Series 9 Issue #10 - Tall Tales

It's late afternoon and the Mechs are being chased through Monsteropolis by the Mega Man 6 team - World's Strongest!

Snakeman: I can't believe we've been reduced to this!

Shadowman: Yeah, well, wake up and smell the crap! Thanks to that yellow blob Crorq, we're just common criminals. Ohhh, I hate that guy! One day I'm gonna -

Needlegal: Save it, Shadow. We gotta get away from these guys!

Knightman: Don't let 'em get away! Our honour demands we arrest these curs!

Blizzardman: Sorry about this, fellas!

(Blizzardman tries to tackle the Mechs, but Topman kicks him away.)

Topman: I really don't think so, guy.

Hardman: We're just swiping some grub. A bot's gotta eat, right?

Plantman: You - you have no food? That's so ... sad!

Yamatoman: Food or no, our honor demands we bring you in. I am sorry, my former friends.

Centaurman: I'm not. These guys were criminals for years!

Tomahawkman: Yeah, but who can even remember what they did between the war and their reappearance?

Centaurman: Remembering isn't important. Orders are orders!

(Centaurman manages to strike the Mechs as they try to dodge his attacks.)

Magnetman: As a fellow lawman I must say I feel dirtied by this entire escapade.

Topman: Well, now you're the Wily Underground's lawman. And to keep law and order you gotta rob from the rich and give to the poor - namely ourselves.

Magnetman: The Underground's lawman? Now there's a notion.

(Magnet deflects a Yamato Spear with his magnetic shield and Shadowman is hit with one of Windman's Wind Storms.)

Windman: Your ninjitsu is strong, but no match for my Wind Storm technique.

Shadowman: Why can't we pummel them!? They're just the friggin' Mega Man 6 team!

Blizzardman: Hey!

Flameman: That's just being insulting.

Geminiman: Because our power supply is dangerously low while they're at full power thanks to their connection to the RPD. Now, come on, we can't let it end this way!

(Then, from out of nowhere, a large wave knocks the RPD team out of the way. The Mechs turn to see Waveman inside a large van calling their attention.)

Hardman: Aw, we are never gonna live this down.

(The Mechs land some cheap shots on World's Strongest as they make their way to the van and Waveman drives them away.)

Waveman: Wow! I actually rescued you guys!

Topman: Yeah, yeah.

Waveman: After all these years. I finally did something right.

Bubbleman: Good for you, Wave!

Needlegal: Stop congratulating yourself and drive!

(After a tense moment where Flameman almost catches up to them Waveman drives the Mechs away. The Mechs arrive at the Wily Underground a short time later.)

Snakeman: It was pretty lucky you just happened to be there when you were, Wave.

Waveman: Yeah ... lucky ...

Bubbleman: Come on, now's the time, buddy.

Waveman: Well, I ... uh ...I've actually been following you. I need your help getting me back on the Sinister Six.

Sparkman: You need our help?

Waveman: They won't talk to me anymore!

Snakeman: They're our worst enemies! They - YOU - have tried to kill us since the team's inception!

Shadowman: Why not get Bubbleman to help you? You two seem to be friends.

Bubbleman: I tried! They just laughed at me. They laughed and laughed. *sniff*

Magnetman: Understandable. I'd laugh too.

Waveman: You guys gotta help me!

Topman: We do? You were a part of the team that's tried to kill us since day one!

Waveman: But ... but ... I just rescued you guys!

Geminiman: I'm tempted to just leave it at that, but ... what do you say, Shadow?

Shadowman: ... If you two never breathe a word about that to anyone - EVER - then ... alright. We'll help you.

(Later ....)

Torchman: No.

Blademan: Yeah, you guys might think we're jokes, but even we wouldn't have two Waves running around!

Wave Woman: I'm really sorry you feel bad, Waterman. (∩︵∩)

Waveman: Aw, you guys! My name's not Waterman!!

Sharkman: Two Waves!? I'm seeing double! Hee hee hee!

Torchman: After your shameful display you were stripped of the Waveman name! Wave Woman is now the one, TRUE Waveman!

Sparkman: Well, we tried.

Hardman: Can't say we didn't.

Waveman: Hey, you guys promised to help!

Needlegal: *huff* Can't you at least tell us why you kicked out Waterman? I thought you guys were close.

Waveman: HEY!

Torchman: Oh, I'll tell you why!

Oilman: Great you got him started.

Needlegal: Am I gonna regret this?

Torchman: Gather round! Gather round as I relate the tale of how Waterman fell from grace and how Wave Woman rose to prominence! It involved our greatest foe and our most annoying rivals! It is a tale I call ...

Torch VS Blue: The Renamed


It was a loathsome day. Once more we were persecuted by those vile Mechs. For years we were part of the Robot Police Department. We were commended and admired by all. When the chief of police - Crorq - was mysteriously attacked by unknown individuals it was no surprise that we were called into a leadership role. Specifically, me. Some might say it was Oil, but all know it was truly I. Of course those vile Mechs -

Needlegal: We're right here, Torch.

had decided to do away with us. There was a grueling battle involving Mesmerman and then, knowing they could not succeed in a fair fight, from out of nowhere those vile robots dropped a space ship on us! Who does that!? Dishonorable curs, I say! Nevertheless they succeeded and managed to frame us for the attack on Crorq and other miscellania of misdeeds.

Blademan: You guys suck! YOU SUCK!!!

And so we began our wanderings .... Our odyssey ... It began in the shining star of a city - Metropolis. We had just helped them beat a splinter faction of the Scissor Army that had ventured outside the "Megaman area" of our world (as you know our world is the center of the Multiverse and - well - I don't have to explain all THAT to YOU of all people, do I?

Superman: Thank you fellows. If it weren't for you guys Braniac and the Scissor Army would have totally killed me and wrecked the city!

Batman: Yes, it's true. And it's also true that you totally saved me and are better at being a detective than me. Especially you, Torchman. Not only are you truly the world's greatest detective, but you are also a better martial artist and could totally take me in a fight.

Torchman: Thank you, Batman; It is true that I am wondrous, but it takes a great man to see his own limits.

Sharkman: Let's celebrate by getting high!

Batman: I'm already high from my bat weed. But I smoked too much, that's why my voice is all rough and shit.

Superman: I can't get high because I'm Superman and have super invulnerability.

Sharkman: I got your back, bro! Check out this rare brand of weed. I totally got it from Plantman who made it under a red sun lamp!

Superman smokes the joint and gets totally high.

Superman: Whoa!! That was awesome! You are the best Sharkman!

Polciebot: Hey! Are you gettign high!?

Policebot: Not on my watch!

Polciebot: Batman, Superman, I'm disappointed in you. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take you in.

Superman: Aw, man, Lois is gonna kill me.

Sharkman: Hold up, Supey and Bats! I got yer back, bros! Oil, get over here!

Oilman: Oh, no. Not this again. This is how the last Oilman died.

I totally stuff my stash of weed into Oilman and get him to crank it up! Oil pums out that smokey shit, but not is'got weed all mixed up in it! Pretty soon the cops are seeing things my way!

Oilman: Ohhhh ... I don't feel so good.

Policebot: Oh, man. I don't know why, but I'm feeling chill.

Polciebot: Hey, why's this radio in my hand?

Policebot: (over the radio): Hello? Is there a problem?

Policebot: Oh, no. We're good!

Polciebot: We - we can't get caught like this.

Policebot: It don't matter. I say PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!

Torchman: "Party all night long"!?

Sharkman: Smoke weed all day and all night, lol!

Torchman: What!? Shut up, Sharkman, I'm telling this story!

Sharkman: Dood! But that's what happened, yo!

Torchman: Stop interrupting me.

But, just as Superman and Batman were ... distracted ... our rivals the Dark Six attacked us!!

Cyberman: (Pummels Bitman) Ah hah hah! You guys are losers! And now people will pay us to -


Magnetman: Okay, okay, enough of this nonsense.

Torchman: It is not nonsense!

Hardman: Really? "Torch vs. Blue"? Come on, do you really think we'd buy that baloney?

Blademan: It's not baloney! It's legit! Like beef or something!

Hardman: Baloney can be made of beef, so -

Blademan: LIAR!

Wave Woman: Oh dear. :(

Magnetman: We don't want your life story or your bullshit! We just wanna know why you kicked your old pal off yer team!

Bitman: Then let us tell our damn story! Look, I'll continue.

Torch VS Blue: The Renamed

By: Bitman


First up we straight up beat the crap outta those Dark Six losers. Let's just get that right outta the way. Then I gave a piece of my mind to our "pals."

Bitman: Okay listen up and listen up good! Superman, you shmuck! KILL YOUR ENEMIES! Enough of this "I don't kill" boy scout garbage. This ain't the 60s, people are ready for you to kill. There's no need to be a friggin' baby about it! Next time Brainiac bothers you give him a little taste of heat vision in the friggin' brain! That'll learn 'im!

Superman: Hey!

Bitman: Don't "hey" me, you knob! And you, Bats! What the shit!? You have Catwoman and Talia all up in yours and you might even have a shot with those crazy Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn broads and whodya hang out with? Robin in his short pants and tights! What the hell's going on wit youse!? Dat shit's gonna git you in trouble and you know what? If you're into dat you deserve the trouble you get!

Batman: Hey! It's not like that!

Bitman: Yeah right, sure it ain't. Now, as for youse Dark Six losers - get this straight: WE DON'T GOT NOTHIN TO DO WITH YOU! Plus, I mean - shit! Look at youse. Cyberman, you look like a spray painted Snakeman. And "Ultimateman" and "Omegaman"? More like "looks like shit, man" and his uglier recolored brother. Ninjaman, more like "paint it black, man." And Gemman ... I dunno what the hell to make of you. The lot of youse should just get lost!

Cyberman: Hey! That's really hurtful.

Bitman: Shut up! Now, Torch, what's our next move?

Torchman: REVENGE! REVENGE! Lots of words blah, blah, blah MECHS blah blah blah GLORY blah blah.

Waveman: Whine whine whine.

Sharkman: Dood! Dood dood dood. I don't say anything worth listening to, dood.

Oilman: Uh, Bitman?


So we did what we always do after an adventure. We hit the casinos. You know, play some slots. Blademan got himself a couple of honeys and Sharkman had his own kinda fun. Oilman was whining about us spending all our dough, but who cares about dat guy, amirite? So anyways, we wuz minding our own business when this mysterious force comes down on us like a ton o bricks.

Bitman: Yo! What's this mysterious force over here?

Torchman: Yadda yadda yadda, nobody cares.

Sharkman: I'm so high, I'm always high OH SHIT IT'S OUR BIZARRO CLONES!


Shadowman: Okay, stop! Bizarro clones?

Bitman: Yes.

Shadowman: For real?

Bitman: YES!

Torchman: I shall continue our illustrious tale as my memory is perfect and in every way superior to Bitman's!

Bitman: Whatever.

Torch VS Blue: The Renamed

By: Torchman


Torchman: YOU!! I thought we had seen the last of you after we -

Bizarro Torchman Blue: Yeah, you scumbag. It's me. Yer better looking brother.

Torchman: IMPOSSIBLE! None are as pulchritudinous as I!

Bizarro Torchman Blue: Feasting on the flesh of that distended windbag Crorq has increased my intelligence. As well as my other augmentations!

Bizarro Me Blue then shoots a ray of necrotic energy at me and the team!

Torchman: What the deuce!?

Waveman: He - he's flying!!

As unhelpful as ever, Waveman points out the obvious as Bizarro Me Blue rises up in a storm of black necrotic energy.

Bitman: Aw, crap!

Oilman shoots his Oil Shooter at my doppelganger and I light it on fire, engulfing my copy in flames. Unfortunately they have little effect.

Bizarro Torchman Blue: Your offensive is as ineffectual as your entire team!

Sharkman: What? What did he say? lol, I can't understand this guy at all!

Blademan: I can understand his actions well enough!

Bizarro Me Blue is engulfed in ebony flames and emerges transformed.

Bizarro Torchman Blue: You can no longer harm me. After my death I was reborn ... as a BLACK LANTERN!!

Waveman: We should just quit and leave this business to him. He's just too powerful.

Torchman: Damn it, Waveman, no!! We shall never surrender!! Not now, not ever! As long as the power flows through my wires, as long as there is fuel in my tank, as long as there is a soul within my body I will never surrender!

Bitman: I won't back down without a fight! I'll tear this asshole limb from limb!

Oilman: I know we can win! I BELIEVE we can win!

Blademan: This guy thinks he's hot stuff?! I'll make him scream in FEAR!

Waveman: ...

The six of us are then transformed by otherworldly energy and emerge as ...

Torchman: What is this??

Ring: Torchman of Earth, you have the ability to overcome great fear! Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.

Geminiman: What!?

Oilman: Shut up! You asked why Wave is out and this is why!

Sharkman: Aw, yeah, you know what?

Sharkman uses his power to breathe the largest joint he has ever borne witness to and begins to get high.

Torchman: Stop that! This is no time for that!

Bitman: Damn it, Shark!!

Waveman: Aw, man, we shouldn't fight, you guys.

Blademan: Compassion!?

Torchman: God damn it, Waveman.

Blademan: Mwah hah hah!

Blademan uses his newfound power to send a beast after Bizarro Me Blue and he recoils in terror!

Bizarro Torchman Blue: YAHHH!!

Sparkman: Wait, if he's a Black Lantern is he still 'Bizarro Torchman Blue?'

Oilman: Shut up!

Bizarro Torchman Blue: Do you think that's enough to stop me!? I can raise the dead!! I can revive all of your most powerful foes to use against you! Bizarro Shadowman! General Cutman! Iceman Red! RISE!!

From out of the ground comes Black Lantern versions of all our most powerful enemies!

Sharkman: It's - it's them!!

General Cutman: Kyah hah hah hah hah! Nice to meet you again, Sinister Six.

Blademan: ohmanohmanohman....!

Bizarro Shadowman: It am awful to see you again, friends!

Oilman: It's awful to see you too, "friend."

Iceman Red: I'm back. And the world is my oyster!

Bizarro Torchman Blue: MY oyster!

Red crouches in pain as my double exerts his power over him!

Iceman Red: AAGHH! Yes, of course. My - my master.

General Cutman: Kyah hah hah! You serve a master now, as we all do.

Bizarro Shadowman: The terrible Bizarro Torchman Blue!

Iceman Red: Grrr....

General Cutman: There's no shame in submitting to a superior foe, brother.


Geminiman: Okay, STOP! Just stop.

Torchman: What?

Geminiman: Your twisted Bizarro double became a Black Lantern and revived General Cutman, Iceman Red, and Bizarro Shadowman?

Torchman: I do not think my tale was unclear, Mech. Even you seemed to have grasped the sequence of events. So why stop?

Hardman: Are we just gonna take this guy's bullshit?

Magnetman: Yeah, I must agree with my large compadre, I fail to see the point of this exercise.

Topman: I kinda wanna know what happens.

Needlegal: Yeah, I have a morbid curiosity myself.

Hardman: *groans*

Magnetman: Aw, man....

Blademan: Okay, guys, strap yourselves in for balls to the walls action!

Torch VS Blue: The Renamed!

By: Blademan!

Hardman: You don't need to keep doing that.

Blademan: Shut it, I'm getting to the good part!

Waveman: There's no need to fight! We are not enemies!

Bitman: Shut up!

Bitman barfs up flaming blood onto Wave, who screams like a little girl!

Waveman: Hey!

Blademan: I've got this, guys!

I make myself twin broadswords with my ring and fly at Bizarro Shadowman who also makes swords!

Bizarro Shadowman: Goodbye, my enemy!

Blademan: Goodbye yourself, freak!

I chop off his head and go after General Cutman! He creates constructs of his broken scissors and comes at me like a rabid squirrel, all foaming at the mouth!

General Cutman: You're pretty good because you beat Bizarro Shadowman, but can you beat me, General Cutman!?

Blademan: I can beat you! I am the Master of Blades! That's why they call me BLADEMAN!!!

General Cutman is wily (not Doctor Wily, but you know, quick and agile), but I manage to stab him in the gut! I then stab him again!

General Cutman: AGH!!!! I'm stabbed!!!!

Blademan: And now you, Iceman Red!!!

Iceman Red: I am the most powerful of the Sues!!!

Shadowman: The most powerful of the what?

Blademan: I call it like I see it!

Iceman Red uses his flamethrower attack, but I spin my sword and deflect it! He throws rocks and shit, but they are no match for my swordsman skillz!

Iceman Red: You are truly powerful, Blademan! I have never met a foe as fearsome as you!


Magnetman: Is this whole things just you guys talking about how great other people say you are?

Blademan: I can't help it if all those guys see how awesome we are!

Sharkman: Dood, did you really just go in and cut up all those players by yourself?

Blademan: Wh - you were there!

Sharkman: I don't remember ... any of that.

Oilman: Well you were high at the time. As you are now.

Sharkman: LOL! True.

Wave Woman: Oh, Sharkie. (n˘v˘•)¬

Sparkman:: Wait, what happened to the other Bizarro clones?

The S6: ...

Blademan: What did happen to those guys?!

Bitman: I'm pretty sure they went off with the Dark Six and hit the casinos too. Seems like the thing to do.

Oilman: Alright, look. I'll get straight to the good part.

Torch VS Blue: The Renamed

By: Oilman

Hardman: Seriously, you don't need to keep doing that.

Torchman: I'm almost done here, guys!

Oilman: We need to keep pressing Bizarro Torchman! The real deal needs time to finish the Spirit Bomb.

Bizarro Torchman Blue: But without the ring of love you lack the necessary power to counter my black ring. All the negative energy on Earth is fueling it, so it needs all seven rings to kill me and you only have six!!

Waveman: Can't we talk this out? There's room for everyone!

Bitman: Damn it, Waveman, there isn't time for your shit!

Waveman: But we haven't even tried talking things out!

Bizarro Torchman Blue flies past us as we all try desperately to stop him, except for Waveman who keep on blathering like an idiot!

Oilman: Damn it, Waveman, we need you to focus!

Sharkman: ... is anyone else feeling the munchies? I could go for a hamburger. Maybe two!

Blademan: Keep it together, Shark, we can go for milkshakes after!

Sharkman: Dood, really?

Blademan: And get really high!

Bizarro Torchman Blue: You know you're right, Waveman. We should be friends.

Waveman: Right! Friends!!

Torchman: Waveman! Don't listen to him!

Bizarro Torchman Blue: Come on, Wave. We're practically brothers. Shunned from society by those who don't understand us. I'm emo too. Just like you. Just look at all the black I wear.

Waveman: Emo. Just like me?

With tears in his eyes Waveman embraces Bizarro Torchman Blue. His eyes widen in surprise as Bizarro Torchman stabs him in the back. LITERALLY!!

Waveman: !?

Bizarro Torchman Blue: Emo fool.

Torchman: Waveman! NOOOOO!!!!!!

Bitman: Wave!! He's dead!

Oilman: That idiot!

The ring flies off as Bizarro Torchman blue laughs hysterically.

Bizarro Torchman Blue: With that fool gone, your Spirit Bomb will never be complete! I will destroy the Earth!

Wave Woman: Not if I can help it! {(>_<)}

Wave Woman slams Bizarro Torchman Blue with violet energy.

Oilman: Another Wave!?

Wave Woman: I got here as fast as I could! I've heard of you guys and you're sooo cooooooool! I love you guys and I won't let this meanie hurt you! ╚(•⌂•)╝

With keen instinct Wave Woman adds her violet energy to Torchman's Spirit Bomb.

Bizarro Torchman Blue: NO! NOOOO!!!!

Torchman: YES! The last emotion we need!!! SPIRIT BOMB!!!!

Torchman throws his Spirit Bomb at Bizarro him and it explodes! The ground shakes with the force of it. It's so strong it shatters our rings and Torchman loses his Super Saiyan form (which he could use but once in his existence - he sacrificed it for everyone on the planet).

Bizarro Torchman Blue: M-my destiny! You cannot destroy ... my ... DESTINY~!

Bizarro Torchman Blue then explodes with the force and his black ring is obliterated.

Waveman: Aw, you guys! I'm NOT DEAD!

Oilman: *sigh* Are you sure? Because that'd just tidy up things for us nicely.

Waveman: I'm NOT DEAD!

Oilman: Oh, fine.

As it turns out *sigh* Waveman wasn't dead. He was struggling on the ground as we went to him.

Waveman: Did - did we get him?

Oilman: No thanks to you, yes.

Waveman: I ... I ...

Torchman: You cost us dearly this day, Wave. Your weakness almost cost us all our world. Your reticence has cost us before, but this time we faced our greatest foe. We looked into the abyss this day, Wave ... and you flinched.

Wave Woman: He did? Oh, gosh. ಥ_ಥ

Waveman: But ... *cries*

Torchman: You are unworthy of the name Wave, Wave. You almost killed not only us, but more importantly, the world. We cannot abide this any longer. From now on you shall be known as WATERMAN!!!

Waterman: But ... But I'm Waveman!

Torchman: No longer. It gives me no joy to do this, Water.

Waterman: But I'm WAVEman!! Can't ... there be two Wavemen?

Oilman: No. That would be stupid.


Oilman: And that's how it happened. How we met Wave Woman and how Waveman became Waterman.

Waveman: That's not how it happened at all!!

Topman: No kidding?

Magnetman: Alright, look, cut the bullshit. This is your friend. You just kinda found someone better and threw him under the bus. That's all this is.

Waveman: Yeah! *sniff* and then you never talk to me *sniff* or invite me to parties *sniff* and what for?

(Torchman rolls his eyes.)

Waveman: It's like ... why do we even bother anymore? You know that we'll never win. It's just been one thing after another. And then we stopped being cops and now have to hide out underground. I mean ... you know this sucks, right? You're always talking so big, but everything sucks. You guys should just give up. It was nice for a while, but it sucks now. Everything sucks now. What's the point in going on? Nobody will ever say we're the real Mega Man 3 team. Or give us respect.

Oilman: Damn it, Waterman. You see!? Can you imagine going through this? Day after day after day!! After we left the RPD it just got worse. Every day with this!

Bitman: It's always the pity game with Water. Like ... enough already! Just enough!

Blademan: And he don't respect the house rules, you know?! He's always into our food!

Sharkman: Eats all our snacks.

Blademan: He's into our stuff all the time!

Sharkman: Dood doesn't even wanna get a job! He just mopes around all day! Even I try to find work!

Magnetman: Okay, I guess I can see what you mean.

Waveman: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Torchman: And then there was that trouble with Cyberman revealing himself Water's online pal Bert and having to deal with that slob's mess in our base.

Oilman: Holy crap, I almost forgot about those times he tried to make friends with the Dark Six. How bottom of the barrel can you get?

Waveman: I thought he was my friend! But he just used me. *sniff*

Magnetman: Okay, I can see that there's trouble, but this is your old pal. Isn't there anything you can do for him?

Oilman: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Waveman: Well, screw you guys then! I didn't want to have to do this, but you guys suck so much that I gotta!

Wave Woman: Aw, come on. Can't we all be friends, Waterman? ●︿●

Waveman: I'm not Waterman!! Screw you guys! That tears it! (Waveman pulls out a small device and presses a button.) This'll teach you! I have friends!

(Oilman suppresses a snort of laughter.)

Waveman: I do!

Bubbleman: Yeah, he does!

Waveman: And they'll be here any minute now!




Geminiman: Um ... should we leave now or ... ?

(Six figures teleport in and surround the group.)

Blademan: Eh?!

Torchman: Waterman!! You traitor!

Waveman: I'm not friggin' Waterman!! And I'm not a traitor, you kicked me out of the team!

Gemman: Ahhh, our newest member has come through. At last!

Ninjaman: We meet again, Sinister Six. For the last time!

Shadowman: Wait, what? Who are these guys?

Blademan: They think they're our rivals!

Ninjaman: We ARE your rivals!

Bitman: They just won't leave us alone.

Ninjaman: Dark Six sound off! Ninjaman!

Cyberman: Cyberman!

Sparkman: Hey, there really is a "Cyberman"!

Gemman: Gemman!

Omegaman: Omegaman!

Ultimateman: Ultimateman!

Clawman: Yeah, I'm not doing that.

Geminiman: Clawman!?

Clawman: Oh, uh hi.

Geminiman: You know these people?

Clawman: Look, we go way back, but I'm not really into this whole "Dark Six" stuff they do. They just get really bummed if I don't show.

Gemman: Damn it, Claw, you're undermining us again!

Ninjaman: We're a team! We gotta stick together. Continue the roll call!!

Clawman: *sigh* You know who I am.

Ultimateman: Say it!

Cyberman: Just say your name!

Omegaman: Say your damned name!

Clawman: *rrrrrrr* Clawman (geez).

Waveman: And their newest member - Waveman!

Blademan: Arrrrrrgh! Just leave us alone!

Ultimateman: Never!

Ninjaman: You're our greatest rivals!

Bitman: You losers ain't our rivals.

Cyberman: You wish!

Bitman: *sigh* I actually do.

Sharkman: Dood! Just leave us alone!

Blademan: Yeah, it's been years! Just let go of your stupid grudge already!

Omegaman: NEVER!!!!

Torchman: You vexatious villains! How many times must we clash before you go back under the rock you crawled out of and die!?

Geminiman: Irony, much?

Hardman: Holy crap, there really is a "Dark Six." Then, did Superman really ...?

Sparkman: And a Cyberman! And he really does look like Snakeman!

Cyberman: Hey, who are these jokers?

Ninjaman: They looks kinda familiar, don't they?

Shadowman: Hey, don't involve us in your squabbles.

Topman: Clawman? Weren't you changed into a fox?

Clawman: Didn't take.

Waveman: Don't mind them, focus on the Sinister Six! Those jerks have picked on me for the last time!

Needlegal: (whispering) Let's just ... go.

(The Mechs quietly leave as the Dark Six and the Sinister Six begin to loudly argue.)

Topman: Well, that was a waste of time.

Geminiman: Was there ever any doubt it would be?

Snakeman: Well, I guess things turned out all right...

Needlegal: And we learned something too....

Shadowman: If it was Waveman's pathetic plight then we were better off not knowing.

Hardman: I'll say! Holy crap, I'd kick him out too.

Needlegal: We learned ... uh ...

Topman: Yes, Needle? We learned what exactly from that obnoxiously long obvious lie?

Needlegal: Um.

Magnetman: Wow. She's stumped.

Needlegal: I am not stumped! We did learn something!

Topman: Well, until we -

Needlegal: We learned that being relentlessly negative and lazy will cost you your friends!


Snakeman: But we already knew that. It's kinda obvious.

Needlegal: Yeah. Yeah, I know. We didn't learn much at all from listening to all that.

Topman: Well, until we're attacked by Bizarro Torchman Blue, we are ... The Mechanical Maniacs!

The End


Leon as .....
Raijin as .....
Psycho Magnet as .....
Ben as .....
    Nightmare as .....
Lennon as .....
Sheriff (Kassidy) Mags as .....
Gauntlet as .....


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