Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 1 Epilogue 10
Trapped in Anime World Part 1

In my last story, I accidentally made the team and all 4 of the Rockman Killers disappear off the planet. Now you will know where we all went.

Drill: Argh I feel like I had a hangover.

Pharaoh: Ugh me too. And I don’t do that kind of thing. Where are we anyway? And where is the team? And the Rockman Killers?

Drill: Well I can’t say anything about our team, or those Rockman Killers, but I can say we are in a lab of some kind. But it looks really familiar.

Voice: Ah, awake are we?

Drill: Wait! I know who you are! You’re Washu-chan! From Tenchi Muyo!

Washu: Yes I am Washu, the Universe's Greatest Genius!

Pharaoh: But isn’t Tenchi Muyo an anime?

Drill: Yes. But how is this possible.

Washu: What are you talking about? Come on you can explain it to us all upstairs.

Pharaoh: Man am I ever hungry. That trip took a toll on me.

Washu: How is that possible? You are a robot.

Drill: We will explain upstairs.

So we head in the living room and all of the main characters from Tenchi Muyo are all there.

Tenchi: So you guys are actually people?

Drill: Yes we can change into robot armor.

Noybuki: And do you steal things?

Pharaoh: Once in awhile. Most of the time we try to save the world.

Drill: Our friend Gauntlet is an entirely different story.

Pharaoh and Drill: Hahahahahaha!!

Sasami: Wow! Oh wait didn’t you say you were hungry? What do you want to eat?

Drill: How about some rice?

Pharaoh: Dude you hate rice.

Drill: Never let down one of Sasami’s meals.

Sasami: It will be done in about 10 mins. Come on Ryo-Oki.

Ryo-Oki: Meow!

So Sasami and the cabbit head into the kitchen.

Mihoshi: So how can you eat again?

All: *sweat Drop*

Kiyone: Mihoshi, you are hopeless.

Ayeka: One more question. How did you get here?

Drill: Well I pressed a button on a thing that I thought was the Continuum Transfunctioner. Then we all split up and us 2 landed here. Wait, maybe we aren’t alone! Maybe other members are here. Or a Rockman Killer? Washu, did any other robot come here?

Washu: First. That was an inertransdimensional transporter, not a Continuum Tranfunctioner. And second, there was another robot as well.

Drill: Was it green, red, or yellow?

Washu: No.

Pharaoh and Drill: Ballade.

Washu: He left rather quickly. It was strange.

Tenchi: You guys can stay here until you can get back. We have enough people here anyway. Washu could probably make some rooms from sub-space or something.

Drill: Okay

Pharaoh: Fine by me.

Yosho: If you both so desire, I can teach you swordplay.

Pharaoh: No.

Drill: I would if I had hands.

Washu: Ah that inconvenience of yours is now overcome. I already put normal hands in you. I examined you and gave you retractable hands. Press the yellow button. I'm such a genius.

Drill: Okay. *So he pushes it and he has hands! *


Pharaoh: Dude she touched you in your sleep. Isn't that weird?

Drill: Who cares? A girl is a girl, even if she is a fictitious anime drawing.

Pharaoh: Hmm… I see your point.

Sasami: Here is your rice guys. I hope you enjoy it.

Drill: Thanks.

Pharaoh: Same here.

So they dig in.


Drill: See I told you her meals rock.

Sasami: You guys are welcome.

So they stayed there for one week. Pharaoh slept a lot and caught up on some reading. As for me, I watched intergalactic TV, and practiced my sword technique. But on the 8th day, I couldn’t take it any more! I stepped into the old mans room and killed him! The evil eye is no more! Oh sorry, I started writing the Tell Tale Heart. But on the 8th day, he appeared.

Ryoko: Tenchi will never love you! He is mine.

Ayeka: You leave him alone! He is mine! It was our destiny! Its in our blood!

Ryoko: Oh yeah! Bring it on, bitch!

Ayeka: You are asking for it, demon!

Drill: This is first class entertainment.

Pharaoh: You said it.

Tenchi: Why me?

Noybuki: Why are you upset? Are you gay or something? If I were you I would love this!

Tenchi: Im not gay! Shut up, dad!

*Voice*: Ha I have you now you Communist fools!

Drill and Pharaoh: Ballade!

Ballade: Yes! I don’t know how I got here but you will die neverthe… Hey!

While Ballade was talking, Drill sent him to the ground in a sword hold.

Drill: Now who has who? Tie him up.

Kiyone: Sure. Mihoshi, get your lazy ass over here and do something!

Mihoshi: Ok, Kiyone.

Pharaoh: Well we got Ballade, now how do we get home?

Washu: Simple. I made an alternate inertransdimensional transporter. You should be able to go home and track your friends. See I added a tracker to it.

Pharaoh: Wow, thanks.

Drill: Well bye. Thanks for everything.

The Tenchi cast: Bye!

So we left into the night never to be seen in that dimension again. We dropped Ballade at the police and decided to go after Skull and Ring. Where are they and what Rockman Killer is there? Find out on the next Cossacks Comrades.

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Shadowyguy as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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