Parting Words
Iceman of the Sinister Six

In the forums there were lots of thoughts expressed by those who knew Gary and those who admired his work or himself personally. It spread out over several forums, but the MM3 one was the main forum.

I've tried to get posts from those who knew Iceman and were friends with him in the past or present. Some of these are from his best friends in real life. Others are from friends on the net.

Gary touched allot of people. Those who were fortunate enough to meet him online got to know how great a guy he was. Those who knew him in real life were even luckier. Here's what those who knew him had to say.

Darth Panda aka Gutsman

Gary Eugene Martin

9/17/1979- 9/27/2006

Today, I found out that our friend and creator of The Sinister Six had passed on today.

For those of you that don't know. Gary had been in the hospital for the past month because he had fallen down the stairs tearing various ligiments and breaking his pinky.

While in the hospital, Gary's lungs stopped, and he went into Cardiac Arrest. He fell into a coma and had been that way since.

I found out today, that Gary had been unplugged from the machines, and passed away.

I found this out when I had called Britt to see how she was, I have yet to be "offically" informed by his parents

-_- sorry, I promised myself to remain impartial.

Desert Punk aka Bombman

Your son inspired quite literally hundreds of people from all over the world. He inspired people to find a creative niche and a positive way to use energy through writing. But, even more so, he inspired people to go on and live through, no matter what is thrown at you. The man was a lot tougher than he gave himself credit for.

This is a true story. Last year, when I had my lung basically destroyed and rendered useless (found out a few days ago that it doesn't even work nearly as well as it should anymore. Nice.), I thought about how Gary spent alot more time in the hospital than me. I don't know how he could stand it, but he did. He did so with a strength I wish I had. So, while I was in that hospital bed, I thought to myself, "if Gary could do it, I'm going to get through this too.".

When I realized just how much spirit and inner strength Gary had in spite of the constant rough patches he had in the short time I knew him, I knew I had to step it up myself. The only way I could ever allow him to consider me his friend was if I was as strong as he was. It's a work in progress, but I still called him my amigo.

In short, Gary Martin gave me the will to make it past my own rough parts. I guess you could say that I feel that I owe him my life on some level. I will dedicate myself to realizing the dream he continued to persue to the end. I will ensure his site, his creation, will endure his loss. That is how I will pay him back for the strength he lent me.

This man will not be forgotten! Not so long as I'm still breathing.

Spark Mandrill aka Elecman

Gary's also one of the closest people I've lost in my life.

I hate seeing it end for him like this. He tried so hard to live a happier life, and went through so many hardships. But he still made his mark in this world. There's always gonna be place for you here, Gary. I ain't gonna forget about you, but lord knows I'm gonna miss you.



I love you so much. You were my best friend, and we had a lot in common. I promise you that I will carry on your love for MegaMan and I will never forget you.

I love you Gary, I know you're in a better place.

You Cousin,



Those of you in the Mega Man Team Community probably have heard the news. A good friend of mine and the founding father of the whole concept of Mega Man teams, Gary aka Ice Man of the Sinister Six, died in the hospital on the 27th. It was a complete shock to a lot of us and it is with great sadness to lose such a good person. Gary brought a number of people together with the whole team concept and made quite a community with it. It is weird knowing that he isn't going to be around any more.

Regretable I haven't spoken to him in....quite awhile. He never really showed up on AIM much so I never got to speak to him that much. I asked Ben, aka Magma Dragoon, about him one day and learned how he was in the hospital, though I don't know for how long he was in the hospital. Little did I know that the last time I saw him, in one of his wacky chat rooms, was....well the last time I would ever speak to him.

When I first joined the Mega Man Team Community, Gary was one of the big icons of the time, along with Ben and Gauntlet. I always wanted to be one of those icons, doing some fun stuff with them like chats and sharing epilouges and such. Gary wasn't just a friend, he was an inspiration. To me. To all of us. Without Gary, I wouldn't have found my ability to write humor. A lot of the characters I've been developing for my own series wouldn't have existed. Heck, Murray, my alligator warder, wouldn't have been much outside of Everquest had I never have met Gary.

If there is one thing I regret, it's not having been doing much with the whole Mega Man Community, especcially after a stupid fiasco over a misunderstanding. I never got to show Gary what all he has inspired within me with my writings. Heck I never even got to thank him for all he has done. However, regrets aside, there is a saying that states: "To be forgotten is a fate worse than death." Gary won't be forgotten. Gary will live on. Not just in memory, but through all the work he has done. All his writings, his artwork, the Sinister Six itself. We can't ever forget his contributions given how important they are and what he has achieved. Although it'll be hard, in one way or another, he will live on within all of us. He wasn't just a friend, he was a legend.

May you find eternal peace in the afterlife, Gary. You will be missed.

MD aka Fireman

Life sucks... those are the two words that immediately pop into my head right now. However, since Gary and I were extremely close, it's only fitting I say something more thoughtful.

The two of us met on AIM in 1999 when the Sinister Six was only a small sub-section of "Ice Man's Ice Palace," we hit it off pretty well talking about Mega Man, having him join the Avengers because of Marvel vs. Capcom and all that jazz. Our friendship blossomed and the great Iceman/Magma Dragoon team was born, we were the first writers to do a crossover in the now-classic S6/X-Force mini-series "Tale of Two Teams," we often swapped idea, and we always roleplayed out the craziest scenarios. It seemed that the good times would never end, throughout the constant upheavals in the community we [Gary, Gauntlet and I] built, our friendship stayed rock solid.

Not that there weren't any hard times. No, Gary was also under many pressures in his life, he had taken verbal and emotional abuse from his co-workers, bosses and consumers: it often reflected on his work on the S6 and had said he was going to shut down the Sinister Six and just quit. Yet somehow, he had an inexhaustable reserve of strength that kept him going. No matter how much life beat on him, Gary kept on going; even when his health started to fail. It's not fair that he was taken from us this way, I was hoping to see him Dallas in January, the Fantastic Four [sub-group of the six: Gary, Erik, Britt and me] were supposed be together!

...But life is not fair, Gary knew that better than most of us.

I consider myself blessed to have known Gary over these past six years. We laughed, we cried, we did the craziest shit and I don't regret a moment of it. Is it possible that two people could have been the best of friends without having ever met? I think so. Now it's up to the rest of us in the Sinister Six, the Mechanical Maniacs, and the community as whole to carry the torch for our fallen friend. Gary is gone from the mortal plane, but he would not want us to stop living on his account. It's time we start living to make up for a life that was cut tradgically short.

So Gary, dear friend of mine and idol of millions, rest in peace and thank you for giving me something to fight for.

Now I'm going to close with "Our Lives" by the Calling:

Is there love, tonight

When everyone's dreaming

Of a better life

In this world

Divided by fear

We've got to believe that

There's a reason we're here

There's a reason we're here...


There are the days worth living

There are the years we're given

And these are the moments

These are the times

Let's make the best out of our lives...

See the truth, all around

Our faith can be broken

Our hands can be bound

But open our hearts

And fill up the emptiness

With nothing to stop us

Is it not worth the risk?

Is it not worth the risk?


And even if hope were shattered

I know it wouldn't matter

Cause these are the moments

These are the times

Let's make the best out of our lives...

We can't go on

Thinking it's wrong to speak our minds

I've got to let out what's inside...

Is there love, tonight

When everyone's dreaming

Can we get it right?

Can we get it right?...


And even if hope were shattered

I know it wouldn't matter

Cause these are the moments

These are the times Let's make the best out of our lives...


Gary Martin


Rest in peace buddy. 

Quickman aka Cut Chan

Gary... for the time that I've known you and loved you... you are the strongest, most couregeous, wonderful and caring guy that I have ever known. I'll cherish all the memories we had together, and I'll never forget you. I love you so much, Gary. I love you, and will always love you.

I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you... I'm sorry Gary, I'm so sorry. You were my reason for living, my motivation in life, and it's gonna be hard to go on without you. I can't fight without you, Gary.

I'm gonna miss you so much, Gary. Every day is gonna seem so strange without you.

Someday we'll be together again, Gary.

I love you Gary. I love you so much. And I'm sorry i couldn't save you.

The community ain't gonna be the same without you, Gary. I love you so much and will always love you. You're my Icey-kun and Quickie's gonna miss her lil Eskimo. We all miss you, Gary.

Hardian aka Hardman

Some things just ain't right, ya know? Th' eskimo deserved better n' that, he really did. He's put up with more crap than all the rest o' us put together, and now he's just... gone.

There's a lot we can say for him. He started the Megaman Teams, he brought a lot of us all together. Hell, he's the reason I'm who I am today, in a lot of respects. I mean, aside from the Hardman thing, he was an inspiration to pretty much everyone he came into contact with, and he deserved better.

It's hard ta think o' somethin' ta say ta really do justice to the things he's done fer this community. Like I said, there's a lot we can say, the problem is that we don't know how. This hit some of us a lot harder than others, but we're all affected, and we're all going to be feeling this loss for a long time to come...

It's funny. We're all so close-knit and friendly to each other, and then something like this happens, and we all realize just how far apart we all really are. Makes you feel almost entirely too helpless, doesn't it?


Here's to you, Gary, and we'll lay you down to rest. It's been too long since we knew what you meant to us, and now that we know, you're already gone. I know we'll always think of you when we're walking in the rain, and I know for some of us, the fact that we'll never see that smiling face again will drive us mad with grief. I know I'll raise a bottle to your name, and even when the madness stabs my brain, and somewhere on my shoulder a devil'll bring me doubt, I'll take my dram of whiskey just to drown the sorrow out, and we'll never see the likes of you again.

Goodbye, Iceman. Goodbye Gary. See you at the Rapture, and I'll bring the booze.

Lennon aka Geminiman

   ....... I don't know what to say,

Gary was my main inspiration for ever joining the Megaman Community. Back in the early days of teams I had seen him some sort of hero as well as a somewhat devious prankster. When I read this topic the first thing that popped in my head was "It has to be some sort of prank, I mean he can't really be...." and then reality sinks in.

It is a dark time now that we have suffered the great loss of the little Eskimo.

Sorry, I'm not really good with goodbyes either.

Starnik aka Quickman (of Wily's Warriors)

Like most of you, I am not sure what to say. I just learned he was in a coma for a month, and died, in the last hour. I feel... shocked, numb even. I am at a complete loss for words.

I did not know Gary very well personally. When we talked, it was in group chats. I know him mostly through his actions. I know he was a good man, I know he had friends who loved and respected him, I know he cared for others, and made them laugh at any opportunity. His actions have brought us all together, and I believe we are all richer for having known him. I will miss him, but he will live on in my heart, and in the friendships I have forged through this community.

Godspeed, Gary Martin.

ClassiCal aka Spark Chan

Gary meant so much to us all... He played a big part of my life as a dear friend. I never felt wronged by him and have always looked forward to seeing him. I remember telling him that if he ever needed a home to stay in that I always kept my door unlocked and my arms open.

I'm sorry to everyone for my absense... or maybe even lack of interest in things. I've been so detached I almost felt like I wasn't a wanted member in this community. Although I live to see you all happy... I felt I was showing myself to be doing the opposite of what I was saying. But I was too late to see if things were alright. So much for Classi Cares right? Maybe it's Classi Cares When She Feels Like it. Trust me... I'm no better a person than anyone. If anything... I'm lower than everyone here... I just hope you won't dislike me anymore for it.

My Grandpa died this Sunday and I came back from his funeral yesterday only to find that Gary too was gone from this world. After a second mental breakdown... I calmed down enough to think about it. My grandpa used to tell me that in heaven he would just love to greet all the newcomers and treat them as his own. I imagined my grandfather waiting on the otherside... full knowing that Gary was on his way. I imagined him leading Gary to my other friends who, too, were waiting. Grandpa, Jake, Matt, Jamiel, and Gary... It's like a boys night out! I could see it... They all have rootbeer floats... and my grandpa's playing his accordian... singing for them. He doesn't care if Matt can't play a guitar or if Jamiel can't play a tamberine... he's MAKING them play it. The music sounds great either way... and Jake and Gary sing along with him. It's all that matters... that they're not alone like they were before...

How sad I can't be there too... how sad for us all. My week of grief doesn't seem like enough. I practically skipped work today because I have no more berievment days left. They wouldn't believe me anyway if I told them someone else I love died on the day of the funeral. I wish it was all fake and that everyone was right back where they belong... but that's a foolish and selfish desire... one that someone, a fool, me, would wish.

I remember he was my Valentine one year. He gave me one of those funny E-cards. I remember that the E-Card wouldn't work so he instead described it to me. He said it was two ducks fighting over giving a heart to a girl duck(me). He said the two ducks were himself and Ben. In the end I think he said another duck came and took her from them all... I don't remember who he said it was. I'm almost certain he said it was Gauntlet.... which was so funny since Gaunts did jump in at random moments to outwit the other two. It was so sweet... and we were just close friends...

Maybe at one time I loved him. Maybe there was a time I'd do anything in the world for him. But now that he's gone from this world... I place all my love and care on the ones left behind. Ben, Gauntlet, Britt, Erik... everyone who's lives he touched. I know my love could never replace Gary's presence... but there's only so much I can fill... A void that will always remain can only be filled by acceptance and relief... not by a person.

I'm only here in the first place because of him... and here I am returning because of him. He still to this day brings us together like this. We share in eachother's pain... but we also comfort in loss. We join in memories... and we cry in grief.

....thankyou everyone. Take care of eachother and yourselves... and know that in the end we'll get to see our favorite prankster eskimo again. Even if he hides a trip cord at the entrance of heaven's gate.

Generic Rick

This is kind of random, seeing as though I haven't been active within the MMC in... well, ages. But, having been referred here through the same LJ post as Mr. Torture, I feel like I should offer a few words in the interest of closure:

Gary Martin was a great guy whom we can regard as one of the primary architects behind everything you now enjoy related to Megaman-related web content. In all my interactions with him -- before the prominence of teams, during the "Team Boom" that seemingly deflated along with the dot-com bubble, and for a brief period thereafter -- I was always impressed with his candor, friendly attitude, and desire to create for the sake of his enjoyment of the games, and the enjoyment he derived from entertaining "the masses".

His death is a tragedy, as so many premature deaths are. Thoughts turn to the best method of keeping a seminal member of the community in remembrance, and I offer as much: keep enjoying present MM content, and create new MM content. Keep the community strong, friendly, and open. These were the things Iceman strived for, and you guys owe it to him to continue those aims.

Again, this post was kind of random, but I was so surprised by the news that I couldn't help but post.




Gary was a total badass.

I remember when I first met Gary and I really looked up to him for being such an asskicker and such a big Mega Man fan. One day when I was chatting to him alone on AIM we got to the topic of our websites, specifically his, and he told me that my site was one of his big inspirations for starting his own.

I was like, "dude, I matter? I make a difference to this guy that I totally think is the coolest (no pun intended)?"

It was totally sweet. And we had some good times, he, Andon, Jason (formerly MegaManExtreme), and I. He totally invented team pages, and man, he was a totally swell guy.

I'll always remember him as being one of the coolest people I've ever known. He owned.

Sanityisoverrated aka Stoneman

I was saddened today to hear the unexpected news of Gary's death.

Although I haven't really been in touch with the community for a long while now, his death hits hard- it feels like the end of an era. Part of life that will never be the same again.

While he may have left this world now, the creative spirit that he inspired in so many people certainly hasn't, and I'm sure he will continue inspiring people for a long time to come.

Rest easy, soldier.

Spinning Demon aka Topman

I was gonna wait to say anything until I made a Tribute for Gary, but I want to make sure it's done well so it might take a while.

I feel very fortunate that I knew Gary more than just as a name in the community. I remember I was intimidated to talk to him and had decided I wouldn't IM him, but then G told me that he was just a regular guy and no scarier to talk to than anybody else, and that he always loves to hear from fans/community members. And so we met (online, of course).

I also feel fortunate that I came back to the community before this happened, and that I exchanged PMs with Gary a couple of times before he passed. We shared some good words in the end, and I don't regret that I didn't get to say goodbye, I only regret that I don't get to say hello again.

He accomplished a lot and was an inspiring person, but he stayed modest and made time for anybody and everybody. He's a friend that I'm going to miss deeply.

It hits me that as tight-knit as the community is, we're still so distant, and I mean that in a literal sense. I think we can count the members who know each other in real life on our two hands, and that's a shame. Of course this is mostly in part to the age demographic of members here, followed closely by location and monetary issues, but still. Maybe someday we should organize a convention, so we can all meet each other and share a few laughs together. Maybe I'm just being too sentimental, and maybe it's impractical, and maybe nobody else would want to do it, but it's definitely something I'd love to look into...

In any case, Gary is definitely going to be missed by us all, and I hope that despite his modest exterior he knew how many of us he touched and inspired. Good luck up there buddy.

Jason aka Cutman (original)

After reading the news on Atomic Fire, I felt I had to sign up for an account here just so I could say what's on my mind... I've known Gary for a long time... Back in the day when I was still managing Megamanxtreme's Megaman Homepage, we became friends fairly quickly, and helped each other out whenever either of us needed a hand... We usually chatted on a regular basis, and had engaged in a handful of projects together, including the short-lived Megaman TCG... I had later joined the ranks of the Sinister Six as Cutman, though after so many years, I had resigned due to my waning interest in the community and Megaman in general... After that we sort of grew distant, and later, had completely lost touch...

So, as you can see, we had quite a bit of history... Those were the years that make me look back and remember how much I enjoyed myself... How much fun it was to create and share/discuss a common interest with others... Those were days I'll never have back, and Gary played a considerably important role during that time... He was one of the greatest people I'd ever had the pleasure of meeting during my time in the community, and to hear that he had to leave us at such a young age has left me utterly crestfallen... Efforts to get in contact with him prior to all of this had failed... I really wish I could have spoken with him a little more before he passed away... It hurts to think that I'll never get a chance to tell Gary how I felt... It's ridculous how such things are left unsaid until it's too late...

Rest in peace, Gary Martin... I'll miss you...

Fushidane (aka Bombman #2)

.......I was too late. Guess my email to him will never be replied ever.... He was such a great guy and it was so sudden.....

RaijinK aka Snakeman

I didn't even visit the forums in the last few days simply because I wanted to concentrate on writing. I can't believe this is what I missed. Forget about server problems and flame wars. This is the biggest thing to happen in the community ever. This is a death in the family.

In a way I'm glad I just found out about this today. At first I was glad I did finish what I was writing first because I was afraid this would have depressed me too much if I read it on Wednesday. But now I'm just glad I got to read through all the comments in this thread. So many people's thoughts speaking for my own really accelerated the mourning process. My initial shock and denial of checking my PMs and seeing the main forum's memorial wallpaper led to the horror and sadness of finding this topic. Although seeing how everyone feels cheered me up almost immediately. Gary would be (and is, most certainly) really happy that the community will go on for him. That light hearted spirit and endurance is what he's all about.

Well, most of the posts here cheered me up. I won't give names, but if you just heard about Gary after his death, please don't post "heartfelt comments" based on other people's heartfelt comments just to get in on the bandwagon. It cheapens the comments of everyone else if you're just copying and pasting a eulogy.

I really like what Rich said about Gary "literally inspiring hundreds of people". Sure, he's an internet celebrity, big whoop. How much is that really worth? But it was more than him just putting up a website that a lot of people wanted to emulate, he was an actual living inspiration. His attitude and his style, anyone would love him. He seriously earned respect, real respect. Many of us wish we could be half the man Gary was.

And yet, as much as we all looked up to him, he was perpetually humble. He looked up to everyone in return. That's actually one of the biggest reasons he's as loved as he is, he was so impossibly freakin' nice. One of the quotes Axle posted was of him complimenting my artwork a couple years ago. Ego mentioned how cool it felt to have Gary thank him for inspiration, and I can relate to that feeling. It's a great feeling to have someone you respect so highly respect you back. Gary clearly gave that feeling to so many people and that's why he was such a great friend. He was a friend, a leader, a founder, an inspiration, and even the comic relief. I'm sure I'll always wonder how we can get along without him, but I know we will for his sake.

The whole "NEVAR 4GET" idea is dumb and ridiculous, but luckily that's not needed here. Nobody has to remind a member of this community to remember Gary because forgetting is impossible. He springs to mind so quickly just when thinking of the MMC in general, it's not going to change now or for many, many years. He was the soul of this community, and he still is.

Gary, thanks for everything. Until we meet again...

Katrina Moran

my heart goes out to all of you at who lost a beloved member. You may not know me, but I was a fan of his website. I just wanted to say to Gary Martin "thank you for always putting a smile on everyone's faces whenever we felt sad or depressed." I'm very sorry about your loss!


You're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here

maverick hunter 17

OMG.... Sad i went to the site a lot... big shock.. but man.. losing Iceman is like losing a piece of yourself.. *prays for Quickie and Iceman's friends/family*

And considering the empty void and pain since Wednesday, those words couldn't be truer.

Gary touched the lives of many, many people all over the world. He had a tremendous impact on the community, and his unique sense of humour, happy-go-lucky personality, and love of flatulence will be greatly missed. We shared alotta laughs talking about gas and how to properly rip a fart without messing yourself. And the stories we shared...

Clownman aka JenryaLee
He finally did it. He found a way to beat me at the ongoing Pie fights... Although I wish it didn't have to end this way. Gary "Iceman" or "Freezer Face" as I called him, was one of those people who at some point made absolutely no sense. Yet whatever he said made you smile wether you were depressed, angry, sad, indifferent, annoyed, etc etc. I Myself apologize whole-heartedly for having skipped out on one LONG vacation from the MMC. I got pulled away by life, and now I come back to see my closest Buddy has left for good. I for one know for a fact that gary is up there hitting everything in site with pies. I may come off as a little uneffected by this, but keep in mind My way of dealing with grief and sorrow is to try and Laugh it off. That's how Gary would want it, but it's not working very well heh...

He was always there, always smiling, always around to make you smile as well. Gary was a laugh and a half. Bah, sorry if i'm rambling or droning on everyone, it's not often the clown himself gets choked up like this. I Should wrap this up though, Gary would never want me or anytone to be depressed. I guess all I have to say is Gary, pie the big guy once for me. Let him know he'll have double trouble one day when we Join back up as the prankster Duo!!

Farewell Old Friend...


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