Considering the overall lack of activity, I’ve decided to push up this week’s update by a few days. I’ve added some small things here and there.

Firstly, the Asian PC games has a could new images to go with it, namely in Rockman 123’s entry.

I’ve added one entry to all of the sections in the …. pirate games article!? Yeah, I never planned on updating that again, but I found some things that just HAD to be added, even if it was just one per section.

The Cell phone games article features the latest games along with one older game I neglected to put on there. As always, a BUNCH of screens have been put on the screens section of that article (separated out due to sheer number of screens).

The miscellaneous sprites section has some guest entries along with a sheet of E-tank sprites that I compiled. Having all of them on one sheet occasionally comes in handy.

Miscellaneous pictures also features some fan art submitted over the last few months. Sorry it took me so long to get these up!

My Gallery features art of the Wily Rescue Force (meaning the Deamwave robot masters and Cap N Doc Wily).

And finally, Raijin’s gallery features alot of nice art, including character designs for the ‘Maniac’s Transmetal 2 armor!

I don’t know when new ‘Maniacs Moments will be up. Hard’s life must be getting in the way of those little comics. So, I’ve put up an appropriate message.

That’s all for now. I gotta say …. it’s nice to work on the site again.