)

Shadowman: Not so fast, impostor!

Iceman: I-impostor?

(Snakeman and Needlegal flank the renegade robots.)

Needlegal: We don't know who you are, or what you're playing at...

Snakeman: But we're going to stop you!


Gutsman: He's an impostor!!!

Elecman: He's an impostor!!!

Iceman: I'm an impostor!? I didn't know I was an impostor!

Shadowman: Uh ....

Fireman: I'll teach you to pretend you're my good friend Iceman!

(Fireman blasts the confused Iceman who shrieks in pain!)

Fireman: Oh, wait a sec ...

Cutsman: He wasn't an impostor after all.

Bombman: They lied to us!!

Gutsman: It could have been an honest mistake.

Fireman: Sorry, Ice.

Iceman: *gasp* Put me in a freezer ... please ...

Needlegal: Wow. Just wow.

Shadowman: I don't suppose you'll be willing to go quietly ...?

Elecman: Go? Yes. Quietly? NEVER!!!!! GWWWAAHHHH!!!

(Gutsman picks up the melting Iceman and the Six scatter.)

Shadowman: Damn they're fast!

Needlegal: (Over the radio) Needlegal to all RPD units! The perps are scattering!

(Elsewhere, Spark Chan and Geminiman show Magnetman around the city.)

Spark Chan: It's a wonder they were able to rebuild all this.*

(*LA LA land was destroyed in Series 6 - WANTED)

Geminiman: Indeed. The world's finally rebounding from General Cutman's schemes. Even the city I - erm - had a hand in .... uh ... well, let's just say I'm glad everything worked out.

Spark Chan: Aw, Gemini-hun. That wasn't you. It was Mesmerman controlling you.

Magnetman: Look, guys? I like hanging around with you and all, but can we stop referring to the crazy adventures you had before I joined up? Not only is it confusing as all get out (and a lot to keep track of, I daresay), but I can't understand why or how you even ran into some of the fellas you did!

(Right at that moment Magnetman is blown into the air by a Hyper Bomb!)

Bombman: Take that, Yosemite Sam!

Geminiman: By Master Light!

Spark Chan: It's a knockoff Bombman.

Bombman: What!? A knockoff me!? Where!?

(Bombman whirls around, looking for the "knockoff" as Magnetman gets up.)

Magnetman: Why you good-fer-nuthin' back-shootin' bastard!

(Bombman whirls around.)

Bombman: Get with the program, gramps. Guns are for sissies! Bombs're where it's at!

(Bombman throws bombs at the group and they scramble to dodge.)

Geminiman: The Captain N Bombman!? The last time we encountered Captain N Robot Masters was -

Magnetman: Stop right there! I don't wanna hear it.

Spark Chan: Oh my! Bomb? Why are you doing this!?

Bombman: Weeee! BOMBS! Lookit all the purdy exploshuns!

Magnetman: I'll show you an explosion. Attack a lawman in the back, you cowardly wretch?

(Magnetman is about to attack, but he's hit by an Thunder Beam as Elecman scurries past, giggling all the way.)

Elecman: Hee hee hee!

Magnetman: AGH! Again! You yellow-bellied cowards!

Bombman: Mah ... mah belly's green.

Elecman: Maybe he's color blind?

Bombman: He's just slow.

Elecman: Oh, that's just sad.

Magnetman: Slow!?

(Magnetman tries to shoot at Bomb and Elec as they scatter. Meanwhile, Hardman and Topman are in the middle of their own problems...)


Cutsman: Oh, but ... you know, it just might work out with us if you just give me a chance.

Topman: Ew, no!!

(Topman slips on a sheet of ice as he tries to spin his way out.)

Iceman: Cool it, topsy turvey!

Hardman: You!! I don't know what you're trying to pull, but you're not getting away with it!

(Hardman shoots a Hard Knuckle at Iceman, who dodges ... by tripping over his own two feet. Gutsman then tackles the large Robot Master.)

Gutsman: Dat's mah pal yer tryin' ta slug, fatso!!

(Gutsman delivers a surprisingly strong punch right on Hardman's chin.)

Hardman: Well! A contest of strength, eh?

Fireman: And fire!!

(Fireman shoots his Fire Storm attack at an increasingly irate Hardman.)

Hardman: Well, this is just INSULTING!!!

(Hardman fires his Hard Knuckles at the two, but obscured vision causes him to miss his targets. Meanwhile, Iceman and Cutsman have ganged up on Topman.)

Cutsman: I'm quite the charmer when you get to know me.

Topman: GET AWAY!!

Iceman: You ... you ... you're trying to steal Cuts away from me. My heart! I'm so angry it's melting my heart!

Topman: What!? That doesn't even make - Ooooff!

(Topman is knocked across the street as Hardman's Knuckles finally connect with something.)

Topman: RUDE!

Hardman: Sorry! That was me! That was on me.

(At that moment, the Sinister Six members decide it's a good time to scram and they run away from the distracted Topman and Hardman.)

Shadowman: (Over the radio) What's your status, everyone?

Geminiman: We lost 'em.

Hardman: Us too.

Snakeman: Damn it! We're better than this!

Spark Chan: Hang tight, guys. We'll get these guys.

Magnetman: Aw, hell! There's something else heading our way.

(Magnetman, Spark Chan, and Geminiman all prepare for the worst as a group of shoddy knock offs lumbers down the street.)

Shadow-copy: This is the way. A friend of mine.

Hard-copy: To feed the hungry may blast.

Magnet-copy: Fanout! Food! Free! We find our way through strange place.

Magnetman: What in tarnation are those ... those things!?

Geminiman: Um...

Spark Chan: It's kind of a long story.

Magnetman: Then don't bother. Just look at that guy. That fella there's a walking insult! They didn't even TRY with him!

Spark Chan: They seem peaceful enough.

Gemini-copy: We have been arrested so far. Enough to wander aimlessly, it only grab what we can!

Snake-copy: I agree with outstanding Gemini. We look forward to helping everywhere we can see.

Shadow-copy: The tail has a good robot, maybe they can help us.

Spark Chan: Hey, guys! Can we help you?

Shadow-copy: OK, I can to help. Amid the long prison must be cruel, only to be caused from the us laboratory. I have my friend saw it is not fear I was awarded, and hungry.

Spark Chan: Um ... come again?

Shadow-copy: We are a small prison ever. We must simple. Need to us of life of 200. It Assistant.

Spark Chan: Maybe you should handle this, Gemini-hun?

Hard-copy: This defeat is going to help us a shadow!

Magnet-copy: Must steal a great leader we need morality, but we are concerned about it and we will survive.

Shadow-copy: No, but road violence.. search. those who only speak marih. And desperately, he could help your time. Who we are is.

(From out of nowhere, the group is attacked by Elecman.)

Elecman: FWAH HAH HAH!! April fools!!!

Magnetman: AGH!! Again with the back-shooting!

Shadow-copy: Regrettable.

Magnet-copy: Choice none.

Gemini-copy: ATTACK!

Geminiman: Well, that was clear enough!

(Elecman runs away, giggling, as the MM3 team engage their knockoffs. Meanwhile, Shadowman is assembling the RPD officers in the area...)

Needlegal: Don't you think this is a little overkill?

Shadowman: These guys are insulting! I DEMAND they be brought in!

Snakeman: Shadow sure seems to be taking this personally.

Shadowman: Now listen up, officers! The Sinister Six were good friends of ours and I'll be DAMNED if their good name will be ruined by a bunch of two-bit imitations. FAN OUT AND BRING THEM IN!!

Officer Bots: RIGHT!!!

Cutsman: Ah, good you're all here. I'd like to report a crime. Me and my friends were assaulted for no good reason by Ninjaman over here.


Cutsman: Hey!!

Officer Bot: You heard him, boys!

(The officers open fire on a running Cutsman.)

Cutsman: This is police brutality! I'll write a blog! I'll post a video! I'll go viral on you all!

Officer Bot: Haw! There's no reception here, you jerk.

Officer Bot: You guys won't get away.

Officer Bot: We'll reel you punks in. There's no use fighting. You're going right back where you belong.

Shadowman: Mwah hah hah hah!

Needlegal: Outrage really brings out the worst in my brother...

(Elsewhere, Hardman and Topman are beset by copies.)

Topman: These things again!

Hardman: Just be glad you don't have your own copy running around.

Topman: Not anymore you mean.

Hardman:It's bad enough they're imitating us. The least they could do is change their darn name.

Hard-copy: As justice! Free! Battle, my brothers and sisters and we finally get out of this place.

Gemini-copy: My special ability is divided into more than one copy!

(With a loud scream, Geminiman's limbs all fly off his body.)

Topman: Holy crap!!

Snake-copy: Geminiman!!

Shadow-copy: The weight of the boys! Fucking whore!

Hardman: Eh?

(Hardman and Topman are surrounded on all sides by the copies. From a safe distance, the Sinister Six chuckle.)

Cutsman: They're right, though.

Fireman: You and your fucking boys, Cuts. You need to cut it out already!

Cutsman: What? No - I (Cut it out, I just got that.)


Gutsman: CUT IT OUT!!

Cutsman: But -

Fireman: CUT IT OUT!!!!!!

Cutsman: Fine!


Fireman: They make a good point, though. We should change our name.

Cutsman: Ugh!

Iceman: I - if I agree will you put me in a freezer?

(Elecman jumps on Cutsman's head.)

Elecman: Peeka-boo!!

Cutsman: GET OFF ME!

Bombman: (Walks towards the group) There you are. Nice to see you and Scissorman are getting along, Electricman.

Elecman: He's my new best friend.

Cutsman: We've known each other for years.

Quint: Excuse me, gents.

Gutsman: Oh, hi Quickman.

Quint: What?

Bombman: No, you losers. It's dat dere Breakman. Hey, if I give ya a dolla will you do a break dance for me? I ... I've been too long without TV.

Quint: I'm not ... either of those people. Look, will you come with me, please?

Elecman: Yes. Oh, wait. No.

Gutsman: Wait. So ... you're not Quickman.

Quint: Um, no.

Gutsman: It's another impostor.

Quint: Huh?

Gutsman: Attack the impostor!

(Quint summons his Sakugarne and it explodes onto the scene.)

Quint: Now see here! I'm no impostor! I don't know how you've managed to elude me this entire time, but I've come to put you back where you belong. I -

(Quint is thrown off his Sakugarne by an unseen attack.)

Quint: Oh, a strike from behind? How low can you go?

Mesmerman: Oh, I don't know. I can go pretty far.

Bombman: It's ... um .. Ball ... man ... ?

Quint: (Shudders) Mesmerman.

Mesmerman: You know, I actually really like the chaos these guys cause.

Fireman: Oh. He likes us!

Bombman: Thank you, Ballman.

(The Six run off as Mesmerman hovers above Quint.)

Quint: You won't find me such easy prey.

Mesmerman: Oh, you're so precocious.

(Mesmerman leans in closer and grabs a hold of Quints' head.)

Mesmerman: ... Hm. You're right.

Quint: I've had a few upgrades. Just in case.

Mesmerman: Well, that's just being a poor sport. Oh, the fun we could have had! Well. I like the chaos you spread too. Still, it's been so long since I've had a decent maiming that I think I'll cut you open and see exactly what makes you immune to my charms. What do you think?

Quint: Stay back! I'm warning you!

Mesmerman: OH! Oh hoh hoh! How droll. You warn me? Whatever could you warn me about?

Quint: Just to be careful around my friends.

(Mesmerman is shocked by Spark Chan and fired on by a squad of Officer Bots.)

Needlegal: Keep at it, people!

Shadowman: But they're getting away!

Needlegal: This is Mesmerman, Shadow. Priorities.

Snakeman: (Leaping at Mesmer) You've made a big mistake coming out into the open, Mesmer!

(Snakeman gets shot by the police and Needlegal.)

Mesmerman: Ooooo. That wasn't very clever.

(Mesmerman is smashed to the ground as Hardman slams into him from above.)

Hardman: How's this fer clever?

Shadowman: Game on, Gamma's Disciples! After all this time we finally have Mesmerman right where we want him!

Needlegal: Take any shot you can an get. Snake, get it together. Use your Search Snakes to find his true form. It's gotta be close.

Snakeman: Right, right.

Mesmerman: Now, listen here. I just want to - to - Will you people quit shooting at me already!?

(Mesmerman exerts his influence on the Officer Bots and they target and shoot each other.)

Officer Bot: Arrrgh!

Officer Bot: Ugh!

Spark Chan: Oh my!

Geminiman: You ... you ...

Mesmerman: Now then. As I was trying to say, I just want to talk.




Shadowman: So. Talk.

Hardman: Wait, really?

Shadowman: He'll talk anyway.

Needlegal: Truth.

Mesmerman: (Oh, that worked this time?) Yes, I do.

Quint: You're not seriously going to listen to what he has to say, are you?

Mesmerman: Quiet, before I decide to eviscerate you again. That's right. It might interest you to know that it was none other than I who let the "Sinister Six" and those knockoffs of yourselves out of confinement.

Topman: You!? That's generous.

Mesmerman: I can be generous. And the "Sixlets" were held right here in LA all this time. Come on. Take a walk with the devil you now. Though maybe ... not as well as you think you do.

(Mesmer leads the group back to the blown out laboratory, meeting Magnetman and Spark Chan there.

Magnetman: It really is you.

Mesmerman: Hello there.

Snakeman: Quint!?

Quint: Erm, yes. I came here tracking some anomalies and seem to have stumbled onto something.

Spark Chan: Yeah, that's how it goes.

Geminiman: It's been a long time since we've last seen him, hasn't it?

Shadowman: What do you want, Mesmer? We're all here, so cut the crap.

Mesmerman: No immediate attack from Magnetman either? Well well well, it seems a lot really has been changed, hasn't it?

Geminiman: What do you mean!?

Mesmerman: Oh, this is rich. You've figured it out by now haven't you?

Shadowman: I think it's pretty clear. You're messing with our minds again! Admit it! Those oddball copies of the Six are right up your alley!

Mesmerman: Oh, no, I'm not behind anything. Not in the way you're thinking, anyway. This certainly isn't my doing. Come. What we want to see is right in there.

Topman: I ... um ...

Spark Chan: I don't wanna go in there, you guys.

Shadowman: Come on. The sooner we get in there, the sooner we can tell Mesmer to piss off.

Quint: Yes, I'm rather curious to see inside this facility myself.

(The team reluctantly follows Mesmer into the laboratory. He leads them past several blown-away security barriers.)

Spark Chan: Guys? I have a bad feeling about this.

Magnetman: I concur. We really should check back at HQ to ...

Hardman: I wanna know. I wanna know what Mesmer thinks he can show us.

(Mesmerman chuckles as they walk through an assembly line.)

Topman: Shadow, these are the knockoffs you made of us. This is where they've come from! They weren't leftovers, they were made right here!

Shadowman: ...

Geminiman: Yes, I remember these. One almost became a new Bizarro Shadowman.

Magnetman: Can't any of you people have a simple, straightforward adventure? It's always a long story with you folks!

(The team rushes over to intact capsules.)

Topman: Drastic Measures!? They're here!?

Geminiman: But they've been gone for years now. Why would they be here!?

Mesmerman: They're not. Not really. No minds have been uploaded to those bodies.

Magnetman: And .. Clownman and Tenguman? That's random.

Mesmerman: Come now. There's more to see.

(The team follows Mesmer into an isolated room deep within the damaged facility.)

Quint: Creepy.

Snakeman: These schematics ...

Topman: It's .. It's us! And more than us! Look, I've found the original schematics for our line.

Geminiman: I recognize these - our original Transmetal armor.

Magnetman: And this here - this is that bizarre-o double of you, isn't it?

Shadowman: No that's - oh, man. That's my schematics from when I augmented myself with technology we were able to reverse-engineer from Bizarro. His designs are here too ... I just ...

(Snakeman plugs himself into the system.)

Snakeman: Yeah, they're all here. Drastic Measures, our old bodies, the Cossacks, World's Strongest, Chimeraman, and more ... it's all here. Where did they get all of this!?

Mesmerman: From you of course.

Topman: From us!?

Mesmerman: Oh, this is rich. Yes. From you. Well, okay. Not you you, but ... you. Hee hee hee!

Snakeman: That's - that's not possible.

Shadowman: Yes it is.

Snakeman: Okay, well, technically yes. It is. But it'd require deep analysts of our systems to get all these schematics. I mean, not just our current ones, but the older ones too! Those are encrypted. And we - we have a no backup policy in our contract for just this reason! It'd be all too easy to - to - ... but they wouldn't. They wouldn't!

Mesmerman: Wouldn't they?

Magnetman: Crorq? Naw.

Hardman: ... He did it to me. Damn it. It's happened again, hasn't it? Some asshole has messed with my life! AGIAIN!

Magnetman: No. Not the chief. He's .. the chief! This is illegal! I can't believe it! I just - just can't!

Hardman: Well, I believe it! Now if you'll excuse me ...

(Hardman storms into the assembly room and begins smashing everything in sight.)

Mesmerman: Oh my. He really hasn't taken the news all that well.

Quint: Now hold on! Just because you're -

Needlegal: Don't say it. Don't you DARE!

Mesmerman: Oh, do say it. Go on.

Magnetman: This is a dirty, stinkin' trick!

Spark Chan: But ... but why!? We're loyal! We've been on the RPD for years!

Mesmerman: Hee hee hee! Oh, this - this is too much!

(Mesmerman bursts into a giggling mess. Needlegal fires on him, but it does nothing to stop him.)

Quint: I'm ... not sure how your memory has been altered, but the Mechanical Maniacs are -

Shadowman: The MECHS!? Those assholes!? What about 'em? Did they, heh, spray paint some other team's base? Or .. what?

Quint: Um ... no. The Mechanical Maniacs are the only - well - the real, now hold on. This is hard.

Mesmerman: It's not hard at all. The Mechanical Maniacs are the real Mega Man 3 team. You - you're just copies. Altered ones at that. The Mechs attack me on sight. They're...well, no easy way to say this, but they're smarter than you lot.

Quint: Oi! Enough out of you!

Mesmerman: The Mechanical Maniacs rebelled against Crorq when he joined the Galactic Council. I can't say why. Personality problems aside, he was a decent enough boss.

Spark Chan: Wait. I remember ... I remember being concerned about Crorq, but he'd never - !

Topman: He did.

Geminiman: But why us!? Why not the other teams on their payroll!? Apparently we're the team that has got away from them and is causing them so much trouble!

Mesmerman: Well, that's precisely the point. I mean, you're the pilot program. The start. If you're successful they'll do the others, I'm sure.

Quint: Drastic Measures, Tenguman, and Clownman.

Mesmerman: Oh yes. Backups made during the war. Hee hee hee. Did they really think he wouldn't hang onto that? With those guys gone, why not make doubles, eh?

Geminiman: What about the Ascendant Androids or the Seven Mercenaries? They were in Robot Prison. I'm surprised they aren't here at all.

Mesmerman: This plan doesn't date back that far. I think it must have started after the Androids escaped, shortly before your ill-advised rebellion against the RPD.

Topman: Then what were those copies doing here!?

Geminiman: Tests?

Mesmerman: Oh yes. He grafted personalities onto them at first to shake out the bugs. Oh, Shadow (the original, I mean) really was quite the fool to make those things. I think he eventually planned to whittle away your memories and leave you with a false set based on exercises here in LA. This place is practically a ghost town, filled mostly with RPD forces with only a scattered populace. Quite ironic. In a way it's almost General Cutman's version of Elysium.

Quint: Why are you doing this?

Mesmerman: Why?? For this! Just look at them. Their misery is ... delicious! This is almost as good as the real thing. In some ways, it's even better. Hee hee! Hee hee hee!


Magnetman: Then who - who're the real Gamma's Disciples? If the Mechanical Maniacs are us, then ... ?

Mesmerman: Just a nobody copy team among many.

Magnetman: !!

Quint: Disciples, it really doesn't matter how you came into this world!

Shadowman: Quint's right! It doesn't matter. We've beaten world eaters, demons, super villains, time travelers, would-be genocidal maniacs we -

Hardman: No! We didn't do any of that! That was someone else. The guys we're copied from. We - we're nothing but a Xerox! They named us Gamma's Disciples because Gamma's Disciples was a nothing team nobody would mind us usurping. That's what we are! A nothing team! We're just Crorq's sock puppets!


Shadowman: No. No. If we're Gamma's Disciples, then that's what we are. And we'll make Crorq and all he rest of them remember that name!

(The Disciples and Quint walk quickly out of the ruined laboratory after making sure everything inside is useless to their former superiors.)

Quint: Are you sure you want to do this? I can take you anywhere. Anywhen. You don't have to confront them.

Hardman: Like hell we don't.

Snakeman: We've been used like ... automatons!

Needlegal: They have to pay!

Magnetman: I still find it hard to swallow.

Topman: Me too.

Spark Chan: I ... don't want any violence. Isn't it enough that we've destroyed the lab? Shoryu's probably worried sick ... I can't afford to become an outlaw. Not anymore. I don't know why I just remembered her ...

Geminiman: It's because Crorq has interfered with our minds. He didn't want you to remember. She's with the - the other Spark Chan, probably.

Spark Chan: On the run?

Mesmerman: Yes, on the run, but quite safe. She's shed her Spark armor. Even I've lost track of her.

Spark Chan: She ... has?

Hardman: Oh man.

Shadowman: It doesn't matter. We'll confront Crorq and set things straight. We'll show him what Gamma's Disciples can do, no matter where we came from!

(The Disciples almost arrive at Quint's Time Skimmer, but a flash of light stops them dead in their tracks.)

Crorq: Well, well, well. Isn't this just maaaaaaaaagnificent?

Needlegal: You!

Tar: How ... dare you people!? After everything we've done for you? You've destroyed our laboratory. Do you know what you've done!?

Terra: I'll say they do. I hope you're prepared for what comes next.

Princess: Oh, I'm looking forward to this.

Trio: As am I.


Topman: He just tried it!

Snakeman: I told you he would.

Crorq: Oh, damnation. You disabled the Shutdown Code I installed in you!

Topman: I can't believe you just tried that!

Shadowman: It did take us a while to think about it, but we thought it'd be best to look through our systems for it weeks ago. It seems our caution was justified.

Snakeman: I've spent a lot of time and effort finding and disabling that nasty piece of work. All you did was send a signal -

Crorq: "A signal to us that let us know what you just tried to do." Yes, yes, yes, well aren't you clever?

Magnetman: Then ... it's true! You've tampered with us? We're just ... copies?

Crorq: Altered copies. I wanted to perfect flaws within the Mechs' design. Perhaps create more of you should this beta run prove successful. Clearly, however, things have gone awry.

Topman: I can't believe you'd do that!

Hardman: Our lives are just playthings to you!

(Spark Chan collapses on the floor.)

Spark Chan: This is a nightmare!

Tar: Shortsighted fool!

Terra: You wouldn't even have lives were it not for us. Honestly, you should be thanking us.

Geminiman: Thanking you!?

Terra: You know, it must be nice to afford to be so self-centered. I'll bet you haven't even thought of the trouble you've caused us.

Shadowman: Oh, that is it!

(The Disciples leap at the Galactic Council members. As this happens, Trio flies directly at Mesmerman.)

Trio: Mesmerman. You've been interfering with us.

Mesmerman: Oh, how could I resist?

Trio: What is your purpose here?

Mesmerman: Just sowing the seeds of chaos and smelling the roses of despair. And, my ... what a fragrant perfume you've managed to cultivate here. The truth is so overrated, don't you think?

Trio: You have ruined our plans here!

Mesmerman: A fortunate side effect.

(Princess knocks Needlegal across the battlefield.)

Princess: HAH! A real princess should be kickass! I'll make you pay for taking my dreams from me!

Needlegal: I have no idea what you're talking about - AHHH!!!

(Tar viciously tears into Snakeman.)

Tar: For honor! You have DARED to impugn my dignity and for that I shall rend you LIMB FROM LIMB!!

Snakeman: Whoa! I don't know what you're talking about.

Terra: Your shining armor ... I must confess I have always admired it.

Geminiman: As I, with your luxurious hair.

Terra: Maybe I'll decorate my chambers with its shards after I dispose of you.

(Hardman launches himself at Crorq with a mighty roar.)


(Crorq deftly leaps backwards and avoids a fatal slam.)

Crorq: Ah, the disappointment. First as a resource for future knowledge, and now as a potential soldier. Is there no end to how much you'll disappoint me?

Hardman: Like I give a damn!

Magnetman: No, there ... must be some kinda mistake. We have to remain loyal to the chief! He ... he's the chief!

(Hardman grips his stomach in pain as Magnetman exerts his magnetic grip on the larger robot.)

Hardman: Sheriff ... what do you think you're doing!?

Magnetman: My job! You've lost yer head again, Hard. You need to cool off.

Hardman: You ... you ...

Magnetman: He's the law and I'm a sheriff. For a second there I lost my head and let you guys destroy RPD property, but I'm drawing the line here, buster!

Crorq: Yes. Loyalty. I'm so glad at least one of you turned out right.

Magnetman: Don't get too high and mighty. What you've done here is wrong, no doubt about it. You're a low down snake, but you're also the law, and that's something I'm sworn to uphold, no matter what. For Light's sake, Ben, stop struggling. Just give up.

Hardman: S-screw you.

Magnetman: I'm warning you. There's a reason I've kept close to you all this time and it ain't because we're best buds. I was tasked to bring you down, big fella. And that's the God's honest truth. I'll do it too.

(Hardman groans in frustration as his armor crumples in on itself. Crorq looks on with great interest. At that moment, overlooked by everyone, Magnetman is attacked by Spark Chan, who unleashes deadly electrical forces against her former teammate.)


(With a cry of alarm, Magnetman shudders and explodes from the ruthless attack.)

Spark Chan: I - I - I - I'm not even me anymore!! I don't know who I am!!!

(Spark Chan unleashes an electrical torrent at Crorq, who spins to face her.)

Spark Chan: I HATE YOU!!

Crorq: I can't believe you just did that! I made you less violent! More sensitive! A counterweight!

(Terra spares a glance at Crorq's battle.)

Terra: Ah hah hah hah hah! Oh my. It looks like she's lost it.

Geminiman: Classi Chan. (Terra is surprised by a blow to the head from Topman, but is completely unfazed.)

Topman: Nothing!?

Terra: I'm afraid you'll need more than that to injure me.

Geminiman: My Gemini Laser is of little use as well.

Terra: Of course! We have your blueprints! We made you! You have no chance at all!

(Snakeman delivers a crushing blow to Tar.)

Snakeman: No chance? As long as we keep going I'd say we have a better chance then you'd like to admit! - AAAAIIEEEEE!!!

(Snakeman scrams as Trio comes barreling right into him.)

Trio: No, you pathetic fool. You have no chance. You never did. You should have run.

Snakeman: But ... Mesmerman ...

Trio: Had no desire to battle, merely observe. Let him.

(Trio is hit with Shadow Blades as Shadowman attacks, unseen.)

Shadowman: Running's not how Gamma's Disciples do things. We fight and we win!

(Two explosions rock the area and Shadowman turns in disbelief from his hiding place to the concluded battle between Crorq, Hard, and Spark.)


Topman: He's ...

Geminiman: Classi ... Ben ... even the Sheriff. They're gone!

Shadowman: NO!!!

(Princess slams Needlegal to the ground, or what's left of her. She's broken apart with severe damage to her head.)

Princess: That's a full half of your team.

(Princess is hit from above by Quint on his Sakugarne.)

Quint: Disciples, please! We can't win here!

(Quint is knocked aside by Trio.)

Trio: Quite right. But I must thank you for coming, traveler. Your ship will come in quite handy.

Quint: You can't use it. Only I can open it.

Trio: So you say. That sounds like a wager to me. I can see the possibilities. All of time and space ... all MINE!

(Shadowman attacks Trio physically and then follows up with Shadow Blades)

Shadowman: Go!

Quint: But what about you?

Shadowman: We'll take them and then regroup. We always do! Just ... remember us. Please? Remember who we are!

(Quint lets out a burst of speed with his Sakugarne as Trio slams into the ninja robot.)

Trio: You're nothing! Less than copies.

(Shadowman hears Topman's and Geminiman's screams as they fall to Terra. He can hear Crorq crush Snakeman under his heel.)

Trio: In the end, you're all just ... failed experiments who don't even have their own names.

(There's a strange sound as the Time Skimmer disappears. None of the Council look concerned about it as they watch Trio tear Shadowman in two. With the Disciples defeated once and for all, they gather together and take stock.)

Tar: So. That farce is over. I told you from the start that using our enemies is an affront to our pride as warriors.

Terra: Humph. There's nothing special about them, so why even bother?

Crorq: Because they belonged to me. I made their armor, I gave them shelter, and they turned on me! And it happened again.

Terra: I suppose a sad lack of loyalty is just inherent to their team. A pity. All that time and money just wasted.

Princess: They're just robots. Can't you make more?

Crorq: (Crorq takes a box of glazed doughnuts from a compartment and begins to eat.) Oh, yes. I brought Ben back from worse and even salvaged his entire memory and personality. (Although never a thanks from him, oh no.) Even in the sorry state they're in I can repair them all. Although the loss of the lab is a major setback.

Trio: Don't bother. This experiment is a failure. Modifying their personalities seems to rob them of effectiveness. Couple that with the cost of producing Transmetal Armor and it's just not within our budget or worth our time.

Crorq: But .. but ... isn't it worth it just to have them give you oil massages?

Trio: Oil massages aside, it just isn't worth it. Tar's correct. As much as I appreciate holding onto what's yours, sometimes you must cast the trash aside.

Princess: You can't polish a turd, you just gotta flush it. When we finally catch up to the real Mechs, they're gonna learn the hard way what a mistake it was to cross us.

The End


Classi Cal? as .....
Spark Chan
Raijin? as .....
Psycho Magnet? as .....
Ben? as .....
    Nightmare? as .....
Lennon? as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags? as .....
Gauntlet? as .....


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