Pirate Mania continues! Yes, still. Much of this info comes from Jesse E. Brown Jr, so give him a hand! This is actually the last of the stuff he sent me (minus Game King info, no pictures of the Rockman clone) … but not the last of the Rockman pirate stuff I have to post!

Rockman DX2 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Named both in chinese and English. You know, just in case some poor sap was confused. Probably a copy of DX3 or something, with graphics from the X series on it, of course. It could also be a copy of Xtreme 2:

10 in 1 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. An interesting multi-cart that’s got the GB games on it, and “Rockman World 99” (which has generally been the pirated version of Rockman 8). And “Color Rockman” and “Color Rockman Fighter” … what? It also looks like they ripped off someone’s Deviantart. Noticeably less than 101 games on it.

Rockman X5 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Very generick pirate, probably DX3, but who can say without taking a chance and buying it?

10 in 1 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Another strange multicart, although this one has mainly Rockman games on it. It claims to have “Rockman 8” (the pirated game probably), “Rockman X3” (probably DX3), “Rockman X5” (not certain about this one yet), “Rockman Xtreme 2”, and a couple others on the cover…BUT, the back of the box says that it has the 5 GB games, Rockman 8 and a couple other games. Kind of disappointing, although it is nice to have the GB’s on one cart I suppose. Released in 2008 supposedly.

8 in 1 – Sent by Jesse Brown. An 8-in-1 GBA multicart, this time with some RM Zero games on it, released this year supposedly and simply named “2009 RPG”.

Rockman ??? – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Claims to be for the GBC, but uses Command Mission art.

Rockman X4 Limited Pack (Saturn) – Sent in by Jesse brown. A “Special Limited Pack” of “Rockman X4,” which caries a rather high price tag, especially for the Chinese, and even for us, coming in at 890 Yuans.

Rockman DX5 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Nice job on using a Command Mission screen shot, guys.

??? – Let’s hope the box had a name … even though it’s probably Rockman World. Might be the old Rockman X3 pirate, though. Sent in by Jesse Brown.

Rockman X8 – Sent in by Jesse Brown. Probably the box from the game that turned out to be RM4 (nes).