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Dank, dark and destroyed. A server that seemed to be ripped to shreds, but still running. It would be a disconcerting sight for the most powerful custom made Navi that could possibly come. This, along with other small things, is probably why Alia's normal Navi thought being sent in here alone was kinda cruel. Especially concidering what happened to the last one.

The calous voice of the navi's operator crackled in through the microphone. The damage to the system was interfering with the transmission, but Alia had already found a way to minimize it. "Seen anything worth checking out yet?"

"I'd need my eyes open to do that..." the scared voice of her Navi crackled back. The effect that a place like this could have was amazing. Even a regular "out of the box" purple Navi displayed fear in a place like this.

Alia scowled at the Navi on the small screen her PET had in the center. "Well hurry the Hell up and get to work. More than fifteen minutes in there is far too much, and I can't afford to replace another Navi this month. You may be standard, but you aren't cheap."

The purple Navi quickly started looking around the damaged server. A place like this shouldn't even still be online. Anything the monster had destroyed had either been fixed or taken down for repairs. Places like this... Completely destroyed, but still online, were hard to come by. A lucky find for someone like Alia. A graveyard for a Navi like her. "Seven more minutes 'till I've been in here for fifteen, Alia. Jack me out after six?"

It was a waste of time asking. She got the reply she expected. "I'll jack you out after you find something I can use. Be it in six minutes, or a week. I didn't hack into this place again just to walk away with nothing."

"Again." Alia's Navi thought to herself as she looked through a pile of blacked broken tiles. This was her first outing with Alia, and she wasn't even sure she'd survive it. Her navis had a poor surival rate. It was because of her last Navi that Alia knew about the fifteen minute deadline. He'd stayed in too long, and...whatever had become of this place had started to corrupt him. Not delete him, not force him to jack out, but corrupt him. The way Alia had explained it to her was that she was sure he was still alive in there somewhere. But the connection to her PET was broken, her PET was bricked, he would be unable to help himself and would probably be suffering incredible pain.

"Five minutes." Alia said into the microphone. Her Navi was getting worried. There was nothing in here. It was completely dead. No other Navis, no hints as to what this place used to be, not even a virus. This place was just another place the creature hurt. Probably one of the last, considering the dark influence in all the destruction. "Nothing..." the Navi finally decided to say. "This place has nothing. The only thing I can figure out from here is that Gamma started somewhere else, was turned dark somewhere else, and was ended somewhere else. For the life of me, I can't figure out why it would so completely destroy a government server like this. I can't even tell what it was used for, but it's certainly out of commision now."

"Probably one of many..." Alia thought aloud. "It'd be why it's still up. Lots of these places were hit. I doubt they've even started thinking about this one yet. Busy working on the more important systems. Alright...we've gotten everything we can from here-" Alia was cut off by the sudden appearance of another signal. It wasn't coming from her current PET though. The sound was coming from the other side of the desk. From her old green PET that she was yet to discard. "Green? Are you there? Respond." She said into its microphone. All she got back was a horrible screech that could have passed for an old dial-up modem. "Navi. This isn't looking good. I think you're about to find out what happened to your predecessor. Either jack out now or stay and try to help him. But I don't think theres anything either of us can do."

Every time the Purple Navi tried to leave the server, the same dial-up screeching spewed forth from the PET speaker. "He's jamming it... somehow." She said as she raised her arm, ready to get the Green Navi looking down the barrel of her blaster. "Two minutes..." she said quitely. "In two minutes, I'll be dead." Her thoughts were interupted by the appearance of a mini bomb in her free hand. Seemed like Alia hadn't lost hope in her yet. Or she didn't want to have to wait a month to continue her work. It didn't matter which, as long as she got to live for another few days.

"It's too dark in there to just shoot." She heard her operator advise. "Throw the bombs in the direction that you think he'll be coming from. Even if you don't hit, the explosion should light up the area long enough to tell you if you're aiming anywhere near him. By my count we've got time to send you five. Throw one, and I'll send the next right away."

A smile came up under the Navi's mask. Her operator may be cold to her, and she may not be the best fighter, but she's at least creative in combat. She threw her first bomtb to the north, hoping that it'd actually hit the green navi. Nothing. "I know you're out there!" She shouted, firing a few shots from her blaster in random directions. She didn't hit a single thing then either. Her heart lept when the second bomb appeared in her hand. She threw it to the east this time. "YES!" She shouted as she caught site of him on the edge of the flash. She knew where he was now. She might even be able to blast him into dust before the next bomb arrived.

*Ting! Ting! Ting!* small flashes of light came from the green navi's armor as shot after shot bounced off him. They probably weren't hurting him, but each time she fired she could see how much closer he'd gotten. He moved so slowly. It honestly creeped her out. She threw the next bomb at it the second it appeared in her hand. It missed... Landed far enough behind him to not do any damage at all. But what she saw in the flash made her quake with fear. It wasn't a green Navi she was fighting, it was black. Completely black. No features, no eyes, no mouth. It was as if he were nothing more than a shadow. She'd never seen anything like it before. She'd never even seen one before, and she may be one within minutes.

"Fourth bomb. One more to go!" Alia shouted to her Navi. Two bombs to kill this thing with... They'd probably both have to hit. She fired three quick blaster shots at the ex-green Navi to try and get some idea where he was. "Alright... This is over!" She screamed as the fourth bomb flew through the air. It exploded before it could have hit the ground... She had to hit him. The smoke from the explosion started to clear. But the air was lit up now. He was burning. The bomb had definately hit this time. The black navi was still advancing, but she'd clearly done some damage. He was battered, burning, and missing his left arm from the elbow down.

"Last bomb. Twenty seconds on the clock!" Alia's words rang in her ears as she awaited her last chance at surviving this little trip. Even with how much damage she'd done with the fourth bomb she doubted she could finish this with just one more. And it seemed Alia agreed. A sharp pain shot through her arm as the chip data arrived. This bomb was different. It was purple, and it hurt to hold it. "Damn it. A dark chip... She's insane! Still, no choice." It seemed heavy to her. When she threw it, it still flew like a normal bomb. It was the effects that changed. The explosion was massive compared to a normal bomb. It would probably cause an unbelievable amount of damage, but she didn't care to stay to investigate. She tried one last time to jack out, hoping that the jamming was gone. For the first time today she was in luck.

"So? Any ideas of exactly what might have happened in there?" Alia asked. They'd been talking it over for the last few minutes while Alia looked into the damage that using a Darkchip had caused her Navi.

"None. But I'm not entirely sure it was Gamma's influence that did that to your last Navi. I've heard no reports of anything like that happening in other places." Her Navi winced slightly. Her hand and wrist were slightly darker than the rest of her body. The more obvious effects of using a Darkchip. It didn't matter though. It was that or die.

"I figure someone was laying a trap for anyone looking to find out more about Gamma, or it was just a prank. Theres only one place where we'll find anything like that out, so rest up."

"Alia... Are you saying that we have to go to..."

"That's right, Dark. We're going to the Undernet in the morning."

Dark. Seemed like she'd gotten herself a nickname. Most of Alia's navis ended up getting nicknames if they lasted long enough. She guessed using a Darkchip and not dying from it earned her this one.

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