Chatting with Ice

This is what chats with Gary were like. Wish I kept some now .... this was on an old copy of the Sinister Six.

You have just entered room "Gary Chat88."
Gauntlet has entered the room.
Gauntlet : time to close a few buddy windows.....
Ben has entered the room.
Gary : glad you both are still on
Ben : Kiss the Odinson
Gauntlet : it's rare. I gotta split soon tho.
Gary : *kisses the Odinson*
Gary : doh
Ben : lol
Gary : I gotta go in about an hour anyway
Gauntlet : Want to invite Forte-Chan?
Gary : she's on?
Gary : sure
Ben : I invited her to join the XF
Ben : on Tobias' suggestion
Gauntlet : So I hear.
Gary : as who?
Gary : Web Spider?
Groovy Kat has entered the room.
Ben : yep
Gary : cool
Groovy Kat : Okay.
Gary : hey Groovy
Ben : ?
Groovy Kat : For a little while.
Gauntlet : Hh. I was just about to invite you!
Groovy Kat : Whats up?
Gary : ladies and's Groovy Kat
Ben : *Lights Groovy's hair on fire*
Gauntlet : this was the chat I was speaking of
Gary : nothing much
Groovy Kat : Cool.
Groovy Kat : I break down easily.
Gauntlet : lol
Ben : HE'll have to guess who I am
Groovy Kat : I knew I'd end up coming in :-)
Gary : it's obvious
Groovy Kat : Is it... Bill?
Ben : nope
Gary : *rings buzzer*
Gary : give him a hint or eat a child or something
Gauntlet : He'll never guess.
Groovy Kat : Magma Dragoon?
Ben : ...
Ben : ...
Gauntlet : oh, well, so I m wrong.
Gary : I guess...the child thing was a give away.
Groovy Kat : Damn I'm good ;-)
Groovy Kat : j/k
Ben : *Gives the $25000 to Groovy*
Ben : you win!
Gauntlet : Shows what I know.
Gary : though...Dustman (Chris) has been known to eat children too
Groovy Kat : Isn't your name bill?
Gary : no
Gauntlet : Ben, actually.
Groovy Kat : Damn.
Groovy Kat : Okay.
Clownman has entered the room.
Gauntlet : don't worry we all make that mistake with 'ol Bill here.
Groovy Kat : Whats up guys?
Gary : enter the clown
Clownman : eh?
Clownman : oh yeah
Clownman : enter me
Gauntlet : And the Hardman
Clownman : and i kick your ass
Clownman : >.>
Gauntlet : And the Colored
Clownman : and that guy
Clownman : that like
Gary : And the other guy
Ben : More XF crap, I just trashed Harry Potter
Gauntlet : and about 10 billion other IDS!
Gary : *kicks Clown in the butt*
Clownman : ow
Ben : *Eats Clown*
Gary : *leans over* Your turn
Clownman : actually ive slowly merged into one ID finally
Groovy Kat : ::sips water::
Gauntlet : Well, at least ya ain't schitzoid anymore
Clownman : yeah
Egoraptor has entered the room.
Groovy Kat : EGO!
Gary : where's Forte-Chan?
Clownman : gary has seen the guy ive basically "merged" into
Gauntlet : she's on her way.
Clownman : trust me GK
Ben : *Kicks Ego's butt*
Gary : cool
Clownman : ego will leave shortly
Clownman : he hates big chats
Groovy Kat : I MISS EGO!
Gary : *urp*
Gauntlet : Unless he starts ranting and raving about fighting games.
Gauntlet : then he'll stay for a while.
Gary : yeah
Groovy Kat : SSFA3...Go Ego!
Clownman : lol
Gary : 4 minutes tops
Egoraptor : SSFA3 sucks.
Nijubu has entered the room.
Groovy Kat : Yay!
Nijubu : yaaaaay.
Ben : *Gets earmuffs&
Groovy Kat : He speaks!
VaClassi Cal has entered the room.
Gary : Fortey!
Gary : *jumps on her and licks her*
Clownman : heya forte chan
Groovy Kat : Dang, there are alot of people here...
Clownman : im afraid to ask
Classi Cal : *catches* O.O
Classi Cal : Heya!!!
Clownman : *ties gary to the wall*
Gauntlet : Know anyone offhand?
Egoraptor : Vanessa?
Clownman : lets see how long this lasts
Egoraptor : From King of Fighters?
Classi Cal : *cuddles her Icey and licks back*
Classi Cal : ^^
Ben : *Gives Forte Chan a bearhug*
Ben : Heya!
Classi Cal : Hey!!!!
Clownman : *pies forte chan in the face*
Clownman : hah!
Classi Cal : *waves to everyone*
Nijubu : "waves back:
Gauntlet : *waves back*
Egoraptor : *Becomes GK's girlfriend*
Groovy Kat : ::waves::
Gary : *waves at no one in peticular*
Groovy Kat : YAY!
Groovy Kat : I have a woman!
Clownman : lol
Gauntlet : lol
Classi Cal : *lol*
Clownman : i would invite my woman to this chat
Clownman : cause she's on
Gary : do it
Clownman : but we'd scare the shit outta her
Gary : we'll behave
Gary : *looks innocent*
Nijubu : we will?
Groovy Kat : FUCK
Groovy Kat : FUCK
Egoraptor : I would invite a hacker who destroys anyone's computer opun sight.
Gauntlet : Not Ben I bet.
Classi Cal : o#o....
Groovy Kat : FUCK
Groovy Kat : Hows that?
Nijubu : -_- guess not.
Ben : Yellow...
Ben : Blinding me...
Ben : *Blows up*
Clownman : lol
Clownman : ay
Clownman : we found ben's weakness
Gary : so that's Ben's weakness
Classi Cal : I prefer red
Gary : Yellow font
Classi Cal : Oooo!
Egoraptor : I prefer.
Nijubu : IT'S GOLD!
Classi Cal : Ahahaha!
Egoraptor : Black?
Gauntlet : looks yellow to me
Groovy Kat : I like neutral colors... like Day glow orange..
Egoraptor : Dayglow lmao.
Clownman : well
Gauntlet : I like Red.
Ben : Gold is a yellow metal!
Gauntlet : and Black
Egoraptor : I like your mom.
Gary : I like Green
Egoraptor : If that's a color.
Clownman : my girl (Amanda) says she can handle weird chats
Gauntlet : and blue.
Clownman : so you guys behave
Classi Cal : Red all the way
Classi Cal : Or black
Groovy Kat : I like Indigo.
Egoraptor : That makes no sense.
Gary : okay Clown!
Classi Cal : =3
Gauntlet : ok
Gauntlet : you can trust me
Egoraptor : You say she can handle weird chats so you tell us to act normal.
Ben : Blue, Red, Silver
Gauntlet : I am Shadowman after all!
Ben : those are my fav colors
Classi Cal : *is weird*
Gary : never trust an Eskimo
QueenGuardianLeo has entered the room.
Classi Cal : ^^ I trust you Icey...*kisses him*
Clownman : lol
Egoraptor : Leomon!
Gary : espcially an annoying one from hell....ooooo Amanda!
QueenGuardianLeo : hello everyone
Groovy Kat : Alright guys. I have some riffs to practice before I hit the hay.
Ben : Oooh... Gemini's online
Egoraptor : Digivolve to Piece of Crap Mon!
Gauntlet : hello
Clownman : ego
Nijubu : howdy.
QueenGuardianLeo : *bows to everyone*
Clownman : where did that come from?
Gauntlet : Oo, I just saw him pop in too
Clownman : oh hey amanda! *tackles*
Classi Cal : Heya chick!
Classi Cal : o.O
QueenGuardianLeo : *is tackled*
Gary : So Forty...I lost your forte-chan sprite
Classi Cal : *whispers* Is she royalty?
Gary : I need another one. =0
Clownman : is there a female forte sprite out?
Clownman : i wonna see
Ben : *Stares at everyone*
Groovy Kat : I really need to get going...
Classi Cal : o.o well I made a diff one a while back
Clownman : *pies ben*
Classi Cal : Gauntlet saw it
Egoraptor : I finished a sprite of Julian today if anyone wants to see it.
Ben : (Ooh... a buffet...*
Gary : Chan has one....but I lost it during the virus thing
Gauntlet : Scare you away, Groovy?
Ben : *Eats everyone in the room*
Clownman : *clings to amanda* hey gary
Gauntlet : Have things changed so much since you were active?
Groovy Kat : No.
Clownman : is ken gonna get online?
Classi Cal : NO!!!!!
QueenGuardianLeo : I understand you wanted to meet me?
Gary : donno
Classi Cal : *her worst fear!!*
Clownman : gary did
Groovy Kat : I have to practice a bit before bed.
Clownman : mostly
Groovy Kat : I have a gig in two weeks.
QueenGuardianLeo : *looks to Gary and bows* pleased to meet you
Egoraptor : ofjulian.gif
Gary : Hello Amanda
Groovy Kat : Gotta' practice the new stuff.
Gauntlet : Good luck.
Gary : nice to meet you too
Gauntlet : I'm sure you'll do fine.
Classi Cal : *cuddles her Icey* XD mine!
Clownman : nice one ego
Groovy Kat : Thanks :-)
Clownman : *sneaks behind gary*
Clownman : *CLUB!*
Groovy Kat : Later guys.
Gary : *gives Forte-Chan a noogie*
Clownman : *runs off*
Groovy Kat has left the room.
Classi Cal : O.o
Classi Cal : *tilts her head*
QueenGuardianLeo : *chuckles*
Gary : *eats Clown's Club*
Clownman : hey what...
Clownman : Only ben eats stuff
Clownman : damnit
Gary : lol
Classi Cal : He east!
Classi Cal : eats*
Clownman : uh oh
Classi Cal : X.x
Classi Cal : west is better =P
Clownman : wait
Clownman : is ben even alive anymore?
Classi Cal : He's full
Classi Cal : Fell asleep ^^
Clownman : *points amanda to gauntlet*
Clownman : thats gauntlet
QueenGuardianLeo : *bows*
Clownman : he's really secretive
Clownman : but no one cares
Gary : *whacks Gauntlet*
Clownman : see?
Classi Cal : *lmao*
Gauntlet : *twas a hologram
Gary : damn
Lennon has entered the room.
Gauntlet : Oh, some people care.
Clownman : *points to venessa*
Clownman : thats forte chan
Gauntlet : I get lots of questions and stuff.
Classi Cal : I understand ya man...*nods to Gauntlet*
Clownman : Gary is her play thing
Classi Cal : Yeah! I'm Forte-Chan!
Lennon : Hey Forte-Chan
Classi Cal : HI!!!!!!!
Gauntlet : Besides, It's fun!
Clownman : hey gauntlet
Clownman : did anyone guess your real age?
Ben : *Clubs Lennon*
Gauntlet : hello
Clownman : ben
Classi Cal : gotta go
Clownman : he lives!
VaClassi Cal has left the room.
QueenGuardianLeo : *sits and watches everyone, amused*
Gauntlet : Now THAT is a secret!
Gary : I saw that line coming
Clownman : so did the rest of the chat
Ben : *Eats Gauntlet*
Gary : heh
Gauntlet : I'll bet.
Clownman : I saw that coming too
Gauntlet : *twas a hologram
Lennon : *stabs MD from the inside*
Clownman : and that
Ben : Hmmmm... Hologram...
Ben : Tastes like Chicken
Clownman : *points amanda to Blaze*
Clownman : thats ben
Clownman : he eats
Clownman : he burns stuff
Clownman : thats about it
Gary : no
Clownman : eh?
Gary : and maims too
Ben : I eat children
Clownman : yeah that too
QueenGuardianLeo : *bows politely to Ben*
QueenGuardianLeo : It is an honor to meet you
Gauntlet : where's my bow??
Andon has entered the room.
Ben : *Eats her*
Gauntlet : Hey, Andon . Been a while.
Clownman : HEY!
Clownman : *thwacks ben*
Clownman : dude
Clownman : not her!
Clownman : oh
Clownman : heyo Andon
Gary : *waves to Andon*
QueenGuardianLeo : *bows formally to each person* It is an honor to meet you all
Ben : *Spits her out*
Lennon : Anyway how do I get rid of the white background
Clownman : bad ben
Clownman : bad!
Andon : Yo.
Gauntlet : Tell me where you are in the program. But in a seperate window.
Ben : *Eats Clown Man*
Clownman : ack!
Clownman : x.x
Lennon : k
Gauntlet : No need to confuse people.
Lennon : Hey Andon
Gary : *kicks Lennon and hauls ass*
QueenGuardianLeo : *Baps Ben*
Egoraptor : Andon's here?
Ben : OW!
Egoraptor : Sup mofo.
Clownman : yeah
Clownman : there ya go
Lennon : *Blasts a hole thoguh ICe*
Gary : owww...
Ben : *Flame Amanda*
Clownman : *catches part of iceman*
Andon : Check it.
Clownman : woo!
Clownman : *swallows*
QueenGuardianLeo : I am immune to flame
Gary : 0_o
Clownman : lol
Clownman : poor ben
Gary : So am I and Gauntlet
Ben has left the room.
QueenGuardianLeo : I absorb heat
Nijubu : "wonders when Digey will get to him:
Gary : he admits defeat
Clownman : i can shock gary then
Clownman : *ZAP*
Gauntlet : hm. Must have comutor problems.
Gary : *twas a holigram
Clownman : damnit
Clownman : no fair
Gary : *evil laugh*
Egoraptor : *Jumps out a window*
Egoraptor has left the room.
Clownman : GET DOWN
Gauntlet : brb
Clownman : *ducks*
Andon : So, uh, what's going on here?
Clownman : *gary suddenly explodes*
Gary : just the usual chat
Nijubu : huh?
Lennon : brb
Gary : *2 more Garys appear*
Gary : *they surround Njubu*
Nijubu : AAH!
Clownman : *2 clowns appear*
Nijubu : "bops the Garys with Nerf balls:
Clownman : *they surround nijubu to*
QueenGuardianLeo : *hides*
Nijubu : AAACK!
QueenGuardianLeo : *ish scared of clowns*
Clownman : lol
Gary : *nerf balls have no effect*
Clownman : ironic
Nijubu : "summons a tremendous bolt of Thunder and electrocutes everyone:
Gary : *faints*
Gary : Owww...
Clownman : *explodes, taking nijubu with him*
Clownman : Hah!
Clownman : beat that!
Gary : I'll just lie down over here...*dies*
Nijubu : ow.
Nijubu : yay.
Nijubu : "throws confetti:
Gary : *6 more Iceman's appear*
QueenGuardianLeo : *sends a wave of flame and light at Iceyman*
Gary : *surround Nijubu*
Clownman : YEAH
Gary : *flame has no effect*
Clownman : lol
Gary : *light blinds Gary*
Gary : owww...
Gary : can't see where I'm going
Clownman : *pies gary*
Clownman : hah!
Nijubu : heh.
QueenGuardianLeo : *walks up to Gary and drains heat from him*
Gary : *bonks into Gauntlet*
Clownman : he's iceman
Clownman : you wont get much
Gary : No heat
QueenGuardianLeo : ><
Nijubu : "beats Gary with Luggage:
Clownman : ben says his aim is fudged up right now
Gary : *eats Nijubu's luggage*
Clownman : talkign to him on MSN
Gauntlet : I gotta get going soon.
Nijubu : nooo!
Clownman : later gauntlet
Nijubu : my Luggage!
Gauntlet : Meanwhile I'm helping Gemini out a bit
QueenGuardianLeo : nice to meet you Guantlet
Clownman : hey gaunt
Gauntlet : well, not just yet
Clownman : did you get the music update on MM?
Gauntlet : not just yet.
Gauntlet : I'm still working some stuff out
Clownman : did you need to codes from the one on my page?
Gauntlet : But the basic thing is done
Gary : someone invite Ben
Clownman : k
Gary : cause I can't for some reason
Gauntlet : well, it was the exact same as the other one, but they did help a little.
Clownman : just invited him
Ben has entered the room.
Clownman : wb ben
Gary : wb Ben
Gary : *eats him*
Clownman : lol
Clownman : oh what a world
Nijubu : yay.
QueenGuardianLeo : do any of you guys rp?
Nijubu : OOH!
Gary : all the time
Clownman : eh, usually like this never seriously
Nijubu : kinda.
Clownman : i do though
Gary : I do...but I love humor
QueenGuardianLeo : I LOVE rping!!
Clownman : gary
Gauntlet : I don't RP seriously much either
Clownman : she means like
Clownman : serious rp
Clownman : not just *pies this* or *eats that*
Clownman : =P
Gary : I can "try"
Clownman : lol
Clownman : i did it alot when i used aol
Clownman : before cable
Clownman : then i ditched the money grabbing bastards
Nijubu : hah.
Nijubu : go you.
QueenGuardianLeo : I used to rp a lot in the old vp
QueenGuardianLeo : I hated the DBZer's
QueenGuardianLeo : screwed my plots up big time...*cries*
Clownman : old vp is gone sadly
Clownman : *knows the rest of the room is lost now*
Nijubu : awww.
Nijubu : yep.
Gary : *kicks Lennon to see if he's awake*
Nijubu : lost as an Eskimo in the Outback.
Gauntlet : I'm helping him with something right now
Gary : oh
QueenGuardianLeo : lol, a DBZer was someone who liked DBZ a little too much, and couldn't accept defeat in a fight
Gauntlet : lol. Sounds like DBZ all right
Nijubu : ah.
Nijubu : that's the reason i loathe and abhor that show.
Clownman : either that
Clownman : or they just did what they wanted
Nijubu : ah.
Clownman : hmm
Clownman : imma leave now, sorry guys
Gary : Nooo!
Clownman : ive got like 4 different chat programs going at once
Clownman : plus im hungry
Gary : *barricades the door*
Clownman : *jumps out the window*
Gary : -_-
Lennon : back
Gary : always taking the easy way out
Clownman : later guys
Gary : cya Clown
Clownman : talk to me in im's gary
Clownman has left the room.
Lennon : cya Clown
Gauntlet : So, Andon , do anything interestng lately?
Nijubu : guess not.
Andon has left the room.
Gauntlet : I suppose not either
Gary : I tell ya....he's changed
Gauntlet : Maybe he's mad at me?
Gary : I still think he's mad at me
Lennon : *stays silent*
Gauntlet : Maybe he just didn't read anything and split.
Gary : He had to of saw that message before clicking "X"
Gary : did you read Ben's new epilouge yet G?
Lennon : I have
Gauntlet : I dunno. If he was surfing the net, he may have seen the chat and just decided to splid at that moment, coincidentally as I asked my question.
Gauntlet : Or he could jut be in a pissy mood today.
Gary : maybe...
Gauntlet : *shruggs*
Gary : I'm to afraid to talk to him
Gauntlet : Want me to help?
Gauntlet : I usually get to the heart of things pretty quick.
Nijubu : "crawls into a ball in the corner, bored:
Lennon : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nijubu : "slaps Mechey for no good reason:
Nijubu : ^_^
Lennon : *slashes Nijubu*
Nijubu : um...
Nijubu : ow.
Nijubu : "walks away in two directions at once:
Gary : lol
Gary : not "half" the man he used to be
Nijubu : XD
Gauntlet : *slaps Ice
Gauntlet : no puns
Lennon : What's wrong with puns?
Nijubu : but it was funny.
Gauntlet : they are evil and dull.
Gary : so are those holigrams
Nijubu : hah.
Gauntlet : Ah, but the holograms are a Shadowman trademark.
Gary : dull puns are mine
Lennon : he's got a point
Nijubu : and insane laughs are MINE.
Gauntlet : This is the first I heard yer puns.
Gary : I got a whole chat full of 'em
Gary : up at the s6 site
Gauntlet : I don't usually check those chats.
Gary : yeah...some of the funniest ones are there
Nijubu : i've read one.
Nijubu : just one.
Gary : which one was it?
Nijubu : o_o now i'm scared of the little Eskimo.
Nijubu : the evil Camcom President.
Gary : Life Virus calls me Annoying Eskimo from Hell
Nijubu : heh.
Lennon : well you are one
Gary : lol
Gary : *throws a snowball at Lennon*
Gary : *it explodes*
Nijubu : ooooooh.
Nijubu : purdy colors.
Nijubu : i'm just glad that wasn't me.
Lennon : *Attacks Ice with millons of Aqua Dragons, Lasers and Sword Slashes*
Nijubu : and i'm REALLY glad THAT wasn't me.
Gary : *turns on the disco music8
Gary : *the dragons start dancing*
Gary : *Iceman gets on stage with lennon's dragons*
Nijubu : "starts disco dancing:
Nijubu : WHOOO!
Lennon : Screw this *Destroys the dragons*
Gary : HEY!
Gary : So much for Gary's Dancing Dragon's going platnium
Nijubu : hmm...
Nijubu : "turns into Pharaohman.EXE:
Gauntlet : Well, I gotta scram.
Gauntlet : Later
Nijubu : "summons dozens of coffins, and zombies lumber out:
Nijubu : bye.
Gary : cya G
Gauntlet has left the room.
Lennon : cya G
Nijubu : "they all start dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller:
Gary : Hell yeah!
Gary : *dances along*
Nijubu : cause this is THRILLAH!
Nijubu : OW!
Nijubu : "does a crotch-grab:
QueenGuardianLeo has left the room.
Lennon : *Summons more dragons that hit Nijubu*
Gary : *dragons start dancing to Thriller*
Nijubu : ouch.
Gary : Man...your dragons love to dance...
Lennon : Upon contact the dragons explode
Lennon : So that means they're not here anymore
Nijubu : i'm already dead, so nyah.
Lennon : Fine
Gary : *kicks Lennon in the nads*
Nijubu : but at least i still have my zombies.
Nijubu : "pats a zombie:
Nijubu : HAH!
Lennon : *summons more Aqua Dragons*
Lennon : *the dragons hit Ice and explode*
Gary : *explodes*
Nijubu : yay.
Nijubu : "throws dried pasta:
Lennon : That's for the kick
Gary : *appears with Lennon's Aqua Dragon's and start dancing again*
Nijubu : whoohoo!
Lennon : *Aqua Dragons turn against Ice and hit him then explode*
Gary : *explodes*
Lennon : again
Nijubu : yay.
Nijubu : "throws Backstreet Boy CD's:
Gary : *appears with a tophat and a cane and starts singing while riding on one of Lennon's Aqua Dragons*
Lennon : *creates a razor sharp Water disc*
Nijubu : "shines a spotlight on Gary:
Lennon : *Throws the disc at Ice cutting him in half*
Nijubu : eew.
Nijubu : oh well.
Gary : *the halfs turn into there are two Icemen*
Nijubu : o_o
Gary : *two icemen on dancing aqua dragons*
Lennon : Damnit
Gary : *singing*
Lennon : *Throws more discs*
Gary : *all get cut in half*
Gary : *40 Icemen's riding Lennons' Dragons continue singing*
Gary : *to much to bear*
Nijubu : "chops up one Iceman and puts him in a martini glass with a non-alcoholic martini mix:
Gary : *poisons martini*
Lennon : I'm really staring to get annoyed
Nijubu : "drinks the martini:
Nijubu : hmm.....
Nijubu : wow. good stuff.
Lennon : *Creates a supernova within the Solar System destroying it*
Gary : *all 40 Icemen's die from it*
Nijubu : "is burned to a crisp:
Lennon : *Appears in the Shadow Worlds*
Lennon : Ha! I escaped
Gary : *big giant Iceman appears in the Shadow World riding on a big Dragon comes back and starts singing. *
Lennon : Lucky for me I can control everything in here
Nijubu : "is dead:
Lennon : *Causes Ice to hit himself repeatly with a huge mallet*
Gary : I'm Iceman! *whacks himself with a mallet*
Gary : *whack
Gary : *whack
Gary : *mallet breaks*
Gary : Ah...well...*continues singing*
Nijubu : heh.
Nijubu : "still dead:
Lennon : *Causes the Aqua Dragon to eat Ice*
Gary : *gets eaten*
Lennon : *Both explode*
Gary : *appears with two Aqua Dragons and sings a Solo while petting them*
Nijubu : "begins to rot, floating in space:
Ben has left the room.
Lennon : As I recall they explode on contact
Nijubu : "suddenly realizes he's already:
Nijubu : "dead:
Gary : *catchs the BSB CD and tosses it at Nijubu*
Nijubu : waitaminute...
Nijubu : "it sticks in his head:
Nijubu : ouch.
Gary : *appears back with "no" dragons*
Gary : *retreats from the Shadow World*
Nijubu : "is waiting for Icey:
Nijubu : "pulls out a whiffle bat:
Gary : *silence*
Lennon : *Closes the Shadow Worlds*
Lennon : *Enters the real world*
Nijubu : "beats Icey with the whiffle bat:
Gary : *eats the whiffle bat*
Gary : Urp
Nijubu : crap.
Lennon : *Slices Nijibu in half witha sword*
Nijubu : ow.
Nijubu : "floats in two directions in outer space:
Gary : *puts Nijubu back together with super glue*
Nijubu : gee, thanks. you're too kind.
Seraph has entered the room.
Seraph : morning glories
Gary : ello...
Seraph : what is up muh home ees?
Nijubu : um, hi.
Lennon : *Slashes Nijubu into millions of microscopic pieces
Nijubu : we're just floating in space where Earth used to be.
Nijubu : ouch.
Gary : well....Lennon just came back from his Shadow World and cut ninjub in half with his sword
Nijubu : "turns into millions of microscopic Pharaohmen.
Lennon : And I've killed Ice millions of time
Lennon : *Deletes all the Pharoahmen with a laser blast
Nijubu : "they all scream in tiny voices as they're obliterated:
Nijubu : "walks in through a floating door:
Nijubu : yo.
Lennon : *Recieves a PharoahMan End Card*
Lennon : *Eats the card*
Nijubu : -_-
Lennon : Now I have Pharoahman's power
Nijubu : .....
Nijubu : stupid puns.
Seraph : 0_o?
Lennon : ?
Lennon : ??
Lennon : ???
Lennon : ????
Lennon : ?????
Nijubu : Seraph : morning glories
Gary : ello...Seraph : what is up muh home ees?
Gary : I'm like Chucky
Seraph : what bout it?
Gary : I always come back
Nijubu : eeew.
Nijubu : ACK!
Nijubu : stupid font color.
Nijubu : it changed to seraph's.
Gary : lol
Nijubu : there.
Nijubu : dammit!
Nijubu : the font changed too.
Seraph : shme
Lennon : *recreates the whole universe*
Nijubu : ah well.
Nijubu : yay.
Nijubu : :throws AA batteries:
Gary : *shows up in the new universe with Lennon's dancing Dragons*
Gary : *puts on a show*
Nijubu : :summons more zombies:
Nijubu : :once again dances to Michael Jackson's "Thriller":
Lennon : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nijubu : y'know...
Nijubu : i actually did that twice in high school.
Gary : what? Dance to Thriller?
Nijubu : both times in front of huge crowds.
Nijubu : yep.
Gary : weird
Gary : I can never perform
Nijubu : me and my own dance troupe. ^_^
Lennon : I never perform
Nijubu : awwww.
Nijubu : performing's fun.
Nijubu : even if you DO suck.
Gary : You may not...but your dragons sure do
Nijubu : the second time i danced, it was in front of the entire school AND everyone's parents, mine included.
Nijubu : my parents had no idea i'd be doing it again.
Nijubu : my mom nearly fainted from surprise.
Gary : Heh
Gary : that last time I peformed on a stage
Gary : I fell off...
Nijubu : O_O
Nijubu : poor you.
Gary : but l got laughs
Gary : I liked it
Nijubu : yay.
Gary : ever since I thought I should be an entertainer
Seraph : performed as in danced? or acted? or what?
Gary : and make people laugh
Gary : I danced
Nijubu : well, good for you.
Nijubu : yeah, what DID you do?
Nijubu : oh.
Seraph : I always act on stage
Seraph : me and my friend wrote a whole play once
Seraph : funny ass stuff
Gary : I did the tango...then the twist...then I fell off
Seraph : maybe one day I'll put it on my site
Gary : I'd like to see that Mason
Nijubu : ooh.
Lennon : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Gary : *kicks Lennon*
Nijubu : :slaps what's-his-name:
Lennon : *slashes Ice and Nijubu into pieces*
Nijubu : wow.
Nijubu : ow.
Gary : *100 little Icemen's attack Lennon*
Lennon : Ice and Nijubu turn into End Cards*
DarkmanRM has entered the room.
Gary : Hey Dark
DarkmanRM : Hey Wazzup.
Lennon : BRB all. Phone.
Nijubu : Same here...brb.
Seraph has left the room.
Gary : Everyone has left or gone idle...guess it's just you and me then.
DarkmanRM : That's cool. To pass the time let's play that game you invented the other day.
Gary : Oh? What game shall that be?
DarkmanRM : That RPG thing where we select existing people and play as 'em.Gary : Oh yeah! I remember that!
Gary : I'll be Iceman!
DarkmanRM : Figured as much
Gary : Well, you know me.
Nijubu : Nick Carter?! Ewwwww...
Gary : Heya Nick! Can I have your autograph!
Nijubu : ..........
DarkmanRM : Ummmm....NOOOO!!
Nijubu : lol
Gary : *mumbling* Mean bastard...
Nijubu : lol
DarkmanRM : Who wants me to sing "Larger Than Life"?
Nijubu : No...spare me the humanity.
DarkmanRM : No? How about you Iceman?
Gary : How about I take your latest album and shove it up your ass.
Nijubu : ROTF!!!
DarkmanRM : That's no way to talk to your favorite Band.
Gary : Oh yeah?
DarkmanRM : YEAH!
DarkmanRM : Well, some fan you ARE!
Gary : Welp guys, it's nearing 1:00 in the morning, cya all later.
DarkmanRM : Bailing out already?
Nijubu : Cya Ice.
DarkmanRM : Lata.
Gary : Cya!


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