Music Archive

Hi Everyone!And welcome to the new Music Archive. It's not much now but that's not really the focus of the site. Just sit back and enjoy free stuff! All of these wonderful MIDI files were supplied by Gemini Man (Gizmo)!

Now Listen to the tunes you hear on the page!

Well, there aren't Background MIDIs anymore, but what was once used extensively, you can now download!

The Megaman 3 game soundtrack. Just had to have this on my site. This baby has everything from sound effects to full version music ripped straight from your favoriate video game. Including full versions of the protoman song AND Skull Castle's intro along with UNUSED SOUND EFFECTS. Get your NSF players from Zophar's Domain (coincidentally, it is also where I got the NSF file from).

The Rockman Strategy game soundtrack. Ripped by me (Gauntlet) from the second CD in the collection.


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