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Skullman - For getting the ball a rollin on this page.
Humanoid Name: Skull Man
Humanoid Number: #032
Real Name: Kirk Sorensen
Height: 5'6" Inches
Weight: 111 IBS
Likes: Voodoo Rituals, and seeing people slowly die
Dislikes: People that want to live forever
Worst Fear: Things that blow up.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Alter Ego: N/A
Goal: To become ruler of the Planet, and to destroy Mega Man
Quote: Live and Let Die!
Represents: Cossack's Creations

Skull Man can be vary calm and cool at times and then compleatly change his attitude by becoming very agressive. He always is more of a defenceive battler since he has his shield. Thou at other times can become very offencive. Skull Man also dosen't like music much and says " Why waste your money one stupid Music? The only Good music is techno music without words, and even that is a waste of money." He has a interest death, and a strange interest in voodoo rituals. He hopes to become Ruler of the Planet and bring everyone to their knees to hail him.

Skull Man dosen't see the point in music and only listens to Free Mega Man music.
Skull Man is constantly eating, thou he is just skin and bones.
Skull Man dosen't really think about his own death since he figures his life is unimportant.
Skull Man loves dogs, even thou they constantly steal parts of him to chew on.

Eric, Demo, Shinku Kuwanger
bio lost.
Known facts: Eric Pretends to be spastic and cries even when he really isn't, but he doesn't know why he does this.

Anton, Flamethrowerman, Airman, Split Mushroom
Robot Master Name: Needle Man
Weapon: Needle Cannon
Robot Number: DWN019
Real Name: Anton
Sex: Male
Height: 5'4"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Fav. MM Game: Probably the third one.
Goal: To Take Over The World! (Yeah, I know, very original)

When angered, Anton will shoot out needles from his head.

Anton is a -little- too happy when he wins for once.

Anton learns alot, and tends to point it out to the rest of the team.

A hidden secret of Anton is that he truely wished he had taken knitting lessons.

"Needle: I won! me! I have no hands and I won!"

Gizmo, Primetime, David
Robot Master Name: Gemini Man
Weapon: Gemini Laser
Weakness: Search Snakes
Robot Number: DWN019
Real Name: Gizmo
Sex: Only with women plz
Hight: 5'6
Eye Color: Green in summer, blue in winter
Fav. MM3
Fav Robot master: Take a wild guess! Quickman comes a close 2nd
Fav game period: Zelda OoT
Fav Band: Linkin Park and Hoobastank
Occupation: Customer Experience Officer at Office Depot
Student? Hell yah, full time stupid at the University of Florida, GO GATORS
Party hard, rock hard, thats the primetime way

loves to sit around wasting life away playing games

Hates goddamn seminoles

refer to fact 3

"Why do today when you can put off tomarrow... or forever in that matter."

C.J. - Our Former webmaster
Robot Master Name: Top Man
Weapon: Top Spin
Weakness: Hard Knuckle
Robot Number: 21
Real name: C. J.
E-Mail: chaos-x@zdnetmail.com
ICQ Number: 33829717
Sex: Neutral
Hight: 5'11"
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
Likes: dradels, video games, megaman stuff, nice people,
Roll, Roll's short skirts, Roll's golden flowing hair... oh, and cheescake...
Dislikes: mean people, school, spiders, Hard Knuckles, cheesecake gone bad.
Goal: To resurrect Gamma, and to rule the world
Fav. MM game: MM3, MM8(minus MM's voice... ug)
Fav. MMX game: Mega Man X, none of the others lived up to this one.

Top Man is a lively and carefree character. Due to the wheels on his feet, he is a fast mover, but he can't jump and frequently falls down staircases.
Top Man has no allegiance to Wiley, but he hates Dr. Light and all of his creations(accept Roll).
He hopes to find the lost elements with which to resurrect Gamma.
He has a secret crush on Mega Man's sister Roll.

"I'm busy getting dizzy"

Sarah Bateman, XT Rush
Robot Master Name: Hard Chic
Weapon: Hard knuckle
Weakness: Magnet Missile Robot
Number: 20
Real Name: Sarah Bateman
Sex: Female Age 10 (be quiet)
Hight: 5'2"
Favourite Colors Yellow, Orange, Purple and Blue
Favourite Band BSB
Favourite Thing To Do Play trouth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat with friends Dream, To have the best neopets in the world!

Likes: My friends, neopets and megaman, books, t.v, parents and family

Dislikes: People that hate all others with different colored skin, people that think they are above everyone else, retards as in mean people, most vegi's and fruit i said most, being called names, and everything the average person doesn't like

Fears: Dogs big and small, the dark, all gross bugs, dieing, hights and likeing school
What I Like To Do On Weekends: Play The Computer


Sean Duffany
Robot Master Name: Spark Man
Weapon: Spark Shock
Weakness: Shadow Blade
Robot Number: 23
Real Name: Sean
E-Mail Address: sparkmanx@xmail.com
ICQ Number: 36343682
Sex: Your guess is as good as mine
Height: 6'0" Hair
Color: Black
Eye Color: Green and Blue(don't ask their weird)
Goal: Help resurect Gamma, and take over the world.
Fav. MM game: MM3, MM4, MM7
Fav. MMX game: MMX, MMX4

Spark Man has a shocking personality, and an inexaustable drive for creating odd machines out of junk lying around.

Spark Man has nothing personal against Mega Man, however he has no compunctions for overloading his circuits if nessecary.

Unfortunatly, Spark Man has limited capability when it comes to picking up things or holding them, as he has needle shaped conductors for hands...

Spark Man has a great passion for Godzilla and all other japanese monsters. "Go Go Godzilla!"

"My Spark is worse than my Byte."

Titanium 91
Robot Master Name: Magnet Man
Weapon: Magnet Missiles
Weakness: Spark Shock
Robot Number: 18
Real Name: Titanium91
Sex: Male Hight: 5'5"
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown
Goal: To resurrect Gamma and to MOSH!
Fav. MM game: Tie between MM3 and MM2

Magnet Man has an unequaled hatred for refridgerators

He's never lost, due to the large magnet on his head he always knows which way is north

Magnet Man likes to jump around and mosh Magnet Man likes the sound of speed metal

"If I can't find you, my missiles will!"

Jonathan Moyer, Clownman (E8 2, RR), Colouredman (VI), Magicman (D6), Dynamoman (L8)
Robot Master Name: Hard Man
Weapon: Hard knuckle
Weakness: Magnet Missile
Robot Number: 20
Real Name: Enigmatic A.K.A Clownman
Sex: Im Waiting For a smartass comment on my RM name "Hard" Man
Hight: Tall Enough
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Jet Black
Goal TO find Better Responses to this Profiles
Fav MM Game Tie Between Megaman 8, Megaman 3, and Rockman & Forte
MMX Game Megaman X5
Fav MM Legends Game Yes I Like Megaman Legends 2, bite me!

Hardman Is also the owner of CMC: Clownman's Circus, What shall be his next identity in his line of wacky characters? (Clownman, Hardman, ????)
His Alternate Online ego is Enigmatic Digital, the Digimon Crazed Walking Puzzle

If there is Italian food within a 5 mile radius, Hardman will Find and Eat every last noodle!

Hardman Loves Japanese Animation (Or Anime if you will) And Collects Posters and Action Figures to prove it! Digimon Rules!

His Biggest Addiction is RPG Games. He Loves them with no acception. His Current Fav's are Wild Arms 1 & 2, The Lunar Series, and Guardian's Crusade

"One More Smartass Comment on my Hardman name and you will get a HardKnuckle Sandwhich!"

Jacob Henley
Robot Master Name: Snake Man
Weapon: Search Snakes
Weakness: Needle Cannon
Robot Number: 22
Real Name: Jacob
Sex: What? can't you tell?
Hight: 5'11"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Fav. MM Game: MM3, MM8, MMSoccer
Fav. MMX Game: MMX
Goal: To control all the snakes in the world

Snake Man is a very sneaky and sly character and has the ability to attack from any angle.

Also he has a "hunting" technique built into his systems so that he can always keep track of his prey.

Snake Man is also armed with Search Snakes which have a variety of abilities. Either set to explode on the enemy on contact, or cut it's prey to peices.

Snake Man has no allegiance to Wily, but is good friends with Ice Manfrom the Sinister Six.

Snake Man enjoys watching wrestling and is a big WWF fan.

Snake Man may seem like a dark character, but has a great sense of humor and always looks on the bright side of things.

"I don't use VENOM... It's just too mercifull"

Robot Master Name: Snake Man
Weapon: Search Snakes
Weakness: Needle Cannon
Robot Number: DWN022
Real Name: Hexlaser
Sex: Male
Hight: 6'0"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Fav. MM Game: Rockman 2, 3, 7, & EXE
Goal: World Domination! Why? Because I am a mechanical maniac! ^_^

SnakeMan likes watermelon, gingerbread men, and Blow-Pop suckers. =)

SnakeMan hates bologna, hot-dogs, and artichoke hearts (blah) >=(

Snake Man doesn't own a bar, but he does own a business building computers.

If you need a comp, eMail me! SnakeMan is talented @ programming, game designing, drawing, video games, weight lifting, and a bunch of other stuff...

!cixelsyd t'nsi eh tub, sdrawkcab etirw osla nac naMekanS.

SnakeMan is working on getting his Doctorate in Mathematics, so you will soon have to call him Dr. SnakeMan (watch out Dr. Wily)!

"You would be a lunatic too if you had to run around wearing a snake costume every day of your life!!... but I guess it's better than being Dolphin Man or Bunny-Rabbit Man."

Donald Rasmussen aka Musashinden Razz
Robot Master Name: Spark Man
Weapon: Spark Shock
Weakness: Shadow Blade
Robot Number: DWN023
Real Name: Musashiden Razz
Sex: Male!! I swear!!
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Goal: Get some hands!! Yeah!!
Fav. MM game: Rockman 1, and I suppose I have to say 3 right?
Fav. MMX game: Rockman X2

Spark Man is not too self confident, and thinks that he would be better spending time on things other than defeating Megaman.

Spark Man looks up to the other Robot Masters, especially Top Man.

Unfortunatly, Spark Man has limited capability when it comes to picking up things or holding them, as he has needle shaped conductors for hands...

Spark Man is often forgotten among the others, and often ends up being left behind.

"I want a tuki!!"

Jonathan S aka Nova Man
Robot Master Name: Magnet Man マグネットマン 磁鐵人
Weapon: Magnet Missiles マグネットミサイル
Weakness: Spark Shock スパークショック
Robot Number: DWN018
Designer: Nagashi Kii
Real Name: Jonathan S
Sex: Male
Hight: 5'10"
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: brown
Goal: To become a successful video game designer.
Fav. MM game: MM3 without a doubt

Magnet Man's three favorite video games he is playing currently are Halo, Final Fantasy VII, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Has plans on building his own l33t gaming system.
Magnet Man likes to play video games, especially RPGs and first person shooters.
Magnet Man loves computers, though computers and magnets don't really go together.

"Red, White, and very attractive."

Hadrian Howell aka Paul Kleihege

Robot Master Name: Hard Man ハードマン
Weapon: Hard knuckle ハードナックル
Weakness: Magnet Missile マグネットミサイル
Robot Number: DWN020
Designer: Kazahiko Oguro
Real Name: Hadrian Howell
Sex: Gee... that MAN part in the name kinda gives it away, doesn't it?
Hight: Bigger than you
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Raven Black
Goal: To get paid and run my bar in peace!
Fav MM Game: Megaman 3, Megaman 6, and Megaman 7
MMX Game: Megaman X4
Fav MM Legends Game: MML2

Hardman owns a bar that has, to date, been trashed thirty two times. Why he keeps rebuilding it is a mystery.
Hardman is a big fan of anime, and is particularly fond of Excel Saga
Hardman likes to spend his spare time working out ways to annoy and embarass his adversaries.
Hardman likes to create his own games, but is too stupid to make an original Idea, and far too lazy to actually finish anything he starts.
Visit Hard's Mechanical Maniacs Moments!
Visit Hard's Image Gallery!

"No, the name Hardman does not refer to my preference of Hard Liquor."

Forte-Chan AKA Classi-Cal

Robot Master Name: Spark-Chan スパークチャン
Weapon: Spark Shock スパークショック
Weakness: Shadow Blade シャドーブレード
Robot Number: DWN023
Designer: Mikihiro Suzuki
Real Name: Forte-Chan AKA Classi-Cal
Sex: Female.
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Violet
Goal: To continue to be the light in the darkeness...
Fav. MM game: RockMan & Forte
Fav. MMX game: RockMan X4

FC is a pacifist and tries to avoid fighting as much as possible, although when friends are in trouble she isn't too far behind to help out.
FC is a woman who always thinks before she acts... She always choses to be rational and abides by most rules unless she would see otherwise.
FC has an obsession with cooking, fluffy pink slippers, and mangos. Infact a place she's well known for is a large mango tree just outside Megalopolis.
FC was once referred to as Web Spider from the X-Force.
Visit Spark Chan's Image Gallery!

"People learn from their mistakes."


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