Darkman's Robot Warriors

Stone ManStone: Hmm... I wonder why they call this the Toothbrush Pavillion?

Badly disguised ArchSuspicious looking old man: Well, many years ago it used to be where all the food stalls were, but now it has rides as well as other attractions.

Stone ManStone: Other attractions? Like what?

Badly disguised ArchSuspicious looking old man: Like a giant magnet! Mwahahahahhaaaaa!

Stone ManStone: What the-?

Wave ManWave: Stone Man! Thank goodness I've found you! Come quickly!

Stone ManStone: Wait, I'm just talking to this old man.

Wave ManWave: What old man?

Stone ManStone: This one- Hey! He's gone!

Yes, once again the mysterious old man has vanished...

Wave ManWave: I don't know what you are talking about, but you must come quickly! Charge Man is missing! We went to get some fairy floss, when he spied the Ghost Train, and ran off to have a look. As soon as I realised that I didn't have any money to pay for the fairy floss anyway, I ran after him but... He was gone!

Stone ManStone: Where are the others?

Wave ManWave: Star and Gravity went to have a look at the Grav-a-tron, it's this cool ride that makes you spin around and the gravitational pull sucks you against the wall, and you can spin around and stuff, and it's really cool, and you're stuck to the wall and-

Stone ManStone: Yeah, yeah, get on with it.

Wave ManWave: And the others went to the Sideshow Alley.

Well where should Stone and Wave go to look for the others?

The Ghost Train

The Grav-a-tron

The Salami-coaster


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