Epiverse Timeline

Cossack's Comrades

Mechanical Maniacs

Sinister Six



Game Events MM1-2 (MM2 is implied to be the book version)

Series 7 Issue #1 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 1 (1st Doc Robot (Cap N))

Series 7 Issue #2 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 2

Series 7 Issue #3 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 3 (1st Doc Robot (MM3))

Game Events MM1→

Game Events MMX-MMX4

S1R Dive Man's Inferno (Some parts take place directly after Last Stand Part 4)

Series 7 Issue #4 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 4 


Game Events MM4 →

Game Events MM4 →

S6: Issue 18- Almost Beat Him  (stories take place before the formation of the S6; S6 are under Wily's command)


Season 1

S6: Issue 0-The Sinister Six Lost Episode (1st City Garage, The S6 meet Ben)

S6: Issue 1-The Sinister Six VS Super Chaos (1st Super Chaos)

S6: Issue 2-The Sinister Six Get Musical

S6: Issue 3- Mega Man Trivia

Episode 0 - Origin

Episode 1- Fantastic Mr. Dragoon  (1st Mr. Dragoon, 1st Double)

Episode 2- Talk Stew

Episode 3- The Secret Room


S6: Issue 0-The Sinister Six Lost Episode (Ben from this story comes from here)

S6: Issue 4-The Mega Man Hero's Convention (1st Andon)

Guest stars Ben

Series 1

Issue # 0 Megaman 3: Epilogue

Issue # 1 Gauntlet Verses the IRS (1st Galvatron)

Issue # 2 Gauntlet at the Track

Issue # 3 Gauntlet and the Low Flow Toilets

Guest stars the S6

Episode 4- Jailhouse Rock

Episode 5-Dam-ed if you do,

S6: Issue 5- All I want for Christmas 

S6: Issue 6-Yahoo Auctions Staring Gary! 

S6: Issue 7-Sinister Six Cartoon Show! 

Episode 6- My Cousins Wedding

Series 5 Issue # 1 - How the Mechanical Maniacs Met Everyone. (1st Lennon)

Guest stars the S6

Guest stars MD

PC Issue #0 - The Beginning (Mostly BS)


Lost Episode 6.5 - Independence Day

Lost Episode 6.6 - There's Something About MD

Issue # 4 The Mechanical Maniacs Vs the Sinister Six Part 1 (1st S6 PC)

Issue # 5 The Mechanical Maniacs Vs the Sinister Six Part 2 

Guest stars the S6

Series 8 Issue #11 - A Royal Pain Part 2 (MD in this story comes from here)

PC Issue #1 - The Sinister Six VS The Mechanical Maniacs (A BS version of their first meeting)

Series 9 Issue #20 - The Mechanical Maniacs VS Gamma's Disciples

Issue # 6 Sparkman's Day Out!




Issue # 7 Dr. Wily! Hardman gets a brain! The ruins of the Man in Blue's Webpage! All this and Groovy Kat's revenge! (1st Mechs Wily (as adversary), 1st Mechs/X-F Sigma)

Features Gutsman commenting on the S6PC adventure.

Issue # 8 The Sinister Six recruitment Drive! Shadowman's Ninja Gaiden!

Guest stars Super Chaos, the S6

Guest stars Mr. Dragoon

Issue # 9 The Mechanical Maniacs VS The Mega Metroids 

Series 2 Issue # 14 - The Mechanical Maniacs VS SkyNet 



Guest stars the Mechs including Eric as Hard

S6: Issue 8-Tale Of Two Teams (Co-Writen by Ben) (4 Chapters, including Promo) (Edward "dies", 1st Scorpion)

Episodes 7-11- Tale of Two Teams (Co-written by Gary)


S6: Issue 9-Edward's Funeral! (Andon becomes Elec)

Guest stars Ben

Season 2

S6: Issue 10-The Halloween Special (1st Red)

Guest stars Ben

S6: Issue 11-Iceman Goes to Neverland



SOLO STORY Part 2 - HARDMAN (1st meeting Doc Robot (MM3))




SOLO STORY Part 6 - GEMINIMAN (1st Kefka)



S6: Issue 12-The Twilight Zone (Takes place at the same time as the Mechs' Solo Stories, 1st Erik (future Guts))

Series 2

Issue # 0 - A New Beginning! (Mechs buy/move into the Technodrome, 1st Psycho Magnet / Kitty Kat as Needlegal)

S6: Issue 13- The Sinister Six meet The Backstreet Project (1st S6 Wily (as adversary), 1st Bass)

Issue # 1 - And the series begins with Stalkage!

Guest Stars Andon and Red

Issue # 2 - X-Force Farce!

Issue # 3 - Gauntlet at the Movies


Guest stars the Mechs

S6 Solo Series: Issue 1- Bombman: Cooking With Bombman (1st Classi)

S6 Solo Series: Issue 2- Gutsman: Hitting The Big Top 

S6 Solo Series: Issue 3- Cutman: Party at Sinister Six H.Q. 

S6 Solo Series: Issue 4- Elecman: Please Not Another Scary Movie 

S6 Solo Series: Issue 5- Iceman: A Clone Of your Own 

S6 Solo Series: Issue 6- Fireman: X-Force Xtravaganza 

Guest stars the X-Force, Mr. Dragoon

Issue # 4 - The Is No Escape From NIGHTMARE INN

Guest Stars IRA


Issue # 5 - Doctor Wily's Revenge! (1st Nightmare as Gemini Red, 1st Lennon as Gemini Blue)

Issue # 6 - The Titanic Tale of Gemini Red and Gemini Blue: Post-Crisis! 

Irritation to the Xtreme

Issue # 7 - Geminiman Leaves?


Guest stars Gauntlet

S6: Issue 14- The Sinister Six vs The Insidious Six 

PC Issue #5 - The Dark Six Strikes (mostlty BS)


Issue # 8 - Professor Robot Teaches a Lesson in etiquette. (The S6 PC add the MM1 PC guys, 1st Bizarro)

Issue # 9 - Another Bad Day (1st Evil Eight: Spin, War, Claw, Chimera)

S6: Issue 15- 8-bit Blues (featuring the 8-bit ray)

Guest stars Gauntlet

S6: Issue 16-The April Fools Special


S6: Issue 17- Which Iceman is it Already!? 

Guest stars Ben

Guest stars Kefka

X-Force: Reploids on Display 

Issue # 10 - GAMMA! (The Mechs use the 8-bit ray)

Issue # 11 - A Family Feud...Well kinda...

PC Issue #7 - Bart's Beginning (somewhat BS, totally plagarized an XT ep)

S6: Issue 18- Almost Beat Him 

Episode 12- Double Doom (1st Nnth)

Guest stars the Mechs, includes Gemini Red

S6: Issue 19- Year of the Fox

Episodes 13-15- Year of the Fox (1st Pyro, Gary becomes Split Mushroom)

Issue # 12 - It's a party in my mouth - and everyone's invited! (the S6 PC disband, Torchman keeps at it)

Guest stars the S6 and Iceman Red


Guest stars the Mechs

S6: Issue 20-Tale Of Two Cyclops

Issue # 13 - The non-story with a bad plot and no title!

Issue # 15 - And Now For Something Completely Different! (Torchman solo)

Issue # 16 - Ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me!

Issue # 17 - Be one with the name...BE the name.. 

S6: Issue 21-Interview with The 13 Ghosts

Guest stars Gauntlet

S6: Issue 22- The Stupid Bomb

Issue # 18 - You Will Be Assimilated 

Issue # 19 - The Team Manager

Issue # 20 - Galvatron Returns Part 1

Issue # 21 - Galvatron Returns Part 2 

Issue # 22 - Galvatron Returns Part 3 (Mechs get Transmetal armor, Technodrome is destroyed, Nightmare / SD becomes Top)

Series 3

Issue # 0 - " "Life is a highway..."

Guest stars Gauntlet

S6: Issue 23- Violence on Television

Guest stars Ben

Guest stars Jacob

Dastardly Trio: Issue 1- Flight 181 



Season 3

S6: Issue 24- The Last Laugh!

Guest stars Ben

Guest stars post-assimilation Bizarro

S6: Issue 25- When Copy Cats Unite! 

Guest stars Mr. Dragoon

Guest stars Gauntlet

S6: Issue 26- (Part 1) Sinister Six.EXE: Viral Infection 

S6: Issue 26- (Part 2) Sinister Six.EXE: The Cure

Game Events - MMX5

Episode 0-A - A New Dawn Introduction Part 1 (of 1) (1st Chibi MD)

Episode 16- E3 Battle

Gauntlet guest stars

Sinister Six: Subseries: The Wonderswan Adventure! 

Guest Stars MD

Issue # 1 - Executable Execution

Issue # 2 - Celebrate good times, come on! 

Guest stars the S6




Series 3 Issue # 12 - Terminated (The MD that learns about Mechs teaming up with Xelloss is from this point, time travelling to the past.)

Guest stars Gauntlet, post-assimilation Bizarro Shadowman (they do not meet). Mechs plan road trip, contact MD about info and Ben finds out about Xelloss.

S6: Issue 27- Sinister Seven 

Guest stars MD (MD learns about Xelloss, time travel places the ep here in the X-F timeline, MD akwardly refers to Terminated in the dialogue.)

Guest Stars Gauntlet

S6: Issue 28-Gutsman's Big Break 


Issue # 3 - Geminiman's Birthday 


Viral Infection Special: Something out of the Ordinary ...

Guest stars Ice

Guest Stars MD

Guest stars VI version of Gauntlet (the Mechs are mentioned as being on their road trip, but Andon is simply mistaken)

S6: Issue 29- Andon gets Energized 



S6: Issue 30-Lord Of The Beers 

Guest stars the Mechs

S6: Issue 31-My...What Weird Powers You Have? 

S6: Issue 32- Battle and Chase 

Issue # 4 - Rita Repulsa Strikes Back  (Mechs on the road begins)

Issue # 5 - The Mechanical Maniacs Vs the Gorillaz

Issue # 6 - The Metropolis Superhero Convention Part One - The Tick Is One Hell Of A Funny Comic Book! (1st Xelloss)

Issue # 7 - The Metropolis Superhero Convention Part Two - STOP!! Xelloss is one powerful guy! 

Series 9 Issue #23 - Sharkman Saves the Day


SNL Part 1 - The intro

SNL Part 2 - Live From X-Force City! It's Saturday Night!

SNL Part 3 - Celebrity Jeopardy!

SNL Part 4: The Final Part ...Yay!

Co-stars Gary and the S6

Co-stars MD

Issue # 8 - Does Being Insanely Super Strong Necessarily Make You Insanely Super Smart? 

Issue # 9 - Attack Of The Palette Swapped Ninjas! (Mechs meet post-assimilation Bizarro)

Issue # 10 - A Few Short Stories 

I ssue # 11 - Enter Cell... 



Issue # 12 - Terminated 

Guest stars MD

Guest stars the Mechs, including Lennon

Episode 17- Time Lost

Issue # 13 - The Ultimate Duel (Lennon leaves)


Issue # 14 - Dragons Make for Tough Enemies

Guest stars MD

Issue # 15 - Spirit of the Sword 

Issue # 16 - Littering Is Bad For Our Planet! 

Issue # 17 - Run in at N. Sanity Beach

Game Events - MMX6

Episode 18- Who's yo Daddy?

Issue # 18 - I am Invincible 

Guest stars Ben as Heatnix


Issue # 19 - Showdown at Skull Fortress (Lennon returns)


Guest stars Torchman

Sinister Six: Sinister Seven!? (special)

Issue # 20 - The Epilogue! (Spooky eh?)


Series 4 Issue # 8 - Add-On Epilogue 

Guest stars Mr. Dragoon

Issue # 21 - Revenge Through Proxy

Issue # 22 - He's like an alternate-dimensional parallel being to me! 

Issue # 23 - Journey's End Part 1 - When Plans Collide 

Episode 19- Havoc at Hogwarts

Episode 20-- The Tanakas Strike Back: Part 1(1st Classi as Web Spider)

Episode 21- - The Tanakas Strike Back: Part 2

Sinister Six: Subseries: Terror of Iceman Dragoon (1st Rich (future Bomb, as "Cutman EXE")

Guest stars MD


S6: Issue 34- Gauntlet's Worst Nightmare (Ben in this story is from this point)

Guest stars the Mechs, Ben gives Gauntlet nanobots used in Journey's End Part 2

Guest stars Bass, Wily

Episodes 22 - The Unlimited Part 1

Issue # 24 - Journey's End Part 2 - End of the Line (D: Torch, Doc Robot (MM3))

Guest stars the S6, Red, Wily, Bass

Episodes 23 - The Unlimited Part 2 (X-Force timeline is destroyed. D: almost everyone (including Mechs Sigma) save Classi, Gary, Ben, and Anton. Chibi MD becomes Neo Dragoon)

Mechs Series 9 Issue #18 - Needle and Shadow's Excellent Adventure (Red is from this point.)

Series 4

Issue #0 - "We're Not in Kansas Anymore."

Issue # 1 - Megaman

Issue #2 - Jail Break

Issue # 3 - Mystery of the Cossack Bots

Issue # 4 -Ring Man’s Capture

Issue # 5 - Evil Is as Evil Does (1st Hadrian)

Mechanical Maniacs Moments Starts (Dubious canonicity)

Issue # 6 - Warriors of the Future 

Issue # 7 - Enter the Hologram!

Issue # 9 - Mixed Up Mechanical Mayhem 

Issue # 10 - The Weapon of Absolute Doom!

Issue # 11 - Mirror, Mirror Part 1

Issue # 12 - Mirror, Mirror Part 2 


Wily's Warriors

Season 1


Episode 1 - Introduction (Ben returns as Heatman)

Episode 2 - Lord of the Rings

Episode 3 - I Think I'm Turning Kitsune

Episode 4 - Go Get Your Funk On!

Issue # 13 - Return of a Maniac

Guest stars the S6, the Mechs crash at S6 Manor

The X-Force have disbanded by this point, Mechs meet Ben as Heat for the first time.

(The S6 guest star)

Issue # 14 - Stupid Game Once Played in Grade 5 

Issue # 15 - Battle in the Bar (1st Cleave, Artillery, Golem, Omni)

Issue # 16 - More Damn Pokemon

Issue # 17 - Team Badass 

Issue # 18 - Power Failure

Issue #19 - The Epilogue Written by the Author who Hasn't Written an Epilogue in a While (volume 1)

Issue # 20 - YOU are the Admiral Now (Torch and the PC team return )

Issue # 21 - War between Wilys

Issue # 22 - Clue-dunit? the Whodunit mini-epilogue 

S6: Issue 33-April Fools Day Special 2: Enter the Dragoon (Torch is shown to be alive) (Guest Stars Gauntlet, Ben as MD (humerous))

Episode 4.5 - April Fools! (Guest Stars the S6)

S6: Issue 34- Gauntlet's Worst Nightmare


Episode 5 - New Villians, New Problems!

Episode 6 - Lightning Hiccups

Season 1

#1 The Comrades' First Challenge! Ballade's Act of Revenge!

Guest Starring the S6

Episode 7 - For Richer And... erm... Richer!

#2 Team Building

Guest Stars the Mechs (and Torchman)

Guest stars the S6 (and Red)


#3 Enter Kryptoman

Guest Stars the Mechs

S6: Issue 35- Iceman vs Red Promo (Star Wars Crossover)

S6: Issue 36- Iceman Vs Red (Novel Version) (D: Gary, Red, Edward, D: Rich, Odin, Britt, Eric (Windman)) The Old S6 enter semi-retirement.

Guest Stars Ben (as Heatman)

Issue # 23 - Time for some R & R (Soon after IvR)

Mechs Series 9 Issue #25 - Encore Part 1

Episode 8 - Pants on Fire!

Issue # 24 - Possession Part 1

Issue # 25 - Possession Part 2

Issue # 26 - Possession Part 3 (Mechs Sigma and Galvatron defeated once and for all)

Series 9 Issue #18 - Needle and Shadow's Excellent Adventure

Guest stars the S6

Issue #27 - Aftermath: A New Beginning to a Similar End of a Different Tale (1st Rai as Snake)


Guest stars Rai as Snake (not canon)

Sinister Six: Subseries: Welcome The New Snakeman! 

Series 5

Issue # 0 - "Back and we're not going anywhere soon!" (Mechs move into the Ark)


Issue #2 - Housewarming is a Dangerous Ritual 

Series 9 Issue #26 - Encore Part 2

Mechanical Maniacs Moments 26 (1st Gag)

Issue #3 - The Knights Have Landed

Guest stars the S6

#4 Krypto's Assault

#5 Wrath of the Met King Pt 1

Guest stars the Mechs, Cameo by Gauntlet


#6 Wrath of the Met King Pt 2

#7 Just a Normal Day



#8 A Very Cossack Christmas

Issue #4 - Merry, Merry Christmas!

#9 The Beginning of the End

#10 Trapped in Anime World Pt 1

#11 Trapped in Anime Land Pt 2

#12 Trapped in Anime World Pt 3

#13 Trapped in Anime Land Pt 4

Season 2

#0 The Passing of Power

#1 Introducing Omni

#2 Omni's Terror

#3 Omni's Ultimatum

#4 Legacy of Jay and Silent Bob

#5 Omni: The Terror Lives?

Issue #5 - Busted! (1st Crorq)

Issue #6 Demon Ninja 

Issue #7 - Gauntlet VS Piracy!

Issue #8 - On The Very Same Day .....

Guest stars the S6

Issue #9 - Snakeman is Framed!

Issue#10 - Evil Execution, The Evil Eight EXE Part One

Issue#11 - Evil Execution, The Evil Eight EXE Part Two


Guest Stars the Mechs (with the Ark as their base)

Episode 9 - Anything for the Fanatics

Issue#12 - The Work That Copies Other Genres

Issue#13 - Belselk's Challenge

Episode 10 - Clonin' Around
Episode 11 - Great White North, Part 1

Episode 12 - Great White North, Part 2

Guest Stars Bright Babe

Guest stars the Mechs

Guest Stars Gary, Britt (incorrect sprites)

Episode 13 - Eskimo Surprise

#6 Aquatic Fun

#7 The Bonding of 2

#8 The Worst Date


Episode 14 - Metroid Madness

Episode 15 - You Got Served!

The Origin of Flash Man (past part takes place here)

Series 8 Issue #10 - A Royal Pain Part 1 (past parts go here)

Series 8 Issue #11 - A Royal Pain Part 2 (Razz leaves team, 1st Princess)

Guest stars the S6

Guest stars WW


Episode 16 - Season Finale: Trial of the Century

Season 2


Episode 1 - Everything Old Is New Again (WW join Wily)

The Unnamed (Bizarro makes a replica Technodrome, D: Bizarro. Mechs meet the Wily Rescue Force, 1st Classi as Spark)

Series 9 Issue #4 - What's New is Old Part 1 (past parts go here, happens at the same time as What's Old is New)

Series 9 Issue #5 - What's New is Old Part 2 (Leon becomes Elec)

Unnamed intro features Gutsman (Tim)

Series 9 Issue #3 - What's Old is New (The old S6 break up (and give up their TM armour), the New S6 form (Rich, Odin, Britt, Eric (former Windman) are revived), 1st Ben as Fire (Heat mentioned as part of Wily's forces)) The old S6 Part happens immediately after the Unnamed's intro. The New S6 form almost immediately after the Unnamed's ending.


Guest stars Gauntlet

Season 4

New S6: Issue 1- The New Team Awakens


New S6: Issue 2- Every Geek Has His Day

Gues stars the CC

Guest Stars the Mechs

New S6: Issue 3- Ken Returns

Guest Stars the CC

Guest stars the Mechs, Jacob

New S6: Issue 4- The Second Superhero Convention 

Guest Stars WW


Dastardly Trio: Issue 3- Something Fishy is Goin' Down 



New S6: Issue 5- Mistaken Identity

#9 The Epilogue of the Epilogue: The Musical

Guest stars the Mechs (and Xelloss, Bizarro (erroneously))

Guest stars the S6

Guest Stars WW

#10 Incredible Home Makeover Part 1

#11 Incredible Home Makeover Part 2

#12 The Sith Arrival (A follow up to the IvR promo ep.)
#13 A Day in the Life of Kalinka

#14 Origin of Toad Girl

#15 Darkest Game

PC Issue # 8 - Too Many Members! (Crorq has disappeared)

New S6: Issue 6- MD on "Friends"

New S6: Issue 7- MD on "Dragon Tales"

Guest stars MD (humerous)

Issue #14 - Crisis on Earth-Capcom 

New S6: Issue 8- Crisis on Earth-Capcom (introduces the Cap N S6, Oil, and Time)


Episode 2 - Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! part 1

Episode 3 - Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! part 2

Episode 4 - Super Sized

PC Issue #2 - The Sinister Six VS The Sinister Six

Guest starring the Cap N S6

Guest stars Gauntlet

New S6: Issue 9- Fight for Collective Independence 

Issue#15 - Edited For General Audiences

Issue #16 - Much Ado About Twincest! 

Issue #17 - Conspiracy Theory

New S6: Issue 10- Enter The New Sparkster (1st Leon)

New S6: Issue 11- Big Trouble in Little Kinko’s! 

Guest Stars the CC, Zapper

Guest stars the Mechs

New S6: Issue 12- Swap With a Koopa 

New S6: Issue 13- Apple of My Eye

#16 Kalinka and the Chocolate Factory

Guest stars Gauntlet

Guest stars Gary, Ben, Britt

Guest Stars the Comrades

Issue #18 - Snakeman On A Plane! 

New S6: Issue 14- Day Of the Scorpion (1st Gen Cuts)

Season 5

New S6: Issue 15- Attack Of Rita Repulsa

Episode 5 - Russian Surveillance (CC)

#17 Kalinka's Idea! Vacation Time!

#18 The House of Egad

#19 Jade the Red Mage

#20 Introducing Wraithman

#21 Dark Encounters of a Sinful Kind

Season 3

#1 Jumping the Bandwagon

#2 The Skull Identity

#3 Hero Training

#4 For the Greater Good of God

#5 The Legend of Ringman

A Cossack's Comrades' Christmas Carol


Guest Stars the Sinister Six

Halloween Special 2006

Guest starring Gauntlet

New S6: Issue 16- Battle of the Sinister Six (new meets old for the 1st time)

Episode 6 - The Bad Outdoors


Guest Stars the Sinister Six (with incorrect sprites)

Episode 7 - Versus the Sinister Six

Issue #19 - Making the Most of Fangirlism

Issue #20 - Unleashed, Unbalanced, Unstoppable

Issue #21 - The 'Maniacs Meet Megaman Part 1

Issue #22 - The 'Maniacs Meet Megaman Part 2

Mechanical Maniacs Moments 39 - Actual plotline / Paradox Play happens here

New S6: Issue 17- Havoc at Hogwarts 2

New S6: Issue 18- Terror of Gasman 

New S6: Issue 19- Poke' Napped! 

New S6: Issue 20- Titan Trouble 

Episode 8 - Now For Something Completely Random

Episode 9 - Night Fights and Neon Lights

Episode 10 - More Than Super Bowl Champions

Hardman's Bar (1st Mesmerman, Juno returns, Doc Robot (MM3) returns)

Guest stars the S6

Mentions Wily's Warriors being involved

#6 Jay & Silent Bob Strike Out Pt1

#7 Jay & Silent Bob Strike Out Pt2

#8 Jay & Silent Bob Strike Out Pt3

Guest Stars Gauntlet

Guest Stars Gary


#9 Wraith and Skull: Brothers?!

Guest Stars the Mechs Guest Stars the S6


New Sinister Six: Halloween Special 1- Six City 

Guest starring Gauntlet

New Sinister Six: Halloween Special 2- Thriller Musical 


Guest Stars Leon

The Origin of Flash Man (present day part takes place here)

#10 More than Meets the Eye

Guest Stars Gauntlet



#11 The Big Rock Candy Mountains

Issue #23 - Here's to Iceman

Guest Stars the S6

Guest stars Gauntlet

New S6: Issue 21 - All Good Things  (D: Gen Cuts (for now), Kefka, Super Chaos, Neo Dragoon, Oil, Nnth, Scorpion, Iceman, Ben (Fireman), more)

Guest Stars Ben (as Heat)

Mechanical Maniacs Moments Ends. (Dubious canonicity)

PC Issue #9 - Bizarro! (Crorq returns with the PC1 RMs. This is right before he's captured by the RPD)

PC Issue #10 - N00bs

Series 6

Issue #0 - "To Protect and Defend." (Mechs get Transmetal 2 armor, join the RPD)



Kin and Tonic (1st Kenta) 

Guest stars Bombman (Rich)

Issue #1 - The Case of the Missing Base (Ark is stolen, Mechs move into Bizarro's Technodrome)

Issue #2 - I Have Altered Our Deal .....

Special - Sinister Six.EXE Strikes Back

Issue #3 - Some kind of Freaky Roll 


Wanted (Gen Cuts returns, S6 PC activate their Transmetal armor)

Rich (no longer Bombman) dies

Guest Stars Wily's Warriors

Issue #4 - Attack of the Replicates

Issue #5 - Abuse of Technology (Mechs find out Crorq is chief of police)

Maniacs On Patrol 

Issue #6 - Con-spiracy

Series 7 Issue #7 - Eyeball  (first Part , concurrent with Con-spiracy)

Series 7 Working With Ghosts (Parts 1 and 2)

Issue #7 - The Rivalry (Evil 8 break up)


Episode 11 - Mr. Monopoly's Mascot Madness

Episode 12 - Enter The Metal Trio

Episode 13 - I Know What You Ate Last Tuesday; It Was Pizza

Episode 14 - The Excorcism of Naoshi

Episode 15 - The School of Warriors!

Episode 16 - Double Dare

Episode 17 - All Beef and No Brains

Tasty Gobs of DOOM 2009

#12 The Silence of the Rising Red Hannibal

Cameos the Mechs

The Business of War

Business of War (D: War, Spin. Arty & Chimera are remade, Golem and Omni are remade after being destroyed at the end)

Features the remainder of the S6; they go off to Gen Cut's AU

Business of War (D: Ben (as Heat))

Season 4

#1 Wraithman's Revenge



Update Special (not canon)

Mechs Series 9: Whatever Happened to the Warriors? (WW get a divorce from reality, literally leave continuity)

#2 I Am Megatron

Cameos Gauntlet (one line)

#3 An Offer They Can't Refuse


#5 Day of the Tentacle

#6 A Skeleton in Reg's Closet!

#7 Farewell Zapper


#8 Diveman vs the Deceptidunks

Cameos Hardman (one line)

#9 The Duke of Zill

#10 Ballade's Revenge

#11 Rise of the Panzerkons

#12 Of Notes and Chips

#13 Digital Dilemna

#14 Fist Full of Gemstones


#16 Project Stolen Stonehenge Start

#17 The Bastard, the Dick, and the Creepy

Mechanical Maniacs: Back on the Beat 

#18 Buyer Beware

Cameos Gauntlet, Kenta (one line)


#19 Fiendish Fallacy

#20 Wizards and Comrades

#21 Who Watches the Comrades Pts 1-2

#22 Who Watches the Comrades Pts 3-5

#23 Who Watches the Comrades Conclusion

#24 Once and Future Drill

#25 A Short Sendoff to the CC



15 year gap (D: Wily, Cossack, Proto. Light & Megaman retire. Robot Masters go underground. Mechs break up, quit RPD)

Series 9 Issue #31 - The Dream Disciples (Happens during the 15 year gap)

Series 7 Issue #4 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 4 (Gen Cuts, Shadow, and Gem are from this point (happens at the start of the 15 year gap), D: Gen Cuts)

Series 7

Issue #0 - "It all happened a long time ago."

Mechanical Maniacs: Life After Life (Mechs reform, rejoin RPD in secret)

Series 7 Issue #4 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 4 (Present day scene takes place here)

Issue #5 - Hammar Assault 

Issue #6 - No Newbs Is Good Newbs 

Issue #7 - Eyeball 

Issue #8 - Spiral

Issue #9 - Brain Bot Snaps (1st Galactic Council)

Issue #10 - Remnant Part 1

Issue #11 - Remnant Part 2 

Issue #12 - Remnant Part 3 (Technodrome is destroyed)

Issue #13 - Remnant Part 4 (D: N-Top, Crorq forces Kenta and Hadrian out, Mechs rejoin the RPD in full)

Series 8

Issue #0 - Two Down 

Issue #1 - New Guys (1st Ben as Hard (Ben being revived), 1st Sheriff Mags)

Issue #2 - Out FOXed -

Issue #3 - May the Force Be With You 

Issue #4 - The End Devil (Mechs start getting T3 armor)

Issue #5 - The Council Comes to Earth (1st Terra (Mechs))

Season 1 Rebirth

Dive Man's Inferno

#1 Risen From the Ashes

#2 Meet Your New Daddy

#3 Mushroom Madness

#4 Old Acquaintances, New Teachers

#5 The Gulag Job

#6 "Science Warriors Evolved ! Terror of Energon"

#7 Absolutely Nothing Happens This Ep!

#8 Life in the Slow Lane

#9 Cool Toad

#10 Stranger From The Realms

#11 Haunting at Skull Castle

#12 It's a B-Movie Show

Issue #6 - Virus (1st RaMoon)

Working With Ghosts (D: Xelloss, 1st Holzenbein)

Genesis End 

Issue #7 - Off The Fourth Wall 

Guest Stars the CC

Issue #8 - Curse of the Lion Men Part 1  (1st Tar)

Issue #9 - Curse of the Lion Men Part 2 

#13 Lowest Bidder

#14 The Freakiest of Fridays


#16 Scrapheap Soundtrack

Issue #10 - A Royal Pain Part 1

Issue #11 - A Royal Pain Part 2

Series 9 Issue #7 - Time After Time Part 1

Series 9 Issue #8 - Time After Time Part 2

Series 9 Issue #9 - Time After Time Part 3

Guest Stars the CC

Issue #12 - Ascension Part 1

Issue #13 - Ascension Part 2 (Mechs leave RPD once and for all, Classi leaves, 1st Trio)

#17 The Book Signing ... of DOOM !

#18 Cookies! Part 1

#19 Cookies! Part 2

#20 Straight from the Headlines!

Series 9

Issue #0 - Going Underground

Issue #1 - Trials and Tribulations (Mechs join Wily Underground, 1st Leon as Spark)

Issue #2 - The Foxy Seven (Evil Eight reform, Claw is alive)

Issue #4 - What's New is Old Part 1

Issue #5 - What's New is Old Part 2

Issue #6 - Disney Princess

Whatever Happened to the Warriors? (Mechs Part happens here)

Issue #9 - Time After Time Part 3 (Trio from this story comes from this point)

Issue #10 - Tall Tales

Issue #11 - Bad Neighbors

Nine to Five

A CC Crossover

Issue #12 - Making Friends part 1

Issue #13 - Making Friends part 2

Issue #14 - Making Friends part 3


Issue #15 - Different Strokes

Issue #16 - Starcrossed Part 1

Issue #17 - Starcrossed Part 2

Issue #18 - Needle and Shadow's Excellent Adventure

Issue #19 - Ranked Robots

Issue #20 - The Mechanical Maniacs VS Gamma's Disciples

Issue #21 - Invasion Part 1

Issue #22 - Invasion Part 2

Issue #23 - Sharkman Saves the Day

Issue #24 - Polluting Powers Combine

Issue #25 - Encore Part 1

Issue #26 - Encore Part 2

Issue #27 - How the Mighty Have Fallen Part 1

Issue #28 - How the Mighty Have Fallen Part 2

Arching the Androids Part 1

Arching the Androids Part 2

Arching the Androids Part 3

Issue #29 - Mechtale

Issue #30 - By Any Other Name

#21 Ballade's Battlers! Part 1

- Ballade's Battlers! Part 2

- Ballade's Battlers! Part 3

#22 Cossackachnical Maniarades!

Guest stars the Mechs

Issue #31 - The Dream Disciples

#23 Icebreaker


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