This has taken a LOT more time to be posted than it should. Here’s art featuring the villains of Series 9 – the Galactic Council itself! RaMoon, Mr. Holzenbein, Terra, Crorq, Tar, Princess, and Trio drawn by Raijin K! He did an amazing job on this long-overdue group picture.

Megaman Fully Charged Preproduction Clips. So, some clips from Fully Charged get taken off the net just automatically, but what if those clips were altered just enough? Would it get taken down? Or do the people looking for them not care anymore? A mix of both? Anyway, I made this whole thing just so people can get easy access to two preproduction clips. Enjoy! It’s been a while since I made this too. Thanks, kobun20, for giving me the first clip! The second was found after a lot of sleuthing on Google.

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