UCK! PC Sprites

Why rip the PC sprites? Well, this site is about oddities ...... so they seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Now, allot of people bash the PC games for their graphics, but that's being a little unfair. MMPC is a 1990 PC game, so by very definition they HAVE to suck! Have any of you guys played a PC game made in 1990? Well, it isn't pretty. That said, upon examination I gotta say ...... the PC MM games have allot of detail. Everything moves. But they can still be blamed for the inappropriateness of their enemies. I can only guess that the destruction caused by the industrial robots going mad caused animals to mutate into these strange enemies. The only new one worth anything is "Toxman" (the yellow guy who shoots toxic waste). At least they reused the red drippy things from MM2.

I don't suppose it needs saying, but I'll say it anyways: please do not post these sheets elsewhere in an archive format. They were VERY difficult to make and I made them both for enjoyment and for personal glory - not YOUR glory. Besides, if people want them why waste your bandwidth when they're already posted here? Feel free to use individual sprites as you see fit, however.

It's worth noting that the different colored Megaman using the master weapons from PC3 are edited by me to be the "right" colors. In the game Megaman doesn't actually change colors. These are the only edited sprites in the sheets.

I'll give a special thanks to Frenkel of S&F Productions who made sprite, tile, and level viewing programs for Megaman 3 PC which made extensive sprite ripping of this game possible!.

Now enough of my rambling. View the sprites!


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