Because it wouldn't be a BN game if the ending wasn't actually just the halfway point.

One Star Down, Six To Go!
By Rai (Drillman)

After beating the game the first time, a Yellow Star should appear next to "Continue" on the opening screen. That's the first of seven Star IDs you are to collect if you're going to master the game completely. When you continue, you'll find yourself at the last spot you saved before going through the last door in the WWW base. Plotwise, it's still that same moment in time, with a few bizarre inconsistent differences. For one thing you'll have all the chips and zenny you collected between that save point and beating Alpha, the clock will also have increased by the amount of time it took to do all that. You can still go and beat Alpha as many times as you want, but technically, four months have passed. Alpha is beaten and Megaman is back and even if most of the world is stuck in some weird time-warp, other parts are ready for the future.

As with any chapter, there are new things available to check out before you do anything else. The last three jobs at the SciLab request board are ready. There are new messages on the Undernet BBS (no more on the others). Bowl/Mistman can be fought whenever you want for the rest of his chips. The final Quiz-guy, the Quiz King is available at the top of Hades Isle, his answers are free, 160, 5th, 2, heat, 4, gear, robots, Battle Network, Bubbly Dance, beast, teacher, st.Beach, folding fans, and Love & Loss, and you win Navi+40 * for beating him. You can also get Poltrgst G from a ghost hiding behind the Tree of Life in the Hospital's basement. In the TV Station lobby, there's a scientist hiding behind the desk who'll let you download the last extra folder of the game, Mr.Famous' Folder (which surprisingly, isn't very good). Further in the station you can find a new 10-chip Chip Trader near the studio entrance. As promised, Chaud is also waiting for you at Hades Isle in the area where you did the quarter-finals. Yes, Chaud is also still waiting for you at the WWW base. Let's do the time warp again! If you talk to Chaud in the Hades Arena, you'll have the option to battle Protoman for the ProtomanV1 chip. As usual, you won't be able to fight him right away afterwards. As you progress through the Secret Mission, his other versions will become available, so keep coming back, or else just avoid him until you're done with the Secret Mission so you can fight all his versions at once.

One thing you should do now if you haven't already is find and defeat Flamemanβ in Yoka1 so you can open his security cube in Undernet6, you may also want to do the same thing to Drillmanβ in Hades Isle so you can open his security Cube in Undernet7, an area you can reach once getting past Flame's cube. In Undernet7, there are two ways to get to the central platform, either by going through Drill's Cube or by giving the hungry Spikey 50 BugFrags. Either way, your target is the blue mystery data at the top which contains the "Hammer", an item that will become important soon. See the strange doors/curtains hanging around this area? You'll have to come back later once you've finished the Secret Mission.

For convenience's sake, you'll also want 300 BugFrags handy. Might as well start collecting them now.

Now how about that Secret Mission I keep blabbing about? Well, this mission involves the Secret Area. It's an area literally called "Secret". To get there, go to the Undernet Server hidden behind Ura Inn, jack in, and inspect the big glowing hole. Now that you have a Star Id and 100 Standard Chips in your Library, you'll be teleported into the Secret Area. If you don't yet have 100 Standard Chips, that's quite a feat. Go fight viruses everywhere with Collect and maybe use the chip traders until you do.

This Area is all bright and serene with soothing, mysterious music. It's a sharp contrast to the rest of the Undernet. The strongest viruses in the game reside here and you can't jack out so you have to go all the way back to the entrance if you want to escape. The mission basically entails going through four secret bosses to earn yourself another Star ID, not to mention all the handy treasures you find along the way. Let's get started then.

The Secret Mission - Or "Let's show that we're the strongest badass mofos in the Net just 'cause we can!"

While exploring Secret1, you'll become aware of two objects of interest barring your way. One is a 2001-esque black stone monolith that you'll need a special item to dispose of, the almighty Great Hammer to be precise. If you have the Hammer, you can choose to smash the monolith, but before you can move on, you'll have to fight a few rounds of virus battles. The other thing is black and stone and kinda monolith-like, but...uh...chisled. *shrug* Whatever. You'll know it when you see it. When you examine it you'll be given the option of attempting to destroy it. It's a security program, similar to the Protectors in BN2, but with a little twist. Here's how they work. When you agree to attempt a "hacking" procedure, you'll enter a battle with a few of these enemies called Numbers. They don't do anything unless you attack a black one. If a black one is hit you'll be countered with "Error&Delete", a powerful attack that will kill you, so don't let that happen. You want to only attack the white ones. Problem is their HP doesn't drop when you attack them. Think of these guys like auras, you have to hit them with an attack that takes out all their HP at once. Also, if there's more than one white Number at a time, they all have to be deleted at once or the remaining one will resurrect the others. The numbers on the Numbers indicate the order in which you have to delete them. When you delete the white "1", the black "2" will become white and you move onto it, and then possibly onto the one labeled "3". When all the Numbers are deleted the pathway it was blocking will be opened to you. You should know what you're getting into with each Number battle. My advice is to save first and if you find you can't take them all out, then fix your folder up so you can. Some tips: Use Copy Damage when you need to take out multiple Numbers that are too far apart, and if you can't delete a white one without hitting a black one, have AntiDamage set first so the Err&Del attack won't be a problem. By this time you should have a strong enough arsenal to deal with any of them. Set up your second folder with all manner of powerful single-hit chips, along with stage chips for elemental boosts, enhancement chips for the extra bit of damage, and of course CopyDamage. Don't worry about codes since you have all the time in the world to wait for the right chips in these battles. Just switch to this folder when taking on the Numbers and switch back to your regular for the normal battles.

As for progressing in this area, you don't have to deal with any of that nonsense, though you might as well get it over with now anyway. Other things to take care of in Secret1: The Scuttles for the Virus Breeder are to the left of the entrance, somewhere in the vicinity of the west corner of the big central platform. Just walk around until you find them.

Behind the Numbers to the northwest of the entrance is a Data Crystal with Geddon3 U. These three Numbers are set up so you just delete them with direct attacks one at a time. Pretty easy to start off.

The Monolith to the southwest of the entrance has a 10 round virus battle. This is also pretty easy to start off, no special fields or anything. Also, the virus battles are the same in both versions for once.

  1. Met3, Met3, Met3.
  2. Poofball.
  3. Yurt, Yurt.
  4. Swordy, Swordy2, Swordy3.
  5. Met3, Met3, Met2.
  6. Poofball, Viner.
  7. Yurt, Metrod.
  8. BrushMan2, Fishy3, BrushMan2.
  9. MegaBunny, Met3, MegaBunny.
  10. N.O-2, Metrod, WindΩ.

Beyond the monolith is a "?" door that wants you to best the "four questioners" i.e. the quiz guys. Behind that door is a StepCross R.

Behind the Numbers toward the end of the area is 50000 Z. This time you have to delete the second two at the same time, you may need to use CopyDmg, though ZeusHammer is an easier way to deal with these weak versions.

When you're ready, save and check out the "?" door at the end of the area. If you have 140 chips in your Library, the door will open and Darkman will introduce himself. Apparently he's an assassin, and he's so dedicated to the idea of killing S, he'll obey his wishes and kill 10000 other people that wander up to that spot (if he was a good assassin he wouldn't fall for crap like that). You happen to be lucky #9634, so when you defeat him it'll be extra frustrating for him.

Dark Assassin Battle: Darkman.exe
Speed= medium
Defense= armor
Movement= random teleport
Objects= Bat(1 HP), Axe(10 HP, shadow), Ice Wave(1 HP, shielded)
Attacks= Red Fire(100), Yellow Lightning(100), Blue Ice(100),
Black Wing(50x18), Shadow Axe(100x5)

His lack of animation is decpetive. He does his elemental attacks suddenly and without warning, but as long as you know he'll only attack when in the same row as you, you should be able to avoid getting hit by anything. The colour he changes to with each teleport indicates the element of the attack he'd use if you were lined up with him. Every once in a while he'll trigger his BlackWing attack which will bring bats raining down on you from above the top row, but only in the default 3 columns, so you can avoid this with an AreaGrab/Metagel. Finally, his Shadow Axe is the same thing the Shadow Viruses use on you, just move up and down to avoid that. The problem is you'll have to watch both the Axe AND Darkman, because you'll get hit if you line up with either one of them. Not too hard a battle if you figure out the dodging pattern.

Protomanα is now available, if you're interested. You can also find Darkmanα at the end of the rightmost path past the Virus Monolith.

In Secret2, a nearby creepy navi will tell you "That which is real is not only that which you see", and just to make sure you realize it's important, he adds "Do not forget that". The point is this area has hidden pathways, and you won't get very far without a good sense of exploration. Or a walkthrough. There are a few lower roads that are just covered by the upper roads above them, and if you look closely you can see their reflections in the water so they're not too hard to figure out. The first hidden path can be found right away by hugging the right side edge of the walkway you entered on, it'll only lead to a Green Mystery Data spot though.

At the end of the first path is a monolith and a teleporter, take the teleporter first and you can find the 2nd level MegaNumbers blocking your way to a NetDealer. These ones have 400HP and you have to get them one at a time, so strong non-elemental attacks like ZeusHammer and NOBeam3 no longer cut it. You'll need PAs like HyperRat, strong fire attacks on grass, or strong elec attacks on ice, and if you can't destroy the first two without hitting the others, then make sure you're protected with a Barrier or AntiDamage. The shop is the last one in the game, and it's got the three most expensive HPMemories. When you're through with that, head back, break the monolith, and fight a 10 round virus battle to move on.
  1. Spikey3, Metrodo. StoneCube in center of each side.
  2. Yart, Deetle. 5 grass and 3 swamp panels on each side.
  3. LowBlow. All swamp except center panel on each side.
  4. StormBox, Fishy3. Holes in upper-outer corners and adjacent panels, a triangle-shaped field.
  5. Poofball, Poofball. 5 grass and 3 swamp panels on each side.
  6. Totam, Metrodo, BrushMan3. StoneCube in inner corner of each side.
  7. Yart, BrushMan3, HardHead. 2 lava panels on each side.
  8. Mashy, Moshy. Grass with "\"-shaped swamp river down the middle.
  9. Fishy3, Smasher. Bottom row is lava.
  10. DemonEye, Dominerd2, BrushManΩ.

Take the teleporter at the end of the path and you'll be on the upper level again and there are three paths to choose. Left leads to a creepy navi with a cryptic clue, "BugFrag Trader...300...". The right path leads to a "?" door that will open if you've completed all the jobs at the SciLab BBS, your prize upon passing is an HP+500 navicust block. The center path leads to the next teleporter. At the end of this walkway is another 10 round Monolith.
  1. Shadow.
  2. Spikey2, Spikey2, Spikey3. All ice except 2 holy panels on each side.
  3. Met3, Met3. Hole in a left corner of each side.
  4. LowBlow, Canodumb2. All ice except one holy panel on each side.
  5. Shrimpy2, Gloomer. All ice except a hole in an outer corner on each side.
  6. Ratty2, Ratty2, Ratty2. 3 grass and 2 cracked on each side.
  7. Yurt, Yurt. Outer rows are cracked.
  8. Met3, Slimey, Slimey. All ice, except enemy side has upper-right triangle holy area.
  9. Elewasp, Elewasp. All sand.
  10. Totem, Totem, RedDevil. All ice, except enemy side has "+"-shaped holy area.

It seems to be guarding an immediate dead end, but once you get through you'll find an invisible walkway leading to an AntiNavi M, once you get that, you should be able to do the almighty BodyGuard PA, you may want to fix up your folder for it before the next boss fight.

Go back down the path hugging the left edge and you can find another hidden path leading to the next road. Before examining the "?" door at the end here, you can find the other MegaNumbers of this area if you hug the left edge and keep pressing A. This time you have to delete all three at once, a simple task with the TimeBomb+ PA, or a LifeSword after knocking the closest one back a panel with a Punch or AirShot. Once these things are dealt with, cross the hidden road and pick up the second-last HPMemory of the game.

That's it for this area, now you can check that door. You need at least one Giga Chip for it to open. At this point the only Giga Chip you CAN have is NaviRecycle/FolderBack, which can be purchased from the BugFrag Dealer in Undernet2 (reached through the Hades Isle gargoyle) for 200 frags. Once through you're greeted by Ya-wha? Japanman?! Nuts to that. Everyone knows that's Yamatoman. Screw you translators.

Samurai Bodyguard Battle: Yamatoman.exe
Speed= medium
Defense= shield
Movement= random teleport
Objects= Ashigaru(3 HP)
Attacks= Thousand Spear(100x3), Yamato Spear(150), Counter Spear(150), Backup(100x6)

His Thousand Spear attack hits the second column ahead of him so you can step right or left to avoid it. He usually follows that up with a big spear thrust that hits three panels forward, step up or down to avoid. He'll occasionally attempt to block your attacks by spinning his spear, he'll then counter with a flying spearhead which you may find hard to avoid if you're in the middle of firing. He'll only do this if you use your buster or some other slow direct attack. Stick to instantaneous hits or just make your move when he's in the middle of attacking and you'll be fine. This battle will seem pretty easy in the first half, but then he calls his Backup for the second half. Little ashigaru guys will run up, steal one of your panels, and do a little spear jab in front of them before disappearing. The swarm of foot soldiers is unrelenting (though there's a brief gap between every group of six) and Yamato will be attacking normally the whole time, so you'd better finish as fast as possible.

Yamato cries out for forgiveness to his master Serenade before deletion. Lan and Megaman reason that Serenade must be REALLY strong if he needs to hide behind two navis as strong as Dark and Yamato...wait a minute that doesn't make any sense. Oh wait, it's Lan logic, never mind.

You can now battle Protomanβ whenever you want, and Yamatomanα can be found behind the NetDealer in this area, but you're on a roll now, so press onwards.

Secret3 is the final area you'll have to deal with, so let's get to know it. Right next to the entrance is the Door of Love, it'll open if you find eight of the nine virus families for the Virus Breeder, something you could have done before even beating the game. When the path beyond that door splits, the upper path leads to the Scutzer and Scuttlest for your Virus Breeder, collect them and you will be nearly done with your mission of "Gotta catch 'em all!". The lower path leads to the BugFrag Trader, a machine that will give you rare chips in exchange for 10 frags. Also on that platform is a Sanctuary C. There's also an invisible road straight across the platform from the end of the compression rail, and the path leads to the ultimate monolith.

  1. Fishy2, HardHead, HardHead.
  2. Vinert. All grass with swamp pool in middle.
  3. Met3, Met3. Lava in 4 corners of each side.
  4. Eleglobe, Ratty3. Hole in a left corner of each side.
  5. Breaker, Breaker, Doomer.
  6. Met3, Spikey3, Trumpy. All ice.
  7. Totun, Spiker.
  8. Swordy3, Swordy3, ShadowΩ.
  9. Fishy3, Trumpy. All sand.
  10. Volcanest, Spikey3, Metrodo. "/"-shaped lava river in the middle.
  11. Met3, Met3, Trumpy. Outer 4 columns are holy.
  12. EarthJelly, Doomer. All cracked.
  13. GoofBall, GoofBall. All ice except holy inner columns.
  14. MoBlow. All cracked.
  15. Pengon, Pengon. 2x2 ice patch on each side.
  16. JokerEye, JokerEye, AlphaBugΩ.
  17. Yart, Canodumb3. All lava except in 2x2 patch on each side.
  18. MegaBunny, MegaBunny, MegaBunny. Outer columns Lava.
  19. N.O-3, Trasher. Ice with a hole in an inner corner and lava in an outer corner on each side.
  20. Slimest, Dominerd3, ScuttleΩ.

After the 20 round virus battle you can pick up the HubBatch NaviCust block. Equip it and you can use this game's equivalent of HubStyle, meaning you'll get a bunch of different style abilities at the expense of half your HP, or you can cheat and use BugStopper and get all those abilities and keep your HP.

All the way back at the entrance to Secret3, take the other path until you reach the Numbers thing. You'll have to take this one on to proceed to the boss. All the others prior were sorta optional, except you'd have to go through at least couple of them eventually to complete your Libraries, which you'll have to do shortly. This is the first that's really on the "main road" though. Anyway, it's the same level of Numbers from the previous area, but they're bunched dangerously close together. Somehow you have to take out the first two simultaneosuly without harming the third. You could use a strong single-targeting attack with CopyDamage, or something messier but with a barrier to defend yourself.

Not far past that is another monolith.

  1. Met3, Met3, EarthJelly.
  2. Pengon, Shadow.
  3. Ratty3, Ratty3, Canodumb3. Hole in center of each side.
  4. N.O-2, Trasher. "*"-shaped ice area.
  5. Eleglobe, Eleglobe. Outer rows are cracked.
  6. Slimest, Slimest, Trumpy.
  7. Doomer, Doomer. Grass panel in middle and 4 cracked on sides on each side.
  8. Geetle, Geetle. Holes in inner corners of each side create bottleneck in middle.
  9. Momogre, Heaviest, Momogre. U-shaped sand area.
  10. Yart, BlueDemon.

Yeah, when I said the one near the BugFrag Trader was the ultimate one, what I meant was it's supposed to be the ultimate one. This one will just give you 10 battles.

Once through, you'll have the option of taking out one more Numbers thingy to get the DarkHole it protects. These ones have 650 HP each and you have to take them all out at once. You'd better damn well prepare. One thing that works well is a HeatSpread PA on a GrassStage with an Atk+30 added. You could also try Muramasa with CopyDamage, or possibly GaiaBlade with some mines/NOBeams and CopyDamage, and I think that's pretty much it for these guys.

At the end of the main road you'll find a big staircase leading to the Door of Honour. It wants you to get the Star of Honour which you get for collecting the fragments of power. Translation: you need the Blue Star ID for getting all 200 Standard chips recorded in your Library. It's not too hard to do that any more. The BugFrag trader may help top you off, it has a tendency to spit out chips you don't yet have. If you still need that star, then go get it now.

Once through the door you'll be greeted by Serenade. And this time it's a kind greeting. Lan and Megaman are surprised to see the terrible feared Underking is so girly, but looks can be deceiving. Serenade will agree to duel Megaman for Rank#1 of the Undernet even though Megaman didn't really ask for it, in fact he acts like he's about to piss his spandex upon sensing Serenade's power. Well too bad Mega, what did you expect was waiting for you on the other side of the door? Something not boss fight related? Get real.

UnderKing Battle: Serenade.exe
Speed= slow
Defense= barrier
Movement= slides to adjacent panels in all eight directions
Objects= Shocker Blast(invincible)
Attacks= Saint Light(100), Sonic Boom(100), Shocker Force(200),
Holy Shocker(100x18, may crack panels)

If you try to attack him right away, you'll find that not even breaking attacks can harm him. He'll spin around and reflect the attack straight back at you in the form of a sonic boom. He'll only let his guard down to do the Holy Shocker attack (signalled when he suddenly moves front center and flashes dark for a moment), there's another trick you can use though, he can only reflect if he has another panel he can spin onto for some reason. If you steal him down to one panel, he'll be at your mercy. His Saint Light attack sweeps your whole area and even hits you if you in Invis mode, but with good timing you should be able to get around it. When he does the Holy Shocker move, the big green blast from his hand may hit you for 200 damage which will cancel the rest of the attack, or if you stand back then the green blast will act as a windbox pushing you back while multiple explosions hit your area randomly. The little blasts are usually green, but may occasionally come in the orange variety, which does the same damage, but also cracks the panel it hits. With all the chips and skills you've acquired getting here, he shouldn't be as big a problem as he's made out to be.

Serenade will make you Rank#1 and then go onto some cryptic spiel about another Dark Dweller even stronger than he is. This embodiment of destruction is growing stronger by the day by the BugFrags being fed to Him (yes, "Him", this guy isn't a plain old "him", He deserves extra capitalization!) until eventually He'll awaken. After Serenade bids farewell, Lan and Megaman determine they have to do something about that.

So what do Lan and Megaman intend to do about this Embodiment of Destruction about to wake up? Why, wake him up faster of course! The creepy navi in Secret2 gave you the hint. You gotta put 300 BugFrags into the BugFrag trader. After that, you'll have to walk all the way back to the entrance of Secret Area to leave, jack out, and then jack in again so what you did will take effect...

Upon re-traversing Secret Area, you'll see some new creepy navis along the way to signify something special is about to happen. Go all the way back to the BugFrag Trader. When Megaman approaches the BFT, a loud growling will be heard, the screen will darken, the ground will tremble, and a bright flash of light will announce the arrival...of...BASS!!...Bass?

Megaman: Whew! And here I was worried it was going to be someone I haven't already defeated a billion times!

Don't get your hopes up too much Mega, this guy isn't quite the same as before. For starters, he got saved from Alpha by the bugs, and now he's merged with them, and pretty buggy himself. He doesn't even remember his own name or his hatred for humans schtick, now he just believes himself to be the Embodiment of Destruction, pure and simple. The first thing he wants to destroy is Megaman, so it's time for the final battle of the storyline! Battle Routine Set! Execute!

Embodiment of Destruction Battle: Bass GS
Speed= fast
Defense= barrier
Movement= random teleport
Attacks= AirBurst(300), Mini-Explosion(300x6), Explosion(300x15), Gospel Claw(300, cracks panel),
Gospel Breath(300), Earth Breaker(450), Vanishing World(500, breaks panels),
Life Aura(200 damage threshold barrier that regenerates)

Golly, look at the damage values of those attacks. And with attacks like Explosion, they're not only hard to avoid, but you could end up taking multiple hits. Obviously, dodging/defending is pretty damn important in this battle. At first he'll seem to fight just like he always does, but sooner or later he'll introduce you to his canine companion. When he points, a couple of giant paws will come crashing down somewhere on the top and bottom row, and then he turns his arm cannon into a mini Gospel head to breathe fire across your area. You can dodge the paws easily enough from the middle row, but for the fire breath you'll have to step up or down. The Gospel Head itself can hurt you because it forms in your right column. After his HP goes below 1000 he may follow the Gospel Claws with an EarthBreaker instead of the fire breath. Worse, after his health drops below 500 he may pull out a much larger Gospel Head in the panel in front of him, shooting out a huge Invis-piercing laser that will damage and destroy all the panels in the row in front of it, plus two of the panels above and below the beam in the second and third column ahead of it. If he fires it from the middle panel on a default field, the only safe panels will be the rightmost corners of your area. Hope you have AirShoes equipped (At least he only uses this once per battle). StepCross chips are handy for bringing down his aura, but you gotta follow it up with something good and fast before it regenerates. That BodyGuard PA comes in pretty handy here. Just pack in your best attacks and some Recovs just in case and don't screw up badly and you just might win this! You'll be granted the Bass/Bass+ Giga Chip upon victory.

Afterwards, Bass is just bewildered you could defeat him. Remember, he lost his memories, so I guess being defeated by Megaman AGAIN really would come as a shock to him. Megaman reveals that his strength comes from the bond with his operator. Megaman tries again to get through to the good Bass and for a moment, a tiny little moment, Bass starts to remember his feelings of trust for Cossack. This just freaks the poor maniac out and with an enraged roar he creates a blinding explosion and when the light fades, he is gone.

Now Megaman and Lan realize they're the strongest duo in the cyberworld, and after considering and rejecting the idea of becoming unstoppable megalomaniacs, they decide to just go home and wait until the next game, when all their chips and power ups will have once again disappeared and they'll have to start from scratch aallll over again.

Now you can go back to Undernet7 if you want and open the curtains that needed you to beat Serenade and the buggy doors that needed you to beat BassGS. You can pick up the last HPMemory, The Guardian Mega Chip, and The GigaFolder1 Navicust program.

So that's the end of BN3's plot. It's not over yet though. By now you should have at least three Star IDs. The Yellow one for beating the game, the blue one for completing your standard library, and the green one for completing the Secret Mission just now. Four Stars to go, now let's deal with...

The Time Trials - Or Serenade's Revenge, his cruel, twisted revenge.

You may notice some new Heel Navis loitering around in the Secret Area immediately after finishing off BassGS. Each one will offer a battle against a copy of V2 level navi using the Extra Folder you're carrying. The object is to defeat them faster than Serenade did. If you get killed, it's not game over, and these good sports will even refill your health after (but not before) each battle. Remember that time is the only issue here, you don't have to go for an S Busting Level. You can be as haphazard as neccessary to beat that clock. Also keep in mind the Extra Folder will be automatically set when you go into the battle and won't be set back afterwards, you'll have to do it yourself.

The different folders you have to choose from offer varying degrees of difficulty, but you can cut down on some of it with your NaviCust. Custom Style programs and FastGauge pretty much go without saying. Of the folders available, try to avoid the ones with lots of codes as they'll slow you down. Famous' Folder has a lot of codes, but it also has some powerful elemental combos if you're lucky to get them in the right order. Another powerful Extra Folder is N1 Folder C, it requires a lot of luck though. You need to be able to steal a lot of area, make a lot of holes, and then summon a lot of Snakes with Wood+30 and Attack+10 boosting them. The combo does a lot of damage, but it's not very reliable for time trials. Still you're allowed to try as many times as you want with these guys.

Here are the times you need to beat for each navi, and where they can be found:

NaviSerenade's Time
Flashman10Central Platform of Secret1, west corner.
BeastMan30Next to Flashman
BubbleMan40Next to Beastman
DesertMan45Next to Bubbleman
PlantMan40Across from Flashman
FlameMan 40Next to Plantman
DrillMan45Next to Flameman
Metalman20Next to first teleporter in Secret2
Gutsman15Through the aformentioned first teleporter
Kingman40Southwest platform in Secret2
Mistman/Bowlman45Next to second teleporter in Secret2
Darkman45Serenade's Platform in Secret3
Yamatoman40With Darkman
Protoman45With Dark and Yamato

Notice there are some navis missing from that list, namely Punk, Bass, Serenade, and Mistman or Bowlman, whichever one's not in your version. The idea is that you have some experience with these guys. Odds are you'll have a heck of a time with this part of the game either way. Don't get too frustrated, it IS possible to beat all the records. I've found Desertman and Darkman to be the most challenging, mostly because of their high HP and defenses. Good Luck. When you beat the last record, the Heel will give you Serenade's gift, the Serenade/DarkAura Giga Chip. You'll also get another Star ID, an indigo one. You can do the Time Trials whenever you want if you want to try and beat your old record, but my guess is you won't want to after what you've been through.

Collecting the MegaChips - Or "Damnit Capcom! Quit selling me ONE game for the price of TWO!".

You need five stars before you can unlock the mode that lets you get the sixth, and from there the seventh. The only star left is the one for getting all your Mega Chips. The non-navi Mega Chips should all be in your possession by now, they're bought or found at various points in the game. You get your navi chips by fighting the navis, naturally. It's not just three chips per navi any more thoough, now there's a V4 you can only get by beating the navi with a Team Style in under 20 seconds with an S Rank. That can be even more of a challenge than the time trials. Or less, since you'll be able to use your good folders on them. You can take an easy way out by using the BugFrag Trader, that thing has a tendency to spit out chips you don't have yet, and that includes V4 navis! Fighting the navis tends to be a little more satisfying though.

There are eight chips the BFT won't give you though, the Mistman/Bowlman chips. Oh crimeny, you know what that means. You HAVE to trade with someone who has the version you don't have to get those four Mega Chips that are exclusive to it. If you have White, offer your Blue buddy your Mistman chips in exchange for his Bowlman chips.

If you don't have any friends that play this game, then do what I did. Buy a second GBA, a link cable, and the other version of the game, play all the way through that other version up to this point, and then trade with yourself.

Don't have enough money for that? Well, you may be able to rent the other GBA and the Link Cable, and even a pre-completed game; my local rental place let me use their set in the store for free. Although you'd still have to get far enough in the other version of the game to do the trade.

Don't have the time OR money for any of that nonsense? Then cheat. Get a Gameshark or something, that's arguably cheaper than the previous strategies. This way you can also see the Punk and BassGS chips in action. Don't feel too guilty, it's Capcom's fault for screwing you over like this. Okay, maybe you should feel guilty if you use the cheats for infinite HP and weakened enemies. You should also be worried about permanenty screwing up your game as is a common problem with cheating devices. Don't come crying to me if that happens.

Don't even want to stoop to cheating? Well, you can use a rom and at least keep your hard copy safe from harm.

Don't even want to stoop to roms? Then congratulations, you're as far in the game of Megaman Battle Network 3 as you're ever going to get. You can quit now. There, wasn't that fulfilling? No? Kinda cheap and anticlimactic? Yeah, that sounds more like it. But the kids love the linking and the trading apparently, so multiple versions that need to work in tandem is what we get.

Okay, enough whining. Let's assume you got all 85 Mega Chips somehow. You'll have your fifth Star ID, the purple one, now for the part you'd have to be psychic to figure out on your own without any help from a strategy guide.

The Omega Navi Challenge - Or Capcom's reward to people who read walkthroughs.

Reset your game and highlight continue on the title screen. With five stars you can unlock the next challenge by holding left on the control pad and then pressing RRLRLRLL. The five stars should squish closer together, opening room on the screen for the remaining two. I know, really obvious, right? That code is hinted at endlessly in the game, I'm just being redundant by stating it, sorry. Seriously though, the obscurity is just beginning. Select continue and go on with your game. Nothing seems different at first, that's because the only changes that were made are completely invisible. Hiding throughout the cyberworld are 17 Omega class navis. You encounter them by walking onto a specific spot on the net, just like for Navi Ghosts. First you'll go through a series of three Omega level virus battles, and it'll end off with the Omega Navi fight. Here are all the spots you need to find.

Principal's PC2
Southwest platform.

  1. Bunny x2, Eleball
  2. Eleball x2
  3. Elebee x3
  4. Flashman
Dex's HP
"Wrist" of the fist.

  1. Met x2
  2. Met, HardHead x2
  3. Fishy x2
  4. Gutsman
West edge of the area.

  1. Ratty x2
  2. Spikey, Ratty x2
  3. Beetle, Momogra
  4. Beastman
Tamako's HP
Dead-end in center.

  1. Canodumb x3
  2. Yort, Wind,
  3. Yort x2
  4. Metalman
Upper short press path.

(all battles have hole in center of enemy's side)
  1. Shrimpy x3
  2. Slimer x2, Pengi
  3. Slimer, Jelly x2
  4. Bubbleman
Rightmost corner.

  1. Quaker x3
  2. Momogra x2, Quaker
  3. Momogra, Snowblow
  4. Desertman
West of exit.

  1. Puffball
  2. Viney
  3. Puffball, Boomer
  4. Plantman
DNN 2F Door Panel
Southwest side.

  1. Swordy x2
  2. Swordy, Trumpy
  3. N.O, HardHead
  4. Kingman
NetBattle Comp
Northwest side.

  1. Puffball, Wind
  2. Totem, Puffball
  3. Totem x3
  4. Mistman
NetBattle Comp
Southeast side.

  1. HardHead x2
  2. Boomer, HardHead
  3. HardHead, Basher
  4. Bowlman
Behind upper-left torch.

  1. Spikey x3
  2. Basher, Spky, Vlcno
  3. Vlcno, Metrod, Spky
  4. Flameman
Where he was before.

  1. Met x3
  2. Momogra x2, Met
  3. Needler, Met
  4. Drillman
Hades Network
Lower southeast.

  1. Twins x2
  2. Swordy x2
  3. Fishy x2
  4. Protoman
Dead-end in northwest.

  1. Shadow
  2. Domnrd, KlrEye x2
  3. Domnrd, Shadow
  4. Darkman
Beyond invisible path.

  1. Boomer x2
  2. Brushmn,Swrd,Bmr
  3. Swordy x2
  4. Yamatoman
Where he was before.

  1. Scuttle, Scuttle
  2. AlphaBug, AlphaBug
  3. AlphaBug, Scuttle
  4. Serenade
Platform beyond invisible path.

  1. Scuttle, Scutz
  2. Scuttzer, Scuttlest
  3. Scuttler, ScuttleΩ
  4. Bass

As you can see, the locations really aren't too obscure, they all have something to do with the navis for the most part. The Omega navis usually fight just like their regular versions, just faster and with a lot more HP and attack damage. (Most have around 2000 HP, Drillman has just 1800, Bass has the highest at 3000). There are a few quirks with a couple of the navis. Gutsman's hammer attack now has the quake effect, so Megaman will be momentarily immobilized when he attacks. Bass fights like BassGS, but he's taken the regular Airburst attack out of his repertoire. Instead he'll usually throw a Mini-Explosion or Gospel Breath attack at you after each time he moves. The virus battles leading up to each navi could be what provides the biggest challenge. Be sure to save before each battle and consider forming a special folder for each one. Yes, all those viruses are Omega class, with the exception of Bass's battle, but it's not any easier there anyway.

Your prize for defeating each navi is his V5 Giga Chip. Yeah, from three Giga Chips to 18 in just a few hours, kinda unbalanced, eh? There are only fifteen of these chips, when you beat Bass and Serenade you get 10000 Zenny instead. When you beat all of these guys, you'll get the sixth star, the red one. You may find this part of the game kinda fun, but of course you won't be able to fight the Omega Navis or their pet viruses again after you beat them. But hey, you can still do the time trials as many times as you want. *sigh*

You can also get the seventh and final star as soon as you beat King, Bowl, or Mist. 30 of the 31 PAs could have been completed long ago, but one of them, GP Power, requires the V5 navi chip from one of those guys. So now you can complete your PA library, earning yourself the orange star.

Alpha Omega - Or "Beginning End"

Collecting all seven stars triggers the appearance of the ultimate boss in the game, the Omega class version of Alpha. To encounter him, simply go to the WWW base as if you were beating the game normally. When it comes time to fight Alpha, his upgraded version will face you instead, and will whenever you go to the final battle in this save file from now on.

Super Happy Fun Secret Bonus Final Battle!!!: Alpha Ω
Speed= fast
Defense= barrier, armor
Movement= confined to center of enemy area.
Special Field= Leftmost enemy column cannot be stolen or broken. Claws occupy upper-left and center-right enemy panels when not attacking.
Objects= Amoeba Shield(2 layers of 20HP, regenerates, heals), Claw(invincible, shielded),
Missile(500 HP), Spike(500 HP)
Attacks= Claw Swipe(100), Golden Claw(100), Shoulder Gun(50x12), Red Eye Delete(200, cracks panels),
Alpha Arm Σ(200x16), Alpha Arm Ω(300)

Most of his attacks have more than doubled in strength, and he has one new attack. Every now and then he'll do the Claw Swipe move but the claws will be golden. The first one will steal your rightmost column and the second one will turn the panels it passes over to ice, swamp, lava, cracked, or sand. This can add a significant new amount of challenge to the battle, but probably the biggest problem is the A.A.Σ attack which may do up to 800 damage to you unless you get good at dodging it. With 3000 HP and a regenerating barrier, he's kinda like BassΩ, but he doesn't move. He can still be a pain though. Give him your best and you'll truly be a master of BN3!

After you beat him, watch the ending and the credits. No, none of it is any different, unfortunately. When you restart again after all of this, check your folder. You will have been granted the last Giga Chip, Alpha Arm. Well, you may still have one Giga Chip left to collect, the one you get from link battling. Get that if you haven't already. There, now you have seven stars, full Standard, Mega, Giga, and PA Libraries, there are no new challenges awaiting you, though you can take on Alpha Omega as many times as you want. You have completed the game! Congratulations! Now if you were playing the Japanese version, you'd be rewarded with a special image at the the end credits, but for some reason or another it's missing from the english version. Just so you don't feel left out, I'll show the image here instead. It also makes for a good way to end the walkthrough.

Well, until next time, you know the drill!


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