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Beaming subliminal messages since May 13/2000

By Gauntlet - April 25, 2003 - Jan 16, 2004
This is Layout #3

So this lasted nine months before it was changed. Like I said before, I dunno if this really counts as a new layout. I mean nothing was really changed from Layout #2. Except everything's darker. And I'll comment on that.

You see, back in the day I had a REALLY crappy monitor. So crappy that, even on maximum brightness, things looked really dark. So, when I finally got a DECENT monitor, *surprise surprise*, everything turned out to be GRAY! Plus allot of my sprites looked real crappy (since all the outlines were actually lighter than I thought). So I went and darkened EVERYTHING so that it looked like how it did on my old, crappy monitor. And that is the secret origin of Layout #3. Also notice the new fav icon and the cursor. I learned new tricks!

It was during this time that we were forced to move servers. See, Zero X Phoenix found a better deal than Classic Gaming had to offer at Zelda Universe so he decided to begin moving. Well, when Classic Gaming got wind of this they IMMEDIATELY shut down UMMXZW and all it's sub hosted sites including Planet Megaman and (you guessed it!) this site without even letting us set up a redirect. So we lost over one third of all our regular guests and THAT is not a good thing. Makes me feel kinda bitter.

Nothing was lost though. I always keep an exact copy of my site on my HD, so I was all set to reopen the DAY they shut me down, but it was a little sooner than I expected. I had wanted to reorganize allot but didn't really get the chance and had to settle doing it over the next few months. I also learned that NO ONE uses the redirect to actually find the site except me. So, it's basically useless (not that I'd throw it away).

From: Matthew Johnson

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