Miscellaneous Megaman Mysteries

This is the section for all the Megaman series that have too few mysteries to fill up an entire section of their own.

Megaman Zero 1

Apparently the Pantheon soldiers were to have talked at some point (most likely when chasing Ciel and probably saying something like "stop" or "attack" or "arrgh" (when they get blown up)).

Found by Metalman od Sprites INC. unused Japanese text in the English rom. I guess they only translated what was used. This only appear if you skip the Pantheon Aces or Asura Basura bosses (which is only possible with the "moon jump" cheat) and reach the transerver after the Rainbow Devil. Skipping them will also skip Herculious and the Rainbow Devil, and the door to the rematches is locked. It says "It's no use if we don't cancel the protection to go to the city from the Trans Room... But, the password can't be analyzed yet." (translated by Heatman of Megaman network).

Megaman Zero 2

Elipzo's mugshot was redone a bit for the final. I've included his later mug because it bears a striking resemblance to the one shown in the beta. Found by General Radix.

Megaman Zero 4

The first two shots demonstrate Zero having infinite ammo for shots that, in the final, are limited-use only. The firat two screens are from the proto and the final is from the final.

Megaman ZX

Video uploaded by N64Mario. A fully navagatable debug room was found in Megaman ZX. It shows a bit of the process that goes into making an actual stage. Rooms like this are made to test out game physics and overall playability.

These screens shows a different mugshot than the final.

Megaman ZXA

Some unused menu bits.

"Dummy Conversation" found by metalman od Sprites INC. Found using cheats.


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