Goodbye, and thanks for all the Fish!

Around ten years ago, a man had an idea. His idea grew and grew, until it became a sensation. This man remained in the center of it all, humbly, and watched it grow into what it has become today. This man was Gary Martin, and the origins of the “Megaman Team Community” can be traced directly to this very site- the Sinister Six.

But, here we are. We’re now living in a world sans Gary “Iceman” Martin. Our leader, and inspiration, for the remaining team is gone. After a few agonizing months of questioning our future, we’ve finally come to a decision.

That decision is to retire the Sinister Six as a team. It was a very tough decision to reach, but in the end, it had to be done. For you see, the remaining Six all agreed on one very important thing- that our friend and leader must be remembered.

So, rather than struggle on in name only and attempt to take the Sinister Six into a new, admittedly frightening direction, we’ve decided that we’d rather pay tribute to our friend’s work by letting it stand as it is.

There is no question that the Sinister Six was Gary’s baby, and his most poignant signature. So, without him, it feels almost as though we’d be sullying his work by trudging forth. By now, after a few months of reflection, it feels like it’s time to say goodbye.

But, don’t think of this as a cyber-tombstone. No…This is a digital reminder of all of the things Gary and the Sinister Six have shared with its fans throughout the years. Let this site stand as a reminder of everything the S6 stood for, of Gary’s drive to entertain above all else. Remember the ups as well as the downs, the trials and tribulations. But above all else, remember Gary’s intention was always so simple, so pure.

Gary wanted to make people happy, and he did that through this site. In the end, there’s no better way to ensure that he continues to do so than to let his work stand as is, preserved for past, present, and future fans to discover and re-discover, and ultimately pay tribute to this great man by doing what he wanted you to do in the first place.

So, as you look through the site and reflect upon any memories you may share of Gary and the Sinister Six throughout the years, make sure you share a hearty laugh or two. That…is how you pay tribute to one of the most brilliant minds to ever grace the MMC.

On behalf of Gary and all past and present “Sixlets”, we say thank you one last time to those that stuck with us all of these years.

Being on the S6 was a blast, no pun intended. Whatever happens from here on out, I can always say I was on the genesis of the team scene, which is a hell of an honor to be included in. Along the way, I met guys like Gary and Ben, who possess some of the most twisted, insane ideas ever encountered by man. It was a great time, and it ended way too soon, and way too sadly.

I want to also make special mention and thanks to Gauntlet, who was always an unofficial part of the team, but was always there, helping out Ice, and continuing to help out right up until the S6's end. He's the S6's unsung hero, and he deserves a thanks, at the very least."

This is the Sinister Six…Signing off.

I’m really not sure how to start this off, or how to even word this, but the Sinister Six, like all good things, has come to an end. It’s been a wild ride, it’s been an exciting ten years, and it’s gonna be hard to go. Though, this is the hardest descision we have had to make and it took months just to come to an answer.

Gary was the core of the S6 and without him, there really isn’t much left. So, about four months of trying to carry on, the descision was made to retire the Sinister Six as a site and as a team. Without Iceman, we are but a Fearsome Five. None of us can replicate the unique humour and the unique style that Gary had on the site, and trying to do so would only hurt us in the end. The S6 was Gary’s baby, no doubt about it. And as much as we wanted to keep moving forward, it’s become apparent to us that trying to take care of his baby is a job that none of us are prepared or able to do.

The site will remain as a permanent memorial, as we don’t want Gary to be forgotten. Though, Gary has made a tremendous impact on the community, so he will still be alive in the hearts and humour of us all. And the S6 will stand as a testament to that.

Much thanks to the Sixlets, past and present, for the work and dedication they had put towards this team. And a very special thanks to Gauntlet, as you have been an unofficial part of the team and without you, I’m not sure if the S6 would have made it these passed several months. And of course, thanks to our loyal fans and supporters, as you have helped to make the S6 the success that it was.

Gary, you were and still are the strongest, most courageous person I have ever known. Your humour is what drew me to you and your strength is what I admired about you. I love you very much and miss you terribly. And even though there are still days in which I just wish everything would end so I can see you again, the remaining years without you cannot hold a flame to the eternity I will spend with you again.

Here’s to you, Icey-kun. Prank some angels for me. I love you very, very much and can’t wait to see you again.”

The Sinister Six… signing off. So long and thanks for all the fish."

As the first Doctor (from Doctor Who) William Hartnell said "One day I shall come back, yes, I shall come back; until then there should be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove that I am not mistaken in mine." Gary may not be coming back to the mortal plane but that's how I could describe Gary's legacy to me. I have never had any regrets in the six and a half years I've known him or the (almost) three years I've been a member of the Sinister Six.

Up until the end of his regrettably short life, he's touched hundreds if not thousands of people with his friendliness, good humor, and warmth even as he faced a harsh life numerous medical complications and a thankless, and often emotionally and spiritually draining job. We shared many countless nights sharing ideas and adventures blowing up orphanages, swiping Tim's credit card to purchase expensive items, shoving Ash Ketchum's head up an elephant's rectum, and other absurd quests.

His death reminded me that life can be cut short; in a world where we can be blown up by a terrorist bombing or run over by a speeding car fear and anxiety are luxuries we can no longer afford. Now is the time to make our lives meaningful, now is the time to start the journey, and now is the time to follow our dreams. So to Tim, Scott, IRA, Jason, Edward, Andon, Erik, Fushidane, Odin, Britt, Rich and Leon, Gary had believed in all of us and now is the time to show him he is not mistaken.

Gary in many ways was my friend and kindred spirit, I will miss him for as long as I shall live. While he may have shuffled off this mortal coil, this site will remain memorial to a truly extraordinary person and although we the remaining five will no longer continue being the Sinister Six, we will do everything we can to make sure Gary's memory endures.

Gary was a brother of mine. His passing was like my heart being wrenched out and Riverdance-ed upon, dramatic yes but true. I know I've probably said it before but I met Gary at my first job way back in 2000 before I graduated and we were instant friends and that never ended. Through Gary I was introduced to the S6 and the MM3 and the MMC as a whole and because of that I have met friends dearer to me than many others.

Now.... now its come to an end. I have long told Ben and Rich that I am not anything like Gary when it comes to writing Comedy, Gary's brand in unique no one could copy it. I am most defenetly for retaining the S6 as a memorial site but with out Gary, its soul, trying to keep it running is just...going through the motions and reminding us that Gary is gone.

To me, Gary was (actually, still is) someone I can look up to. Coming up with the concept of Mega Man teams with the Sinister Six was impressive enough. But that the prankster cracked us up with his trademark, oddball humor and brightened up our day at the same time, that’s nothing short of extraordinary to me. What made him even more extraordinary was that he accomplished all this despite all the phenomenally grueling hardships in his life. I don’t think a lot of people would have it in them to create something as grand as the Sinister Six while facing down crippling health problems and a dreary job among other things. I’m also amazed at how Gary’s creation has brought people from all over together. Schoolmates, brothers and sisters, even complete strangers who’ve never met in person; they all wanted to share Gary’s dream. Gary’s work served as an inspiration for average everyday people to tap into their creative side and make our days even brighter. Not only that, a good chunk of these people became some of Gary’s most loyal friends (in fact, some of the most loyal friends I’ve ever seen). No two ways about it, Gary has made his mark on people around the globe with the Sinister Six. Here’s to you Gary. You were a source of inspiration, a prankster, and a true friend. Our friendship together was nothing short of unforgettable.

I also want to thank Ben, Britt, Rich, Erik and Gauntlet, our hard-working unofficial seventh member. The sixlets, past and present deserve our thanks since they too worked hard to make the Sinister Six memorable to us all. Rich's vile Scissor Army, Britt's astounding art, Ben and his Muffin Man hysteria, Andon's rants, the list goes on. As busy as they were, they could always be counted on to give Gary support when he needed it most. If it hadn’t been for them, the Sinister Six could’ve met its end a lot sooner. And even though the Sinister Six is being laid to rest, the good it did won’t be forgotten without a fight. Not as long as the site still stands. The Sinister Six has made us laugh, inspired us and brought us all together. As brief as my stay on the Sinister Six was, I'm going to look back at it with fond memories.

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