Darkman's Robot Warriors

The Sideshow Alley is a dingy area in the corner of the lot, with a few precariously placed lamps shedding much needed light at every few turns. There are several small tents, each with a sign out front, painted in large gaudy lettering. You see: A Ticket. A Tree.

Stone ManStone: Yeah yeah, very funny. I think I can probably explain this a bit better. Um, this tent says "Freaks Assorted", That's where the bearded lady and stuff would be I imagine, and this one says "Madame Lewinsky: Fortune Teller- Expert in Crystal Balls"... Eugh. Uh, and there's a tent here with no sign on it, and the ticket on the ground is for the "Salami-coaster". Oh yeah, and the tree has a tramp sleeping under it.

Dr LightDr Light: Hey! Who are you calling a tramp?!

Stone ManStone: Wha- Dr Light? What are you doing here?

Dr LightDr Light: I'm trying to find that wretched renegade Mega Man. He was complaining that he always has to save the world, he never gets a break etc etc. So he's run away from home to join the circus.

Stone ManStone: Hmm... Okay, so why where you asleep under the tree?

Dr LightDr Light: I was so worried that I fell asleep.

Stone ManStone: Right... Well, I'm just gonna go and... um...

See the Freak Show

Have my Fortune told

Find out what's inside that mystery tent

Go to the Toothbrush Pavillion to ride the Salami-coaster


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