Old Art is New Again

So, a few months ago I was going through Deviantart and came across some very old art done by Snake and I say to myself, “Geez, I don’t think that’s ever been put into the gallery.” Turns out I was right. But not only about Snake’s work, but a whole slew of others! Well, there’s no time to like the present to post these old pieces of art, so here we go!

Classi’s old Megaman 3 music video. This was only accessible through the old video player I made and I completely forgot about it when I made each video a separate thing in the gallery (there were many more official videos than fan made ones, so this slipped through the cracks). Well, it’s in Classi’s main gallery now and a new Video section in the team galleries. Although there’s still not much there, I suppose this is more organized.

Some older art of Raijin’s featuring Bizarro Shadowman and his own version of Snakeman. Yeah, that picture up there belongs to him as well. The pics of Bizarro is what started me on getting all this long-overlooked artwork onto the main site! Geez, Raj, can’t you do your own uploading?

About three YEARS back, before he disappeared into the abyss, Hardman made his own art thread. And here’s all the images from it FINALLY, not only here on the main page, but in the official Mechs galleries as well as the Business of War gallery (where appropriate). Yeah, you’d think I’d have got through all the War stuff by now, but I seem to keep finding more to add. These pictures also serve as a community snapshot – things would never be quite the same afterwards.

I kinda figured Hard would put these into his own gallery eventually, but … here we are. And some of these guys appear in the fiction, such as Constance, Cassandra, and Gaderham, so it’s really handy to have these pictures in the official galley.

Finally we have some fan art. I love fan art. We have some fanmade ‘Maniacs Moments by Scorch, fanart for Hardian specifically by Bright Babe, some fan-art practice sketches by Erirudo, a drawing Class earned by going into a contest by Kurai-Hato, sprites of me, Lennon (as Strider), and Hadrian by MM19872008 and a Superadventure style Artilleryman by General RADIX.

That’s everything for now! You can see all of these in their native galleries – Hardman’s Gallery, Snakeman’s Gallery, Spark Chan’s Gallery, the Gift Art Gallery, and the Miscellaneous Sprites Gallery.

ANEW’s Stat Generator

What, something from me that isn’t about pirate games? You bet! That’s not quite done yet, but I got sidetracked into making a Statistic Generator for Rich’s (Magnet’s) Project ANEW. It’s an app that’ll make his life a whole lot easier.

I’ve also moved the Flash app stuff over to my Flash Gallery. Most of it has to do with the Business of War from a few years ago. Oh, the memories…

The Business of War

This is the big update for the Business of War! Namely that … it’s done. The ending has been posted at last! And, along with it, a whole slew of bonus features.

First off is a long-in-coming spoof ep by Spark Mandrill called The Bitch and the Beast. It’s set between stages 5 and 6, so I’m linking to it here.

There’s also the Business of War Gallery with art made during or for the event, along with sprites. Included is a picture by Needlegal (colored by me) …. which makes this the very first MM3 project with every single member of the team participating!

I’ve added Bright Babe’s War Sig to the gallery, as well as a Scissor Army sig I commissioned from Gren.

But that’s not all! Also updated is the list of Soldier Robots to include most of the robots Wily has used during the event as well as non-Rich Scissor Joes!

A Page Count is now up …. detailing just how long Business of War ended up being. Try not to be intimidated.

And, finally, Creator Commentaries have been posted from most of the participants that made it to the end. I give you all a friendly pat on the back and a firm handshake … you have made it through! All of you should be proud to be a part of the biggest event in the history of Megaman Teams. Despite every odd, and every obsticle War has reached it’s end and you have managed to stay on for the ride.

The Business of War is over.

The Business of War

This is one of the final updates for the Business of War!

The penultimate stage is up! As are the last of the Stage Summaries. Let’s all give Raijin some applause. He’s worked hard to make all these summaries and I know I would be lost without them.

Also up is a list of Sword Users, also compiled by Raijin. We’ve just noticed there were quite a few swords being used in the War and we decided to keep track a bit. Beware of spoilers!

Also up is a flash Map of War. This was made by me and Raijin. Raijin was invaluable in making the initial images and actually looking up where everything was. I just made the Flash file.

Also up is the Live Action Buisness of War videos made by Anime Master as well as commentaries!

War’s running into the home stretch now … and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned for the end of the epic that rocked the Team Scene! The end of the Business of War … it’s coming!

But that’s not all! A big hand goes out to Joseph “Doc Lithius” Collins who used my Rockman Mega World level select codes to bring us accurate damage data on all bosses from the Rockman Megaworld game. I’ve compiled that, as well as the codes, and some new observations into a single article that is now online. Now we can see which weapon is, statistically, the best of the best from the first three Megaman games!

Business of War

The Business of War receives a hefty update this day! Contrary to what many might think, the event is still on. And the fruits of our labor is now presented as it is so far.

The main story has been posted up to Stage 6 (with a new Wily Journal and Cossack Journal in Stage 3). While Raj’s Summaries have been continued on to Stage 5.

The War Sigs has been updated with signatures up to the present time.

There’s more information on Business of War characters in the allegences section.

There’s information on the various foot soldiers now up.

And, finally, Anime Master’s many videos have been put up in the video section.

This has been one HELL of an update! And the end is hurtling our way! Stay tuned!

Business of War

The Business of War gets another update. This time in stage summaries made by Raijin K! It allows for quick reference without reading hundreds upon hundreds of pages worth of story.

Business of War

So where was I for a month? Participating in our community event, that’s where!

Anyhow, after ALOT of work it’s all been transcribed and but into the Businessof War section on the site. And don’t be daunted by the sheer volume of things to read! Although reading them all will give you scope, I’ve marked down the necessary bits to the War and ‘Maniacs canon.

Also present are videos made by Anime Master about the War. It’s all there.

To avoid some confusion I’ve foreseen the Alliances list also includes the present Megaman team list (which includes RM aliases) as well as non-RM characters that you’ll see as villains.

Happy reading!

Business of War: Scenario generator, Needle’s Cosplay

The Business of War now has it’s own Scenario Generator that I made in Flash. From now on all scenarios shall be made using that!

Uh …. I wish I had thought of it earlier, but …. whatever! There it is!

Also, my sister’s Cosplay Gallery has been updated with even more pictures featuring her latest costumes. And information on the awards she’s won has now also been included. Hooray!

Business of War, Images

The Business of War is in full swing and the section has a large update this week!

The full introduction is now online, including what various other team members wrote for inclusion. Also, a forum trend lately has been to create Business of War signatures and those can now be seen in the main section. Finally, to make everyone’s lives easier a list of allegiances has been included in the section.

But that’s not all! Even more art from Magnetman and Snakeman has been posted in the image galleries! Thanks to the new system, I don’t have to do all that work myself …. YAY!!

Anyways, stay tuned for more MM3 updates!

Epilogue Madness

The epilogue section gets a MIGHTY update!

A new epilogue has been posted. The Rivalry, featuring the Wily Rescue Force and the Evil Eight!

But, that’s not all! Magnetman’s novella, Wanted, is finally up on the site! While it’s been on the forums for quite some time, this is the final version with all the finishing touches that polished a story off.

And, finally, a section on the Business of War has been posted. This is a community-spanning event, so it can’t be missed!