Stuart's Business Log

Date: April 2nd: Not good, the Officials ambushed us at the Airport. As a result, Nijubu, Jake and I fled on 3 different planes. The Planes were random but it seems my plane seems to be heading west-southwest at the moment.

Date: April 3rd: The plane has landed in South Netopia. Plant Man turned the PET's translation feature on for me. One thing that's unnerving is that a suspected international drug ring is based around here. A big time operation isn’t good for a fugitive in hiding. However I’m really short on cash right now. Maybe I can pursue a dealing operation for the cash.

Date: April 4th: Stowed away on a supply truck, I managed to find the location of the cartel. The only plan that looks good so far is to steal a few seeds, head back to North Netopia and grow the drugs myself...something that is very risky and dangerous. I’m not sure if I can make it out alive, and afterwards; best not to think about it.

Date: April 5th: Things didn’t go according to plan. The cartel thugs had guns, grenades and a fleet of helicopters that made me feel they were guerilla combatants defending their land from Peacekeepers and hippies. My original plan was to knock out and impersonate one of the workers and then steal the cannabis and coca plant seeds then sneak out, however a supervisor saw through my disguise and ordered guards to open fire on me. I fled and took shelter in a shack that contained some computer servers where I found out that the entire operation used modern agriculture systems and weather control system for optimal conditions. I used Plant Man to infiltrate the growing systems and unleash havoc as a diversion for an escape but I underestimated how many guards there were and still got caught.

Date: April 8th: The 3 day lag can be explained shortly, continuing off, I was thrown into a holding cell, and it was going to be a long 3 hours before they let me out. After that they identified me as one of the Acid Hackers. They took me straight to the boss, a drug lord native to these parts known as Cólera de la Tormenta. Worse, inspired by my diversion, plans to use Plant’s Man abilities to make drug production skyrocket a 100 fold. That not good for me. Afterwards I was thrown back into the holding cell where I stayed for about 2 days, with all the security on me I’m not sure how I got out. I think an earthquake had something to do with, but now was my chance get Plant Man and get out. I wandered around the camp, laying low and trying to remember where that shack was. When it seemed I found it the rain really began to pick up. The sky became black as night, the only sounds were heavy rainfall and the storm winds blowing all over. It seemed forever. Getting to the shack was one thing but the constant bombardment of rainwater made it challenging and difficult. Afterwards when I got back into the shack, my PET was locked and Plant Man was bound to the system by his own vines. It took some hacking but I got Plant Man out. It took a bigger disaster this time for my cover this time. Now I’m back at the hotel in Soachu. I can’t rest right now because I know even if those guys fix things up; they’ll be coming after me.

Date: April 9th: its official, Black Storm is after me, and after an attempted drive-by, I’m getting out of here. I got on an immigration truck that was headed north. Looking at my pockets it seems my goal for the raid was successful, 4 cannabis and 4 coca seeds, I just need a place to set up shop and I’ll be on my way.

Date: April 10th: I hopped aboard a transport for illegal immigration into northern Netopia. Shortly before, I shoplifted a hat which I’m currently wearing over my cap. I also got myself a poncho for more concealment. A quick kneel and I should blend in.

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