Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 1 Epilogue 2
Team Building

At the C.C. HQ,

Skull: Okay Mail call. Drill, your Tips and Tricks magazine is here. Dive, your fishing book is here. Pharaoh, the Zelda game you ordered off of Ebay is here.

Dive, Drill, and Pharaoh: Thanks!

Bright: You dropped this.

Toad: What is it?

Skull: Dunno lets open it up.

"Dear Cossacks Comrades, It is our pleasure to invite you to a team building exercise. There will be free food, games, and other MM Community members there. It will be at Megalopolis Park."

Dust: Who sent it?

Ring: Doesn’t have a return address.

Dive: This seems like a bad idea.

Drill: They give away free food! How is that a bad idea?

Skull: Yup lets go.

So they went off to go do some team building exercises. When they got there they discovered 3 other teams there as well.

Gauntlet: Hey it’s the new group on the web. How’s it going?

Skull: Long time Gauntlet.

Pharaoh: Hey it’s the Marsupial Brothers! What have you been up to?

Air: Nothing much.

Wood: Just chillin'.

Scott: Drill, great to see you. What have you been doing lately?

Drill: Just writing the adventure you are in.

Gemini: Keep it down. IRA and Snake are sleeping. They went on a beer raid last night and now they’re out cold.

Ring: Sorry.

Bright: Why are Jonathan and Forte Chan here?

Jonathan: The Sinister Six needed 2 more members so they called us.

Then Brock from the Pokemon games showed up.

Brock: Okay teams settle down. I’m Brock, your instructor. Are we gonna have fun today?

Top: That depends what you think fun is.

Starnik: If your idea of fun is making a sundial out of a doughnut and a pen then no.

Brock: Aw that was our first activity.

Suddenly IRA and Snake wake up from a sleep they were in.

IRA: Dude where am I?

Snake: Yeah I feel like I’m gonna pass out.

Needlegal: Men...

Brock: Okay now, our first activity involves only the members of your team. It is…

Tim: Is it weight lifting?

Brock: No it’s…

Crash: Is it shooting?

Brock: No it’s…

Spark: Is it…

Brock: WILL YOU LET ME FINISH? It is being locked in 4 cabins.

Gary: ... That’s it?

Forte Chan: You're kidding, right?

Pharaoh: No way.


All look at Hard.

Hard: Just breaking the moment.

Brock: Okay you will spend 1 hour together. Begin!

So they go in their cabins.

Brock: Heh Heh Heh. Now I don’t need that costume.

He pulls his costume off to reveal Ballade!

Ballade: Dr. Wily do you read me?

Wily: (over a comlink) Yes. Have you locked them in?

Ballade: Yup.

Wily: Have the others arrived yet?

Ballade: They are arriving as we speak.

Soon many villains arrived on the scene. There was Bizaro Shadowman, Red, Super Chaos, Bass, Guts Dozer, Torchman, and Dragon.

Wily: Excellent! Now I am unbeatable! Those teams will now be destroyed!

Ballade: Yes. Shall I give the orders to destroy them?

Wily: Wait for me. I will beam my self there like in Star Trek.

Ballade: Okay.

Soon Wily arrived at the area.

Wily: My troops, inside those 4 cabins are our main Villains, the MM1-4 teams. Go now and destroy them!

All: Yes sir!

Ballade: Wait, where’s the Evil 8?

Wily: Fighting Megaman.

Ballade: Oh.

Wily: Now charge my Army of Chaos!

Meanwhile in the cabin belonging to our heros.

Dive: What type of teamwork are we learning here?

Drill: How should I know? My brain has dissolved into nothing thanks to TV.

Skull: Do you hear something?

Wily: Now Charge my army of Chaos!

Drill: Oh man its Wily and it looks like Ballade is with him.

Ring: How do you know? You can’t see them.

Drill: Remember, I am writing this.

Bright: Oh.

Dust: Can we fight them Skull?

Skull: Well of course we can. Now use your weapons at the door.

So they do and they escape.

Toad: Wow it’s the villains from countless MM teams.

Dive: Not just any. The teams here in this project.

Ring: How clever; it was a trap! Come on we need to free the other teams.

Skull: Okay Drill, you free the Maniacs. Pharaoh, free the Sinister 6. Dive, free the Wily Warriors. The rest will hold these guys off.

All: Yes sir!

So they free the teams.

Gauntlet: Damn, I feel like a tool.

Ben: Me too. Me Too.

Andon: So what are we waiting for? LETS STOP WILY!

*Too many sprites to put* All: YES! LETS SHOW HIM WHAT WE’RE MADE OF!

So it began. Weapons were flying. Egos were dying. A kid was crying because a bomb blew up his balloon.

Forte Chan: Stop it with the South Park lingo.

Okay. But we will focus primarily on us VS Ballade.

Ballade: Ballade Cracker!

Dive: (Dodges) Take this! Dive Missile

Drill: Have some Drill Bombs!

Pharaoh: And a Pharaoh Shot!

Toad: Rain flush!

Ring: Ring Boomerang!

Skull: Have a bone!

Ballade: Fools! Those attacks wont work on me!

Dust: Maybe at that speed but what about some help with it?

He sucks up every attack by our heros and shoots it directly at Ballade!

Ballade: OW! You haven’t seen the last of me!

So he teleports away. By that time, every villain has retreated and all that was left was Wily.

Metal: Your plan backfired. You cant win Wily.

Wily: Oh crap. It wasn’t supposed to end this way. I’ll be back you fools! I will be back!

Gemini: Wow this day was weird.

Jason: Well there is a bright side to this.

All except Jason: What is it?

Jason: We still got a lot of food and drinks left!

Gauntlet: Lets eat!

Top: Well until Wily does that again, we are the Mechanical Maniacs!

Starnik: And Wily's Warriors!

Gary: And The Sinister Six!

Skull: And Cossacks Comrades!

Jonathan: And me! Oh and Forte Chan too.

Forte Chan: You better believe it!

So all the Megaman teams had a great meal and a nice get together.


Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
GDT as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Shadowyguy as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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