Starcrossed Part 2

The conclusion to the long awaited Mechanical Maniacs / Annihilation crossover! Featuring the return of the most specific of all Mechs incarnations – the Mechanical Maniacs.exe! Everyone groans as the Mechs are forced to once more don their Navi forms to team up with the Net Navis of Annihilation. Things go crazy, so check out the latest instalment for both teams – Starcrossed Part 2.

Also, some more 8-bit versions of Mechanical Maniacs (and Sinister Six) epilogue characters by geno2925. As well as Crorq’s own custom weapon – the Chicken Buster and Gravy Train! Gotta say, I love that Colonel Sanders weapon icon. That’s perfect. See more gift sprites in the Miscellaneous Sprite Gallery.

EDIT: Rai here. I actually had a few more things to add that I probably should have remembered to tell Gauntlet about before the scheduled update. Now that Starcross is all up, check out my Art Gallery for all the design sketches I could dig up from when I started planning versions of this story way back in 2008. I’ve also updated the Navi Marks page with the symbols of all the Crossed characters. I also quietly added marks for Mighty No.9 characters a couple months ago, right after the game’s release. Kinda just wanted to slide those in there without making a big deal about it.

AXE Art Part 5

It’s not just another art update today. On top of the usual three pieces of character art (or in this case, one character, one location, one group), there’s the long-awaited update to the Navi Marks Gallery! I thought I just had a few more to catch up on, but when I worked it all out there were 20. Seven you may have seen from Gauntlet’s art for the navi forms of the PC Sinter Six plus General Cutman. I just sprited them. Eight more come from my own designs of characters from the AXE Chronicles. Much of them I thought I already made, but it turns out I only rendered them in the character art and never got around to the versions for the gallery. The other five are official designs gleaned from the Battle Network Official Complete Works artbook, three being from the couple of Japan-only EXE games that were released since the last update to this gallery.

AXE Art, EXE3, Navi Marks, and Comic

Annihilation updates again with stuff in the art gallery, new sprites in Drill’s and Beast’s bios, and an in-depth guide to Bubbleman’s scenario in the walkthrough.

There’s a big update and overhaul to the Navi Marks Gallery. Now’s definitely the time for your own submissions, since I’ve pretty much wrapped up the official portion of the project, added a template and guide, and revealed some of the very unorthodox symbols from various outside inspirations I’ve made over the years.

Then, to top it all off, there’s a very special Inter-Mission…in comic form. DRAWN comic form! Crappily drawn at the last minute using an old script by Nijubu and full of amateurish mistakes since I haven’t drawn a comic in years and was never very good at it to begin with drawn comic form, but drawn comic form nonetheless. Drawing a regular comic series is something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, and now I’m finally taking the first steps towards it.

Navi Icons and more AXE

I’ve been cranking out a lot of images for the BN3 team lately. See the latest additions to my gallery and the remastered items on the Navi Icons page. Also FlameChick no longer has to be represented by the images of her male counterpart, as I have built a set of sprites, a mugshot, and a chip image in her own likeness. They can all be found on her bio page.