Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 1 Epilogue 1
The Comrades' First Challenge! Ballade's Act of Revenge!

I was inspired by the gameboy game Mega Man IV and I hope you all like it!

Cossacks Comrades VS Ballade! Episode 1

Narrator: It's early morning in Dr. Cossack's citadel and everyone is having breakfast except for Pharaohman who's still asleep in his room in the basement.

Drill: Good Morning everyone!

Bright, Dive, Dust, Skull & Toad: Morning.

Drill sits down and starts eating.

Dust: So whose turn is it to wake up Pharaoh?

Toad: It's Bright Man's turn.

Bright: No! I woke him up yesterday!

Toad: Well it isn't my turn.

Dust: Not mine.

Skull: Not mine.

Drill: Not mine.

Dive. Not mine.

Ring Man walks into the kitchen.

Toad: (points at Ring) IT'S HIS TURN!

Everyone grabs Ring walks down to the basement and throws him inside Pharaoh's room.

Ring: Come on guys! This isn't fair! I woke him up the day before yesterday! (Bangs on the door)

Skull: Well life isn't fair!

Ring turns around and walks around in Pharaoh's room, the room is like the inside of an ancient Egyptian palace, however there was nothing of real value here, just imitations, Ring walks up to Pharaoh's bed.

Ring: (nervously) Time to wake up Pharaoh. (shakes him gently)

Pharaoh just turns around and continues to sleep.

Ring: (more nervous) Okay Pharaoh time to get up! (shakes him)

Pharaoh slowly opens his eyes and there is an angry glare in them.

Pharaoh: (angry) Why did you wake me up!? I had such a nice dream!

Ring runs to the door and starts banging and screaming like mad.


Skull: Sorry. You know how bad temper he has on the mornings. He needs someone to take his morning aggression out on.

Ring: OPEN YOU SON OF A *****! (hears a grunt and turns around, Pharaoh stands there and cracks his fist)

The other team members hear Pharaoh beating up Ring. After 5 minutes Pharaoh comes out.

Pharaoh: (happy) Good Morning everyone! (walks to the kitchen)

The others hear a small whimper down the stairs.

Ring: Help...

They look down and see Ring's charred body.

Dive: He must have been dreaming something really good this time.

Dive and Toad takes Ring to the repair station and then gets to kitchen and finishes their breakfast.

Pharaoh: So what's up for today?

Ring comes in.

Skull: (checks the calendar) Nothing. We have a day off!

Everyone: YAY!!!!!!

They all decide to go to the mall and there they split up in 2 groups, Toad, Bright, Ring & Pharaoh goes to the video arcade while Dive, Dust, Drill & Skull goes to the cinema.

In the video arcade...

Pharaoh: (accidentally bumps into a man in a trench coat and hat) Sorry. (looks at him) Haven't we met before?

Man: Uuuuhh? Nope.

Pharaoh: Really. I'm sure I've seen you before.

Man: Uuuhhmmm? Nope.

Pharaoh: Now I know! You're- (the stranger interrupts him and throws of his hat and trench coat)

???: Alright, alright! How did you know it was I?

Toad, Ring & Bright come in.

Toad: Who's that?

Pharaoh: Dunno.

???: Come on you all know me.

Bright, Pharaoh, Ring, & Toad: Uuhm? (They think for a while) No.

Ballade: I'm Ballade, remember?

Pharaoh: Nope. Doesn't ring a bell.

Toad: I know! Remember we 4 was resurrected by Dr Wily before Dr Cossack resurrected us. Then Wily had built Ballade to fight with us but we were destroyed and Ballade to. But why are you here?

Ballade: I'm here to exact my revenge upon you! If it weren't for you failure's I would have defeated Mega Man!

Ring: Hey, Mega Man beat us too! Why do you have to pick on us?

Bright: Yeah, you should pick on Mega Man then!

Ballade: Mega Man is too powerful!

Ring: But the MM5 RM's then?

Ballade: There is no MM5 team so I just pick the one's that are available and easier than Mega Man! So shut up and FIGHT!

Narrator: Ballade fires his Ballade Crackers at the four and sends them straight out of the video arcade and into the cinema.

The door bursts open as four figures lands on the floor.

Dive: Isn't that Toad and the others? (looks over his shoulder and points)

Drill: (turns around) Yeah it is them. But who's that big guy?

Skull: Dunno, but he looks like trouble.

Dive, Drill, Skull & Dust gets up to the others.

Dust: Who's this guy?

Pharaoh: That's Ballade. He has sworn to kill us because Megaman defeated him.

Skull: Why kill us when Megaman defeated him?

Bright: Can we talk later we have someone to fight here!

Ballade fires a volley of Crackers it hits Pharaoh and Skull.

Ballade: Time to die you stupid Cossack bots! (fires another volley that hits Dust and Toad)

Bright: TIME STOPPER! (it doesn't affect Ballade)



The attacks hit Ballade but he is unaffected again, Pharaoh, Skull, Dust & Toad gets up again.

Skull: Team attack!

Everyone fires their weapon at Ballade and he's hit.

Ballade: (injured) I'll get you next time Cossack bots! (retreats)

Narrator: Back home in Dr Cossack's citadel.

Toad: What kind of day off this was! Attacked by that idiot Ballade who's taking out his aggression on us!

Dive: He should get some therapy.

Drill: Or at least he should pick on Mega man!

Pharaoh: Anyone who's got a good ending phrase?

Skull: Nope.

Narrator: Me, me! I have one!

Bright: You're on!

Narrator: Ahem... And once again the day has been saved! Thanks to COSSACK'S COMRADES!


Pharaoh: What kind of ending phrase was that?!

Skull: I liked it.

Toad: But it's a rip-off of the Power Puff Girls.

Drill: Shibbie Toad, you're right!

They continue to argue a loooong time

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
GDT as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Shadowyguy as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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