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Draining your brain May 13/2000

Hate Mail Rule - Any dimwitted remark made in either the guestbook or forum or e-mail will now be replied to in a section where I will really give you hell. The Ass Holes Speak section.
By Gauntlet - May 13, 2001 - April 25, 2003
This is Layout #2

This layout rocked. And you can tell it rocked because I stuck with it for two entire years. In fact ..... Layout #3 isn't really a new layout at all! But I'll get into that later.

To make a long story short, my buddy Nightmare Zero hated Layout #1. He really ..... really hated it. So he asked me to change it. I said no. Because I didn't feel like doing a revamp of my layout. So he asked again. Again I refused. Finally, he began to ...... practically beg me to let him improve my layout.

And so I finally relented. After all ....... it was getting close to the first anniversary and I figured this might be just the ticket to make it mean something.

So this layout was pretty good. I had to put a banner at the top there when we moved to GameSpy, but that was all right. I also changed the Japanese MM3 box to the European PAL MM3 box. Even though most teams abandoned the box in the corner, I always thought it was a nice touch, but that the MM3 box lacked originality. At the time I just found the PAL games and so the PAL art was placed there.

So, on our second annaversary, we moved to gamespy, sub-hosted by Zero X Phoenix of "The Ultimate Mega Man X and Zero Webpage." Or UMMXZW for short (for the record out adress was back then). When you're "subhosted" you'd think that means you're more likeley to get in ...... but, no. Gamespy scruitenises all their subhosted sites just as thouroughly as their hosted ones. "Le sigh". It took forever to get up and running, but it was worth it. There were little changes throughout time. I mean we did use this layout for two friggin' years. Like the mugshots .... they changed. And the list there grew longer. The "hate mail rule" was taken out too, eventually. But it still looked like this for the most part.

By the way, ZXP decided to host us to spite the XT. You see they asked for hosting and when he said no they flamed him to Hell. Well .... some good does come out of a bad situation.

Oh, yeah ..... this also marked the appearance of the redirect. I figured .... "why not?"

This place saw the birth of an EXboard forum, which still has a place of fondness in my heart. This was right before it went all to Hell with ads of every sort bombarding people. Our community started to .... well, really get started on that place.

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