Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 1 Epilogue 7
Just a Normal Day

Narrator: It is breakfast time for the Cossack's Comrades, where they enjoy a quiet meal in Dr. Cossack's citadel.

Drill: *Coming down stairs* Gooood morning everyone! *Skips around the table*

Dive: Why are you so happy?

Drill: Dunno, but I feel great!

Dive: Oh yeah? Well are you great enough to play against me on Soul Calibur II?!

Drill: Yep!

*Drill and Dive run into the living room*

Ring: *Stops eating* Hey, you know I just thought?

Toad: *Reading paper* I don't care.

Ring: What the heck is a citadel? I mean, we all live in one, but I have yet to determine what it is.

Toad: *Shrugs* Beats me.

Ring: Oh, well, okie-dokie then. *Continues eating* Hey, since when can robots eat?

Toad: Sigh...

Narrator: Just then we hear someone screaming.

Pharaoh: DRILL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring: Pharaoh's up.

Toad: And we didn't even need to throw you into his room...

Ring: Shut up.

Toad: No.

Skull: *Peeks his head into Pharaoh's room* What's wrong Pharaoh?

Pharaoh: MUST.... KILL.... DRILL MAN.... KIIIIILLL!!!!!

Skull: Uh, Drill?

Drill: *Bounces in* Yes Skull Man, our self-appointed leader?

Skull: Pharaoh wants you.

Drill: Wonder what he could want? *Shrugs* Oh well. *Goes inside* Pharaoh?

Narrator: Drill searches for Pharaoh, but after half an hour decides to give up.

Drill: Well, I reckon it's about time I headed back on up. Maybe he's all ready up there! *Starts whistling*

Pharaoh: DRILL MAN....

Drill: *Turns* Huh? Oh hey, Pharaoh... What's up?

Pharaoh: You took my Red Bull.

Drill: Your Red Bull? As in what, the drink?

Pharaoh: Yes.

Drill: Oh. Well, sorry.


Drill: I think I'm in some shibbie trouble.

Narrator: Elsewhere, a diabolical scheme is hatching.

Ballade: Yes, and with this, I shall defeat those accursed Cossack's! *Holds up a small gun* Mwahahahaha!!

Boy: Hey mister, what about the snow cone you promised me if I got that for you?

Ballade: Not now kid, I'm trying to gloat over here.

Boy: But...

Ballade: I said, NOT NOW!! Don't make use this thing on you!

Boy: I'm gonna tell my mommy on you! *Cries and runs away*

Ballade: Good riddance. Now to finish this long, drawn out fight between me and my mortal enemies!

Narrator: Little did the Comrades know they were about to get an unexpected guest...

Ring: *Jumps* Woah!

Skull: What's wrong, Ring?

Ring: My Spidey senses are tingling.

Skull: You don't have any Spidey senses.

Ring: And how would YOU know that?

Dive: Dammit! Even against this stupid CPU I can't win!

Bright: Maybe you should switch characters?

Dive: NO! I will NOT stop using Nightmare! He's too cool!

Bright: I'm just saying... *doorbell rings*

Pharaoh: Dive, can you go get it?

Dive: Fine. *Gets up* I'm going to show the Mail Man a lesson so he won't come back! *Opens door* Gasp!

Other Comrades: Oh, hi Ballade.

Ballade: That's right! It is I! Ballade! Wait, why aren’t you cringing in fear?

Ring: Because you are a weakling compared to us. And what do we owe for this unlikely meeting?

Ballade: Nothing, except your destruction! *Pulls out gun*

Skull: ... What the hell is that?

Ballade: Oh, this is my cricket.

Bright: Cricket?

Toad: I prefer the term "ribbit."

Drill: *Dressed in band-aids* As in Men In Black?

Ballade: Yep. Now DIE!! *Pulls trigger, but nothing happens* ...Uh...

Dive: Better get your gun checked. Dive Missile!

Ballade: *Is sent flying* Curse you, Cossack's Comrades!!....

Drill: Well, that was shibbie stupid.

Ring: I'll say. *Goes inside*

Dive: Drill! I challenge you to another game of SCII!!

Drill: Bring it on.

Pharaoh: *Looks at hands* Hmm, I still have a bit of anger in me. Maybe I'll go hunt Ballade down...

Bright: Hey, does anyone know where Dust Man is? I haven't seen him all day...


Dust: *Sleeping* Zzzz.... Huh? What? Stupid normal days... *Falls back to sleep*

Narrator: And so the Comrades continue on with their normal, everyday lives. Which only leaves one little detail out...

Ballade: Curse those Cossack's! And curse their Comrades! *Looks at cricket* WHY DIDN'T YOU WORK?!?!?! In Men In Black you were able to blow anything up with one shot! *Suddenly Ballade notices the copyright logo* Made by Bandai?! NOOOOOO.....!!

The End

Ballade: Wait! I have yet to devise and form a new and even more diabolical scheme!

Boy: There he is, mommy!

Ballade: Huh?

Mother: *Hits Ballade with a purse over and over* You bad, bad robot! How dare you threaten my child like that! Why I outta call Dr. Cossack to dismantle you!

Ballade: *Starts running* Hey! Cut that out, lady! Ow! Stop it! Ouch! Hey! Ow!


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