Yes, it’s been twenty years! TWENTY YEARS! I can’t believe it’s been twenty years of this madness, but it has! I never thought I’d be at this for so long, but I guess that’s a testament to all the friends who have been with me during this wild ride called the Mechanical Maniacs.

And what better way to celebrate that than a clip show?

This is a continuation of the Epilogue Summaries I did for the tenth anniversary! And, while there’s not as many stories to go through, there’s still PLENTY that went on during series 7 and 8. Including that mysterious 15 year gap that reset the universe. So why not start with that?


And the X-Force stories have been touched up as well! At some point in the past, Ben re-ordered a couple stories, throwing off the references for all the subsequent references – those have been fixed. Missing sprites and unsprited stories have been sprites! And, finally, I’ve rummaged through his waste bucket to dig up some old, lost adventures he’s totally embarrassed to see the light of day after all this time! It’s classic, team scene action from back in the day!

In fact I’ve went through my (somewhat limited) archives and’s (somewhat limited) archive and saved what I could to restore a semblance of the X-Force’s old site.

Additionally, I’ve added some old, unfinished adventures to the Sinister Six’s library, spriting them all while I was at it. It’s a shmorgishborg of unfinished adventure!